Sunday, August 3, 2014

Classics ##

I will shit down your nose and hold your ears like a horse
bootlegged knife fingers with the needle tips never bores
in the eyes dirtying your viscous taste through the sinus
so spicy it just makes you thirsty begging the tricking ass

surgically attached penises of people sewn as my fingers
a giant’s fingers a flying circus bitchslapping bell ringers
bug collection in the greasy cone flask into your anus
just pele rainbow the jar into the colon, break it heinous

gouging out the eyes I start to pour the paint thinner
everyday the butane makes the poor man a winner
my rope and post I just tie you having fucking dinner
drown gasping can’t but choke, shit covered quivers

I might of got tired let alone fall asleep oh sadness
but Ive got to let you go small child of wilderness
i suppose you might one day conquer the madness
for the wilds are truly peace after this bewilderedness

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