Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sextodeath Updates Continued

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Updates continued…
Tunnel- Tunnel is a construction that can be built for one unit of labor per tile of tunnel. A tunnel functions with a terrain roll of one and can have a road built through it. A tunnel can go under structures. 

Tunnels exist on tunnel levels. T1 for the first one. Tunnels can be built under tunnels, this would be level T2. A T2 tunnel can only connect to a T1 tunnel, not to the open map, and so forth.
Saboteur - A saboteur is a unit that cost 1 resource, and can be used to hinder the production of a creature den, item creation stand, or apothecary. A saboteur can cast Sabotage, which is a channeled spell, and must be cast from within the building. Saboteurs inside of buildings are invisible to all other units besides other saboteurs. Saboteurs can enter any building and stack on top of each other. Each saboteur channeling sabotage will decrease the amount of creatures, items, consumables created by the building by one per week.  Only another saboteur can kill a saboteurs that is occupying a building,  the saboteur sacrifices itself when doing this, and both saboteurs die. On the map, a saboteur appears to be a worker, to all other players and units, and can change what color it appears as at will. A  saboteur has movement like a worker. A saboteur cannot carry items, but it can carry currency. For each unit of currency an active saboteur carries while it channels sabotage, it decreases the production of that building by 4 per week. The saboteur drops any currency it holds on death, and the currency appears on the map like any other item. A saboteur can also sabotage a building that is being constructed, subtracting 1 labor from the total that is applied to the building per turn, with an additional 4 labor being subtracted for each piece of currency the saboteur carries. Given a saboteur is within sight of the player whose color it shows, the saboteur will provide sight to the player as if it were it’s own unit. A saboteur has one unit of labor that can only be used to create tunnels. A saboteur can disguise the entrance to a tunnel to make it appear as a normal unit of terrain, however the entrance can be discovered if a unit passes directly on top of the tunnel.
A saboteur can be created from a worker creation stand or a castle.

Spyglass- An item that provides a bonus to the visibility radius. One tile is added to the radius for every 16 resources in the item. A spyglass does not provide stats. A spyglass can be created at an item creation stands. A spyglass does not provide vision over terrain that ends visibility. The terrain must be visible by the standard means, the spyglass simply extends the distance of the visibility range.

Tower Mode - Buildings can be built on top of each other so long as the building on the higher level has an equal or lesser number of resources invested in it than the building below it. Workers must be on the roof of the building to begin construction of a new building on top of it, and must be on the same level of the new building, inside or outside for continue to labor on it. Small 1x1 buildings can still be built inside of buildings. Unit overflow still goes into the basement levels of the building. When attacking a building, the Health points are summed together, while the stats between the buildings, including the items in a vault, are averaged.

Items that are in the vault of a destroyed building can be pillaged from the ruins.

As of now, it looks like keeping creature spawns and item stands, etc, at lower levels to maximize unit production and then utilize many items seems more advantageous. Here are some options

Flat Creature Spawn Rate- Creatures from dens spawn at a flat rate of 8 per week regardless of the level of the den.

Flat Item Spawn Rate- Items from creation stands spawn at a flat rate of 8 per week regardless of the level of the den.

Flat Consumable Spawn Rate- Consumables from apothecaries spawn at a flat rate of 8 per week regardless of the level of the den.

Item Carry Limit -  A creature can only carry 8 items and 8 consumables.

Of course one can change the numbers as they see fit.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Children of Pen and Paper

As the pen is a woman and the paper is a man, their children should be adored and cared for just as any other child ushered unto this world.