Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A petition for public STD Awareness

A petition for public STD Awareness

This is a petition to mandate tattoos on the fingers of people infected with incurable sexually transmitted diseases in order to raise awareness and encourage informed decision making when contemplating relations with the individuals at hand.

Many people would choose to practice safe sex were people informed that their partners were infected. One tattoo could be placed on each finger per infection.

a + for for HIV or Aids
a B for Hepatitis B
an H for Herpes
and a P for HPV

There are four fingers, and a small tattoo could easily be covered by a glove or anything, however these could easily be checked by individuals contemplating relations in order to decide which methods of ensuring safety is appropriate.

Contracting an incurable sexually transmitted disease can be scarring, detrimental to livelihoods, and fatal. These are reasons why awareness should be raised. By legally requiring small tattoos on the fingers, this allows people to become informed and make wise decisions in key moments where diseases could be spread simply by looking at the hand of their partner.

I feel this could reduce the transmission rates and raise awareness within communities.

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