Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hinge Basis for Eliminating Variables or Narrowing of Inequalities.

Hinge Basis

The hinge basis provides a crutch for truth, given and questions, the hinge allows one to provide a source for correlation, statistically, or via a constant.

Where one cannot test for Q given X / (YZ) = Q, due to a lack of data, the hinge allows for educated guesses to be made based on any prior knowledge, even broad inequalities justified to a lack of specific or useful data.

X being a number or constant that would prove itself in the scenario, this being applied to quantitative variables in question through the equation providing proof of Variable X

X also being accompanied by equations and uses that affirm it, adding to the statistical set of the proof.

The proof and logic provides its use for a regression to estimate where the unmeasured variable might fall.


Variable X = Statistical set^Variable X)

If Variable X is true, then variable X= Variable Name.

(Variable Name = Statistical set^Variable X) = Truth^Variable X Proof)

Proof= equation correlating numbers, such as the equation of a law or theory

Variable X = Statistical set^Variable X) = True if Truth^Variable X Proof)  is true.

This provides an X to be utilized given any correlation of data where the provided variables are quantitative aspects that can be applied in part of the equation of the Truth provided,

This does not provide answers but rather an angle to see something. Where one does not know Y.

Q = X/(YZ) , Where XY=R , One can find R as a justification to see a ratio of XY where R is involved. This would leave Q: # : # : Z  which would fall into the field of possibility given the inequality range defining the equation was A<Q<B.

This provides a graph saying, were the ratio of X:Y when X:Y = R, knowing Q is <3R, provides a ratio to look for correlation between Q : X : Y : Z in terms of proportion or balance, in a simplification aspect.

This leaves Two Numbers to guess on a plot rather than three, however the truth of the W is dependent on the ratios and correlation between the accessible proof to provide a basis for calculation and correlation, rather than by giving a distinct precise number or measurement.

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