Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just for kicks [9mm Nuke Bullet]

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  1. Perhaps reverse the gun-style device, so that the nuclear charge travels with the speed of the bullet and the same direction as the target of the bullet. This means it will be launched from the back of the bullet. The blasting cap to trigger the fuse on the back of the bullet is still in the tip, and explodes on contact, but the charge then travels to the back of the bullet to ignite the explosive to propel the gun-style payload.

    This I think would be more functional, because having the radioactive portion travel backwards would overpower any momentum that the bullet has going foreword upon reaching the back, given that it was a large charge. This would work given that the bullet retains it’s shape upon contact, allowing the charge to strike the target within the bullet while retaining the speed of the bullet, and I think this would reduce the amount of explosives required to achieve the desired effect.