Saturday, August 23, 2014

Human Accommodating Complex

This regards a Child Rearing Complex and an accompanying Human Accommodating Complex. This is an attempt to both spur economy and care for the people in ways that are economic, productive, educational, capable, practical, effective, and capable of rendering employable individuals by providing a platform for respectability and success. This is a mix of college and public school for children at from an early age.

Take a child and raise them with a house cat or a dog, they are eventually expected to care for and clean up after the cat or dog. This is the only supervision in a room the children live in, possibly with other children.

keep them in a room with food, a bathroom, sink, refrigerator, a bed, and other common household accommodations.  One can lock the door in case the children cannot leave unaccompanied safely due to being too young. There should be a door or fire escape to the outdoors, such as a fenced in area, in case of fire. The child is reared to behave as a house cat, emulating the house cat that behaves well induces good behavior in the child.

This would work well for children that are old enough to find and eat food for themselves, as well as busy themselves for hours, a buildings could also have rooms accommodated as a nursery for small children that would be manned by volunteers or employees if need be.

While a kitchen is a fire hazard, there are the possibilities of serving the child food in person, with the possibility of teaching the children to cook eventually installing a a kitchen, in the case there are multiple units in a taller building, a kitchen can be installed as a communal area, compliment to the outdoor area. Also, in the case that the child is unable to leave the living area safely, there can be a case where there is simply a wall on the interior of the room, without a handle, where a caretaker releases the child from the other side of the wall in a hallway.

The child receiving treats for good behavior and exceeding expectations while being expected to accomplish human tasks in order to get food. These would vary on the age and skills of a person. This could possibly work for multiple persons in the same room as with multiple cats. The persons could accomplish anything possible in a small area such as exercise, reading, writing, school, paperwork, painting, music, speech, sewing, carpentry if the outdoor area permitted.

For activities requiring supplies or facilities, the person would be directed to facilities in walking distance or to public transport. Provided a quantity of people the children could be accompanied as a group to a restaurant manned by other occupants of the complex of employees to serve daily meals.

Larger buildings could offer more specialized communal areas on the floors of the building, a lobby, a gym, a kitchen, a lounge, a porch(roof). Larger buildings and sporting pavilions would be placed at central locations. Social rooms would fare far better than specialty rooms, however a school or educational area could provide access and use of equipment such as a kiln, workshop, garage, or a band area publicly when available. These perhaps at the same rate as public parks, sporting fields, and recreational facilities such as a pool.

The number of bedrooms would vary with the size of a unit, the a living area designed for multiple persons could comfortably house anywhere from two to eleven or even higher number of people. With more people the bedroom would offer a desk and provide some space to accomplish activities alone.

Units could be tailored to certain professions, around an industrial area or otherwise proximate to any or many professions, allowing the children to interact with business places and eventually try to find work or internships at the proximate businesses. Schooling could be focused on local professions, providing some grounds for applicability of the person.

A computer would allow the possibility of directing the person towards the proper manners or activities, as well as when to wake up. Social activities could be attempted through a computer via the internet (i.e. one lists activities one is willing to do, looking for others doing activities ones self would be willing to do.) These activities include proper athletics and physical activity and be vectored to any approachable sporting. The computer also functions as a typewriter and can accommodate computer related studies. Internet access would be limited, however a local server or something could accommodate small things.

Areas would stock and dispense everyday items to the buildings, chores such as these could be distributed among the occupants. Providing a community maintenance perspective along with occasional work experience. Everything from delivering mail, cleaning pools, gym upkeep, laundry, garbage, receptionist, as well as most if not all of the jobs that interact daily with the complex. The building would also stock supplies for specialty work.

This would organize children as well as instill proper motive for personal success and accomplishment. This system could take much of the economic load of children from people providing a sort of residential schooling for children. The number of people a community of buildings could support would be quite high, allowing for concentration of the resources, as well as the facilities needed.

Schools could be built to provide a safe place to leave children and teenagers during the day, as well as the possibility of providing higher learning and aids to employability such as certifications.

By organizing and essentially providing spontaneous urbanization, this creates employees and a market. The possibility of this being funded privately, by a state or federally subsidized would be an effort to provide a market for marketable goods domestically. The benefits of the housing provides a place for busy people to safely leave their children as well as any adult housing concentrating employable and trainable individuals into an area that will easily accommodate them and their training and possibly labor en masse.

With enough participation, self sustenance and interdependence of people as members of functioning inter-dependently providing the services of each other, in an aid to fulfill their own needs and as a respect to the community. Occupants would take up learning at any point in the chain of how to sustain and maintain a small town, attempting to endear the knowledge of how a society maintains itself, as well as one’s role in it.

This could easily minimize transportation costs by planning the communities with walking and biking distance in mind. The lack of figures in power confers that the persons success is solely their own making. The accommodation of communication encourages social and societal structure, community, teamwork, congregation, confluence,  and collaboration while developing social skills.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Denting Force (2) and Simulation possibilities

Denting force ( ~ 2nd breaking force attempt)

f = (size / density) velocity

f x W

n = specific density of object N
V = Volume of object N
D =  depth of object N or the depth of the side being stricken i e up down when struck from the bottom

the direction of depth is the same direction as the direction the impacting object is traveling

(f ( V / n)) / D = dent amount A or denting force A

if force of impacting object O
is ≥ minimum denting force value
the object N is dented in the shape of object F
at X,Y, Z point of impact

if denting force value is ≥ the minimum breaking value of object N, object N is broken

In a game, calibrate temperature, to see how much burning would occur

If temperature Z is the specific ignition value of object n, then object n ignites.

many things have temperatures, explosives and characters could use lighters

features such as petroleum use could yield gasoline on the streets, due to difficulty of controls ( a game controller controlling the two hands of a person) as well as smoking cigarettes


non-bone injuries
(g)force= force or g-force

if (g)force is ≥ harmful force

p% probability to sustain x injury to z bodypart

z body part is limited to f% of function, object interaction

if (g)force is > X impactful force

y occurs to individual n

thrown from bike,
bottle moves around



Residential / Office

Ally have  similar floor plans

bathrooms usually vertically parallel, on approximately if not on top of each other.
bathrooms often in center of building
many public areas have different bathrooms for different sexes
commonly one or two (set) per floor depending on the building

much uniformity in offices, offices tend to be similar sizes
common office : utility office (meeting room, break room, etc.)
in residential
bedroom: non-bedroom

a lobby is on the ground floor

building contents tend to follow decor pallets for any  = office, school, upscale, lower class, historic, modern, commercial, specialty,

contents can include items such as the food inside of a food store

common things such as vending machines occupy many places

Ratio of closet (small janitorial or electrical closet) to room

closet:room ratio

trends exist

unique architecture does exist

commercial stores will tend to have one type of item : food, clothes, hobby supplies, wine, alcohol, jewelry or have one type of stock i.e. gas station, arcade, bowling alley

even a salon would be a hobby
specialty places have varying contents ; museum, bar,  theatre

showers are at schools, recreational facilities, beaches, hotels, and some offices while not in other places

generally only restaurants, food service areas, residential buildings have significant kitchens if any

specialty buildings such as hospitals, military, prison, or otherwise will have highly varying contents and design when compared to a commonplace building, however many aspects can be similar

lower ratios

street corners with people vending wares : street corners

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Classics ##

I will shit down your nose and hold your ears like a horse
bootlegged knife fingers with the needle tips never bores
in the eyes dirtying your viscous taste through the sinus
so spicy it just makes you thirsty begging the tricking ass

surgically attached penises of people sewn as my fingers
a giant’s fingers a flying circus bitchslapping bell ringers
bug collection in the greasy cone flask into your anus
just pele rainbow the jar into the colon, break it heinous

gouging out the eyes I start to pour the paint thinner
everyday the butane makes the poor man a winner
my rope and post I just tie you having fucking dinner
drown gasping can’t but choke, shit covered quivers

I might of got tired let alone fall asleep oh sadness
but Ive got to let you go small child of wilderness
i suppose you might one day conquer the madness
for the wilds are truly peace after this bewilderedness

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pitch for Jesus

I propose building a church on a vacant lot of land. I would build the church to preach the books of the day people want to hear. I am quite the powerful speaker and can do many impressions. Preaching is respectable and it is honestly free and wholesome.  I can sing songs and play instruments such as the piano. This is also  respectable lumberjacking and carpentry as the fellows that revere Jesus and many others do appreciate.

The church would likely be condemnable, it is however more so a lean to or shelter, and given that has no merit either under construction or a statue. The Amphitheatre concept would also be applied, as with other outdoor activities such as sports.

I feel as a church makes no income, this would be due to preaching being at the economic level of panhandling, somehow the church donations and a building would be the step above panhandling. A building can add a lot to a community, and a church can provide a space for community events to occur that cannot find any more establishment for their affairs.

I cannot provide much, so this would be much like other churches. The only charity I can accost is preaching, with the possibility of lumberjacking and carpentry given any sort of woodland.

i can travel to any place an individual would appreciate, or fund such a church given adequate material to provide an establishment. I am not as much to preach all the day. ‘

I’ll throw together the shoddiest A-frame and you’ll pray to god you don’t die under there, but fuck it it would be something. The A would slanted, but that roof would be miraculous.

I don’t have legitimate means sadly. The hat of the internet is a cruel master, it’s a dance for the hat.

This sounds a lot like a tourist kind of a attraction such as mini-golf due to the illegitimacy. I can dazzle you with my latin, and have all the fire and brimstone an alchemist.

The steps would be honestly

Try to find land donated or otherwise somehow requisitioned

 lumberjack the able bodied trees and get railroad spikes or something to nail the logs together making a ramshackle structure to eventually roof in some sort of native american thatch style roofing.
// ^ \
|| || ||
Natural Church would likely be the name.

I also speak spanish to some extent.

    The Preacher

Swinging Single

Computing is like fucking a girl, where programming is like being in a long term relationship