Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lessons lessons

latin life lessons #22

cigarettes make for a useful tool to blind and choke an individual. The tobacco can be taken out of the cigarette and crumbled to be thrown into the eyes, nose, and moth of an individual. Tobacco will irritate the eyes and sting the mouth. One can place tobacco in ones non-dominant hand and use it to quickly or subtly cover the mouth of an individual simultaneously punching the individual in the stomach forcing the individual to breathe in, tobacco constricts blood vessels in the lungs and much choking will occur.

latin life lessons #16

A bike frame can be used to decapitate an individual by catching an individuals neck in an unobstructed corner of the bike frame, twisting the bike towards the individual’s back, pinning the individual by placing one’s knee on the other side of the bike frame while continually putting pressure below the collarbone, subsequently placing one's across the bike in an X formation, twisting the bike frame over 180 degrees by leaning foreword, and pulling one's arms outward, completing the half circle; then with the one arm, and turning back with the other arm until the individual has their neck broken and possibly decapitated

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