Friday, September 5, 2014

Black Pulsar Theory

Outer space is surrounded by a thick heavy coating of dark matter that is falling towards something else, larger and more massive beyond it perhaps a larger layer of dark matter.

The matter in the universe is falling towards the coating of dark matter after being expelled from an explosion of a very high concentration of matter. This was the big bang.

A black hole large enough can attract its fair share of matter and these fall in tandem with the mass inside of the universe towards the heavier dark matter coating attracting it with its gravity.

Ones have perhaps manipulated black holes and accelerated their spin greatly enough to attract massive amounts of matter. The matter is emitted through a hole created by these. The individuals could have captured the emissions by concentrating them very rapidly due to the speed of the expulsion of the space and essentially creating a new body of matter with a gravitational pull. Still effectively attempting to capture the essential beams of matter that are created by the black holes.

Ones could incur a sort of pulsar between two black holes orbiting around a very dense stellar body the intersecting beams created in-between them , keeping both of them in orbit together. Charging the magnetic materials to a certain pole to keep them averted in the remnants of the two galaxies. Easily Two spiral galaxies collide, and  orbit each other face each other, eventually advanced technology begins accelerating the spinning to increase the gravitational amount and matter concentrating  ability of the black holes.

On a massive scale, this could be done utilizing multiple galaxies to fuel both the spin and momentum of the black holes as well as the amounts of matter being captured by the black holes, compelling the orbits of other galaxies to be attracted to the massive body being created, condoning their orbits into the black quasar manifest.  With enough control and ability, Ones could manipulate matter on this scale through the use of any powers that be including technology, machines and advanced knowledge of impactful fields such as physics, the quantum world, and the interactions between extremely dense and extraordinarily massive celestial bodies interact.

This event is perhaps something similar to what caused the big bang, or perhaps this could even occur naturally. Through random chance, due to the amount of matter in the universe. The universe perhaps much like a snow globe, were these events common. These black quasars recycling the matter in a sort of spectacle of fireworks and snowflakes falling in beautiful patters and creating the quintessential minimalism of individual planets and life itself down through the many magnitudes of feasible observability. .

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