Friday, April 25, 2014

Having the Same Birthday Raps

Having the same birthday is the birthday paradox

(1/365) every time

it is a coin flip

(1/2)ˆ2 is two coin flips

(364/365)^x is simply the probability of two individuals having the same birthday, given that the individual was not born on February 29.  Seeing how this comparison occurs solely between two people, there are solely two possible outcomes.

(i.e. (0.5)ˆx ; x = 2 ; 2 tosses = 25% chance of both heads)

Where the odds of winning the dice roll are (364/365), the probability is

This is effectively a large roll of dice, 37 rolls of ten sided dice and one roll simply roll the five needed up reading 1-5 as 1-5 and 6-0 as 1-5 as well. Asking this to dice is the same question.

Out of 22 people the odds are still a 6% chance there is an individual with the same birthday as you, the number of days in the year doesn’t get smaller, given someone has one’s own birthday

To look at the number of instances of probability there are two separate occurrences, the outcome between the two people, and the alleged introduction of more people onto the win pile. Given that each person does this themselves, this adds to the number of trials, and hence the probability of success{where no individuals share the same birthday}

(364/365) ^22 may be 0.941428675 or around 6% chance for one person, where Y equals the number of people asking the question minus the individual in question (364/365)ˆ22)ˆ(Y-1) ) where Y is 22, (364/365)ˆ22)ˆ21), the probability of every individual having a win (success)at this point is around 28.1%, however the probability of one’s self failing to have a win still sits at 6%

the chances are simply around 16% of the days have arrived, the number of trials has led to a point that 16% of the days of the year have been surmounted to the room. The reiteration of the trial with the adding set simply means probability will incur itself.

Given that no individual acknowledges the existence of February 29, nor any events that have occurred on such a day including births

midgets become the Keebler elves in the reds wood trees turn into Ewoks its oks
greatest napes search for grapes and everybody knows its the planets of the apes
crepes for grapes bole an radishes lean lids lipping lay down slick crepes of rapes
rays nay grey nigh sunrise limes jettison shine wrought sickness oil stray the quays
wry shanty faces lecher scant land sickness tarnish the benches scathing the jetty
waves gray as those pleated at the scorned hollow beneath all dock shunning days

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Game Day in the City

talking, walking; making bird noises
 just to shoot the birds with the gun
sitting there throwing bread crumbs
just to shoot pigeons with the tech-9s

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Jesus Christ Brand
Jesus Christ Kosher Snacks
Jesus Christ Jesus Juice
Jesus Christ Iced Tea
Jesus Christ Cola
Jesus Christ Mementos and Lighters
Jesus Christ Cigarette Holders
Jesus Christ Party Miracles

Jesus Christ Wine
Jesus Christ Liquor
Jesus Christ Spirits

Jesus Christ Ornaments  (cufflinks, jewelry, etc.)
Jesus Christ Shoes
Jesus Christ Suits and Jackets
Jesus Christ Accessories

Jesus Christ Reads
Jesus Christ Adventures
Jesus Chris Avid Outdoorsman
Jesus Christ Toy Line
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Jesus Christ Carpentry Supplies
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Jesus Christ Brand

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Latin Life Lessons #14

Latin Life Lessons #14

After stabbing someone, given that the has fallen to the ground, leave the knife in their body and vigorously kick the hilt or handle of the knife. This will hopefully separate the blade inside of the individuals body or tear a large hole in the stab wound. The handle is likely to be covered in fingerprints so be sure to take that away from the scene of the stabbing. In the case that the individual has failed to fall to the ground, stab the individual again.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Latin Life Lesons #28

A brick thrown from the back of a moving pickup truck towards an individual standing in front of the pickup truck can function much as a powerful grenade in the case the object makes direct contact. Bricks, Cinder Blocks, and even wood and debris work to some extent.

Too many to learn

Latin life lessons #47

while whistle tips may distract people from gunshots, the utility in being able to sodomize an individual with a running automobile granting the solace of enjoying rendering the individual the inability to scream over the noise of the running car while one enjoys neutral gear.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The War in Jonestown

Remember the war in Jonestown the day world saw the old hound
NBC did indeed see three men die, America took one to the ground
Wasn’t a day a flag didn’t wave on high, to account the fourth of july  
No more seven oh seven one American man flies the nine oh nine

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Latin Life Lessons #7

The next time one see’s an individual in the restroom, stab the individual in the throat with a buck knife, gouge a small but sizable hole by rotating the blade, insert an M80 firecracker, light said firecracker, and then slap or punch the individual in the face as the firecracker explodes. After said fire cracker has exploded piss down the hole in their throat and laugh. This is called “Settling Disputes” or “Solucíones de controvercias”