Friday, March 14, 2014

Prose of War

A Petition for the Conscription of American Youth

The American youth of today see fewer and fewer opportunities due to a mix of poor performance and international competition. While some of this may be out of the hands of the youth, the majority lies in the lack work ethic, diligence, and educational and physical experience that these youth have been endowed with due to their pacifistic montessori like treatment and the blind acceptance of failure to achieve an applicable standard of workmanship, ability, experience, and applicability.

    The obvious solution one can see is to instant mandatory military service via conscription. The military instills the proper work ethic, cooperation, and mental and physical demands on a person in order to face the challenges and the turmoil of the economic, diplomatic, and educational fields with the correct amount of determination and diligence rather than attempt to flippantly riposte the demands and expectations of being a living person through indignation, hypocrisy, and the disregard of effort and application the economy requires in order to be a productive member of society.

    Though pacifists may object to this, the opportunities of the military stretch far beyond militant violent acts. Practically every field of work in existence can gain experience and applicability by serving in some part of the armed forces. Anyone from mechanics to engineers, doctors, and diplomats can gain crucial hands-on experience, practice, and education in the fields of military service the individuals can expect to perform in.

    Though one perhaps may vouch in favor of unmanned drones or other automated computer controlled weaponry to be used in place of armed soldiers. These crafts are as inhumane as chemical weapons being carpet bombed across towns of innocent people. Utilizing weapons that have no weakness, no ability to judge civilian from foe, a complete lack of empathy, and no ability to feel pain is as callous as using chemical agents to douse the houses of civilians in an attempt to oust a handful of insurgents.

    Any war fought by computerized remotely controlled weaponry will lead to a truly exacerbated death toll. A computer shows no fear and has no moral objection to murdering civilians. A computer will never wince at the sight of seeing it’s crew members being struck down. A computer will never take into account the pain and suffering caused by it’s actions. A computer will never negotiate peace, take prisoners, account for diplomatic measures, contemplate it’s existence, feel pain, feel sympathy, or speak out for peace in times of war. A computer will relentlessly do as commanded by any individual commanding such a weapon. A computer would not hesitate when asked to bomb a school full of children.

 Computers are no solution to any conflict, nor are machines such as unmanned drones. Should a man plead for peace or mercy with an unmanned drone or any other piece of automated military equipment, the computer simply reads the heat reading from the man on the man on it’s infrared detection device and fires the weapons it carries when ordered.

A computer would look at any atrocity in history with a straight face, indifferent. Every genocide, every massacre, every tyrant, and every criminal are unable to be differentiated by a computer and hence the computer see’s a tyrant as an equivocal individual as a priest, a doctor or a humanitarian charity worker. The computer simply sees an infrared depiction of the individual, there is no differentiation from person to person past that.

These reasons could easily jettison the world into unstoppable constant warfare. The  unmanned drone will never send a letter home. The unmanned drone will never carry the scars of war. The unmanned drone will never speak nor write of the atrocities or horrors committed by the adversaries of the world.

The unmanned drone will wait, cold, callous and indifferent in the airplane hangar waiting until once more commanded to relentlessly take the lives of humans without any differentiation between civilian or soldier.

This is one of the many reasons for conscription. While the opportunities present themselves. The lack of applicability in the youth is obvious. The indignation of the people is a cancerous mass of cumbersome loathsome dead weight hanging off of economic, political, and societal function cumulating in force to pull it to the ground with a complete lack of anything to erect in it’s place other than monuments to it’s own failures, indignation, inability, worthlessness, and shameless entitlement to something one has done nothing to earn.

These individuals stare at you in the eye and spit in your face. Their argument is comparable to a teenager rife with self induced discontent and failure that wants to kill it’s entire family due to a desire to inherit the family’s fortune while doing nothing but squandering money and being a societal, economic, and social failure of a person. This feeling of entitlement is due to baseless indignation. The children that want the things they see in the store front and choose to cry until they get them rather than even attempt to do work. This is the 99%.

The discipline that has somehow been absent through these individuals lives would return in full force once enlisted in military service. The military is indifferent to what one “wants”, the four necessities of life are edible food, clean water, shelter, and clothing. In the case your indignant “necessities” some how failed to make the list, refrain from ever using the word “need” apart from the above context. The statement regarding the four necessities ilife is a fact. There is a hierarchy of needs, there are only four necessities.

-M.A. Thaden

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