Friday, January 31, 2014



although its up to the jewdiciary

between jew and me

the child’s candy was jew delicious to resist

between all of the jewsury and the taxes

on grape jews these days, between tossing

the man the schillings or simply taking the candy

from the child,  it was too easy to jews the

easy way. If i see something I kike, I can’t help myself.

When mortal combat says, “jews your destiny”, my

actions are as common place as your mother

telling jew to “jew your food” or “jew the laundry”.

I see this jew reading the jews and I think,

“hey, i kike those blue suede jews he’s got”

so i went with a rock and torah his face up

the brain conjewsion that man always wanted.

The subsequent conjewsion on the streets

as enough for me to ride my kike away from

the scene of the alleged wrong jewings.

I mean I didn’t want to overjew it or anything,

but there isn’t anything the rejewncy would do

so to tell the whole jewth, and nothing but the jewth

accounting for his increjewlity I took 40,000 kilojewls

of current from a downed power line right into the man’s

crown jewels for his rampant ridicjewlousness.

The mounting recklessness and jewsurpation

that was injewced by such actions of the injewry

I had inflicted upon the man was jewbiquitous.

were I to somehow face the grand jewry for what

I have done they could all well compare that to

The Final Soljewtion. Somehow Hitler never found

the hebrews Jew.F.O, however by my own injewition

I figured it was my jewty to preserve all things left

in the world that were in any way jewtiful. Such is the

conjecture of the jew.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pollution of the Mongol

Collected Rants of around January

Somebody told me it’s christmas time so it means the Grinch’s heart must grow
Well i’ll tell you when its all Class III obese people jumping at the Kriss Kross Show

Somebody said they would listen to my music
like a swiss man buried in an avalanche
like a small boy trapped in an old well
like a dying Mexican shot by the cartel


Drag your face on the ground
with your ass in the air
your shitting out of your mouth
and it covers your hair
the shirt you tout on the back
it just says Rape me





sat old dreary on filth of the shores of eerie
tales as the rats wrought of old Dennis Leary
scant shear me near not the queerest of fear
rants of deaf man as blind dawn draws near

oldest of force draught the tallest heads of mead
froth of the sea beating foreseen a chinaman plea
dry in the mouth louse loosed of the old frayed noose
hens of the wren kept as cuckold men of withered shoes

shameless sentience left the shame bereft
lost in the pacifist truce with dear old death
can’t be robbed if I ain’t got nothing left
saying odious rancor ain’t but be the crest

old faceless faith befriend but the lime kindness
flying past all eyes stark in lurid shamelessness
bleeding in the face my own hopes and dreams
shattered indifference and the gleaming careens
living never had meaning never is what it seems
abuses and beatings taste like berries and cream

sitting in the cold still never getting old as i been told
pain in every vain burns the syphilis of latin rhythms
couldn’t tell you why but if pain could writhe i’d notice
the berating brutalizing intrinsically existential sustain
inconsequential dehumanizing soft barriers of thinking
some reason can’t beat my brain into bleeding seeing
even breathing petrol sadly still won’t stop my sinking

paperboy wrangle change flying by like the daily news
can’t afford the noose if i’m paying for the irish abuse


The USA has the highest prison population of any nation in the world. Per capita and in terms of numbers. This is a frightening sign and foretelling nothing but brutal tyranny and oppression from a police state losing its grasp as a world power. At this rate the future may stand no chance to be anything prosperous, but instead simply martial law and dystopia.

Simply using a search engine to find "U.S prison population" or any other search term brings up startling and frightening numbers.

These people deserve a second chance at life, many are tormented and kept in conditions worse than slavery, for unjustifiable lengths of time.

Were people to view this issue as equivocally important as relinquishing the legal ability to euthanize and keep animals in cages, as many animal rights activists do, support behind this would be unwavering.

How can one stand behind their country when there are humans being treated worse than domesticated animals.

There is no chance for a prisoner to be adopted, as a pet in a shelter does. There is no chance for a prisoner to be even kept as a free range or cage-less animal. These rights are given to more domesticated feed animals than they are to incarcerated human beings, which is agonizing to think a country that stands behind such treatment has any idea of justice.

A prisoner is a human being, and yet these people are denied some of the most basic human rights established in the past five centuries. The treatment of these people is so barbaric it resonates with the Dark Ages, and to see that these people are withed from the glory of the Renaissance which occurred over 500 years ago, is dehumanizing. This is injustice. Human rights being denied in one population is simply going to spread its endemic nature into other sensitive populations, which could all easily be denied basic human rights under the same penal system insidiously imparting it's cruelty upon errant ner-do-wells ostracized by society for their differing opinions.

Many of these people could be defended by constitutional rights such as freedom of speech (crimes of vocal disaccord), expression (crimes of a public nature, or that of which people are accosted of their actions towards fellow man), religion (use of classical narcotics) , and the press (pornography or otherwise monitored press).

The right to bear arms.

Cruel and unusual punishment (disparate prison sentencing and fines compared to any country in the world, where justice does not lay so heavy-handedly)

9th Amendment ( use of laws enacted after the Constitution and Bill of Rights in ways that are infringing in any way on constitutional rights)

Many of these people could be treated by their peers, governed by nothing but the golden rule of "Do unto others as one would have done unto ones self."

In a land where man so freely takes justice into his own hands, such a power should be left at the hands of the people and none but the people who reside in the nation.

A man is responsible for his own well being, and in such responsible for being the embodiment of justice when encroached by wrongdoers. This is a simple task, and such can easily be entrusted even to young men, for knowledge of what is just is justifiable by the golden rule.


A Patriot and a Statesman,

M. Arne Thaden



The Ghost Machine Still Speaks

µ nouns are played in favor of an individual by %correlation benefit and % benefit to the respective individual to the respective noun, provided compliance with explication and validity to the appropriate %stringency, %lenience, % skew, and any other pertinent and/or impactful variables, constants, and/or settings. Mathematically correctly, mathematically congruously, mathematically rationally, mathematically correctly; completely impersonally, in general, personally, as well as impersonally, completely impersonally.

Ghost Trap Phantom Manifest

more or less

{ , }  ={optional}

(x impetus of any of µ individual of impetus ^ (1/ (10^50)){)} ^ (joule expenditure x %correlation recalcitrance) ^ (# of %incorrect impetus)^ (# of redundant impetus)^(%incorrect impetus)^(%incorrect calls on table)^(%redundancy of incorrect impetus)^(total cumulative %incorrectness of impetus [µ%incorrect of impetus])^ (metric seconds passed since impetus x (10^50) {^ (10^50)})^(%redundancy of impetus^%recalcitrance of impetus) = y hate noise arabic martial law, mandate, authority, and/or otherwise political dissident faction, and/or %correlatoin undesirable non-preferable party, or otherwise undesirable mathematical equivocal to correct indignant incorrectness,counter to incorrectness. 

The aforementioned call belongs to, and is ceded to µ individuals within distance from µ / µ physical attractiveness in the world of the respective individual whom has typed such, 241-73-5428, Poissongrand, Grape Jesus, whether or not they choose to play it, it any form, edited or not.


In general meaning, communicated/played/ pertajning to to µ range of generality, 0.7+µ range obviousness and/or 0.4+µ range obviousness with an option to play partially as a partition or otherwise comparable word µ range of obviousness; mathematically correctly, mathematically congruously, mathematically rationally, mathematically relativistically mathematically correctly, with relative stringency pertaining to mathematical ratio correctly, priority regarding mathematical ratio, lenience, stringency, skew; where pertinence of obfuscation, niggardliness, mathematically incorrect, irrational, incongruous, unverifiable, or untestable modality are all obviously defined as veritable mathematical skew. This as well as mathematical skew regarding lineation or otherwise graphical or statistical representation of any and all forms of data that misrepresents or otherwise blatantly, veritably, testable incorrectly, displays or professes incorrect data. The aforementioned definition played correctly by predefine ratio in documents regarding to organization of rationale by ratio, by terms of rationale, irrationally rationally, irrationally rationally irrationally, irrationally rationally, irrationally rationally comparably, comparably irrationally rationally. and continuing from the aforementioned, as an acronym IRIRIIRIRCCIR or using instead a 0 rationale instead of a 1 rationale,  Irrationally Irrationally Rationally  IIRIIRIIIRIIRCCIIR \
phonetically (eerie ear-rick-ear) where 1 is irrationally rational, 2 rational, 3 rationally irrational 4 irrational 5 irrationally irrational

where a 1 level implicated to an approximately 4, by any means of justification, 1 being irrationally rationally, this would go from 1 to 4
1 irrationally rationally,
 2  irrationally rationally, rationally
  3 irrationally rationally, rationally irrationally
  4 Irrationally rationally, irrationally
5 Irrationally rationally, Irrationally irrationally

carrying on to and proceeding, use being i.e individual rationale, rationale style of communicator or implication

where 1:1 ratio is helped stringent at µ level of rationale ≤3.5 where 3.5 is 100th percentile mathematically irrational while pertaining a stringent 300(1/3)% stringency to truncation and/or 100% correlation to 1:1 ratio through µ pertinent var(Field of Study) i.e VarFos,  Var(position) VarPos, Var(profession) Varprof. This being pertinent towards calculations of communication, allotment, allocation, resources, impetus, pertinence, impertinence, mathematically correctly, mathematically congruously, mathematically rationally.

Everything an everything, by the definition of “in general” is played Completely Impersonally, Mathematically Correctly as defined in aforementioned work.

Impersonally meaning regardless of any personal association, acquaintanceship, acknowledgment, skew, modality, recalcitrance, retarding, opinion, pertinence, or impertinence. Simply by Impersonal, i.e lack of proper nouns, stringently statistical measure for each and every one of µ individual of impetus choosing to communicate, determinations and decisions decided by ratio and statistical measure by any selected number greater than or equal to twenty-seven (x≤27)  impersonal statistical measures, ordered by %correlation pertinent, with 0 benefit of privilege for any sort of personal acknowledgment, association or otherwise impertinent attempts of individuals to place less pertinent, valid, or qualified individuals in mathematically incorrect places.

µ nouns must be played completely impersonally, before they are played personally, lest they will be played impersonally, and can be held to playing impersonally at any time. Specific Individual association on nouns will be represented as defined in the preceding paragrahph.

played meaning communicated to and/or from, pertaining to pertinent impetus, pertaining to pertinent calls on table, pertaining to pertinent chains of impetus, or otherwise pertinent in any form.

   Irrationally rationally, Irrationally irrationally



Any piece of litter is god of?
proven by percentile?


if not litter, environmental pollution?


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Origin of Life (Hypothesis and Conjecture)

Origin of Life

Life could easily be looked at much like a combination of chaos theory and a jigsaw puzzle. Random impetus occurs and occasionally things occur that will both reiterate themselves and act as a catalyst to their own success. Life operates on a similar level to a fire, save instead of combustible materials and oxygen, Life instead operates on a model using any bioavailable resources as the reagents, where exhaust products are rather negligible to the species that creates them. While one may not notice this, life, much like a fire, would extinguish itself were it to run out of available resources for which to replicate itself.

Life as individuals know for the majority of its existence was never heavily if at all sentient, and such it’s actions were derived from impulse. This can be seen much like a chemical reaction which does not “choose” whether or not to react, it simply does. As said before, with itself acting as a catalyst, with little to no hindrance for the most part the spontaneous creation of life in a simplistic manner could be seen as the non biotic forces stirring earth as a cauldron watching as reactions would occur, catalyzing themselves in the case of life, and watching this reaction develop over the years as a chain reaction increasing in volatility and diversity.

As the cauldron was being stirred by the primordial elements reactions would occur time and time again that would much like an individual shaking a box full of 3 dimensional interlocking puzzle pieces, occasionally find themselves in the correct position to conjoin and with the nature of chemistry these bonds would happen to be stronger than the surrounding forces and hence continue to exist.

With these forces in play the simple building blocks of life would appear, and as more and more pieces would come together, with any sort of impetus or catalyst such would assemble itself, simply by random chance. The ability of life to replicate would come from the availability of resources required to facilitate the occurrence of such, where the organism to collect enough resources to essentially have a set of two or more of each required reagent, so long as this standard were met there would be no hindrance from the two organisms splitting into two self sufficient organisms such as the first individual, as the reagents have been met.

This process would continue to catalyze itself as the reproduction rate of multiplication can  be seen by squaring a number 2, as the first individual has obviously completed the first addition by assembling the reagents to fulfill it self and rather than be burdened by the weight of carrying double or more of each reagent, the formation of the life form being so stable compared to it’s surroundings would shed a carbon copy of itself to preserve the effectiveness of life.

 Life at this point being a simple collection of reagents adrift amongst resources collecting at it’s own reactive rate, much like a chemical would bond with another chemical and not with others, life can be seen as a parallel to this reaction, some life interacting and utilizing some resources while refraining from utilizing others.

Biological Aging

Aging can be seen in an allegory as the standard of mechanical upkeep and use. In the same way that a car could be preserved by looking after it’s well being with proper maintenance, it can also lose functionality and efficiency by neglect of upkeep on certain parts which can fail (organ failure), simply erosion and degradation of the source structure materials (aging in general), as well as the spontaneous events of automobile collisions (random sporadic causes of death by physical outside means (i.e struck by a rock, tumble off cliff)

The physical means of entropy will indeed present themselves amongst any and all  physical existence across any and all mediums, these forces that see that reaction of chemicals occur is the same that induce degradation of a machine such as an automobile and as well define and induce aging in a biological organism.

Extraterrestrial life

The statements above regarding the origin of life are in no way specific to the planet earth and could easily be applied to any planetary situation. The building blocks of life are not set in stone, however the chemicals that would become essential elements in any life form would simply be the most biologically available chemicals with enough volatility to enact steady reciprocation among catalysts and the local trophic cycle.

Paradox of the Plankton

Easily the different types of plankton could have evolved in separate areas and subsequently intermingled throughout the ocean. As it would take much time to traverse the entire ocean. Limiting factors do not present themselves at any substantial rate and a lack of predators would leave little necessity to compete, and the ability for any one species of plankton to dominate the ocean enough to hinder the access to sunlight seems farfetched.

The Changes of the environment of the earth over it’s lifespan have been enough to facilitate localized success and failures of plankton in different areas where each belonging to a niche would be successful on its own without impacting the life of others. As the environment changes the habitable area of each type of plankton would be adjusting to the changes.

The relatively small size of plankton and the inability to effectively block sunlight through it’s own dominance would leave no extinction mechanisms available to otherwise terminate the existence of any type of phytoplankton. Competing for an otherwise limitless resource being sunlight there is seemingly no way for any plankton to inhibit the existence of other types of plankton other than a natural defense mechanism against predators such as poisoning which would condition the predators to hunt other types of plankton.

Conjecture of Artificial Intellegence (Hypothesis)

Solving problems

AI ComputerVision
Connected to internet
Optic image input ; unrecognized individual ; %correlation by statistical query of images on internet database; record results; most definite image of individual is recorded; AI recognizes by %correlation to the image stored.

Without internet
Optic image input ;  most definite image of individual is stored; %correlation stored images ; vocal output : if recognized “Are you?” if individual is pertinent important individual a security or personal question may be asked ; if not recognized, or the answer is “no” ; Vocal output : “Who are you?

Natural Language Identification

For Disambiguation

Vocal language input ; identify dialect ; analyze words by %correlation phonetics and regional dialect phonetics; reiterate with specifics over any ambiguous words; await confirmation or disaccord.

(Organic Intelligence)

O.I “I saw somebody throw some old bag looking haggard into a coach the other day
(A.I) “ You saw an individual toss an aged flexible container into a large transport vehicle the other day?”
(O.I) “No Sir, cheeky bloak, it was some ugly streetwalking wench.” (A.I.)

Machine Translation

Phrase 1 ;
 Run against context from internet ;
Attempt A.I translation;
dissect parts of speech;
run against usually veritably grammatically correct sources of language to be translated by %correlation (i.e Gutenberg)
; find correlation in translation; in the case of incomplete source language
 (i.e subject for conjugation of verb; or pronoun regarding tense)
; State question regarding the missing aspect of statement
: issue translation to the issuer of Phrase 1 given the following;
 A phrase 1 -> Translated Phrase 1;
 as well as;
Translated Phrase 1;
 rerun program using translated phrase 1, into original language for consistency
 -> Retranslated Phrase 1 (ReTs Phrase 1), seen against Original Phrase 1 and compared by the (O.I) of original phrase 1 for acceptability and preservation of context and definition.

Text Mining

Effectively for deriving high quality information from text each word suffices as both an encyclopedia and an a dictionary hyperlink, this gives context for physical entities describable by physical science or otherwise concrete things.

For sentiment analysis, a thesaurus would analyze the words used by %correlation throughout a passage and display the common emotional or nonphysical sentiments that have a high reiteration rate and persistence as well as the %correlation to which Proper Noun or common noun such words often find themselves portrayed by.

Visually Working much like a web chart of a thesaurus, the number of instances a word appears and it’s approximate synonyms would create a density spread of the word chart and the words with the most instances (I.E simply a system for proximity of synonyms, where 5 is the word used in question) would put a graph of density on the Z axis together regarding the most probable expressions used in such a manner.

These words are all distributed into a set of whichever noun is being described. Each having a different set, where the instances a pronoun is used in place of it’s correlating noun are included as use of the original noun itself.

Expert systems

Statistically while these can be used as hard programs which already do exist, statistics would themselves model their own expert system where reported probability would determine the possible and probable actions. Most if not all training manuals are readily available or if not, prior editions have been catalogued, so standard protocol is able to be taken straight from these

(i.e every Phrase with an equivocal definition of “If” for an “If-> then” (“In the case of” “During an instance of”) as well as for every pertinent word of logic “then” “the proper response”, “one should” ,

The could also work well for any command tense following or accompanying any statements where setting or otherwise variable factors are inferred A sign says “Please, drive the speed limit” (A.I. infers “Driving-> “If driving”), or suggestion as “Please, (do the following)”

Most of this could be programmable by Sorting Any logical function into an

X| Y column organized by whatever the two factors displayed on the published text regarding correct procedure are.


This could be achieved simply by utilizing the web diagram aforementioned and reiterating the most common (mathematically modal) sentiments of any established topic, determined by the mathematical modes of Proper and common nouns. These would be established by a numerical percentile ranking, where a common noun or Proper noun’s #ofinstances is determined by nounusecount + associated pronoun use count.


Simple map route tools exists for transportation, this covers this for the most part.

Lidar can aid in calculating obstacles physically hindering an A.I. or machine, as well as the likelihood of the physical limits of the machine or (A.I) being surmounted by a physical obstacle.

For specific transportation of items; such as A->B->A->C and A->B->C routes a scanner much like barcodes can be implemented, to distinguish which object is destined for which place.

Machine scans the code on object B retrieved from Location A; paper (receipt with code) tells which table (place (location B) to send object B to; Machine mobilizes and scans the area of operation for Location B in which to safely deposit object A, or simply wait for assistance of relinquishing it’s possession of such an object, before returning to Location A, or however continuing to carry the remainder of it’s possessions to location C

. Where Object B would have complementary code with Location B, etc.; objects to bring back to location A would have a code complementary with location A.

A code could even be a different type of miniature flag on each table at a restaurant, and the Robotic waiter would be able to identify these with ocular sense, such as each platter have the correlating flag printed on the serving platter or on a piece of paper as would correlate to whichever table had indeed ordered what.

Anything distinctive such as this would handedly organize such solutions.

Trajectory and Physics were part of the original computer so such would not be difficult to introduce to a computer.


For any known operation, probability would be one of the large deciding factor

Known Operation

Known Requirements

Probability of Failure of any physical aspect

Probability of Repairing such aspect

Burdening limit of such a machine in order to refrain from hindering operation

This equation of probability would provide an effective estimation of failure in order to decide which parts deemed most probable to fail would be acquired by the machine in order to self repair if possible, or to have such parts available for a mechanic should maintenance be necessary to maintain function.

Software Brittleness

Such problems can be analyzed thoroughly by many of the aforementioned solutions

> the hyperlinking of such words and analysis of databases would integrate solutions to concrete physical instances such as. The only hinderance of this is lack of a specific, well organized database, and abilities to decipher specifics.

Parts and materials of objects
Properties of objects (such as color and size)
Functions and uses of objects
Locations of objects and layouts of locations

> This section would be deciphered by an expert system logically manifest by the aforementioned section

Locations of actions and events
Durations of actions and events
Preconditions of actions and events
Effects (postconditions) of actions and events
Subjects and objects of actions
Behaviors of devices

>This section would be deciphered and inferred by the aspect of text mining described and aforementioned

Stereotypical situations or scripts
Human goals and needs
Plans and strategies
Story themes


While I lack deep knowledge of turing machines, there have been some hypotheses based upon conjecture that I have published. I am not well read nor all to familiar with the mathematics, but hence I do use literary logic and what little programming skill i am endowed with.