Saturday, May 31, 2014

Latin Life Lessons #3

Latin Life Lessons #3

Any tool with a hole in the handle makes perfect use when a rather long loop of rope is tied securely through the hole with the slack wrapped around one’s arm while holding a few small loops in one’s hand as a grip. This effectively turns any tool into a returning thrown weapon able to be utilized from a range and returned quickly given proper dexterity. Weapons such as these make great use hammer loops in carpenter jeans as well as ordinary pockets given one is able to keep the string from becoming tangled with a holster such as a kite handle.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Chapel Hill

i’m so vain,
i’m so petty
 care more about
 being pretty
than i do about
being happy
there is no glory
without vainglory
na na na

maybe it was
tim mc veigh
and smiling
daniel sylva
Crack, AIDS; I laughed the whole time
watching the kids die during Columbine
seem like everybody knew
just one thing was true
look me in the eyes and say
It couldn’t happen to you
I might try to burn down
the fucking school
i'm in the third grade
i’d shoot you in the face
say i’m an outlaw vigilante
I’d threaten to rape your children
in a densely cowed public place

Attempted abduction of a girl on crutches
first thoughts figure its all in decent taste
can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same
didn’t get away and it’s a fucking shame

Thinking all the things that I would have done
Only child that premeditating child abduction
Only fucking kid laying trails of bubblegum
Hansel and Grettle pick up my breadcrumbs

My childhood heroes killed more people
than you and every single fucking G.I. Joe
Your grandfather and Cobra Commander
I feel I’ve got to be honest, Artists and Caesar,
but mainly Communists and Black Panthers

television is my novocain; higher than a fucking plane
it’s great to be alive cause when I don’t feel anything

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Latin Life Lessons #9

Latin Life Lessons #9

take two bike chain gear wheels and attach these to the axle over the lug spot on the  back wheel hubcap or wheel cover of a motorcycle. This may require a longer back wheel axle.
attach two bike chains on the outer two gear wheels and lock them together securely bound small, tightly wrapped chain and secure this with something (i.e. lock). The Bike chains should be longer than the tires of the bike. Begin Lifting the bike at a 45 degree angle, and once positioned accelerate the motorcycle with the rear wheel in the air.

The setup time is simple enough to accomplish once arriving by motorbike. The rapid movement capability, armed maneuverability, and feasible deployability of the utility are indispensable and the prime advantages.

 One Can effectively tie a support rope to the back handle and balance and steer the craft as such.

This maneuver can be accomplished and likely maim an individual and even a crowd of people easily without much preparation. The subtlety of simple bike chains and tire covers with bicycle chain gears on both sides is novel.

This works on small bikes, dirt bikes, and crotch rockets. Choppers are perhaps too heavy for this to be efficient.

As far as damage, riot shields would effectively protect against this to a point. A bike and it’s function are arguably equivocally fragile.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Latin Life Lessons #12

Latin Life Lessons #12

One can take a fresh whole hot pepper such as a jalapeƱo or habanero and fill it with something such as Icy Hot, Bengae or anything like Tiger Balm thoroughly through the pepper. This or a solution of icy hot, tiger balm, bengae can be lubricated and shoved into an individuals anus. The stability of the pepper is key, however a minimal ability for the solution to escape is idea. This will cripple an opponent and can be done both stealthily, and defensively. This is the equivocal of anal pepper spray, however is perhaps more lethal. The solution should be creamy and thick, the more liquid in the solution will hurt the overall impact and concentration.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lessons lessons

latin life lessons #22

cigarettes make for a useful tool to blind and choke an individual. The tobacco can be taken out of the cigarette and crumbled to be thrown into the eyes, nose, and moth of an individual. Tobacco will irritate the eyes and sting the mouth. One can place tobacco in ones non-dominant hand and use it to quickly or subtly cover the mouth of an individual simultaneously punching the individual in the stomach forcing the individual to breathe in, tobacco constricts blood vessels in the lungs and much choking will occur.

latin life lessons #16

A bike frame can be used to decapitate an individual by catching an individuals neck in an unobstructed corner of the bike frame, twisting the bike towards the individual’s back, pinning the individual by placing one’s knee on the other side of the bike frame while continually putting pressure below the collarbone, subsequently placing one's across the bike in an X formation, twisting the bike frame over 180 degrees by leaning foreword, and pulling one's arms outward, completing the half circle; then with the one arm, and turning back with the other arm until the individual has their neck broken and possibly decapitated