Sunday, November 9, 2014

Theories regarding the Singularity

The singularity in the big bang was a particle that came from a larger object, much like a paticle emission. As the singularity traveled farther away from its source, the temperature fell, and this caused the pressure of the singularity to fall, which eventually induced it to implode onto itself Perhaps a dynamo made by similar particles as the singularity that kept the energy confined by its differing gravitational currents and differing charges. The object that emitted the singularity was traveling at a high speed and continued to move away from the singularity at a speed faster than light, or at an angle contrary to our perspective to that it moved away from our current location at the time of its release. This is why the object that littered the singularity into a void of space cannot be seen.


Singularities that had attracted each other into orbit had eventually lost one of the singularities so that if fell out of the orbit that was keeping it together

The singularity was a particle emission from a very large substance  that is made up of singularities and traveling through space faster than light, perhaps from an explosion. This substance is made of singularities much like molecules are made up of atoms.

Perhaps a ship powered by primordial singularities that contain themselves much like stars, however once exhausted by the ship using them as fuel, they cannot hold their form anymore and explode as the singularity did.

The singularity was placed by a higher intelligence that surfed the waves of dark matter that were created by the explosion in order to escape faster than the speed of light.

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