Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Application of Communism

to provide a peaceful, friendly
productive, diligent and practical
western legacy in eastern lands

magnificent communism in the lands of western China, Tibet, and bordering land, and former Soviet nations renewing and reestablishing the applicability and respectability of communism while providing a corridor for communication, development, cooperation, and success encouraging transparent, efficient, economical and social support between  between all neighboring, supporting, nations.

honoring all great feats of communism, the success of communism is thankful to the astounding efforts of the people devoted to the success and the greater good of the people.

Replicating and innovating upon successful, remarkable, modern and applicable communism practically, efficiently, productively, and respectably

To harbor and bring forth success locally and internationally, and  encourage global cooperation, development, livelihood, fervor, progress, and harmony. 

To apply functional and applicable development resources* in order to successfully supersede subsistence and envision practical solutions for the application of viable substantiating efforts in effort to coalesce the efforts of the people into unifying cooperation and support of practicality, distinguishability, dependability, and stalwartness to ensure the glory and the greatness of mankind.

To encourage and support harmony, mirth, good health, reciprocation, supportiveness, respectability, responsibility, connectedness, happiness, prosperity, and peace among the people.

To ensure safety and peace to allow for proficient, resourceful, applicable, productive, healthy and confidant people. 

To provide a fruitful haven for interpersonal communication, relationships, development, enrichment, education, discovery, enlightenment, culmination, appreciation, aggregation, utilization, and creation.

To instill wisdom, knowledge, and grace among the party allowing, accepting, and respecting disparity to ensure unity, peace, prosperity, and civility.

To respect and preserve the lands, nature and there children as the gods and goddess that provide nourishment, health, and life to the people, for without nature, human life could be feasible, leaving none to innovate, learn, invent, and ensure progress, development, purpose and meaning.

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