Friday, September 26, 2014

The Meaning of Life

Were there a meaning to life, the same meaning would apply to a tree’s life as much as a human’s life.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Self-Insulating Building in Desert/ Snowy land.

Water Collection Unit (might have taken this from dune)

An Application of Communism

to provide a peaceful, friendly
productive, diligent and practical
western legacy in eastern lands

magnificent communism in the lands of western China, Tibet, and bordering land, and former Soviet nations renewing and reestablishing the applicability and respectability of communism while providing a corridor for communication, development, cooperation, and success encouraging transparent, efficient, economical and social support between  between all neighboring, supporting, nations.

honoring all great feats of communism, the success of communism is thankful to the astounding efforts of the people devoted to the success and the greater good of the people.

Replicating and innovating upon successful, remarkable, modern and applicable communism practically, efficiently, productively, and respectably

To harbor and bring forth success locally and internationally, and  encourage global cooperation, development, livelihood, fervor, progress, and harmony. 

To apply functional and applicable development resources* in order to successfully supersede subsistence and envision practical solutions for the application of viable substantiating efforts in effort to coalesce the efforts of the people into unifying cooperation and support of practicality, distinguishability, dependability, and stalwartness to ensure the glory and the greatness of mankind.

To encourage and support harmony, mirth, good health, reciprocation, supportiveness, respectability, responsibility, connectedness, happiness, prosperity, and peace among the people.

To ensure safety and peace to allow for proficient, resourceful, applicable, productive, healthy and confidant people. 

To provide a fruitful haven for interpersonal communication, relationships, development, enrichment, education, discovery, enlightenment, culmination, appreciation, aggregation, utilization, and creation.

To instill wisdom, knowledge, and grace among the party allowing, accepting, and respecting disparity to ensure unity, peace, prosperity, and civility.

To respect and preserve the lands, nature and there children as the gods and goddess that provide nourishment, health, and life to the people, for without nature, human life could be feasible, leaving none to innovate, learn, invent, and ensure progress, development, purpose and meaning.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rearing a Model Citizen

Consolidate and expand state and federal services for efficacy.

Public Education could expand to cover all levels of education including trade skills.
Truancy laws apply to university and trade school if an individual is unemployed.

Individuals are expected to succeed, however with cumulative failures they are redirected towards alternate routes of work and education.

Unemployment could only be given to those that are attending education full time.

A state and federally funded school educates employees for each specific branch, department, organization, and aspect of the government.

Individuals are assessed throughout school to see that they are placed in programs that are appropriate for their level of learnedness and their own abilities.

Government provided healthcare is provided by students learning the associated fields at the government run facilities.

Public Housing is provided to insure individuals do not have excessive commute to school or training.

Education up to any level is paid for by tax money, to ensure properly educated employees, seeing to it that successful employees pay taxes back into the systems that helped them throughout their lives.

Individuals in school are given opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships, with laws much like truancy laws due to their inexperience.

All citizens are expected to fulfill a role in a reserve style military, incorporating mandatory physical fitness to counteract unhealthiness and ease healthcare bills.

Necessity and Commodity stamps to dissuade petty or consumeristic lifestyles and wasteful spending.

Mandatory tests that assess fluency and capability of an individual in fields pertinent to every day life and the management of one’s own life. This including a multitude of things including civility, personableness, social fluency, and responsibility.

With a shortage of labor, youth are expected to provide a number of years of full-time or part-time skilled, manual, trade, or any type of labor with the options of attending school part-time.

State and federal subsidies control the costs of fields, professions, and products to avoid commercialism and the coddling of extravagance.

Those being trained in a field by the educational system are asked to teach the lower levels of classes they’ve taken given they pass a test of the required knowledge beforehand. This duty can even be assigned to teenagers, much like a part time job, easily having the numbers fulfilled by the sheer number of people enrolled in the educational system.

Differing political ideologies are each allocated their own land to educate their party constituents and create business under loose federal guidelines.  These sections being governed under a system similar to states rights, allowing each of the parties to govern themselves as they see fit. This being done in an attempt to appeal to individuals enough for the individuals to become affiliates or advocates of the party without raising much of the dispute and discord that is seen today across the political spectrum.

Other countries could apply to receive the same rights as a political ideology in order to encourage international business relations. These areas would function much as embassies and would be allowed to grant visas and what not to accommodate international cooperation.

A rigorous standard of success would be held. Those unable to achieve at the standard are assessed and provided additional mandatory hours of training or schooling in order to achieve at an appropriate level. These hours would be enforced much as truancy.

Individuals that work part time are expected to fulfill 20 hours of schooling a week at minimum, while individuals working full time are not obligated to attend the educational system. Retired individuals are not obligated to attend, however anyone can attend by choice in their free time.

Individuals would follow a rigorous national path ensuring the individual becomes applicable, pertinent, and impactful within society, as well as encouraged to fulfill a personal path towards achieving goals, mastering hobbies, and becoming fluent and informed in any interests.

A system such as this removes many of the social and economic barriers impeding individuals and hindering their attempts to become successful. This system embraces the American Dream and when implemented successfully turns the dream into the American Reality. Everyone can be successful, however the obstacles and hurdles that are present in todays society inhibit success in many ways that this system does not.

Monday, September 15, 2014

P vs NP (attempt 2)

(The first one was garbled. Here's attempt two.)

P vs NP

to resolve this issue, one would allocate data to a computer

If X, defined as Z, is true, Set Y proves that X is true, Set Y is the provided data.

Is George Washington alive in year X? = Question Q

Question Q is also Statement S

George Washington is alive in year X.

If Statement S is true, then the answer to question Q is yes.

If Q is true, all attempts to disprove Q are false statements.

Each defined word is bound by a mathematical set so long as its physically veritable.

Alive is defined as A:

Given X is the year,
Definition (Alive)  = Date of Birth < X < Date of Death = Range of Definition

If X is within the range of the set, then Statement S is true.

If statement variable X as defined by reality is true, then data from set Y will verify the statement.

So long as variable X is within the range as defined by set Y and set Y is the range of possible correct answers, then variable X has verified statement S.

 Any statements on the contrary stating that statement S is false will fall outside of the range of possible correct answers, and be verified as false statements.

Statement S states that Variable X falls within a range defined by definition A and the data from set Y.

If variable X falls within a range defined by definition A, with a truth basis provided by the data from set Y, then X fulfills the criteria of relative truth.

If variable X fails to fall within a range defined by definition A with a truth basis provided by the data from set Y, then X fails to fulfill the criteria of relative truth and is false.

Theoretical Magnetic Torque Increasing Drive Shaft Companion

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sextodeath Revision 5 Link

Sextodeath Rev5 ~still attempting to clean it up, a bit more functional now is the hope.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Wanderer

I know not what I do nor why I do it, for the machines are the only ones who truly know.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Black Pulsar Theory

Outer space is surrounded by a thick heavy coating of dark matter that is falling towards something else, larger and more massive beyond it perhaps a larger layer of dark matter.

The matter in the universe is falling towards the coating of dark matter after being expelled from an explosion of a very high concentration of matter. This was the big bang.

A black hole large enough can attract its fair share of matter and these fall in tandem with the mass inside of the universe towards the heavier dark matter coating attracting it with its gravity.

Ones have perhaps manipulated black holes and accelerated their spin greatly enough to attract massive amounts of matter. The matter is emitted through a hole created by these. The individuals could have captured the emissions by concentrating them very rapidly due to the speed of the expulsion of the space and essentially creating a new body of matter with a gravitational pull. Still effectively attempting to capture the essential beams of matter that are created by the black holes.

Ones could incur a sort of pulsar between two black holes orbiting around a very dense stellar body the intersecting beams created in-between them , keeping both of them in orbit together. Charging the magnetic materials to a certain pole to keep them averted in the remnants of the two galaxies. Easily Two spiral galaxies collide, and  orbit each other face each other, eventually advanced technology begins accelerating the spinning to increase the gravitational amount and matter concentrating  ability of the black holes.

On a massive scale, this could be done utilizing multiple galaxies to fuel both the spin and momentum of the black holes as well as the amounts of matter being captured by the black holes, compelling the orbits of other galaxies to be attracted to the massive body being created, condoning their orbits into the black quasar manifest.  With enough control and ability, Ones could manipulate matter on this scale through the use of any powers that be including technology, machines and advanced knowledge of impactful fields such as physics, the quantum world, and the interactions between extremely dense and extraordinarily massive celestial bodies interact.

This event is perhaps something similar to what caused the big bang, or perhaps this could even occur naturally. Through random chance, due to the amount of matter in the universe. The universe perhaps much like a snow globe, were these events common. These black quasars recycling the matter in a sort of spectacle of fireworks and snowflakes falling in beautiful patters and creating the quintessential minimalism of individual planets and life itself down through the many magnitudes of feasible observability. .