Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Denting Force (2) and Simulation possibilities

Denting force ( ~ 2nd breaking force attempt)

f = (size / density) velocity

f x W

n = specific density of object N
V = Volume of object N
D =  depth of object N or the depth of the side being stricken i e up down when struck from the bottom

the direction of depth is the same direction as the direction the impacting object is traveling

(f ( V / n)) / D = dent amount A or denting force A

if force of impacting object O
is ≥ minimum denting force value
the object N is dented in the shape of object F
at X,Y, Z point of impact

if denting force value is ≥ the minimum breaking value of object N, object N is broken

In a game, calibrate temperature, to see how much burning would occur

If temperature Z is the specific ignition value of object n, then object n ignites.

many things have temperatures, explosives and characters could use lighters

features such as petroleum use could yield gasoline on the streets, due to difficulty of controls ( a game controller controlling the two hands of a person) as well as smoking cigarettes


non-bone injuries
(g)force= force or g-force

if (g)force is ≥ harmful force

p% probability to sustain x injury to z bodypart

z body part is limited to f% of function, object interaction

if (g)force is > X impactful force

y occurs to individual n

thrown from bike,
bottle moves around



Residential / Office

Ally have  similar floor plans

bathrooms usually vertically parallel, on approximately if not on top of each other.
bathrooms often in center of building
many public areas have different bathrooms for different sexes
commonly one or two (set) per floor depending on the building

much uniformity in offices, offices tend to be similar sizes
common office : utility office (meeting room, break room, etc.)
in residential
bedroom: non-bedroom

a lobby is on the ground floor

building contents tend to follow decor pallets for any  = office, school, upscale, lower class, historic, modern, commercial, specialty,

contents can include items such as the food inside of a food store

common things such as vending machines occupy many places

Ratio of closet (small janitorial or electrical closet) to room

closet:room ratio

trends exist

unique architecture does exist

commercial stores will tend to have one type of item : food, clothes, hobby supplies, wine, alcohol, jewelry or have one type of stock i.e. gas station, arcade, bowling alley

even a salon would be a hobby
specialty places have varying contents ; museum, bar,  theatre

showers are at schools, recreational facilities, beaches, hotels, and some offices while not in other places

generally only restaurants, food service areas, residential buildings have significant kitchens if any

specialty buildings such as hospitals, military, prison, or otherwise will have highly varying contents and design when compared to a commonplace building, however many aspects can be similar

lower ratios

street corners with people vending wares : street corners

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