Thursday, July 31, 2014

P = NC capable logic (Conjecture)


Given NC= P, then any form of the situation would be true.

Were NC addition 47+32= P
Since X+Y=Addition=P
This would be something as in

Is P = (NC Set)

NC Class being a defined set.

If P = (X +Y = Z) then P = (NC Set)
If P = (NC Class) then Solve

One would define all possible cases that P = (NC Set) attempt to match.

NC Set = NCS

(X+Y=Z)= NCS
((A)(B)) = NCS
((A)/(B))= NCS

Etc. until each element of any problem that is NC is defined as a formula in the NC Set.

Perhaps utilize a subscript by each element of the NC set to give it individuality, as well as allow for P to equal one unit of the NC set.

Then If P = NCS is True, then P = NC

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