Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Sirens of the Sirens Still Sing in the Darkness

The Sirens of the Sirens Still Sing in the Darkness

These are not the good times, these are the wood times. Times like these can easily be erected in all of their glorious splendor as easily as times like these can be burned to the ground. The only determining factor is that of the civility of the people. As much as it takes a village to raise a child, it only takes one man to burn a village to the ground. Even the man with the intellect, mentality, or mindset of a child is capable of this.

Were one to dwell solely amongst one’s compatriots, the anarchists would establish and maintain disorder amongst their own kind as much as the fascists would establish order throughout their supporters. This is freedom, however, the liberty of man that induces all mortal fulfillment is the same liberty that allows a man to poison wells and torment the mind, body, and souls of his brethren.

Tangibility is the fact that the water that gives and sustains life to each and every organism on the planet is the same water that drowns children, induces floods, and denies itself unto the thirsty in the throes and pangs of death wicking humanity, civility, and peace from this mortal coil.

Those that see and speak yet do nothing are thine that are but brine sifting into the water that sustains life as we speak. Each and every utterance and glare of these individuals shall face the rebuttal sincerely daring these entitled disparate parties to abide and survive living on but their own airs and the air that surrounds us. To say that it its one’s airs that put fervor behind the sail of a boat have simply yet to spend days on end idle upon still seas.

Times like these would see to it that one’s personage be but nothing more than a partridge, a quaint sight, however unremarkable. One’s personage instilled by society machined into machination by the fallacious imagination of those unable to distinguish dreams from the realm where sentience draws all meaning and sustenance while sapience  manifests it’s existence, profligation, profluence, and success. It is from the earth which all have been raised, just as it is the earth unto which all shall return. 

The factor is simply time, the rate at which a fire burns is the rate at which a fire is allowed access to fuel and oxygen. Fire is that which reared this species from but humble apes by inducing the eschewance of the wild, uncouth, primal recklessness that defines all from the cockroach to the most savage and deadly of animals. This fire empowers, cleans, and enriches the food and water that sustains this species. Yet this fire still cripples, maims, and flippantly kills women, children and the elderly.

Fire is the root of the greatness of humanity. Seemingly limitless fire to venerate, to revere, to fear, to worship, to respect, to squander, to relinquish, and to extinguish. Yet fire in all of it’s glory is bound by chains of it’s necessities, just as humanity is by it’s own needs. These factors are controllable by the sapient hands amongst us, yet as wildfires still burn, it is clear that such an effort is a perpetual ordeal, rather than simply a key to a lock, a signature on a paper, or a name selected on a ballot.

Handedness is aptitude, as skill endears success. Successive success is consistency, where consistent consistency is sustainability. These veritable aspects of merit and accomplishment are gloriously marked throughout history, however, every historical tale stands stalwartly silent amongst the aphorism of the penitent impatient among us. Idle hands are indeed the devil’s workshop, laboring for whichever party such idleness may please.

Action may ring in one’s ears as a choir of angels singing songs of piety, alas, ye humble, do remember, that the devil, Lucifer himself, was indeed an angel, still to this day an angel, and every time one remarks that one’s child is an angel that has fallen from heaven. Indeed the fallen angels still sing to this day. The fallen angels sing in church. The plight of humanity is simply watching how far can an angel fall, for even God in heaven had the fullest faith in even Lucifer until that fateful day the fallen angel challenged the authority and knowledge of his own celestial compatriots.

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