Saturday, July 12, 2014

Toy Army Men Fighting Game, or simple board game


  1. perhaps put up walls or buildings to limit visibility and to provide obstacles, obstructing the shots attempted.

    visibility so long as it is unobstructed

  2. All Units have 2 health?? is my best bet for realism.

  3. maybe Move -> if unit has a shot (roll to shoot) -> end of turn . with the option of standing still. Sniper setting up has a movement cost of one (eg, can't move and shoot in the same turn for a sniper)

    The board can be confusing, either play as battleship notation,

    (I move to my unit to B7, neutral watching map says "Unit in view at D7", I roll to shoot.)

    (I move my unit to B5, neutral party says "No unit in view")

    Each unit and its movements being listed on player papers, to be checked by a neutral party to relay information without giving away troop locations that are out of sight.

    The enemy stating when a unit is in view is the only way to do it without making a sort of post-it note maze, even then hand motions would give away troop locations)

  4. a unit can fortify during movement phase to sacrifice movement, allowing it to roll to shoot during an enemy's turn given an enemy comes into sight. The fortified unit would roll simultaneously, where 1:1 is a draw, and both units roll again.

  5. so long as the fortified unit doesn't move from the position it fortified in.

  6. Given there were vehicles, a box where a half a line of a graph paper unit could represent a door to a building, or an obstacle vehicles couldn't pass through, where the units could get through the doors and over the obstacles.