Saturday, May 24, 2014

Latin Life Lessons #9

Latin Life Lessons #9

take two bike chain gear wheels and attach these to the axle over the lug spot on the  back wheel hubcap or wheel cover of a motorcycle. This may require a longer back wheel axle.
attach two bike chains on the outer two gear wheels and lock them together securely bound small, tightly wrapped chain and secure this with something (i.e. lock). The Bike chains should be longer than the tires of the bike. Begin Lifting the bike at a 45 degree angle, and once positioned accelerate the motorcycle with the rear wheel in the air.

The setup time is simple enough to accomplish once arriving by motorbike. The rapid movement capability, armed maneuverability, and feasible deployability of the utility are indispensable and the prime advantages.

 One Can effectively tie a support rope to the back handle and balance and steer the craft as such.

This maneuver can be accomplished and likely maim an individual and even a crowd of people easily without much preparation. The subtlety of simple bike chains and tire covers with bicycle chain gears on both sides is novel.

This works on small bikes, dirt bikes, and crotch rockets. Choppers are perhaps too heavy for this to be efficient.

As far as damage, riot shields would effectively protect against this to a point. A bike and it’s function are arguably equivocally fragile.

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