Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pitch for Jesus

I propose building a church on a vacant lot of land. I would build the church to preach the books of the day people want to hear. I am quite the powerful speaker and can do many impressions. Preaching is respectable and it is honestly free and wholesome.  I can sing songs and play instruments such as the piano. This is also  respectable lumberjacking and carpentry as the fellows that revere Jesus and many others do appreciate.

The church would likely be condemnable, it is however more so a lean to or shelter, and given that has no merit either under construction or a statue. The Amphitheatre concept would also be applied, as with other outdoor activities such as sports.

I feel as a church makes no income, this would be due to preaching being at the economic level of panhandling, somehow the church donations and a building would be the step above panhandling. A building can add a lot to a community, and a church can provide a space for community events to occur that cannot find any more establishment for their affairs.

I cannot provide much, so this would be much like other churches. The only charity I can accost is preaching, with the possibility of lumberjacking and carpentry given any sort of woodland.

i can travel to any place an individual would appreciate, or fund such a church given adequate material to provide an establishment. I am not as much to preach all the day. ‘

I’ll throw together the shoddiest A-frame and you’ll pray to god you don’t die under there, but fuck it it would be something. The A would slanted, but that roof would be miraculous.

I don’t have legitimate means sadly. The hat of the internet is a cruel master, it’s a dance for the hat.

This sounds a lot like a tourist kind of a attraction such as mini-golf due to the illegitimacy. I can dazzle you with my latin, and have all the fire and brimstone an alchemist.

The steps would be honestly

Try to find land donated or otherwise somehow requisitioned

 lumberjack the able bodied trees and get railroad spikes or something to nail the logs together making a ramshackle structure to eventually roof in some sort of native american thatch style roofing.
// ^ \
|| || ||
Natural Church would likely be the name.

I also speak spanish to some extent.

    The Preacher

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