Sunday, December 27, 2015

Public Service Announcement

PSA: Remember; the belief that any instance of human life is good, benevolent, kind, moral, or justifiable is from the same school of thought that will teach you that Jesus of Nazareth was an anthropomorphic milkshake.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Immorality of Literacy

This essay is dedicated to those that attempt to rebuke the fact that literacy is immoral.

The number of times that people had to hose the slaves off of the streets was zero times. This was because nobody gave the slaves an inch to begin with. Sure, there were a handful of slave rebellions over a few hundred years, but these were not of the same nature as indignantly rally at the drop of a hat. Give anyone an inch and they will take an ell, this is true of any and all people.

Literacy instills indignance, entitlement, discontent, and malevolence where there should be none. Facts are facts, life’s a bitch and then you die; give me one good reason to sugar coat the shit that is forced down the people’s throats and I’ll show you a waste of quality sugar. Without literacy there would be no rants of the unjustifiably indignant fools to stir up commotion in people that would otherwise be content with the quality of their life.

When a slave understands that it cannot own land it has no desire to own any land. When a slave is given just an inch of land all it does is dream of the ell. It will fight you to the death just for this ell. The less opportunity a person is given to change their scenario, the less they will want it. When one tempts a person by deluding them by instilling the notion that their dreams can come true and they can live a perfect happy life, they entitle themselves to this perfect happy life and this delusion tarnishes the contentedness they would be able to find in a life free from strife of turmoil regardless of the lack of luxury, power, and opulence.

This sentiment can be seen throughout history. The serfs of Europe are given the inch with the rise of modern capitalism during the Renaissance; hence leading to political turmoil and protest by the plebeians across Western Europe. The American slaves are given the inch with their freedom and suffrage following the civil war; hence leading to protest and unrest in the 1950’s. Women are given the inch with their suffrage and rights; hence leading to radical feminism and the recalcitrance to a functional society that accompanies it.

Before these inches were given, the serfs worked without question and had unquestionable loyalty to their nation and fellow man. Before their inch was given, the slaves were docile, amiable, meek, humble, hard working and contented people. Before their inch was given, women were gracious, loving, loyal, and devoted homemakers and mothers. These people were all content with being alive, and were content with performing their roles in society simply for the basic human needs such as food, clothing, and shelter it took to sustain their lives and daily endeavors. This was true because no alternative existed, and yet the people were content enough to continue doing this for hundreds of years. It was on account of people performing these roles that the world was conquered time and time again. This happened because this is a model of a functional society.

Seldom, yet often enough, a megalomaniacal person comes along with their baseless indignance and entitlement and spouts out about how “important”, “worthwhile”, and “respectable” they are, and this would be a non-issue when a logical person confronts this maniac, but when these maniacs are able to preach their nonsense to gullible people with poor logical capacity, then the “movement” slowly begins to build up steam with more and more people believing in these delusional concepts of “self-worth” that are justifiable by nothing, save for the baseless pride, arrogance, and indignance of the those at the head of this “Cult of Worthiness”.

Worth is a statistical measurement. Worth can easily be measured and justified, and this is called profitability. “Self-worth” on the other hand is looking at things that are unprofitable and then attempting to justify them with fallacious intangibility. When people can pay taxes, fund wars, pay wages, and purchase things with the “Value of Human Life”, that is when I will argue that has a value above $0. This unless slavery becomes the popular vote again, then I will certainly offer to test the physical and mental capabilities of slaves in order to run the statistical results through a standardized quantification system to give the inquirer an approximate cash value of the slave at hand. Slavery could easily be the only thing that could ever justify a notion of anything called the “Value of Human Life”.

(Here i come to face with my own ignorance. The word equivocal itself will have equivocal use by my hand, as I use this word to mean “roughly equal”, “something that provides a very similar effect”, “very similar” or “near synonym”, and it is used as both an adjective and a noun. The same with equivocation, would be “the process by which equivocality results via calculations or approximations.” and equivocality “the quality of being equivocal”; of course using my own definitions. I did end up looking this up, when I was told by the machine that the word “equivocals” was not a word.)

The cost of human life on the other hand can easily be measured as well, in terms of net tax expenditures on the person, as well as the private equivocals of tax expenditures such as net yield to the companies that offer their insurance. This would also take into account their worth in terms of what percentage of their employer’s profits can be attributed to them, which in turn would increase their effective tax money input. Other factors include the successfulness of their offspring and the rate at which the human spawns brood, as well as the probability of parenting offspring that performs in certain ranges of quality. I have undoubtedly forgot some factors that influence this cost, and by no means am I saying that all cost will be costly, as it is possible that one costs negative money to sustain, and actually turns a profit via it’s contributions to the territory that it occupies.

These factors are truly the impactful parts of the social systems in existence at this time. Intangible things such as opinions, sentiments, feelings, and alleged morality are not things that accomplish anything other than niceties and certainly do not feed any who are hungry, house any who are cold, or clothe any who’s rags are scant. These sentiments are what cause commotion and uproar where there could be instead quiet productivity.

I say that literacy is immoral on account of the fact that more people are willing to trust the Somalian Prince that offers them millions of dollars in exchange for their banking info, rather than willing to analyze the situations at hand utilizing the data available and attempt to formulate adequate descriptions of the scenarios that cause society to falter. People are gullible, foolish, and do little but dream of taking that ell; rather than coddle these notions, resolve this issue, by taking the inch from the people, which then takes from them the dream of the ell, and subsequently suggest that they return to their duties so that society may function properly again.

Friday, December 18, 2015

I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the Socialist Traitors of America, and to the Anocracy for which it falters, one Nation under the deficit, unsustainable, with futility and injustice for all.

Since when was the argument “Look at how successful socialism was in the USSR. We should be socialists over here in America so our economy, infrastructure, and nation can collapse, just like theirs did.” become a viable platform for presidential candidacy?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gimme the Loot

In the grand scheme of things, who is really hurting the country more and causing more of the tax budget to be spent in an attempt to correct their actions that stifle the economy, hinder public services, and defeat capitalism?

The social liberals, whom i allege are terrorists, that drink more and more tax money every year in their quest for immortality. The social liberals burning tax money in an attempt to fuel their quest to attain an inapplicable skill set with little applicability throughout the world. The social liberals who’s healthcare costs more than it would to repair the hospital after a suicide bombing, as they may take a penny for this health care, but by no means will they ever leave a penny, perhaps  a nanogram of copper is returned, but by no means is this a penny. The social liberals who litter the streets protesting petty triflings, preventing economic affairs and public servants from performing their duties. The social liberals giving the abilities to make impactful gubernatorial decisions to indignant, ignorant, incredulous, short sighted, and delusional people who are nothing more than wage slaves, the modern day share croppers, allowing them to purport their fallacious ideas of reasonability and success through the clamoring of the mob of fools, antagonizing and verbally assailing any who do not give into their mob mentality. The social liberals who would argue “letting the flies eat the meat is the right thing to do, rather than the people, because the flies are greater in number than the people, and that makes them the political majority” .The social liberals who purport that hurting the feelings of an aspiring immigrant hurts more than being shot to death in a mass killing. The social liberals that feel that AIDS, drug addiction, self-induced illnesses, hereditable unhealthiness, communicable diseases, and other reproachable things should be integrated into the minds, bodies, and daily lives of the common people. The social liberals who attempt to rob common Americans of their own rights that are promised in the Bill of Rights, in an attempt to exacerbate the prominence of their masochistic cult of tolerance. Social Liberals that metaphorically attempt to put Steel I-beams on the back of a horse and expect it to carry them to the top of a mountain, justifying this by arguing that people would be upset if the horse does not accomplish these things, and thus it needs to be done.

Is it really these people, the social liberals, that are causing these problems? Or is it the social conservatives, like myself, that others allege are terrorists. Social conservatives that do nothing but offer to bite the shekel, and tell you the truth. Social Conservatives that do nothing but disagree with the mentalities expressed by the social liberals and attempt to offer alternatives in a calm, understandable manner. I am even so kind as to offer alternatives in a strict, cruel, and unrelenting tone of disbelief that rebukes the fallacies of those who defend an unsustainable problem exacerbating socioeconomic systems of this once great nation that are the proponents of this cult of masochistic tolerance that is the social liberal movement and their dream of a collapsed welfare state littered with it’s degeneracy as if it were nuclear fallout from an atomic bomb. Social conservatives that would approach something from a feasible angle, being open to any sort of criticism of any failures and shortcomings by choosing to defend things only via the standard of sustainable success known as the scientific method, rather than the bold shortsighted and baseless defense of opinions, feelings, and desires.

Who is truly breaking the back of the country and slowly water boarding Lady Liberty until she drowns? I ask, for i may not know the answer, but i can tell that Lady Liberty is fatigued and losing the will to live. I can tell you that the death of Lady Liberty is drawing closer as we speak. I cannot quite say why, but the torturers are playing “Gimme the Loot” by Biggie Smalls, being sure to yell the lyrics while subjecting her to more water boarding.

Friday, December 4, 2015

To Get the "Dick Cheny Treatment"

When the president gets the “Dick Cheney Treatment” of, “Wow, it would be helpful if these sorts of unprecedented tragedies would randomly occur just so I can have some sort of basis to preach my unpopular political agenda.” it gets more and more suspicious every time…

Monday, November 23, 2015

Alas, Ye Wayward Squanderer

I am upset when i see a man beating a child to death with a baseball bat. I am upset that people say “He is not a bad person, he can’t control what he does and this absolves him of any guilt.”. I am upset when people say “Don’t call him a child murderer, this would offend him, be tolerant and call him a rough rider.” I am upset when people say “He worked hard to take that baseball bat from the gym program at a public school when he volunteered to help them for a few weeks, it is perfectly right that he is enjoying it as he pleases.”

I am not upset because the man is immoral, bad, or doing anything wrong. I am upset because the man stares me in the eyes and tells me “I found this scratch-off lottery ticket in good condition, and it has yet to be scratched off.” Still staring at me he tells me “Rather than scratch-off the ticket, I am going to light this lotto ticket on fire.”

I am upset because the man is indifferent to even scratching off this lotto ticket to see if perchance he may have won, even if it were just the money invested in the ticket being returned. I tell the man “I have no objection to the burning of scratch off lotto tickets, but to burn it before you scratch if off is unforgivable. Take every lotto ticket that loses and burn it, justly, as an effigy of it’s own failure; but be courteous enough to give the man some time to scratch off his god damn lotto ticket. to burn a winning ticket is burning an effigy of success, and to damn success is to damn one’s own infant soul upon birth, to cast whatever damnation a mortal man can usher unto the entirety of the earth. It is to cast this damnation unto all successors of progeny and progeny of said successors throughout the universe. This is the misery of burning an effigy of success.”

“Be wary; for Schrodinger will not save you here, as your effigy is undoubtedly an effigy of the possibility of success, regardless of the unknown status of success or failure, to damn the possibility is to damn opportunity, chance, and the success and winnings that are synonymous with these things. Damn the loss, damn every loss my boy, but be wary in casting damnation upon opportunity, for what one does unto others is done unto oneself, and there will undoubtedly come a time in the tale of the torment of your soul that you, my boy, are burned as an effigy of success, and such damnation is but more oil on the slippery slope of indefinite failure. This is the same oil your effigy casts unto your fate, ye wayward squanderer. ”

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Equation Y=X is Omniscient.

The Equation Y=X is Omniscient.

On the graph of Y=X there are multiple points that are a number that has the entire past and future of the universe and existence accurately defined down to the most minuscule detail with 100% correctness.

 These points are encoded much like computer code. Reason would state that there are 9 points like this on the graph in base ten, as there would be many compatible languages, from binary to octal, decimal, and beyond. However, one could argue that there are an infinite number of these points, because the graph could be displayed in any base, e.g. base 60 instead of base 10.

These numbers may be too large to ever be quantified, however, since all things in a finite system are finite in their own right, these numbers are finite natural numbers, just like one, two, and three, yet they are omniscient numbers that know all facts of past, present, and future with complete certainty. This knowledge is encoded into their very existence as otherwise unremarkable numbers that simply lie on the graph of  Y=X as it hurdles endlessly towards infinity.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Wrath of the White Wraith

Been up to extraordinarily little. I wrote this rap a while ago with the intention of actually rapping it with all of my credibility, but alas, I honestly have no intention of doing so, it is quite the ordeal to organize the whole charade and I feel a tad too silly even thinking about doing it. I did try to keep it in the timber of traditional hardcore gangster rap this time, with a tasteful motif of superfluous violence.

The Wrath of the White Wraith (working title)

(excess punctuation is due to rhythm)
Im the law in when the world is lawless
Im not hippocratic; fuck due process
flawless marksman call me Adonis
i kill savages like this is Pocahontas

I don’t care,, where your headed
if your indebted; you get tested
i bust caps and you get leaded
your armor; it gets shredded
your mistakes,, are regretted
your lame crew, it gets vetted
incompetence gets bloodletted
this high cap it gets sweated
this dry fire,, it just abetted
your punk ass getting bayonetted
of course i stay fried and stay breaded
why i smile while you get beheaded

Fuck your bands, Fuck the 100 grand,
i’ll kill any man, murder on demand
offhand, unplanned, just a trivial errand
from four-hundred meters with my Garand

Cutthroat only after the profits of louses
I hunt the competition like they grouses
I fuck mothers, and lascivious spouses
I run a premier franchise of crack houses

 My squad ride or die like it’s the siege in Waco, Texas
Attempting to fuck with us is asking for pain in excess
Heinous and Dangerous like I’m Dennis the Menace
Called an extremist because I wield Dual Beretta’s
Instinct to use the Mozambique Drill, high on wetness
Don’t sweat the double team cause I’m ambidextrous
i’ll leave a whole city breathless, fluent in Death’s lexis
Maim you, give you (mersa) and let you die from the sepsis

No questions asked, I’m the at the death threat level of Boba Fett
i’m not after the corvette, i just live to antithesize those who beget
Never once said “April sixth, nineteen ninety-four; never forget”
As you listlessly kick it and get your dick wet on your private jet
Yet you only have mere moments before you join the null set
rogue squadron makes your gunmen look like conscripted cadets
You line up with the runway, damned to die from the vendette
I patiently smoke a cigarette, holding position behind the barbette

armed to a T, got a few RPGs, just to teach a lesson in humility
gentility intrinsically induced by the infallibility of my incivility
capriciously through equanimity displaying affinity for duplicity
impishly exploiting the synchronicity of cupidity and mortality
I pity the fools who cynically mimic the ubiquity of divinity
doubting the ability of any deity to act maliciously derisively
 to whimsically torment souls for eternity as an act of charity
forcing them to feel lividity towards the validity of their stupidity

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Extra-Nutritious Rice and Bean Burrito Filling (home recipe)

Extra-Nutritious Rice and Bean Burrito Filling (home recipe)  

-Ingredients- (walmart got me this stuff on the cheap, some of it was even organic cause I’m a high roller that pays 20 cent premiums. I had the spices laying around. I just made this up today. Without hot sauce it is a bit odd, but it wasn’t unpleasant in my opinion)  
1 Can Chickpeas  
1 Can Black Beans  
1 Can Pinto Beans  
1 Can Pumpkin (not pie filling)  
6oz can of tomato paste  
1 cup flaxseed meal (i mixed this in at the end, after the vegetables were added to the bean mix)  
2 tbsp butter  
Drain beans in a colander beforehand. (I washed them as well)  
Put in one tbsp of butter and then Pour in the 3 cans of bean  into a fairly pot, mash them like potatoes to make a paste (so the flax meal will blend properly)  
then put in the pumpkin and tomato paste, flax meal, the 2nd 1tbsp of butter, garlic, and spices, (i used a bit more than 2 tbsp of butter doing this, the paste is very dry at the start and the butter consoles my fear of sticking)  
cook on medium heat (3 or so is what i did), it should start to steam. This will hopefully release much of that spice flavor.  
2 onions  
2 jalepeno  
chop onion into rings, then into strips, chop jalepenos short ways into small circles.  
Fry them up in a pan, and once translucent add into the bean mix while it cooks.  
-Spice Blend-(Classic Mexican Mix)  
Mix spices together on the outside (in a coffee filter) and then stir in slowly.  
2 tbsp paprika  
2 tbsp cumin  
2tbsp chili powder  
1 tbsp garlic powder  
2 tsp cayenne  
(I would put some Ms. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa into the bean mix, but i like (very) spicy things. I just didn’t have any and forgot it at the store. There is a mild flavorful spice note, but nothing that is in your face with spiciness.)  
Lentils and Brown Rice   (I used 12 cup pot for this)  
2 cup lentil and 2 cup brown rice  
add 8 cup of water  
add some salt (I used 1.5 tbsp)  
4 tbsp olive oil  
bring to boil and then reduce heat to a simmer for 30-40 minutes (i used 2.8 heat, and brought it down to 1.8 when the water was below the top), (i didn’t have to add any water; but one can add water if it gets below the top before lentils and rice are both good texture. (Stir constantly or else rice stuck to bottom)  
Reheating? (how i do it) - Put a dab of butter, rice mix and bean mix in pan and heat up on medium heat (~ 4) when you are looking for a burrito. Serve in a tortilla (easy to warm on the same pan).   

(Why? I made this up to try to think of  healthy / nutritious / filling meal that is easy to make a lot of and reheat (I don’t like to cook all the time). The pumpkin because it is supposedly nutritious, and the flax meal to thicken the mixture (These can be left out if you don’t like them. The pumpkin did add a noticeable flavor, but the ground flaxseed did not. But I am a smoker so my taste isn’t amazing). The lentils were to add nutrition to the brown rice, because they cook in similar ways. I don’t do much exercise, but the bean/rice is protein, the lentils are protein, and there is a bunch of other nutrients in there.)  


I actually made this. It took me about 1hour 30 minutes w/o cleaning up. It came out surprisingly well, the mix of rice and lentils is pretty good by itself. The bean mix tastes like pumpkin a good bit, even with the spice mix, but i didn’t have any hot sauce like some Ms. Renfro’s to put on it, so i was taking the flavor full on. I ate it in a soft taco tortilla, with some sour cream and shredded cheddar. I put in two (big) tbsp of bean mix with two (big) tbsp of rice mix, and this was falling out of the tortilla, but it wasn’t hard to take a spoon and eat what fell on the plate. 

Both the bean mix and the rice mix were very thick substances with a consistency similar to peanut butter. ( I don’t like soupy things, i like this texture) 

The rice mix took up nearly 100% of a 6x8x2 pan (w/ lid for storage); the bean mix took up nearly 100% of a  6x6x1 storage pan. This ratio would suggest that the proper serving sizes are two parts/tbsp of rice mix and one part/tbsp of bean mix. If the nutrition is real, then this should apparently be a healthy food, but it is very thick.    (This is a lot of food, if you do not have people you live with who might also eat this, or you don’t like mexican food or the slight taste of pumpkin or something, i would not suggest it. It is likely very very many small burritos, and they are quite filling.)  
Maybe adding in some seasoning (as if it were a pumpkin pie) would help mask the taste of the pumpkin that comes through. This would be ( a la Libby’s)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Solutions to the Migrant Crisis in Europe

Solutions to the Migrant Crisis in Europe  

Solution #1 ~ All refugees are given protection under the condition that all adults receive military training and then go to fight whatever problem they were fleeing that was causing them to become refugees in the first place. All Children are bound by this same conviction, and have mandated military service upon becoming eligible. Those that are ineligible for active duty will provide some service for their troops, even if it is simply hospitality. All migrants are expected to return to their home country after the issue that was causing their evacuation as refugees is resolved. Even if this was simply poor infrastructure or economic development, they can receive training as engineers, public servants, or merchants. 

Solution #2 ~ All refugees are given protection under the condition that all adults take up arms to fight in another crusade. This crusade will mercilessly conquer the Near East, and undoubtedly resolve the diplomatic issues that the people were fleeing in the first place. The countries will be re-established upon being conquered as members of a Near Eastern Union with strict protocols to ensure that the issues that caused them to flee as refugees do not recur. Again, all children have service mandated upon reaching a suitable age. Those fleeing Africa will be given citizenship in the Near Eastern Union for their service.  

Solution #3~ Refugees are given one or multiple “Embassy City” where the EU will protect them but not take them under the wing of the majority of their public welfare systems. This City will govern itself as a City-State and it’s residents will be it’s citizens as it is very much like a country. This is an autonomous Country, but it is still under the authority of the EU, and effectively property of the Host Country and European Union. The Embassy City can govern itself after this point.  

 The Embassy City citizens are allowed to enter the EU for travel and business, but cannot become residents or citizens of any country within the EU without proper paperwork and successfully completing the regular paperwork one must to gain the right to reside in a country legally. Any Refugees within the EU are also required to move to an Embassy City under the same regulations. The host country can decide what support it can offer the Embassy City in terms of things such as social services and commercial support, before the City becomes successful enough to collect taxes and sustain itself.  

The locations of these cities would be carefully selected, and debatably should be located on the borders of the countries, where countries with adjacent borders should locate their Embassy Cities within close proximity to each other, to allow for more uniform consolidation, and provide a larger workforce for these Embassy Cities. (E.g. the corner of Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic).  

The Embassy Cities would be taxed slightly by their host country in order to pay for services such as military protection and the right to occupy the land. The host countries would build public style housing and the initial infrastructure in order to train the migrants well enough to fulfill the roles necessary for the upkeep and economic success of a community such as an Embassy City. The host countries could respectably seek contributions from Allies in order to fund these projects, as solving the migrant crisis is clearly in everyone’s best interest.  

 [ This solution may be the most practical, while the combination of this solution and the first solution may be the one that offers the most resolution to the issues at hand]  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Defense of Misanthropy as a Reasonable Philosophy

The Defense of Misanthropy as a Reasonable Philosophy

I am a fairly cynical person, but as much as i do enjoy being a human, largely in a sardonically sadistic sort of way, I cannot find myself in any scenario where I would defend their existence. Common sense would tell me anyone with a moral conscience would loathe these creatures infallibly, thankfully i lack that sort of conscience when it comes to interpersonal affairs.

To justify something it must be worthwhile. Most if not all other forms of life have some sort of respectable role they play within their biome. Besides some petty triumphs that amount to little more than vanity or testaments to hedonism; humanity has done nothing but prove that they are quite detrimental to the planet and all forms of life that occupy it (with perhaps seldom exceptions for scavengers such as seagulls, raccoons, crows, and the like; which I am quite fond of, and love like a brother)

1. Humans seem to do more harm than good 95% of the time, if not 100% of the time; simply arguing that being the most benevolent person in the world is doing little more than coddling the blight upon the planet that is the existence of the genus homo.

2. Humans are the only beings on earth burdened by morality solely because they have the contemplate the rewards for acting upon their ability to be immoral, as opposed to other forms of life which simply live natural lives, where morality is never questioned.

3. In effect, Humans are a genus of predatory planetary vampiric parasites that sadly kill their host like any other virus, yet lack the ability to spread to a new host. This makes them a failure in the virus community, and far inferior to any other virus. (In the game of Pandemic across the universe; Unidemic so to speak, you have infected one host (planet), and it is likely that this is where the game ends. Just one, the smallest percentage possible.)

While viruses are respectable because they manage to survive and continuously exist in the wilds, which is a true triumph, a virus that lacks the ability to continuously infect hosts is an utter failure. Compared to the millions of generations that a virus or parasite has continued to thrive; in this parallel, humanity will likely not enter the double digits of infected hosts in the most ideal scenario, and many have argued it is likely that humanity will infect no more than one host.

4. Humans make poor decisions quite frequently. This is glaringly obvious, even right here and right now with me making this list. I am not all to interested in the topic, I am largely indifferent to humans and their existence as my life will easily be but that of an ephemeral mayfly amongst the lifespan of the civilized species, this indifference is easily the testament to my unimpactfulness and triviality, along with all things I may produce, as they inherit these traits.

5. The track record of humanity shows an affinity for pursuing endeavors with reckless abandon; putting more faith in delusion and greed rather than foresight, logic, and reason. This often causes issues those who sympathize with humans may find problematic.

6. Delusion is rife throughout the creatures, and they make masochistic decisions that are detrimental for their society based upon the way their emotions will contort reality.

 Things such as Sparing the lives of criminals, sparing the lives of disabled, failure to segregate, exile, or kill those with communicable diseases, tolerating failure, giving liberty when it is dangerous, giving liberty when it does not produce ideal results, coddling sensitivity, creating and defending artificial pertinence of triviality, defending delusional or baseless statements, putting pertinence of opinions and preferences before the pertinence of reality and actuality; as well many other things that do not provide benefit but are done solely to appease those with their conscience hanging heavily on their hearts.

Every time one supports. defends, accepts, or tolerates a delusional statement, it gains steam so to speak, and this fuels the instillation of similar delusions into the minds of those lacking quality reasoning capacity.

7.  The consistent failure to heed warnings; the consistent failure to learn from the past; the failure to use appropriate reasoning over another less ideal or impractical form.

8. The ability to justify the creation and reiteration of baseless opinions, fallacies, ramblings, babbling, and rants regardless of constant criticism and rebuke by their peers and fellow man. This man writing this list for example is somebody who is fond of the rant and banter. The writings of this man, regardless of quality, are more often than not little more than trivial pieces of electronic litter. Pamphlets that are metaphorically handed out, seldom looked at, and readily tossed out casually. This man is no better than a communist waving his pamphlet and telling you how it could change your life, yet sadly, he is one of the multitudes of plethoras of people who all feel the desire to write pamphlets and attempt to hand them to people in the same manner.

9. Somehow people are able to ignore the glaring faults and unjustifiability of the existence of their own species, regardless of the fact that most people are forced to acknowledge (the irreputable  machinations and blight unleashed by this wretched menace to the planet and each other’s hedonism that is the human race. These exposures of course given many incessantly redundant opportunities to be absorbed for their full factuality as ironically enough humans are quite fond of the media, news, socialization, and books.

All in all, these are just a few delicious grapes off of the vine of misanthropy. When i was young i used to dislike myself, but when i realized that i disliked every other human as well, this was eventually “divided out of the equation” so to speak, and it has left me with a beautiful indifference, while allowing me to retain and enjoy the subtle facets of my bedazzlement, which are no doubt fairly unlikable, as I am a stern, cruel, and honest man.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sweedish Imperialism in the 21st century

Sweden is often criticized for their foreign policy, little do people know that there is a method to the apparent madness that is the Swedish immigration policy.

Swedish Imperialism in the 21st century

1. Sweden grants citizenship to all people on earth.
2.  There is a massive influx of people from poor countries into Sweeden.
3. These people become educated and then make some money which translates into a large amount where they are from.
4. They set up entrepreneurial ventures in their home country which are backed by Sweedish socialism.
5. At this point Sweden is 99% immigrants and the tax burden is no longer on the backs of the Swedes, but on the backs of the immigrants.
6. Sweden is now known as Immigrantopia, and Stockholm is Immigrantropolis, and the population density is higher than that of the urban areas in eastern China.
7. The Swedes have instilled their mantras into the immigrants, who then instill them into their employees and those that look up to their wealth and success in their native countries.
8. With these mantras the poor countries now have high tax rates and a global agenda based around cooperation and teamwork.
9. The Swedes have major investments and holdings in all of these immigrants companies, and as the 2nd and 3rd worlds develop, the Swedes become the new illuminati because they have so much influence within these markets because they were the founding members.
10.  The 2nd and 3rd world countries become highly successful due to high tax rates fueling the construction of useful infrastructure via socialist policies.
11. With these countries now able to compete in the global economy, their successes also aid their longtime ally and principal investor, Sweden.
12. With each of these countries now competitive on a 1st world country. The Swedes’ holdings in the markets of each of these countries yields massive amounts of dividends. Each one of these markets yields like a new Wall Street, and all 200 of these markets are dominated by Swedish investors who got in early thanks to their socialism allowing them to spend tax money to invest in these extra-national ventures.
13. The Swedes are now allied with everyone and revered as if they were Prometheus for bringing the fire that is economic profluence to each of these countries, while the countries that didn’t are seen as evil and corrupt for being so greedy.
14. The Swedes are an insurmountable global power with the allegiance of all of these one undeveloped countries that have been raised from the dirt, each of them now a technologically developed and very capable military power.
15. These countries now form a Global Union that is guided by the Swedes and the dark horse that is the Sweedish Empire has won the game of Imperialism. The Swedes dominate the world until the end of it’s existence, relying on the golden rule; and people are always nice to the Swedes because the Swedes were nice to them.

Ride on the Peace Train

Government House of Food (Feeding the Poor and Helping out with Their Bills)

Government House of Food - The fact that prisoners get 3 free meals a day but the common man does not is a shame. The government should provide each person with the option to get three meals a day for free, just like a prisoner.

This would work much like a fast food joint, but instead of money, one has an electronic card that would mark each time one has eaten a meal for the day.

The problem with fast food is that it is designed to be tempting and delicious rather than nutritious, and the copious amounts of meat and grain that is common in fast food joints is notorious for making people fat, and meat is quite expensive and cost ineffective to produce.

The solution is to replace these menus with menus designed to be cost effective and provide filling meals rich with nutrition. These would be composed of the healthy crops that could be acquired cost effectively.

Things like beans, soy, lentils*, fruits and vegetables that are in season, beets*, root vegetables*, squash, leafy greens, healthy seeds like hemp and flax, and anything else that can provide nutrition at a cost effective rate.

These do not have to be fresh or organic, they simply should be able to provide nutrition. Canned foods have been a staple for centuries. The foods do not even have to be recognizable, they only have to be palatable. I personally would rather eat a tortilla filled with an ambiguous substance that tastes delicious than a plate of food that i can recognize but tastes terrible.

This can be accomplished by combining the ingredients and forming a texture similar to refried beans, and then adding spices when attempting to emulate a certain flavor such as mexican food.

Spices should be cost effective enough to produce delicious meals, while i cannot envision a time when animal products would ever become cost effective, as one can easily compliment the flavors of the ingredients to create a tasty ensemble.

Coffee, tea, and water could be served as beverages as well as the possibility of juice, however, juice is quite saturated with sugars, where one can easily avoid the sugar intake when imbibing the other beverages mentioned. These beverages would be a much healthier option when compared to the common soda-pop or other sugary drink.

The burrito style meal filled with a vegetable mash would likely be very efficient at delivering balanced nutrition. There are also other possibilities such as a fruit smoothie and even a tofu like product that has been infused with many more healthy vegetables rather than just soy, and this super-tofu could allow the emulation of other common forms of meals such as meat patties and chicken in many forms. These could even be flavored simply to tempt people who may otherwise be craving something like traditional fast food into consuming a much healthier meal.

An advantage of this style of restaurant is that it is actually trying to help its clientele rather than simply profit from them. The restaurant could share its recipes and teach people about nutrition rather than simply try to tempt them into buying their products with a slogan, jingle or a celebrity eating a hamburger.

This sort of restaurant would be helpful to many Americans who have trouble making ends meet or are feeling the pressure of a tight budget. By giving people the option to reduce their monthly expenditure on food, they will be able to hold on to more of their money. This money can be put back into the economy in many ways, and even pay for things like school or facilitate the dreams and ideas of the citizen.

The state of farming at the moment requires strict control over the amount of crops produced by the farmers of the country in order to ensure that they will be able to make any money on their crop yield. This sort of system would allow farmers to utilize their land more effectively and also steer people away from more environmentally detrimental forms of farming such as raising livestock, as the government could easily begin to pay people bonuses or tax incentives to grow healthy food as well as receive great deals on the crops by consistently buying them in bulk.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Basual Bommunibations Amongst the Bongregation

Basual Bommunibations Amongst the Bongregation

Basually brafting a bolloquial babophony of bredibility
basting out the bowards ballow bredence of incivility
bordially bollecting brooks like bapelin just to blasp boinage
butting backlers into badavers and beding them to the boroner
bulling bephalic bonundrums as i bodify my bongregation
of bonvicts bultured by the bensurer’s bonjured bastigation
I’m basually a batalyst to besspits of borpses like an actinide
bonducing bobalt blothes to bhange bhromatibally via homicide
now boldly boquet and bonvey the bolor  of bhromium bhloride
brepuscular  butthroat bounting basualties for balumny bity-wide

If you speak english instead of gangbanger, i suppose you have the ability to bhange most of the B’s to the 3rd letter of the Alphabet, but some of use ban’t quite think of that letter for some reason.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sexto News and Maybe some updates

I got distracted and then I got a job... I have not been working on Sexto at all really, Revision 7 stalled out;

Now school has started back up and I have even less time on my hands. I might be able to convince myself to devote more time to it, but that is completely up in the air because I am distractable and busy nowadays.

I threw up some little update in a brief parlay of time just because i felt bad about doing nothing for the game recently.

If i do end up making any non-major movement within the game I should post it here.


Sexto Back to Work

Wall /  Tree Combo  - Ability augment- One can cast an ability through a target up to the max range of the ability. If the ability hits a wall, one can use the 50% of the effective resource weight of the building to augment the ability. A building can only be used as part of a combo once per turn. The augmented resources can be added to the original spell or utilized to cast another spell. A building will not benefit from any items it has in it’s vault, but it will benefit from buffs. A tree can also be used and it’s buffs are included in its weight for augmenting. One can use 200% of a tree’s effective resource weight, compared to 50% of a building’s.

Culmination - Ability augment- An ability can be cast as an immobile unit in play. This ability will gain up to 300% bonus composition over 3 rounds, gaining 100% bonus composition at the start of the following 3 rounds for a maximum of 400% composition. These burn-ins (a spell cast on a location) can only be triggered if a unit walks directly on top of it. When it is stepped on, then the spell will cast. The burn-in can have camouflage cast on it as if it were a unit with it’s original resource weight, regardless of any strength it has gained.

Defensive Trigger- Ability augment -A spell can be assigned a defensive trigger (I.e. drop below 50% health. The spell will use the unit’s AP/MP of the next turn so long as it is available. The spell is cast following the trigger, and works much like retaliating as it does not require it to actively be the unit’s turn. These spells can only target one’s self.

Random Target Discount - Ability augment - A spell can be cast on any random enemy within range at a cost of 1/X % cost of it’s actual AP/MP cost, where X is the number of enemy targets within range of the spell.

True Random Target Discount - Ability augment - The spell can also be cast at 1 / Y % cost where Y is the number of total units within range of the ability including the caster, but now it will target any unit without disgression, at least 50% of the units in range of the spell cast must be enemy or neutral creatures.

Complimentary Buff Bonus - inherent-  When casting a buff, it will receive X% of the caster’s effective stat where X is the effective base number of resources composing the caster (base and soulblood). [ E.g. Caster with 10 resources and 40 int casts 20 int buff on ally; buff now gives 22 int instead of the cast 20]

Penetration - Ability -This is a buff. For every 3X resources (here, each resource is defined down to all types of stats as if it were a unit) composing this buff, the assaults performed by the buffed target will ignore 2X resources composing the target(specifically ignoring the stats composing the buff) for all combat calculations involving the assault. If the stat of the target is effectively calculated as 0, it will not be reduced any further.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Degeneracy of Central NC

Degeneracy of Central NC

Repping the home of the burlington coat factory
Home of some homies who pay for pussy
Hometown of homegrown ho’s who love me
every pimp in town knows I get my pussy for free

Blood brothers who fuck mothers in mean nasty Mebane
home to the classically deadly, kill you painfully like henbane
home to the apropos, the prolix, and the profusely profane
blood runs deep, but here my blood runs rife with cocaine

Take a trip down the road to the illest chillest hillsboro
if you need a fix a i know every money maker in deals-boro
you hear of the city of medicine, well i welcome you to pills-boro
kill a man with my six gun while I’m smoking on a marlboro

Well dressed, well off, and well read brothers in the Chapel Thrills
where some men count bills and other men just count kills
where the streets are littered with hard drugs and ho’s in high heels
where any brother can pick up a degree in universal OG ideals

Yearn for the days of smoking schurm in good old Durham
where the devil teach you for the right price, if you fitting to learn
see nothing but fiends for miles, if you got some money to earn
smoke Lucky Strike, and blast the armalite, ima die in Death’s Harem

Gang bangers have no qualms with capping that ass out in Cary
Fuck your sister while your mother reads your untimely obituary
If you want to live, save face, and say grace, and stay wary
to keep living your betting on one of the two sacred Hail Marys

Squad in Apex, earn the title like the pinnacle carnivorous killing machines
the feral predators killing just to stay living, even kids ruthless like a wolverine
remorseless entrepreneurial vice routinely filters out competition like baleen
formless liquid death like benzene, shots fired through the smoke screen
wits and blades keen with the hands clean like the run the Mujahedeen
Making profits on the water all day like they are some merchant marines

Welcome to Raleigh, plenty of people around here seem to love a girl name Mali
Players have no problem highjacking you and your crew like they are pure somali
Big time players collecting capital in the capitol pulling strings like the symphony
Where the punishment is capitol and men find no simile to making money
Where the noble still know true chivalry and the crime is organized like Sicily
Where civility gives a damned man a final soliloquy before inducing untimely debility

Don’t get lost in wake forest, where the even nymphs and ents worship Horus
its here where schoolgirls summon demons and the deacon sings the chorus
prolix linguists seduce the supple fruits of the forest with the lexicon of a thesaurus
then the footloose induce profuse pleasure as they procreate and titilate the clitoris

You can taste all these things for free
when you pay a visit to Central NC
where there is no empathy, only enmity
where criminal convictions are a nonentity
people have an affinity for zealotry and villainy
the american dream still includes manifest destiny
where profitability is the antithesis longevity
because greed in the piedmont lowers life expectancy

Urban Names

Urban Names:  Amoshawn ; Da’Ray-Jayshawndrius; Ra’Joshuándre; Brhiannaquisha; Jah’Johnshawn; De’Kamden; Jannetisha ; Rufushawn; Clarenshawn; Da’Mercedeshawndra ;  Bethanisha; Fawndrea ; Kenyandrea or Kenyandre ; Maliam; Somaliandre; Congomar; Bostwanandre Madagascarmen; Ugandre; Cameroon ; Rwandre; Ghanandre; Senegalvin; Mozambiquisha; Swazilandre; Burundeon ; Sudanna ; Tunesierra ; Gambiandre ; Eritreandre;

For white people; Finlandre ; Russiandre ; Canadandre ; Denmarkus; Montenegrommit ; Belgiomar Luxembourgeoiseshawn

Arabic ; Afghanistanley ; Iraquisha; Israul ; Lebanondre ;

Japan ; Japandre;

Asia; Nepallen; Bhutandre ; Mongoliam; Taiwandre ; Koreandre ; Da’Philippineshawn; Indonesiandre; Laoshawn; Vietnamber;

(Im not that creative; falling back to andre every time..

(I saw that Kenya was a name and got carried away..)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Concepts of Utilitarian Socialism

Concepts of Utilitarian Socialism

The scientific method is a better method of decision making than traditional politics. Relying on the opinions, thoughts, feelings, and sentiments of individuals does not provide effective results and has not been used to create effective methods of producing any sort of results for over 500 years.

The scientific method is what is entrusted to make political, fiscal, economic, and any other pertinent decisions, rather than a group of individuals that is entrusted to utilize their own reasoning, logic, and decision making that is much more susceptible to fault.

The scientific method guarantees results from a defined procedure. This leaves decision making down to analysis of data rather than speculation and opinion. This encourages transparency and even allocates true political power to any who can propose an experiment that could provide competitive or comparable results to any establishment or institution at an effective rate at a justifiable expense. This system would effectively prove itself as worthwhile rather than rely on the sentiments of the people, which must be debated and argued over within an ineffective and unproductive system of governance that is rife with stagnation such as filibustering.

The laws and order established in society are justified by the results they yield rather than the public opinion, and this leaves little to no room for individuals to contort facts and misconstrue reality through opinion, debate, banter, and even less respectable means of installation of governance such as lobbying from parties that are interested in their own affluence and dominion rather than the well-being and success of the nation itself.

Copious amounts of free will and liberty solely allows people to make poor decisions. While some free will has a negligible impact on society, many people lack the capacity to make effective and productive decisions, and this is why they lead less productive, worthwhile, impactful, justifiable, and meaningful lives.

Just because something is humane, does not mean that it is productive, responsible or reasonable. This can be applied to anything that is justified by opinions, feelings, or sentiments rather than being based around efficacious procedures that more readily and effectively produce results.

Humans are animals and the same principals that govern the successful management of people livestock also apply to the successful management of populations of people. To separate humans from domesticated animals is fallacious.

Culling of populations of animals has been commonplace for a very long time. Humans reproduce in the exact same way. This practice can provide even better results with advances in the field of genetics. Save lest the animal is a prize winning race horse, it is not assigned another animal to copulate with; it is simply organized into a population to limit it’s choices in mates in an effort to ensure the highest quality of offspring are produced.

There is always an applicable use for a person. A disabled person can be the subject of experiments that provide useful information and further scientific fields. Criminals are still capable of work, and this should still be expected of them regardless of being segregated from the common population.

Luxury and opulence may be enjoyable, but they are not pressing needs of a human. These can be allowed to some extent, but know that if luxurious concepts, extravagance, elegance, and ornate things were completely foreign to a person and in no way glorified, a person that was taught to value logic, reason, order, productiveness, efficaciousness, usefulness, and applicable concepts rather than symbols of affluence would give no value to these things. These things solely serve to exacerbate greed and desire for social status based on material possessions, rather than actually valuing a persons true impact and worth to society.

Profit has no worth when it is not utilized to continue and expand upon success or create more opportunity for success. Money that is collected as profit often stagnates and this is effectively limiting the fuel that drives an economy, nation, and population. This does not have to be scattered amongst the people as this is also equally ineffective and often provides even less yield than stagnant money, as giving this money away in an attempt to ease the stress of the life of the common man is often condoning failure and conditioning the acceptance of inadequacy.

Profit would be utilized to provide more opportunities for individuals and organizations to prove their own utility and worthwhileness. The generation of income is a circular cycle that is powered by the expenditure of money on productive ventures as much as it is sustained by the influx of money that ideally proves that such an investment of time, effort, and energy of a collection of people bears fruit and has a meaningful impact that is measured by the influx of money that accompanies a successful organization.

As the world functions now, being productive is a choice. People can freely choose to be unproductive and this is not ideal. Standards of quality are vigorously reinforced, and should a person be unproductive, they would not be given the choice to panhandle for money to buy alcohol, they would be assigned mandatory remediation for their inadequacy. Given a child or young adult is not progressing through education adequately, they are not given the choice to play video games, loiter, skateboard, or otherwise fill their time with less productive means than mandatory remediation.

The true dearth of access to enjoyable activities and free time that results from inadequacy is more than enough of an incentive to instill proper appreciation of being successful in ones studies and work. The knowledge of the repercussions for being obstinate to devotion to eduction and productiveness is a persuasive enough force that a reasonable person would see no reason to be recalcitrant to the expectations of society.

While there are different standards of performance that are expected from different people, as many have different aptitudes, but still there is an ideal level of performance that can be achieved from any type of individual capable of learning. Those that have no capability to learn enough to be productive are given alternate tasks that they can accomplish, even if this is simple manual labor or another task with little intellectual prerequisite. Accomplishing something productive will always lead to the allocation of time for more enjoyable activities and pursuits to condition the proper reasoning that drives productivity, progress, and accomplishment within a society. Even those with little if any capability can be utilized for scientific or social experiments in an attempt to attain some worthwhileness from their existence, rather than cast aside these people are worthless. Even being a subject for science would grant rewards that are enjoyed and appreciated by the subject and allow them to feel that their life and time is valuable in some way to the people that they interact with.

There are alternative methods of conditioning that can be utilized as a back-up in case the individual cannot be conduced into worthwhileness and productivity. These have been applied to slaves and spies in the past, but they are still applicable here. These would be one of the last methods that would be turned to, and of course the conditioning through reward would be utilized if the individual could be dissuaded from their recalcitrance when given the option to avoid such disagreeable methods that have been used in the past to induce productivity.

~~ The benefits of a culled society

While the appreciation and glorification of physical human beauty and physical attractiveness is justifiable in that it often represents physical health and is naturally appealing to individuals, it is also something that can condition poor self image in those who are not as endowed with it. Beauty however is a relative thing, and an appropriately culled population would have a different understanding. Each population would have limited if any interaction with other populations, so the standard of beauty would be established independently within each population, rather than having the entire population accept one standard of beauty.

In a population consisting of naturally, mathematically, scientifically veritably physically unattractive people, the most attractive member of this population would be seen as ideal, and perfectly beautiful in the eyes of the members of this group, regardless of having little ability to be found physically attractive by the common person. This would allow people with otherwise no natural capacity to feel any self-worth or self-confidence that stems from their physical appearance feel the dignity and value that those who are truly very attractive feel when they interact with the population. This would minimize the amount of negative feelings about physical appearances and instead allow people to truly appreciate some form of beauty, even if this concept is only enforced by separating these people into groups of comparable looks.

When a person is a “9/10” they look better than 9/10 of the population. While this is not a specific measurement that can be warped by opinions and culture, most if not all contributing elements can easily be validated by science and mathematics.

If a population consists of people that would otherwise be dismissed as “1/10” that would otherwise feel very unsatisfied with their physical appearance, then the true “1/10” is a “10/100” and as the “1/10” is the upper limit of this population within society, they are effectively a “ 10/10” within their group, and even someone that may be a “5/100” and look worse than 95% of the population could feel like an average person, effectively being treated like a “5/10” within their population. This would have a palpable impact on the self-confidence of individuals who would otherwise feel very reclusive or ostracized due to their appearance.

This can even be applied to people who have deformities, as if these people existed in a population where the only friends and mates that these people interact for the majority of the time with also have obvious deformities, it is much like the deformity has been divided out of the population and is no longer noticeable or impactful. This may be impossible due to other limitations of people who are deformed, often having accompanying impairments, but the limited interaction with people of normal appearance and capability would allow a common standard to be held amongst the population, being able to exclude these people from their own, albeit deformed, standards of beauty, rather than being held to the standards of beauty that are applied to normal people.

The grouping of people by similar skills and appearances also allows people to feel more comfortable with themselves, as they will not feel different or isolated from the majority of the population, as these people are now themselves the majority of the population with which they interact, and they are judged against very similar people rather than against the entire population, and this would minimize the glaring nature of faults and distinguishing characteristics that would otherwise separate these people into effective social castes that are established by the sentiments and opinions of the common public.

While truly capable and viable people would not be barred from interaction with one another when citing productive reasons, these people would still of course reside amongst their populations to retain the benefits gained from a culled population. Those with comparable ability to anyone else would be able to interact via telecommunications or in person, but be distinguished in their own right as not to be ostracized or feel judged by a society who’s glaring objections to or displeasure with their appearance or form cannot be escaped.

While some may see segregation by race as wrong, it is obvious that races still obviously segregate themselves by their own free will much of the time. Rather than being mandatory or forced, integration is a voluntary act. This as a culled society is already very segregated by many characteristics that are not based upon race, and allowing people to preserve their heritage, ethnicity, and culture is perfectly acceptable and harmless.

A culled society nearly instantly eliminates the spread of all sexually transmitted diseases, as people are of course culled by their infected status. A culled society strongly inhibits the exacerbation of hereditary illnesses, disabilities, and predispositions as these are also criteria for culling.

A culled society also eliminates hostility between rival, hostile, or uneasily non-aggressive groups as each population is free to govern themselves, much like a traditional city state, rather than have disputes between groups flare up and become problematic. Rather than having clear distinctions between social groups, when each is homogenous, there is no ability to antagonize another group because if something does go wrong, there are no parties to blame but one’s own select population; this eliminates the hostilities that stem from distinctions between groups as these no longer are visible or impactful, and this eliminates them as any suspect cause for wrongdoings.

Regardless of being disabled in someway, many people with disabilities and illnesses still are respectably productive. Even people with severe impairments have been able to accomplish impactful and worthwhile things. To eunuchate these people would be to abandon any faith in redeeming them in some way and allowing them to provide worth to society, so long as their populations can be supported. By allowing them to continue to exist and reproduce provides opportunities to advance science by giving more grounds and subjects to experiment with in an attempt to resolve issues and improve quality of life; these gains can be impactful across all of society and benefit everyone, and those who are not as efficient or productive as an acceptable person simply have more time to invest in being the subject of science rather than being concerned with other means of fruitfulness. Keeping these people alive means that one day there could be a true cure or resolution to their impairment and this would be as monumental as the cure for polio.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Treatise regarding Societal Selection as the replacement for Natural Selection

(Read comments first if a foreword to this treatise consisting of the old time religion would suit one's tastes)
Natural Selection has proven itself as the most grand and prolific force that shapes life and guides it to success under any circumstances. This concept has been proven sufficiently to the point where every human should know of the bounty it instills, and undoubtedly every human as well as every life form is indebted to this force, owing it’s own sustained ability to breath and stay alive to this force of natural selection.

The fact that natural selection can no longer operate in a civilized world should appall each human to the point where they could no longer condone existing in the world; the lack of natural selection now sends humanity on a course without it, this is like riding a bike for the first time without training wheels in the first time in the existence of any species on the planet. Without this force being replaced, then undoubtedly the human race will falter, it will fall, and it will be hurt. It may even die, for the saying undoubtedly holds true, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”.

To reinstate an equivocal force that would provide the same assurance of success that was provided by natural selection would be a momentous task; however, this is a task that must be done, and is imperative, given that the human race wishes to survive for any extended period of time. Natural selection must be emulated in order for humanity to survive into the next evolutionary time period, or else the human race will face nothing but devolution and degradation from the lack of a force ensuring the survival of the fittest members of the species, as well as the complementary force, the natural, healing, and sacred force that is the culling of the herd.

This culling is societal selection. Culling has been practiced very successfully amongst livestock for an extended period of time. It is common sense to see that both livestock and humans are both animals of the same clade, and thus culling would work equally well within a human society and provide the same clear and obvious advantages to the species that culling any other mammalian population provides.

Culling is a humane process, by default, as regardless of having undesired traits, these animals are not normally massacred outright. These animals are instead segregated to ensure that their unsavoriness and undesired traits, natural or nurtured, does not taint that of the viable or more so viable breeding stock of the mammalian population. To fail to accomplish this within the human population is irresponsible to the point of inanity, any common human could see the lack of such a process as fecklessness on the part of all humans. The repercussions of failing to do this are echoed time and time again in fables and sayings, common place things that are used to teach children common sense. Sayings such as “A stitch in time saves nine”. I tell you, the human race could quite easily lack sufficient thread for nine stitches to mend the human race, so be reasonable, and limit this deleterious fault within the genus that is currently being exacerbated by inaction.

Culling the human population may seem like the reinstation of segregation, however, it is the reinstation of segregation for a clear, proven, and helpful medical reason. Culling the human population serves as the force that will replace natural selection for the remainder of the existence of the human population, on Earth and even throughout the universe; save for any rare case where humans are reintroduced into the wild rather than existing in a society.

Humans are largely removed from nature, and this means that natural selection will no longer function, as humans are no longer a part of nature. Humans are no part of a society, and a global society at that, and it is due time to accept the culling of the human population as a necessity for the survival and success of the genus, regardless of any moral qualms, humanitarianism, outcry of civil liberties or freedoms, or any other objections to the functional, necessary, and humane practice of culling a mammalian population that is otherwise commonplace amongst all domesticated populations of animals. The culling of domesticated populations of animals is common place for all populations with the sole exception of the human population, which is ultimately an unforgivable act of disrespect to the humanity; as humans are essentially treating livestock far better than they treat themselves, which is masochism to say the least. Yes, homo of the domus, you are a domesticated animal.

Have some dignity, and apply the insight of the ranchers that have culled their herds for countless generations in order to ensure that their herd remains viable, functional, successful, desirable, and profitable. Although heritable traits may not seem contagious, even recessive traits, and simple predispositions to conditions that are not illnesses or disorders in themselves are truly contagious and incurable illnesses diseases, they are simply only spread through reproductive intercourse. These ailments and inevitable sufferings of humanity can be averted all together if the simple practice of culling the population is mandated on a universal level just as it is within all other populations of mammals.

The reality is, it is entirely inhumane to fail to cull the human population to the highest level of performance, aptitude, and optimization possible. This is allowing many types of problems to be rampantly unchecked and dangerously cancerous to the progress and success of society and the viability of the human species all together. The lack of a culled population means that even simply reproducing and creating offspring is effectively creating a workplace hazard for not only the participants, but every human on the planet, as more so undesirable individuals could be separated from the more so desirable individuals to ensure that faults, weaknesses, disadvantages, and undesirable traits are not reintroduced to an otherwise healthy population once they have been identified.

I am not saying that these people should be killed for their inferiority. I am saying that  allowing anything that is imperfect in any way, genotypical or phenotypically, is condoning failure, weakness, undesirability, unhealthiness, and devolution of the species. With the lack of natural selection, this means humans must fulfill this role with by their own manifest and continually ensure that this force of societal selection is enforced very strictly at all times, just as natural selection spared no pity and had no qualms with removing any individual from the pool of those endowed with the sacred gift of life should that individual prove that they are unworthy in any way.

Segregation by races was a function to keep a certain unsavoriness out of another population, even though this unsavoriness was simply the fact that the minority nationalities, ethnicities, races, populations and groups were uneducated and had strange, disagreeable, foreign, or wild customs, traditions, and mannerisms that were often passed down into their children. This force as largely instilled from a fear of others rather than a true necessity; however, culling a population is different than traditional segregation; herds of animals are not culled because one group of animals fears another group of animals, a herd of animals is culled in an effort to optimize the offspring produced and ensure the ideal beast is ushered into existence, rather than an undesired beast that has less desirable traits.

Culling of the human population can be understood, respected, and defended by seeing the successes the practice of culling has within other populations of domesticated animals. If this practice were wrong, inhumane, or otherwise unjustifiable; it would not be seen as a commonplace necessity within those that professionally manage populations of mammals. The sole reason this force is absent from the human population is due to the fact that there is no farmhand or shepherd that attempts to ensure that optimum animals are created at all times, by choosing not to allow and condone the creation of animals of lower quality that are less desirable, even if there is a fairly negligible difference, a change of 5% capability, function, yield, or ability is still largely noticeable. This is a simple choice to make, even a 5% increase in optimization in the human race is making the choice between plowing 100 acres in a month, or plowing 105 acres in a month. This is choosing to make $100,000 or $105,000.

Culling is  a humane practice, while leaving a herd to become rife with it’s own faults is the truly inhumane act, remember that this is the same as quarantining sick people, as to ensure that they do not infect more people, regardless of the fact that these illnesses and disorders that they infect people with are genetic, even if they are only predispositions, they are still predispositions to inferiority, and to speak against culling, is the desire to be inferior and unsuccessful while speaking in favor of willingly spreading and exacerbating contagious sickness, illnesses, and suffering that could be contained and eliminated with proper measures; speaking against culling is to state that one desires rampant failure and tremendous preventable losses within the likes of one’s own nation, business, family, and to impact countless men and women that we all must coexist and cooperate with in order to ensure the continued survival and well being of the planet and our own species.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Survivability of Hereditable Diseases in Wild Humans

Humans are animals, and this means that the traits that have survived up to modern times may have had some sort of advantage that they provided. This would also include heritable illnesses.

A common example of this is sickle-cell anemia, where being recessive causes an immunity to malaria. Even things that one would not expect to provide a natural advantage may actually provide some sort of benefit to survival, as these traits have survived and been passed down through generations of wild humans to eventually be still present and fairly common in modern humans.

Depression could make one prone to a more sedentary lifestyle. This would provide an advantage towards the transition between a roaming nomadic people into a people that occupies a given area without wandering as much. The depression keeping people disinclined to move about or otherwise wander around. These people could have been the original beacons of a community composed of a set collection of individuals, rather than an odd collection of wandering apes that may randomly see and interact with each other as they wander around in search of their own independent goals.

Schizoid type illnesses provide a paranoia that could give one heightened instinct to search for predators and a more sensitive adrenal system that would provoke the fear response more readily.

Anti-social disorder could provide the person with the ability to establish dominance by being more ruthless in their treatment of the fellow members of the community.

Mild Mental retardation could provide a clearer sense of one’s instincts allowing one to focus more on survival, rather than become involved and consumed by things like social elements that could distract a human from providing for their basic needs. These people could also be less prone to being consumed by competition with other humans for dominance, and less prone to violent contests that accompany this desire for power amongst other humans, making them less of a target when humans do inevitably contest each others dominance and domain.

Pygmies, dwarves, and midgets could have been able to utilize smaller natural shelters, which would be more abundant than others. This small size would also allow them to reside in trees more easily, as smaller branches would be able to support their weight, and these people could then escape many predators this way.

Nearsighted people would have more focus directed towards things that are closer to them, allowing them to identify things such as plants more readily and accurately, as these plants would naturally occupy more space within their field of vision as the person would have to be closer to it to identify it.

Farsighted people would have a greater ability to detect predators and locate food sources.

Becker Muscular Dystrophy often does not effect the legs enough to cause the person to become wheelchair bound until their mid-twenties, and with a common life expectancy of around 30 or 35 years in a wild human, these people would appear to be rather normal to most others.

Huntington’s Disease also does not affect many people until their 30s and 40s, so this disease would not have limited the success of wild humans as their life expectancy meant they would be dead before they would become afflicted by the symptoms of this disease, allowing it to continue to be spread though bloodlines.

Some inherited diseases are recessive, and these can be carried easily by carrier parents. These diseases would not in particular have an inherent benefit, as they could easily induce death in the afflicted child, but they would still be passed on by the unaffected children that are carries of the disease.

High blood lipids could be advantageous when the human is in an area with low lipid intake, so preserving these in the blood can be advantageous because their natural intake is so low. This would be more beneficial than expelling them when the human could easily face a long period of time with insufficient lipid intake.

Phenylketonuria could perhaps have roots from areas where there was little phenylalanine in any parts of the diet, but plenty of tyrosine; and converting any of the little reserves of this into tyrosine could cause unfavorable deficiencies of phenylalanine.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

How to Win Street Fights and Lose Self Respect

How to Win Street Fights and Lose Self Respect

This is an extension of pulling your enemies shirt over their head. This is dishonorable and should only be done when one has no self respect, or is willing to sacrifice one’s self respect in order to win a fight.

Have an opaque pillow case and poke two holes around the perimeter of the opening. Thread a rather long zip-tie through the holes and then connect the zip tie but keep it loose. Keep this in your pocket. In a fight, pull this over the head of the opponent and pull the zip tie tight around their neck: one is extra dishonorable for doing this from behind. Then one can proceed to lay a keen beating into the person while they cannot see.

Warning: this will sway the odds on one’s favor only if the fight was otherwise close to a fair fight. The opponent can still attempt to hit you, so if you’re much weaker than your opponent, there is still a chance you will lose the fight if you stay within the reach of your opponent.

Pro tip: to counter this, carry a knife and cut the pillow case open.

Friday, June 12, 2015

(proposal for) Electromagnetism Induced Enrichment of Tritium and Other Heavy Elements

Have a pool of helium and hydrogen with a large electromagnet with the negative pole on one end of the pool, and the positive end on the other side.

There are three chambers separated by walls, or at least one chamber with sponge-layers on either side of the unit. The negative wall is a medium that can absorb protons or allow protons to pass through it, and the positive wall is a medium that can absorb electrons or allow electrons to pass through it.

The negative pole provides sufficient negative electromagnetic force to synthetically provide atomic stability to the helium atoms that are in the pool by simulating an electron or the force of an electron enough for them to “want” to shed an electron. This electron is absorbed by the electron-sponge wall if need be. Simultaneously the positive pole provides sufficient positive electromagnetic force to have this same effect, but have the helium release a proton. With an electron and a proton shed from the helium, this would leave one with deuterium. One can attempt to do this with a lithium solution in an attempt to gain tritium.

The electron-sponge would ideally be a material that is prone to absorbing electrons and can hold an extra electron in a stable configuration, and the proton-sponge would be a material that is prone to absorbing protons.

This requires a very strong electro magnet; strong enough to overpower the electrostatic force to rob the element of the electron, and also induce proton decay in the nucleus of an atom that is proton-heavy. This may be impossible, or entirely energy inefficient.

The idea is that the charged particles are induced into complete decay, losing their protons and electrons to their respective sponges, leaving the neutrons to be absorbed by the solvent in the middle, as these particles are unaffected by either magnetic pole.

Another strategy would be to use decay-prone elements to lessen the amount of electromagnetic force needed to loose these particles, as the particles would be more naturally inclined to be shed, and this means they would be picked up by the solvent. This would also involve having the unstable elements immersed within a hydrogen solution, or a solution of whatever element one is attempting to enrich.

This seems safe, as proton decay and electron decay happen naturally without starting chain reactions. This may be a slow process, and this can be advantageous to see that the neutrons being shed are not profuse enough to start a chain reaction and begin fusion. The idea being that the fusion is prevented when there are insufficient protons and electrons to create the helium, as these have been absorbed by the sponges.

The sponges could be removed once the reactor has had it’s contents drained by any chemical reaction that would return the sponge to it’s natural state. This could be done by taking the sponges out and placing them in a separate tank. This time placing the electron-sponge by the negative pole, and the proton-sponge by the positive pole. These would shed their extra contents if they had become unstable, and these would pass through a medium of an element heavy enough in neutrons to absorb the decayed particles, ideal elements for the cleaning element would be neutron heavy, and upon absorbing a derelict proton and electron would now a stable form of the next sequential element.

There may also be another strategy, if the nuclear forces are prone to warping, one can have a harmonic constructive magnetic pulse that would push the element to the extremes of it’s ability to retain it’s control over the atoms, this would be much like pulling a rope taught before attempting to cut it, as this makes the work much easier.

I have no idea on the amount of power and electromagnetic energy it would take to theoretically accomplish this, so I have no perception of the feasibility of this idea.

The Motorcycle Military-Drone as a Replacement for the Common Infantry

This is an idea for a military drone styled after a motorcycle. These could be used to ensure the safety of civilians when normal drone-strikes would have a high chance of incurring civilian deaths. These are also designed to be applicable replacements for foot soldiers in many scenarios. The goal is to save lives by replacing valuable foot soldiers that would otherwise be fighting on the front lines and placed in harms way with a machine that can much more easily be fixed or replaced if it is damaged or destroyed while serving it’s military purpose.

This is much like a common motorcycle, but this has wheels on top and bottom, for 4 wheels total. A roll cage and horizontal and vertical weight manipulations allow this to right itself when knocked over. The bike has two cannons on the sides of the bike, inside of the roll cage, with their guns pointed outside of the roll cage. The roll cage has an armored shell around it, much like a geodesic dome to ensure stability, if this is more stable than an actual dome, if not, use pure elliptical domes around the roll cage. There is no need for a rider because this is remote controlled; the lack of a rider allows one to store much more fuel and ammunition inside of the bike; there are cameras at the front and back to ensure that the operator can see.

Some of these bikes are thin enough to fit through doors, even reducing the size to a miniature motorcycle to give this motorcycle drone more versatility, ideally with the ability to scale most if not all staircases. The tires should be bulletproof to avoid flat tires forms spike strips, but this can also be accomplished by hydraulics much like one sees in showy cars.

The weight system is quite simple and simply provides enough displacement of the center of gravity of the bike to allow it to right itself. This does not mean that the weights have to right the bike to a vertical position, because just like when a human rider rides a bike, a motorcycle can lean to very acute angles with the ground while turning and still be able to return to an upright position. This would just mean that the bike would do a small turn of sorts.

This bike would have a reverse gear powerful enough to keep it upright, being capable of driving either direction, unlike an actual motorbike, because there would be no danger in reversing at high speeds. The transmission would be able to easily change which set of wheels is being powered, as not to waste fuel powering the wheels that are  on the top.

Applications for this include missions where it would be very dangerous to send in human troops, and bombing via a drone could easily cause civilian casualties. The bike could be equipped with cannons of varying calibers, the larger caliber guns of course having a smaller ammo reserve.

The design of this would look much like melding the mechanics of an automatic or semi-automatic firearm and a motorcycle, with additional parts including the weight system to allow it to right itself if it is knocked over. There can be an additional weight added going front to back, to give the bike the ability to do a wheelie, as this may be required to efficiently move up stairs.

There can be two poles that extend from the back of the bike to function like a kickstand on a bike, but more so to provide the ability to counter recoil of the projectiles it shoots, allowing the bike to be equipped with larger caliber guns without sacrificing accuracy, as well as to allow the bike to shoot from a still position while it is not moving.

The video feed aspects of the bike allows it to have a crosshair to allow for greater accuracy, and the camera could even be given some optical zoom or digital zoom and environmental diagnostic capability to determine wind if the bike were to be equipped with something like a sniper rifle.

There could be a smaller retractable cannon, firing handgun size rounds mounted on the top. This would have an axis to rotate on unlike the other cannons. This would allow the bike 360 degrees of horizontal rotation and a range of up to 90 degrees of vertical rotation to allow a large capable area of fire. This would enable the bike to aptly guard Prisoners of War that have surrendered from an idle position. The bike can be equipped with a speaker to allow the bike to transmit audio, allowing the operator to communicate with the people it interacts with.

The bike could also be equipped with various tools including a retractable robotic arm in place of the handgun, or on the alternate side of the bike to allow it to have another use, such as cutting through a chain link fence, or even something like a plasma cutter to cut through more sturdy fences and objects. This could also allow the bike to search opponents, and confiscate their weapons with a claw or some sorts.

The bike has a larger body than a normal bike, having an elliptical sphere as it’s exterior limits, allowing much versatility regarding the interior components of the bike. The bike is not solely applicable in military operations, but can also be utilized for dangerous police work like SWAT missions.

These bikes would be much faster than humans and this gives them a great advantage. Other advantages include being bulletproof and having a greater carrying capacity than a soldier. The real merit to a drone-soldier such as this is that one is able to preserve human lives by saving a soldier from being put into harms way when the bike can be used instead.

In place of tires, one could also have a non-deflatable wheel replacement such as a tread one might find on a tank lined around the edge of the wheel, but perhaps one made of a more lightweight and road friendly material, but still exceptionally sturdy material that would make it impervious to being disabled due to tire deflation, and this tread could also be resistant to land mines. The tread would be a good alternative, because there is no real value to the smooth ride that tires offer because there is no rider that would be discomforted by the bumpiness. The tread would also give it great ability to scale difficult inclinations, but this may sacrifice much of the dexterous turning capacity that  a motorcycle has.

Instead of either of these, a solid tire rather than an inflatable tire could be used, and these tires would ideally have much of the sturdiness of a tread, and even be fitted with and off-road tread pattern to preserve some of the ability to move off-road and scale difficult inclines such as steep hills, that normal tires would find difficult to impossible.

Given that one was faced with the task of countering an opponents drone-bikes, then common means such as thick vertical walls could be used to prevent their advance, and methods such as anti-armor shells could be applied. One could even make a drone-bike that is much larger than a common motorcycle to allow it to have much more powerful cannons, this would allow it to fire miniature tank shells, or large armor piercing rounds in an attempt to thwart these mobile and capable drone-bikes.

Bikes are ideal, because they use very little fuel, especially when compared to large autos such as cars and trucks. This gives them the ability to function over extended periods of time and gives them a much larger range of operation from their garage where maintenance and upkeep could be performed on them. The bikes could have the side of their cage opened like one would open the hood of a car, with options including a hood release powered by the computer operator, but having the ability to open the cage manually is ideal, in the case that the electronic component is damaged and fails to unlatch the cage-door when ordered.

While these bikes do operate at peak performance in open areas, off-road tires would allow them to operate in areas such as woodlands, and the robotic arm could be equipped with a machete or something similar to allow it to clear paths through foliage to allow it to operate more efficiently in places where vehicular travel may otherwise be inhibited by the natural impediments such as jungles and forests.

These bikes could also be amphibious with a secondary propulsion system being something like a jet-ski propulsion system. The amphibious versions would also have to be buoyant and have any water-sensitive areas be waterproof.

To allow the vehicle the ability to cross small gaps in the terrain such as a small canyon or gorge, telescoping wings could be utilized, having the bike function much like a plane at this point, but it would lack the lack the ability for any sustained or capable flight without some sort of aerial propulsion method such as a small jet-engine.

These bikes could also be equipped with parachutes from their utility slot along their top to allow their use as paratroopers.

These bikes have the capability to become the foot soldier of the future, and save the lives of many healthy soldiers that would otherwise fall in combat against opponents, allowing them to return home from their tour of duty and live productive lives as veterans and civilians.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sustainable Controlled Fusion Reactor

Sustainable Controlled Fusion Reactor

Have a hopper that dispenses a small amount of fusion-fuel into a dispenser at high pressure. The dispenser has two stages, one to move the fuel from a main tank, to a secondary tank, and this connection cannot be open as the second stage that dispenses the fusion-fuel from the second-stage into reaction chamber. This prevents the reaction from spreading into the fuel-tank.

This allows the power plant the ability to limit the amount of fuel that is input into the reactor, and this then allows them to control the size of the reaction and limit it to a controllable level.

The reactor is able to contain a very small fusion reaction, and is able to keep this sustained by adding very small amounts of fuel, nano grams, pico grams, or even smaller amounts such as femto grams of fuel would be added at time, at a continuous rate to allow the chain-reaction to continue to occur without allowing it to grow out of control.

This may be difficult and require precise timing of release of a drip of fuel down to very minute increments of time, as the chain-reaction seems to occur near instantaneously, but the fuel would be added at the time where the reaction would still be prone to inducing the fusion reaction within the niblet of fuel with the reaction currently taking place.

These niblets of fuel would have to be introduced at very high velocity from a very tiny tube, propelled at a high pressure ensuring that the pipe is completely cleared of the material to ensure that the proportions required to sustain the reaction are met.

Using inert gas to do this would increase the volume within the chamber, and this could effect the reaction in negative ways. Instead of increasing the pressure by increasing the amount of chemicals in the volume, the pressure is increased by decreasing the total volume of the area.

This would look much like a tiny pipe with a tiny piston driving into it.

The fuel is released from the primary tank into the secondary tank, then this access route is closed off.

While the entrance to the reactor is closed, the secondary-tank (a very tiny tank) collapses to force the fuel into the feed tube, and the piston is lowered into the feed-tube to separate it from the secondary tank. The pressure is increased by driving the piston into the feed tube, and once this has sufficient pressure to ensure that the fuel will clear the tube,  to see to it that the reaction will not occur within the tube, but rather in the reactor, the feed-tube opens into the reactor to allow the fuel to enter.

This may leave a small part of the feed-tube exposed to the reaction, so this section of the tube must be able to withstand the fusion reaction and not be destroyed or warped in any way.

Rather than having reliable mechanical parts to open and close during this process, which may be difficult, one can have a latch that opens when the pressure applied by the feed-tube piston exceeds that provided by the reaction; if the reaction is still volatile enough, it will begin to fuse the fuel, and this increase in pressure would close the latch tightly again until the reaction has diminished enough for another niblet of reactor fuel to enter the chamber. This may happen in very tiny fractions of a second, so these parts must be able to move at exceptionally fast speeds. To allow this to be more plausible, the feed-tube can be relatively short, to see that the piston does not have to travel very far up and down between each fuel-intake and fuel-import.

The reactor may have to be started by traditional means of fusion, similar to a fusion bomb, but once the reaction has started, this process should be able to allow the reaction to continue indefinitely. A reactor such as this would have a very limited range of function capacity in terms of variability of fuel input and power output, as the amount of force produced by the reaction must be enough to securely close the latch into the feed tube, while the pressure from the piston must be sufficient enough to open the latch at the appropriate time, without releasing the fuel too early, as this would cause the reaction to accelerate and increase in violence rather than react at a constant rate; so limitations such as these could mean that the power output could not be readily scaled to any real extent. One could take steps to alter this reality by changing the amount of pressure applied by the piston to account for a lessening of pressure applied from the fusion reaction due to decreased power consumption.

The heat and power from the reaction could be harnessed in the same way or a similar way as is currently utilized to harness the power of traditional nuclear power.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Functional Nuclear Fusion Power Plant Design

This is a modified version of the fantastical bomb-engine; this has been modified to be more realistic and simply provide power like a traditional plant. This must be supplemented by other power sources, as it is very sporadic and provides great power for short periods of time. This can be utilized during peak power times, and hopefully the surge of power that it creates can be utilized and stored efficiently.

There are two tall water-chambers that look much like towers, though these should be housed underground as powerful bombs are detonated inside of them.

There is a large canal from the bottom of the start-chamber that leads into a water-mill that is completely submerged, but the canal only opens into the part of chamber as to allow the water pressure to apply to only one blade and move it in a direction and spin the turbine, rather than all blades simultaneously. so this looks like a U with an o inside of the U, at the bottom of the U, that is the water wheel; and there is also a wall down the center of the U that extends to the tip of the water wheel but still allows the water wheel to rotate.

Water is filled in the U tower to the top, but in the start-chamber there is a dome at the top of the U where there is a screw on cap. One suspends a bomb from this screw on cap, and detonates it within the tower to push the water through the turbine.

There is a door at the top of the U tower but below the dome, and above or below the stagnant water level. This is a large door that is as wide as the tower to allow the maximum amount of water flow from the end-chamber to the start-chamber. This door opens upwards, looking a bit like a mud-flap on a large truck; so that the water is not directed upwards in a way that would cause it to lose some of it’s momentum to gravity. This door opens into the start-chamber and is wider than the hole it covers to ensure that it does not open into the end chamber, as one wants the water, bomb blast, and force to travel from the Start-chamber, through the turbine, and into the end-chamber. The door allows the water pressure that builds up in the end-chamber to escape and flow into the start-chamber, and recycle any force that is still on the water. This creates a circular current in a closed system that utilizes all available momentum of the water to attempt to turn the turbine.

This U can be either vertical or horizontal, but the bomb-cap is located on the top, regardless of the orientation, as one does not want the water to flow out of the power-plant when the bomb-cap is screwed off and removed to allow one to attach a bomb that will be detonated to provide the work needed to move the water and turn the turbine.

The turbine creates power by being rotated like a normal turbine, and it is very very large; this is to avoid the having the turbine heat up with rapid movement and have excessive loss of character due to friction, and also due to the fact that this building is designed to handle the force of a thermo-nuclear bomb being detonated inside of it, and this would be much like choosing to pedal on a low gear rather than a high one, when one is a very powerful bike rider.

The system in short is.

Bomb is lowered into the chamber and suspended in the dome at the top of the start-chamber. The chamber is securely sealed and and all parts of the power-plant are strong enough not to be destroyed by an extremely powerful explosion. The bomb is detonated, and having nowhere to release it’s force in any direction but downwards onto the water below it, this directs all of the force and pressure of the blast onto the water which is then propelled with enough force to spin the large turbine. After the water makes it to the end of the turbine, it collects in the end-chamber and the pressure in the end chamber is now greater than that of the start-chamber, so this pushes open the release door that opens into the start-chamber, allowing the water and vapor to flow into the start chamber. This forms a current within the closed system as the water is moving from high pressure to low pressure and will continue to due this so long as the water can turn the turbine enough to allow water to reach the end-chamber and continue to create this disparate pressure that would otherwise build up if it were not released by the opening of the release-door into the start-chamber from the end chamber.

I do not know how feasible a “nuclear bomb-proof building and turbine” are, but this system would allow one to harness the explosive force of a nuclear bomb or thermonuclear bomb and convert this into electrical power.

One can also have a turbine that is easier for the water to turn; this would reduce the net power generation per second, but it could increase the time that the current would actively be propelling the water enough to turn the turbine, and make it easier to sustain the current for longer periods of time.

This could be seen as traditional hydro-power, where one supplies the momentum and pressure on the water with a nuclear bomb, rather than having this momentum and pressure applied by gravity.

This chamber is filled with liquid water prior to the explosion. This would make me think that regardless of being converted into vapor, the pressure extorted by the water upon the turbine would be the same, and air currents are just as viable as water currents, if all of the water is indeed vaporized; this may however require a modified turbine that is a mix between one that is designed to catch and be propelled by water efficiently and one that is designed to catch and be propelled by vapor efficiently.

I do not know how cost effective this would be, but nuclear bombs were allegedly easy enough to produce that their numbers reached very high levels, even without any applicable use. This gives nuclear bombs an application, and creation of thermonuclear bombs could now be seen as a pacifistic effort. This would only be true if this system were more cost effective than traditional power plants, but so far as I know the materials for a thermonuclear bomb are less threatened than fossil fuels.

One does not have to put a bomb designed to destroy a city within the chamber, one can design a bomb that is weak enough that it will not destroy the power-plant that houses the bomb, but still strong enough to turn the turbine when the force is applied to the water.