Thursday, April 16, 2015

Expansion and Clarification of the niggle.

Expansion and Clarification of the niggle.

Obviously, the niggle, being 1/∞, is not a practical way to denote this, as an infinite niggles has been stated to equal one. This is partially true.

A little niggle is less than one.

An infinite little niggles equals one.

An Alpha niggle is greater than the maximum finite number attainable by any means. This is a % of infinity.

An (X Dimensional) Beta Niggle, is composed of (Dx,) repeating determined by the number of dimensions, where X is a set of numbers and/or equations defining the object. These objects, are inherently finite, as they are composed of finite numbers, however there is obviously a limitless number of these.

A Gamma Niggle is of the same composition as a Beta niggle. However, Only meaningful sets of numbers qualify as Gamma Niggles,

A Delta Niggle is of the same composition as a Beta niggle and a Gamma niggle. However, only physically possible sets of numbers quality as delta niggles.

Also, The Little Theta Niggle, is a little niggle. The Little Theta Niggle is an inherently finite number that is the smallest number possible as determined by an enforced truncation Point. This is also known as inverse N max, where N is a number. This is not technically a little niggle by definition, however it functions much as one.

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