Monday, April 27, 2015

Sexto Updates into May

The old thread was very long, and took a long time to click the "load more" button to load all the comments. This is continuing the updates. Perhaps a revision, much new information and fixes, how soon, i do not know.


  1. More GTA crimes. ( No paying taxes yet)

    To steal an item in a store, it must be placed on a table. If one is in sight of the store operator, then one becomes wanted by police.

    One can rob a store for all of the money it has made in this 8 hour increment. Doing this gets on wanted by police. It takes One second to rob 1/10/25 currency.

    If one steals a car in sight of the police, one becomes wanted by police.

    If one crashes into a police car, one becomes wanted by police.

    If one rapes someone else, one becomes wanted by police.

    If one kills a person with their car in sight of a police officer, one becomes wanted by police.

    If one kills a police officer with their car, one becomes wanted by police.

    If one destroys a car within sight of anyone, one becomes wanted by police.

    A Car can become bloodstained, take it to a Car Wash to clean it up.

    If one’s clothes do not get bloody when committing a crime, one can change their clothes to lose the wanted level if not in sight of any police.

    Running away from the police will give one a Two Badge wanted level, if they’re only wanted at 3 stars.

    One can attempt to bribe the police with powder/currency by pressing the interact key. One’s turns still occur, but the police will not attempt to kill you when attempting to make a deal. One cannot move while attempting to make a deal, police will still encroach upon the individual.

    Possesison of Powder is/is not a crime, and one will become wanted if seen giving powder to another individual.

    Civilians on the Street will sell you powder for 1/2 currency for a bag of powder.

    A bag of powder might be cut. A bag of powder has 0/1/2/4/6/8 powder and 0/1/2/4/6/8 poison/sugar (sugar does nothing)

    Bars will serve drinks and smokes. Smoking Tobacco gives 32% true strike, up to a max of 64% from tobacco.

    It takes One offense to get to One Badge Level of wanted
    One must be seen by police of commit a crime within sight of a police officer to get Two Badge Level of Wanted
    One must kill 1/2/4/8 police officers to become wanted at the 3 badge level.
    One must kill 2/4/8 more police officers while wanted at the 3 badge level to become wanted at the 4 badge level.
    One must kill 8/16/32 SWAT members to be wanted at the 5 badge level.
    One must kill 16/32/64 FBI agents to be wanted at the 6 badge level.


  2. Inherent/option - Drugs- If you don’t like drugs. Then these are Wild Faeries that you catch, but they run away once you ask them to help you. Wild Faeries like each other a lot and will often replicate. Wild Faeries don’t like fighting at all, and you can’t convince them to fight with you; but they will still help you, and give you a bonus when you release them. If doing drugs is bad, even doing drugs once, you have a 10% chance or X% chance to die.

    A Drug Can stack up to 16 bags, matching the color and type of drug. each drug-plant / entheogen will give you half it’s ingredient yield, as if it were normal vegetable, in bags instead of vegetables.

    A bag of drugs has 8 corners. It only takes one corner of drugs to use. Using drugs will not effect what color you are. There is no color roll with drugs. Drugs do not count as food and one does not get any %bonus from things that normally apply to food.

    A unit can carry 32 stacks of bags of drugs.

    One must carry a pipe or rolling papers and a lighter to smoke things. A Pack of Rolling Papers can create 64 smokes, one Pack of Papers is a Corner of Rolling Papers, and 8 of these create a Unit, which is A Bag of Rolling Papers, which takes up one “bag of “supplies”.

    One can also carry a pipe to smoke things. This takes up a unit of space, and a This is a Bag with a Pipe. A Bag with a Pipe takes up the space as one “bag of “supplies”

    A lighter/matches is used when one attempts to smoke something. A lighter gains 64 uses per resource in it’s composition, with a maximum of 5 resources composing the lighter, regardless of the number of resources composing the lighter, It takes up one bag of “supplies”.

    Supplies can be stacked up to 16 bags, like a normal drug, but supplies cannot be consumed.

    Pipes, Lighters, and Rolling Papers can stack on top of each other, inside of one’s drug bag, these three being the same type of drug, more so “supplies”. Pipes, and lighters can be created at an Apothecary.

    Tobacco and Marijuana must be cured for one week, (held in inventory or on ground) in order to be smoked. It occupies the same amount of inventory room during this period.

    Smoking- Smoking something provides a buff. It lasts for one round. One can smoke one cigar a day, a cigar is made of 2 parts of smoke.


  3. If bonus is to an ability, this comes as resource composition.

    Smoke Type Drugs

    Tobacco- Vegetable - Provides 32% true strike.
    Cannabis- Vegetable - Provides 32% bonus to Magical Damage

    Mix Type Drug

    Cocaine - Cocoa Tree- Provides 32% bonus to Physical Damage - Cocoa plants also give cocoa leaves when harvested at the same rate. These can be taken to an apothecary and turned into Cocaine. The Apothecary will give you freebase or powder cocaine by your choice. Freebase cocaine can be smoked mixed with Tobacco or Cannabis, which allows it to be smoked, powder cocaine can be used like Food-type Drugs.

    Heroin- Vegetable- Provides a 32% reduction to damage taken. The comes from the opium plant, the opium plant provides poppy seeds which can be planted, or cooked with, these function as any herb. The Opium can be taken to an apothecary and turned into Heroin, which can be smoked. The Apothecary will give you heroin. Heroin can be smoked mixed with Tobacco or Cannabis, which allows it to be smoked, powder heroin can be used like Food-type Drugs. (option- at 50% rate, one must carry a syringe in a drug pouch to use heroin without smoking it.

    Food Type Drugs

    Mushrooms- these cannot be smoked, but can be eaten in place of smoking something. This provides a 32% bonus to Magical summoning.
    Mescaline- Like mushrooms, provides a 32% bonus to buffs cast by the user.
    Jimson Weed- This provides a 32% bonus to Necromancy.
    Salvia- This provides a 32% bonus to magical abilities that have a target and do not deal damage.
    Fly Agaric- This provides a 32% bonus to physical abilities that have a target and do not deal damage.


    Tobacco has no tolerance.

    All other drugs will give you 50% less effect each time you do the drug within the span of one week. This is counted as “days ago” rather than going by game week, so taking cocaine of Day 6 of week 4, one will not be able to take cocaine at the full effect until Day 6 of week 5. One’s tolerance will remain at 50% for the first two days following the use, then decline by 10% each day following the 2nd day after use. (day = round = every unit that wishes to is allowed to use it’s turn)

    Drug Tolerances are independent.

    Day: Use / Tolerance

    m Cocaine
    t 50%
    w 50%
    th 40%
    f 30%
    s 20%
    sun10 %
    m 0% tolerance, full effect from Cocaine.


  4. Better Grass and Rugs (This is largely for harder mode)

    Mild Tedium and Realism- option - Resources must be of the appropriate type to be used in a building, but resources are not consumed by the building. The building can only make things composed of the resources it is composed of. Rope plants count as resources, while other ingredients are consumed when turned into a meal/liquor.

    One can make one tile of Rug for one resource, 64 squares of Rug stack into Unit of Rug. One can use a Rug to change the color of the floor of a building for combat purposes. A Rug cannot be separated once it is made, the largest Rug is an 8x8 Rug. A Rug can be destroyed, but one can decide whether or not the Rug gains the benefit of the stats from the vault, this does not change the color(s) of the Rug. A unit can lift it’s weight in squares of Rug. One can make a Rug out of Rope and Clothe Fibers.

    Fiber/Grain Plants- These will breed into adjacent tiles if possible.

    Rope Fibers - Vegetable Rates

    These 4 plants make rope.

    Hemp - Makes ropes and clothes. Hemp Rope is 300% as strong as normal rope
    Flax- Makes ropes 200% as strong as normal
    Jute - Can make clothes.
    Sisal - (This one is fruit tree rate, not vegetable rate)- Can be used to make Clothes and Liquor

    Clothe Fibers - Vegetable Rates

    Cotton - Consumables - Beds/Chairs
    Wool (from animals) - Beds / Chairs
    Flax - Beds
    Jute - Rope - Chairs

    Food - Cereal Grass - Herb Rates - All provide “Food Grass” effect when eaten in a meal.

    Sugarcane - Vegetable -Used to make rum. Provides no health but provides one base movement when consumed.
    Agave- Fruit Tree - Non edible, used to make Tequila
    Juniper -Fruit Tree- Used to make Gin- Is also Spice of whatever color it is.
    Wormwood-Fruit Tree- Used to make Absinthe.

    Building/Weapon - Fruit Tree Rates
    Bamboo - Can be used to make buildings or wooden weapons


  5. Drink- Must be made at a distillery. Must have the correct kind of plant to make Alcohol. It takes a minimum of 8 of a Resource to make a bottle of liquor. Making beer can be done as well, but this only takes one grain and provides one use. A distillery is like a Restaurant that makes drinks.

    A bottle of liquor has 8 corners, and each one acts the full Food buff from the drink, or partial buff if the drink is mixed with something else. A bottle of alcohol only takes up the space of one meal. Fruit can be made into wine/cider at the same rate, but it takes 8 fruit to make a bottle of liqueur. Rice can be turned into Sake at the 1 to 1 rate.

    Beer, Wine, Cider, and Sake all provide the same bonus

    It takes a distillery a week to produce a bottle of liquor after being given the ingredients.

    Whiskey - Barely / Rye / Corn / Wheat
    Tequila - Sisal / Agave
    Vodka - Sorghum, Corn, Rice. Rye, Wheat
    Liqueur- Fruit (provides the fruit buff)
    Rum- Sugarcane, this can be mixed with fruits and spices to provide a mixed effect, other liquor cannot.
    Gin- Made with one or two parts
    Brandy - Made from fruit
    Absinthe- Made from wormwood

    Option- Too many cooks- Drinking Liquor will make one Merry, if one is both Merry from Liquor and Satisfied from a meal, then one become Too Full, and loses 50% movement, 50% AP/MP, and has a 50% chance to miss. (Flip coin if attack was otherwise successful). One can have a bit beer or wine if one has not ate as much as they can, just don’t eat and drink more the ingredient limit for a meal in one round.

    Merriment form Drinking lasts for one round. Becoming merry takes one corner of a drink.

    Whiskey- Increase melee physical damage by 32%
    Tequila- Increase melee magical damage by 32%
    Vodka- Increase ranged physical damage by 32%
    Liqueur-Increase ranged magical damage by 32%
    Rum- Increase melee physical ability composition by 32%
    Gin- Increase melee magical ability composition by 32%
    Brandy- Increase ranged physical ability composition by 32%
    Absinthe- Increase ranged magical ability composition by 32%

    If one has two drinks, one becomes “Troubled” : having 50% more trouble seeing units (distinguishing friend and foe (if solo); seeing appropriate Blood Tags/Info Etc), and having 50% the ability in combat to miss upon attacking (Flip a coin, 50% chance to miss if attack or ability was otherwise successful.

    If one drinks three drinks one becomes “Drunk” and loses their turn for the round.

    One cannot force other units to drink alcohol.

    If one drinks two drinks and does heroin twice in the same turn, the unit has a 50% chance to die.

    food grass- grants 200% heath gained from the ingredient, but does not provide stats.

    healthy grass~ not really used for anything. so no longer in game


  6. While items that are Living 0 realm items still fall through the ground(unit dies, retains it’s items as 0 realm items; Living 1 realm items fall to the ground, L0 unit is summoned by Necromancy, it dies, and it’s items die with it, if disarmed, the items fall through the ground) These are Native Living Dead type items, where a Undead 1 realm item (made of resources from the undead realm) will fall to the ground, but will not fall into the 0 realm. These items are Native Undead items, as Opposed to Native Living Dead items).

    When a unit dies in a non-native realm. It’s 0 world form is now native to that 0 realm, but it retains it’s realm type. Otherwise one could get an army of many Ghost Realm units and dominate the 0 world of the Living Realm.

    Option- If a unit dies in a non-native realm, it’s 0 world form appears in it’s Native Realm’s 0 realm.


  7. Food Hemp and Rope Hemp are / aren’t the same Hemp

    The Drug Cannabis is not Food Hemp or Rope Hemp.


  8. Cars on the gun realm doesn't quite make sense, so no cars for now.

    A Player is limited to owning 1/2 ranges within the gun realm. Each Gun Range can be used to challenge players much like DotA can be used.

    Option- Inherent Garage - Somehow the Canaanites got their hands on some know-how and are now putting cars together. Cars can be built within the game as normal. Cars require fuel to run, a Fuel Station can be built that provides 1 unit of fuel per resource node under the Fuel Station per week, this number is modified by the mayor. A car can only run on it’s own color fuel or it can run on any color fuel. A Unit of Fuel is made up of 8 corners, and one corner of fuel provides X momentum when used by a vehicle.


  9. DotA - Ability Drafting - Players agree upon banned spells and abilities before the match. Players then pick from the remaining abilities. A Hero can have 2/4/x abilities and each ability can be picked 1/2/4/x times (might not be 40 useful abilities in the game, so 2 might be a better bet.) Each ability can only be used by 1 hero on a team, per time selected.

    DotA / Other Legacy Games - Casual Heross- players can create models for a Casual Hero without actually having the resources or buildings needed to create the hero. These heroes can be played if there is no gambling going on regarding perms-death of units, and by choice if players are gambling items. A host of a game can choose whether or not to allow Casual Heroes, if not, Heroes are created before the Game Starts, Models for units and Heroes can be copied from any unit in game for ease.


  10. Damage and Ability composition can get out of hand, there aren’t many defensive rolls or abilities.

    Option- Divide Ability composition by 2/4/x ; Divide Damage dealt by non environmental sources by 2/4/x

    Option-Color Rolls for Abilities- Roll the color roll of the Ability Against the target, this increases the duration/effect of the ability. Divide the ability roll by 2/4 before applying it to the ability.

    Option-Elemental Rolls for Abilities- Roll the elemental roll of the Ability Against the target, this increases the duration/effect of the ability. Divide the ability roll by 2/4 before applying it to the ability.

    (Some spells and abilities have color rolls, others do not, it makes sense that these could be inherent, but they would become very powerful. 16 turn stun from a one turn stun, etc, so that is why it should be divided, even dividing by the roll by two, an ability could be weaker if it has a poor color roll, and element rolls can cause an ability to have 0 effect entirely)


  11. The Distiller/Brewer profession functions the same as a Chef, but for alcohol. It costs the brewer one brewing point to brew a beer/wine/cider/sake, and four brewing points to distill a bottle of liquor.


  12. Gin- Made with one or two parts Juniper. A juniper tree only gives as many berries as a vegetable plant gives vegetables, but it still breeds like a tree.

    The Strength of Gin - 1 part Juniper: 16% Gin Bonus 16% vodka bonus; 2 part Juniper: 32% gin bonus 0% vodka bonus.

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  14. A unit can pick up and move a weapon that is twice it’s weight, it just cannot use it properly, taking a (50% -(R/W ) penalty to damage (R/W) this is multiplied against the unit’s base movement. This, where R is number of (weight of) resources composing the unit, and W is the weight of the resources composing the weapon. If a smaller unit attempts this, it has the same penalties.

  15. Some bits on the gun realm… the future is imminent

    In the gun realm, somehow it was troublesome to build a building, and it cost twice as much, and yet still, empty buildings cost half as much as they normally do.

    Doors, glass, windows, and basement are free, but still grenades only seem to destroy floorboards, maybe the occasional table. For some reason, houses were 8x8 buildings here, it cost only the resources on the ground of the building to create an item, and each buildings has doubled in scale in the Gun Realm.

    The Shape is taken apart down to the walls, and this is the only constraining element on anything. One could have adjacent buildings to combine their efforts, but this did not provide any more production than the sum of their two productions. Items are on a weekly basis,

    Regarding what is produced, it comes down to anything and everything like always, but talking to god before deciding on weaponry or stock could always help. That fellow may be cursed into being forced to take a roll regarding the output of a factory, this can be, luck is not quite as crucial here, as guns are steady,

    you can utilize an ability by taking this to the professionals who work in a Gun Warehouse, these people would let to make you see if that was OK with the right authorities to allow such a bullet, legally, in the area.

    A building here is enforced by the penal code to have a fair number of rooms, but it has no ability to change the terrain that it lies on. The building must be comely enough to have a closet and a functional trade building of some sort. If this building is a Gun Warehouse, this building has a Functional Smithy Inside of It. It makes bullets at 400% rate, but blade forging only took a 200% bonus.

    The building would gain a function inside of it when it did.

    The |2| player could put a flat multiplier on it’s realm in terms of damage dealt and taken by all units within the kingdom. This was a 1d6 and lasted for 7 days. Luck stats might give it a reroll, if it

    The knife does instant kill when stabbed from the back, if the unit can land an ability on you as strong as you, regardless of retaliation, without being seen or if not, a knife deals 400% damage when stabbed from the front, and benefits from a 200% bonus to ability composition.

  16. Some bits on the gun realm… the future is imminent

    In the gun realm, somehow it was troublesome to build a building, and it cost twice as much, and yet still, empty buildings cost half as much as they normally do.

    Doors, glass, windows, and basement are free, but still grenades only seem to destroy floorboards, maybe the occasional table. For some reason, houses were 8x8 buildings here, it cost only the resources on the ground of the building to create an item, and each buildings has doubled in scale in the Gun Realm.

    The Shape is taken apart down to the walls, and this is the only constraining element on anything. One could have adjacent buildings to combine their efforts, but this did not provide any more production than the sum of their two productions. Items are on a weekly basis,

    Regarding what is produced, it comes down to anything and everything like always, but talking to god before deciding on weaponry or stock could always help. That fellow may be cursed into being forced to take a roll regarding the output of a factory, this can be, luck is not quite as crucial here, as guns are steady,

    you can utilize an ability by taking this to the professionals who work in a Gun Warehouse, these people would let to make you see if that was OK with the right authorities to allow such a bullet, legally, in the area.

    A building here is enforced by the penal code to have a fair number of rooms, but it has no ability to change the terrain that it lies on. The building must be comely enough to have a closet and a functional trade building of some sort. If this building is a Gun Warehouse, this building has a Functional Smithy Inside of It. It makes bullets at 400% rate, but blade forging only took a 200% bonus.

    The building would gain a function inside of it when it did.

    The |2| player could put a flat multiplier on it’s realm in terms of damage dealt and taken by all units within the kingdom. This was a 1d6 and lasted for 7 days. Luck stats might give it a reroll, if it

    The knife does instant kill when stabbed from the back, if the unit can land an ability on you as strong as you, regardless of retaliation, without being seen or if not, a knife deals 400% damage when stabbed from the front, and benefits from a 200% bonus to ability composition.


  17. The |2| Gun players are ambivalent to pollution. If they agree, they cal allow cars, but cars only seem to function here, because somehow a Car Despot provides these parts in their feasible form. here a car would break twice as cast, and the % slope of the tile was divided into both the fuel cost and the acceleration rates. Cars gain full movement benefits from roads. Cars still handle like they do in Blade Runner, this is the future.

    roll a die or ask the |2| player for a decision regarding

    color, 1-16 man i got fucking
    type, - flip a coin, if head structure, if tails, flip again, heads, flip a coin heads luxury/power, if failure, energy,

    gun-type, - each gun from army men is included the first shot , with bonus, pistol / double pistol , grenades, thrown items, knives only , rope on a knife, movement, combat abilities, magic abilities,

    Knife has bonus to damage from stealth, and damage from behind if played with unit vision from army men.

    Gun |2| player will always do it’s %damage from the game, with 2 health for each unit, dealing one damage is 50% of a units base health, this is like the ghost of the chair.

    While still only working within it’s own kingdom

    Low Gravity; the |2| player can manipulate gravity, but no units can take lethal damage from falling from the gravity,

    The |2| player can cause any non gun, grenade, claymore, or other appropriate physical damage do no harm to any unit or collection of units.

    The |2| player can effect the momentum of the unit (any can do this)

    Attack any unit in one’s kingdom at no cost to ability points or spell points, the |2| player could do this 12 times per day if it’s Divine Form was in the |2| world, but were it in the |1| world it must teleport there at no cost, but it can only teleport 6 times per turn, and it cannot attack the same target more than once with it’s attack. These attacks all happen on the same turn of the |2| player’s unit. This is determined by where it’s divine form is located at the start of the turn.

    If a |2| Gun player’s divine form dies, it takes 3 days to resurrect in any one of it’s castles. If another |2| player stakes it’s time in this realm, it takes it 7 days to resurrect here, has no instant kills, only 2 attacks in any kingdom at no cost, and cannot go to the |1| Gun realm in a living form. A foreign |2| player can only descend into the |1| realm upon taking a castle.


  18. the |2| player’s divine form cannot breed with mortal units unless it is in it’s |1| form, which upon seeding children, it must retain until it dies in combat. If the |2| Gun player’s divine form is a critter, the player can return to the |2| world, if it sacrifices its attempts to control the creature, and remains without a divine form so long as the critter is alive. This can only be done if the unit is 80% critter. If the |2| Gun god was a critter one killed and is attempting to harvest, it was actually a Gun when you attempted to harvest the resources, these resources cannot be harvested, but if a unit is strong enough to wield the gun, it can be picked up, and used as a weapon. The |2| player picks or rolls for a gun type and it’s Divine Form’s stats are the stats of the gun. The Gun Matches color, type, and number of resources in the Divine Form.

    A unit can pick up and move a weapon that is twice it’s weight, it just cannot use it properly, taking a (50% -(R/W ) penalty to damage (R/W) this is multiplied against the unit’s base movement. This, where R is number of (weight of) resources composing the unit, and W is the weight of the resources composing the weapon. If a smaller unit attempts this, it has the same penalties.

    A |2| Gun player’s divine form remain’s made of entirely Gun type resources, and cannot feely return to the |2| Gun realm by free will unless it is still Pure Gun, but otherwise, the |2| Gun player is free to do as it pleases.

    Knife in GTA, if you are behind, like in the Gun realm.

    Anything like this.

    (realm’s chair; no range capacity or ability)
    main man color bonus 200% multiplier melee damage, a knife takes up a grenade slot, and a knife can be thrown, but still, it must be must be made in a smithy, and by a smithy, this functions as a normal smithy. The knife is still limited to enchantments and limits of a normal gun. Knife gets no vertical velocity bonus.

    Vision, here, was much like army men in the Gun realm. Units can only see in the 150 degrees that they were looking. Every unit looks in a direction, regardless of playing FPS vision or not. The unit only provides visibility in the direction it is looking, and can change the direction it is looking. The unit sees in a 90 degree angle vertically in the direction that it is looking. One can turn 45 degrees by looking that way, but it costs one movement to turn ones head more than once in any direction( try to look the same direction twice) costs one movement.

    Some spells lil obstacle, don’t make much sense here, so feel free to have the requirement of the spell obstacle be the units of terrain, these can now be moved like a resource node, but provide no benefit.


  19. Option-Hemp and Tobacco can take 2/3/4/5 turns to cure.

    Option-Spider Tobacco- each plant changes when it is planted by a creature. The plant still functions the same way, but now carries the number of resources of the creature. Were this tobacco planted by 1 resource unit, then it would grant any 1 resource unit 200% of it’s effect when smoked. This applies to all crops and ingredients. This also applies to making liquor with a numbered resource crop, and drugs. A plant without a number on it gives 100% effect, and a Unit gains 100% effect from plants without their number. Units who’s number is half or double of a plant’s number, gain 150% bonus. If the number is 1/4 of the unit or 4 times the unit’s weight, gain 250% bonus effect. If the number is 1/8 of the unit or 8 times the unit, gain 300% bonus.

  20. Inherent-When one makes a car into a spaceship, one defines x/z plane handling and y/z plane handling as well.

    With that advanced graphics. Every face could be made up of micro-faces that could be made up of 8/16/32/64 faces. One could also use something like 12 equilateral triangles, but most things around look like right triangles.

    Faces of cloth would tear if they were struck with an attack or damage to them. A bullet would take a hole out of them, but not tear them. A sword strike or claw would tear them, and they would be loose fabric at that the torn points, no longer anchored to fabric across from them. If a V of sorts was cut into clothing, it would flap around but still be anchored to the uncut portion at the top. If a Face of clothing was torn completely out, then it would fall to the ground. It would be difficult to tear or cut out some loos piece of fabric, because they would need to be under tension at the place they were cut. If the clothing is loose enough, it will just move out of the way of the weapon and not get caught, of course, a bullet is too fast, and the clothes wouldn’t be able to move away from them. Clothes have the movement limit of a unit per turn, so it one put more momentum on the clothing scrap then 128 momentum, it would perhaps tear. If it was impaled into a hook, and stretched so it could not move out of the way, it could easily be cut like normal clothing.

    In the Gun realm, Empty Buildings must be 4 floors high. With a minimum number of doors to outside, doors inside, empty roof area, stairs up/down, windows, walls, rooms, missing floor tiles (above ground flood), ladders, and ropes, If a building was larger than 12x12 it was forced to roll 1d6 for these minimum numbers of these per floor. Rooms got a 2x Multiplier, Empty roof area got a 10x multiplier, and and missing floor tiles on any floor above ground floor got 20x multiplier. Windows got a 20x multiplier on any floor. A building must roll twice for every 6 length of the square dimensions it has (or equal amount of area (e.g. were the building a square with an equal permitter., rounding up)

    It always looks nice to have some furniture or and some tables inside your buildings.


  21. Inherent- Death Wave / Magic Wave are too strong w/ realm ring bonus. Damage reduced to 200% to MS/UD and 100% to Living. Death wave still deals 0% damage to undead and Magic Wave still deals 0% damage to Magic.

    Inherent- Bigorty- Changed to not be as strong as Death Wave, deals 150% damage to MS/UD

  22. _________

    RTS Mode (must be computerized)

    Movement occurs at x rate, if unit lost half movement for turn,it moves at 50% rate for turn, etc. Unit has 200% movement for turn, moves at 200% rate for turn.

    If a “turn” were a second, one could find the rates of these. If a unit moves at one tile per second, a turn would have a base of 8 seconds.

    Pick MP/AP refresh
    Pick attack refresh
    Pick flora spawn times

    Pick pregnancy/delivery times

    Anything time based really


    For tearing of items.

    Strike with Edge / Side / Point of weapon/item is Sharp attack and can tear clothes
    Strike with Face of weapon/item, it is Blunt attack and does not tear clothes.

    For Cloth type

    Loose ~ like a scarf, flutters around, if it falls it retains it’s form, but it can change it’s position freely.
    Stiff- like armor, does not flutter around, if pierced it will not flutter in the wind. If it falls, it retains it’s form and shape. (This might vibrate a little bit ( effected by momentum at 10% rate, will not leave 45 degree angle anchoring (still attached by the anchoring axis) axis without breaking.

    Wind on character items. The wind applies it’s speed as a constant momentum on loose items. These units of momentum don’t face unless the wind changes in number (strength/speed) or direction. (This is largely for vanity effect, the items will not be blown away, and the momentum can be reduced , so one wind will apply 1 momentum in the direction(s) it is blowing in to any items.

    For Weapons (only pertinent in GTA/Blade Runner, and for vanity) A weapon is drawn or sheathed. One must have their weapon drawn to rob a store. Having a weapon drawn in public is illegal.

    Gun Realm. It takes 2/4/8 movement to reload a weapon. (or apply poison)

    Clip Size
    Semi-Auto - 16
    Pistol- 8
    Pump - 4
    Sniper -2

    Gun Style
    Semi-auto - 4 attacks per turn
    Pistol -2 attacks per round 175% or 200% damage
    Pump 1 attack per round, 300% or 400% bonus damage
    Sniper rifle- 1 attack per two rounds, 600% or 800% damage. The sniper must set up 2/4/8 movement before firing. A sniper rifle has 200% the range it would have if it were a normal weapon.

    Flamethrower - 200% bonus to cone style attacks. Has 50% range. This applies a debuff, this deals no damage the turn it deals damage, but deals 50% damage it dealt on the following turn, and 25% of the damage it dealt on the second turn after it deals damage.

    Double Pistol - 50% chance to hit per attack, can attack 4 times per round (2x per pistol). Functions as two pistols, can wield to pistols both up to weapon max, independent clips.

    Gun God Ability - Immortal Buildings -|2| Gun player option for kingdom - Immortal buildings (one does not need to kill all buildings to win, all buildings can be captured like a castle.)
    Vanity - Color Blend - A unit can average the colors composing their base resources (body). This can be applied as a solid color throughout, instead of being a rainbow.

    One averages the Red, Green, and Blue independently. If one were 4 red and 2 green. 4 x 255 0 0 , and 2 x 0 255 0, (4 x 255 / 6) (2 x 255 / 6) ( 0 x 255 / 6)

    ~Leads to 170 Red 85 green 0 Blue. (This might make things appear dark or ugly colors, feel free to otherwise pick your most dominant color and then average with Black/ White number as one sees fit.)


  23. ___

    In GTA, If one can “win” a vendor via diplomacy, an item or part the 50%/100% of the weight of the vendor is free. One can only do this once without buying something.

    Inherent- % chance ability changes.

    Instead of having a capped % chance to work. These abilities now function on a chance of (X/R), where X is the number of resources composing the ability, and R is the number of resources composing the target. This is the chance of success, and excess leads to a chance or guaranteed effect on the successive turn(s).

    Torment the Fallen- The turn a 0 realm creature hostile ability. This is being changed a bit.

    Going for ~Torment

    Torment- Turn a 0 world unit or Undead unit hostile. This will also cause any Magically summoned creature that is allied with anyone to become a neutral unit with a neutral path.

    Dominate Mind - This dominates the mind of a Magic unit, giving the caster the ability to control it as if it belonged to the player.

    These abilities are written locally from the Living realm. So Undead would simply be : Easterly; a unit that is of the type that is the Eastern adjacent realm of the ring. Magic would become Westerly; a unit that is of the Western adjacent realm of the ring.

    This means a Magic unit can cast Torment on a Living unit that has been dominated by the Undead Unit’s Dominate Mind.


    Legacy Game- Footies - (All legacy games can be played from the same Legacy Game, the game itself just determines available compositions of units and items if pertinent (DotA) and Map size (For GTA feel free to take 4 map tiles per currency, 256 is a small city, more like a block).

    Player has X buildings in base.

    Item specifics are loosely agreed upon. (Number / Valid effects)

    Player has 1/2/x Hero

    Determine; Cost of Unit; Cost of Hero Resurrection; Cost of items per resource; Cost of item effect per point;

    Determine; start currency # ; unit kill currency # ; hero kill currency # ; building kill currency #

    Each player start on a map tile and can set up their base as they please. No players will start in a center tile (e.g. 3x3, no player on center tile, If the middle is a square, then it is up to the players.)

    Abilities, if there are Heroes, pick 2/4/x abilities per hero.

    Units: Melee / Ranged / Caster
    Pick Number of each type of unit spawned per refresh.

    Unit Type Number ; This is the number of different units the player can get, (e.g. player has 3 melee buildings, but Unit type number is 1, so all 3 produce the same melee unit.)

    Caster has 1 ability, it is X.

    Base Movement Per turn ; Unit 2/4/8 ;; Hero 2/4/8/16 (2 would make games long on a large map)

    Inherent- Regardless of there being wrap around on the map, there is no wrap around in things like Footies or DotA ; these games are tributes to games that did not have them. If one is doing Small Custom Skirmish on a Legacy game or Blade Runner, map wrap around is an option. One can use wrap around on a DotA or Footies game, but by default it is turned off.


  24. This, should hopefully make playing the game more feasible, without a computer, on a small scale.

    Easier Pen and Paper Mode- (Mode) -

    Colors of a unit must be 100% / 50% / 25% of the unit

    Effects, (reductions or anything) must be 100%/50%/25%

    Momentum must be whole numbers, or it rounds down/up

    No rain/water/terrain physics

    Units muse be made of of resources (like tedious mode, otherwise one has too many units). One can do this by bringing the resource into the building, or put the resource into vault of building.

    Items and Enchantments are also made of resources.

    Consumables are made of corners, there are 8 corners of resource per gathered (loose) resource.

    No neutral Creatures
    No wild Critters

    No Fraction Accumulation. If fraction accumulation must be 1/2 ; 1/4 ; 1/8 or easy numbers, round to the nearest one, or otherwise 0.

    Use a Small Map (say 3x3 Map tiles, with center tile as water, for two players) this has small buildings)

    Laborer movement and collection, this can be put on repeat. So if a player moves it’s laborer around to collect a resource and bring it to a building, it can just say to loop that route. If the laborer can collect and return a resource in two turns with a route, then it yields 3.5 resources per week to the building. (This is an easy fraction and could accumulate)

    Smaller brood numbers. No litter rolls. Unit buildings produce the same as in the wild. Or In the wild, 1/6 chance to loose children.

    1-8 : 4
    9-16 : 4
    17-24 : 3
    25-32 : 3
    33-40 : 2
    41-48 : 2
    49-56 : 1
    57-64: 1

    (This, or half all and round down, if less than one, round up. (all 1 or 2), the mass accumulation of units could easily prove to be very problematic

    This mode has small buildings. Divide the length of each building by 3, and round up. If this number is less than one and does not round up, then the length of the side is one.

    Item Stat Affinity (% bonus for matching stats) and Ability affinity (1% bonus to composition) must yield a full resource in order to be applied. Ability affinity, this should be done by the ability type regardless of level and color. (No affinity gains from friendly fire)

    Evasion- This is no cap, but is consecutive chance style. Minimum of 5% if you have 1d20, minimum of 10% if you have 1d10, minimum of 16% if you have 1d6

    Plants (all plants trees/food/drugs) don’t spawn on their own. Seeds must be taken from botanist. (would be a pain otherwise). 1 resource gives 8 seeds. takes one botanist point to turn a resource into seeds. To get vegetable seeds, they must be of the right type of resource that gives the same stat as the vegetable. All other plants can come from any type of resource, but the color will still match.

    No tunnels below minimum terrain height.

    No Buildings above max terrain height.

    Or, even better, cleaner, and easier. No tunnels, no multilevel buildings.

    One could have a grid drawn on a whiteboard. Or a grid whiteboard, that one can pass around, and the players write their unit position, and include what tiles are seen by the unit. They pass it around, and it works like battleship whether or not another player’s unit is seen.

    Each player has their own copy of the board (or excel sheet) to position their units own.

    An excel sheet is prepared to house the terrain info. Color; micro terrain height.

    This type of game only occurs in the Living Realm. Necromancy can occur just like magical summon, giving the summoner the ability to define their own units, (undead won’t arm themselves as they do in the Dense mode of the game, so they would always be weaker if attempted to be summoned, as they don’t have the AI to be as strong as possible.)

    For Simplicity, there is no Bird/Water/Snake type units.

    There is no -1 or -2 realm, or even a 0 realm for reasons sake in this game. Someone can attempt to be a 2 player, but these are not very crucial in the Living realm.


  25. (easy pen and paper mode cont.)

    Max range of 8/x tiles.

    Max visibility of 8/16/x tiles

    % chance effect dropped to most approximate chance
    Use a Coin Flip(s) for : 50% / 25% 12.5%
    Use 1d6 for : x/6 ;
    Use 1d10 for : x/10 or x/20 ( If 30%, roll 1,2, or 3 on 1d10)

    Each unit would have a stat card with it’s base stats, buffs would be given buff cards, that play under a unit card. a unit has a map token (cut a piece of a small post-it), that it can move about on the map with. Items have independent cards that are played on top of a unit card. (A buff like pleasure would not change a unit’s health on it’s base card. There would be an “Active stats” notecard / excel sheet with the unit’s current HP on it, once it’s HP falls from the buffed level to at or below it’s regular level, it loses the pleasured buff)

    If a unit and item doesn’t come to the right increments of each color, colors are made even, based upon the ones that don’t fit. (E.g. 8R 7B 4Y 1G becomes 8R 6B 4Y 2G; if playing color must be 10% of composition at minimum)

    Simple Height Used; Terrain level 1 height, Unit is 2 height, building is 4 height. Items don’t move. Table is 1 height, no collision with chair.

    As needed, a tile would have a card made for it, and items that are on the tile lay appear as cards that lay on that tile’s card.

    (I might have missed some things, key elements, or something, but this should make the game far far far easier to play by hand. If there are hiccups, like the numbers become insane, there could be an easy solution to that.)


  26. Classy Physics

    For vanity animations, regarding rotation of units and momentum induction, and momentum transfer.

    A unit has a center of gravity at the median of it’s X , Y , and Z dimensions. Momentum is applied to the corner that is struck, and transfers to all adjacent corners without losing any momentum at a rate of 16/32 corners per tick of Unit momentum, each time the Unit momentum ticks, the current momentum of each corner is applied to the corners, and if this would “break” a body, then opposite momentum is added to the corners of blood on the opposite side of the center of gravity. So if it were 8 East Horizontal Momentum ; 4 North Displacement momentum, and 2 Up momentum ; and this would otherwise “break” the unit when applied by the above means, the excess is applied to the most opposite corner (highest % correlation (e.g. Corner (4,-5,7) using the center of gravity as (0,0,0) has an opposite corner at (-4,5,-7).) so, the excess becomes 8 West Horizontal Momentum, 4 South Displacement momentum, and 2 down momentum, applied to the correct opposite corner on the unit. A unit’s body will move within it’s range of motion without recoiling (reflecting the direction of momentum), and when it reaches it’s breaking point or otherwise, it is once again transferred by the same means.

    For real time FPS mode, taking a consecutive shot in multiple rounds moves the aim by 1% , or X%.


  27. While Color Roll and Element roll multiply out independently. (e.g. (C x E x D) Color roll; Element roll; Damage), many bonuses are additive.

    If something is a 200% bonus, it likely gives 2x damage, but multiple types of this bonus would be added together before multiplying, so having a 200% bonus and a 100% bonus and a 32% bonus. Would be 200% +150% +32% before being multiplied against the damage. Every bonus is added to a base of 100%, which is just the 1x multiplier of whatever it was. (100% + 200% + 150% +32%) ~ 482% bonus, multiply outgoing damage by 4.82 (There are likely way too many bonuses in this game, but take some of them out if it’s too much bono.)

    Option- If still damage is too low (no idea how) (%bonus that is normally additive, is multiplied, a 32% bonus is the same as multiplying by 1.32 a 100% bonus is (100%+100%) multiplying by 2. Take the % bonus, add 100%, and multiply by that number)


  28. If one wanted road function in GTA, the base movement bonus to road will not make much sense. Instead. Try using Pavement as a level 2 road, and dirt/gravel as a level 1 road. Non-road areas are still non roads. For a pavement road, one can reduce the momentum cost of traveling one unit of terrain to 0.5.

    Different types of terrain would impact a car differently. Some would apply a multiplier to acceleration,(e.g sand accelerate at only 50% rate at the same cost of fuel/movement);

    ( ice: turning is 0% / 20% / 50% as effective (normally takes 3 turns to displace one unit right, now it takes 6 turns to displace one unit right); braking is 0%/ 10% as effective.

    Also Ice: Momentum loss from terrain being crossed by a car reduced to 10%.)

    Turning on ice ~the car retains 50%/100% of horizontal momentum when turning (rather than converting it into displacement), if the car successfully turns, remaining horizontal momentum is transferred to displacement momentum. (Some of the 0% and 100% on ice would be some baby oil ice though.)

    ( A braking ratio would be like it takes X turns while applying the brakes to reduce horizontal momentum by Z. )


  29. Inherent-Going 256 terrain levels deep in tunnel level is ridiculous, so pick every 1/2/4 tunnel levels below the map terrain height gives a unit of Magic Mines or International Waters. (map terrain, because digging below the ocean floor is like ~ 1k or more tunnel levels from the ground.

    If one does not have a Gang player(s) one flips a coin as to whether one gets international waters or magic mines. International Waters works just like normal water on a planet. (Since there is no “ Gang Underground” for normal water units.


  30. If there is no underground where one attempts to enter International Waters, then the unit will just appear at the Sea Floor on that tile.


  31. {Color} Lotus - Item effect- The killed unit has a 1% chance per item effect to spawn a Dark Lotus where it dies. This flower Adds 1 resource of the color type to a building under construction without the cost of labor. These flowers spawn two children when they breed, but only breed once every 4 days like a fruit. This flower cannot be eaten. This flower does not provide seeds when picked. When one picks this item effect, one picks a color of lotus, there must be at least one of that color of resource in the item. The type is 1d6 ( 1,2: Structure ; 3,4 : energy; 5 : luxury; 6: power). This flower can be carried as a drug, consumable, or ingredient, it does not have any weight. If you play hard core then it only works on clothes and tables. then Using this on a building consume the Lotus. If your hardcore it can be destroyed by damage, it acts as a unit also targetable upon being seen. You can use this for your chosen spell, you pick your favorite spell before the game starts, your mayor will ask you if you were not Little Che controlling the world in his form as a dead necromantic fetish, somehow not dead, but forgotten, someone gave the this character a life as an item in the |2| realm, but the item had health, and it acted as a completely broken item without life on it, but it wouldn’t disappear. If it dies, it is still an item, it is just completely broken, you can turn a m once created in the |2| realm, even if your color isn’t your favorite. It’s your color regardless.

    Warmonger - Ability - This unit gains one resource to it’s effective weight (as if it were carrying another item) for every enemy unit this Unit sees killed. This unit loses one resource to it’s effective weight (can take it below it’s natural) for every allied unit this unit sees die. (Is not effected by civilian deaths.). This ability does not cost anything to cast, cannot be dispelled, the effect is permanent (unit cannot stop being a warmonger), and lasts until death. The warmonger stacks are reset, but the Unit remains a warmonger if resurrected, and it will gain/lose resources accordingly.


  32. Because i’m a fucking snake, spitting cobra,
    spin my gun when i slither, I don’t know you
    pull the trigger with the recoil man killer

    If you wanted to play Blade Runner, you could play real time if you had and blade runner capability, but sadly, if you wanted your units to breed, you would have to put in the extra currency, but it couldn’t be of the same color your game was. Also, your gestation period would have to make sense, if your hour/minute was a second, and not a real second, and you had a 20 day gestation period was 5 or 6 weeks, you would be a mouse. A second was still a second, or if you did not, you had to be a fairy or something. If your gestation was 3 or 4 weeks, and you had about 30-50 eggs at one time, but they have to be eggs for that time, your eggs are as strong as a unit, but take up only one unit of space. These can be thrown like an item if if attacked, but don’t take fall damage.if you wanted 500% you can lay webs because you’re a spider, but the |2| players were the Canaanites, and all buildings and units are 1000/ 10k% as large as a spider, Spiders still roll for fritters and a fucking roll of midrange is in there, for the critters to have that middle ground, these middle size species are only 500% as large, but they are still quite large. If you must summon a unit, and again, with this with units of 10% the size of the spider, but the spider was only 10% itself in these numbers, the 1% being small things, there was also a category that was 100% the size of the spider. These can still be summoned if they fit in the area. If you couldn’t control the size of the unit with the spell, if it was available, All of these sizes and sizes of unit occur on the |1| realm, but the |2| player can still try to do something.

    1D6 Spider Size roll for Uncontrolled Summon
    2: 10%
    5: 1000%
    6: 5k or roll again.; or take 5% these did not fit

    With this being true, either 10 spider units are equal to one unit. So 10 spiders can be on one tile.

    With this being true, This is just the area of one unit of the |2| realm here, being the 100% creatures, themselves seeing themselves as one unit and perchance not seing the spider. It cost 2 vision per leg of tile to the spider in order for a |2| unit to see a spider. This is true for the |3| at the same rates, being 500%, if you liked being the |1|, then spider is an |S| and 1% is a |S0|, |S-1| so forth. This also applies to damage rates between the units. The breeding time of a level was divided by whatever % larger the unit is than the spider. There are 4 or 5 realms up and, and 1 or 2 realms down in size.

    These units all coexist on the same map of sorts, but it functions much like a terrain levels, but rather, a change in perspective, when one does this, ones vision capacity is multiplied by (L / U); where L is the level of vision or perspective, If one makes out an object, one can focus on it, by dividing (S / U) where S was the size of the target unit and U was the size of the observing unit , when their size was the average size of all of their parts.


  33. All critters, flora, fauna, and resources exist, but they are rolled for every realm, from the top down in size. A top realm is the highest realm, disregarding the negative. They are rolled a normal, eventually down to the bottom, once or each realm, only rolling unoccupied tiles. And true, the tiles themselves were only half as large or 20% as large when the rolling commenced to that level. These could be collected at appropriate percents, 10x 1% resources is one 10% resource, and utilized on a different level. A larger resource could be broken down by laboring upon it. So a 1% tree would be grass, and so a 10% tree would be a shrub or something; things making sense. If you couldn’t make sense of the genus, you either had to rely on magical names, or name it something close. 5% probably makes more sense from a player perspective, 5k% at 375 weeks is a long gestation.even at one turn equaling one day, 9000 turns. so 1000% being very long at 2100 turns, even though lifespans, are multiplied by the % size of a spider’s life.

    If you are a spider. A spider is really a spider if it is the largest spider, other ones are smaller spiders. Upon reaching a year of life, Flip a coin to die, call whatever your choice is. If you did not die, Upon reaching 1.5 years of age, call whichever you wanted to do, if you did not die. Upon reaching 2 years of age, call whichever you want to do, if you do not die, you must flip a coin for death every Month.

    Death translates up at scale through the ranks.

    You do not have to be a spider in blade runner, but it makes sense from a player perspective, but 35 minute gestation is what 1000% is, quite long of a game to be so under numbered if you play one second.

    If you wanted lady carried by a flying caravan unleashing naked units onto the street. One rolls 1d10 for age. People still die at 100. There wasn’t much breeding, but the lades of the street will fly around and give birth to any units who inseminate them, but each of the 4 Caravan’s Hands. If you were a lady, and/or someone who found that this this is odd, then you get to be the Caravan’s Hand whenever you are bred, the father is still only the people who have inseminated you, but you only give birth to these children once of every 4 weeks, you do not control where you go and you usher in the litter wherever the death of persons was accrued. Any father that would have otherwise successfully bred with the lady has it’s children added to a cycle of these, but the father’s color roll determined how many times the children would be spawned and rolled.

    These % (of size) also apply to stats


  34. Only a spider could spin webs for free. If you were serious about spiders, and the size of spider you were did not spin webs, you cannot spin a web. A Spider must be at least 75% spider to spin a web. |S0| creatures can fly, and there is S0 / R % chance to be able to use one’s movement to
    fly. where S0 is the spider 0 perspective, and the R was the number of resources composing the unit.

    Spider was |1| so Halfling |S0.5| would be 5% these one’s gain the ability to swim or fly by the same rate, each one was determined at birth if undefined. It was a 50% chance flying, 50% chance swimming. A Mixed one of these can swim and fly.

    A |2| creature can swim at rate for % / R ; a |3| creature can burrow and climb trees at 2D / R ; D for perspective, realm, Dimension Unit; S0 and all of these are D realms

    A |3| creature has a gave a 50% chance to gain swim or burrow/climb from another coin flip, or 50% chance to gain 200% bonus to land movement.

    A |4| creature gained 200% bonus to land movement, and 100% to swimming naturally, this unit had a chance to gain digging at D /R 100% rate. There was a 50% chance to gain flying.

    A |5| creature had 100% land movement, swimming, and there was a 50% chance to gain 200% swimming or land movement from another coin flip, or take 150% of both. There was a 50% chance to gain spider web.

    poison spitting worse death than fire
    I strike but i just claw at the eyes
    poison wile i quiver so cruelly vile

    kill the every man shake them high
    pull the trigger still i die


  35. Spider web - you have as many spider web lengths as you have movement, one can cast a movement buff on the spider to gain more web, but it can only gain either movement or web. One can apply multiple spider web lengths on the same length to gain a road of that strength on the web, up to 8 layers of web for an 8 layer road.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.


  37. Inherent- one can attack while falling, so long as one is conscious. This is how one can go off the top ropes and do damage. Melee range is effectively a 1 radius sphere around the unit, the unit itself acting as a point, not really part of radius, the radius is in legs extending across the unit so a square / cube about. The melee range being any of the 24 tiles of a 3x3 cube with the unit as the center unit. A unit can still attack itself.


  38. Falling gives the unit free movement, and is able to attack if it has not attacked, has attacks left, or can use spells/abilities. The unit has the chance to act at every turn falling so long as it’s momentum is below 8, with it’s chance to attack being (N)-8, If below zero it could attack, if a number, 1/n chance for it to be able to attack, or it can only attack every N units that it has fallen.


  39. option-I’ll be Watching You - base movement can be 4, and breeding take 2x as long


  40. Being caught in a spider web will catch the unit, applying the 800% the level of the road as a stun of the size of a pure spider. This will not break(consume) the web if the 800% of the level of the road is greater than the level of the unit. The unit can attempt to fight it’s way out of a rape, but only if it isn’t stunned. If the the larger the unit the higher chance it has to break the web and resist the stun.


  41. A spider can apply web to a unit, but this costs the spider movement as well as web. A spider can attack the unit while webbing a unit,


  42. If the bottoms of your feet were roughly the size of an area of tiles below you, you can attempt to crush the smaller things with your feet. If not, your feet are roughly 10% of your size, feel free to be a bipedal spider.


  43. if your units or anything have a full shape, then the one that was less than you could look at you as if you were tiles on a map that just happen to be there, like a building. Any building could work, as they have enough definition, a unit this is just one unit that could see an open tile to make contact with the larger unit instead of another unit, you can use simple height if lacking.


  44. If you wanted to use a whip as a rope gun or something on anchor hooks, the name of the unit had to be a Proper Noun that was a place, A country to A Street is fine, this would be the unit’s first name, this name was to be no more than # words long. A unit could still have other names. The same name could be used only once every 20/50/100 names of units. The whip would still function as a limp rope on the rope anchor than was roped to the wielder of the weapon.


  45. If an enemy gang member is in a gang castle, one can occupy the castle for 7 days, if one is still alive, the castles yours, and the gang loses the ability to get one resource out of their territory every 7 days after that. Gangs members have 32 amount of movement underwater. When you’re a Jet your a Jet for the rest of your days


  46. If you have double pistols, the stats the unit gains from the double pistols is halved. The pistols each retain their individual stats when used to augment attacks and abilities.These two attacks can be averaged, or given the full effect of 2 attacks with a 50% chance to miss.


  47. Gangs on Land
    If you wanted to be your own gang, you had to pick a color. It didn’t have to the be the same as the player color. If you can really tell colors apart, you have to pick away team, and alternate colors, for your gang, if you ran into a gang that had the same color as you. You could attempt to fight the Gangs on their own territory as well as reclaim gang territory if it is free of any gang related buildings, and gang affiliated units. Civilians were also very good in the gang territory, still having full ability to work. Water laborers can work in gang territory in the water, and flying units can operate in the gang territory in the clouds. Anything can damage a gang member in any form if it is within range.

    One can also be urbane and say roads are 2x2, and cars can be anything that is within that bounds. And open up garages in the gang territory, still functioning as land. If a bird could own gang territory, it’s control would remain in the hands of the bird, until anything took it over by force. Gang members have a castle somewhere in their ocean kingdom, of 25% 100% size of normal, on the sea floor, but a gang member’s castle could always fly.

    and you can gain the resources from liquid they can, but one can only gain them from water.

    If an enemy gang member is in a gang castle, one can occupy the castle for 7 days, if one is still alive, the castles yours, and the gang loses the ability to get one resource out of their territory every 7 days after that. Gangs members have 32 amount of movement underwater. When you’re a Jet your a Jet for the rest of your days

    If you have double pistols, the stats the unit gains from the double pistols is halved. The pistols each retain their individual stats when used to augment attacks and abilities.These two attacks can be averaged, or given the full effect of 2 attacks with a 50% chance to miss.

    If you were a hardcore man in blade runner, the civilians would do all of the work to build the things. One could have electricity or one would have 1/D where day was the day of the week in vision. A power plant would take one of energy or power to run. Buildings were made from Structure, and Luxury brought specialty shops the finer things.

    House is an Empty Building. 4x4 per structure resource, do anything you want inside of it with wills and doors. If you don’t want level floors, just keep the celling at or above 2 units.

    The buildings still function the same way, you could force a priest to choose a specialty and call it a doctor or something. The buildings will offer the unit a job. Each item is made tediously adding one resource at a time. Civilians came in all shapes and sizes here, but they still would only fight if you rolled a 6 on 1d6. The civilians automatically get the work done, and can reproduce if desired. One builds ones city before one plays, utilizing the resources as fast as one desires. The resources optionally deplete, one can play any option in blade runner if it works. Each smithy, or wood works had to have a specialty, furniture, weapons, body armor, clothing, and it would only make that type.

    A lamp was made of resources, it was at least 2 parts energy or structure and 1 part luxury or power. The lamp needed at least one energy or power to be a lamp. A lamp provides daylight visibility when it is on, and the distance of this is the number of power resources, or half the number of energy resources. The lamp is composed of a bulb and a base, the bulb was the energy or power resources, and the base was the structure or luxury resources. A lamp base was made in a wood works, and a bulb was made in a smithy that was a lightbulb factory. A lamp must be powered to work. If a lamp has half of a visibility, then it can be seen but does not provide illumination. One can break a lightbulb and a lamp base as if it were a unit. A base is 200% as strong as it’s resources.


  48. One must string power lines from a power supply to a point where one needs power. This is done by Electric Wire made from any resource, one got a length of 4 power lines for every one structure or energy resource, and 8 power lines for every luxury or power resource, and were made like ropes, but at a specialized smithy. These function like ropes, but will electrocute units. An Electric wire carries the amount of Ecurrent it has being drawn from it. A power plant can produce current by sacrificing resources into a power plant hearth. A plant gains 64 power per structure or luxury resource, and 128 power per energy resource, and 256 power per power resource. Everything runs on electricity, and one Ecurrent will provide enough power for a building to utilize one resource in one turn, so if a level 64 smithy has 64 current a professional could make a level 64 item. A Lamp costs as much as it’s bulb in current per second. Power is lost once it is consumed, but it will not fade if it is in the lines.

    If one can get water to flow through a building, one can take one momentum from the unit of water, and turn that into 64 power.

    A professional has Professional affinity, it gains one in that profession, for every time it creates an item. It can only create an item that is 150% it’s size, rounding up, but it gains one Professional affinity per item crafted. It’s Prof Affinity starts at 1, but it can go up to level 64. Each level has 1/2/4/8 Prof Affinity per resource, once a professional makes it to the next level, it can create the new item. So if a professional gained 1 Work Experience as a level one unit, at leveling rate of 4 work experience per Prof Affinity level, it would take 4 level one items to produce the next level of item. A professional has 1 labor as it grows, but it’s number of labors is given x% bonus effect, if it has 50% chance, it can flip a coin to be able to do labor. A professional can access any resources that are on the able in front of it / given to it / in the vault / nodes inside of the building.

    Plants might need water to grow, but fuck it, a planted crop will not grow until it is rained on or there is water on any side of the tile that is not sea water. Or there is water within X radius of the tile.

    One can make plumbing, if one has the water pressure to do so. One can convert 2 current into one air pressure if one has an empty building and builds a structure that is a 1x1 to 7x7 building, providing one Air Pressure capacity for 2 energy or structure resources or 1 power or luxury resource, One can also apply pressure with a manual pump, requiring labor instead of power, at half the rate of speed. Pipes can be laid underground, if you are bastante you have to dig to lay your pipes underground. Pipes can be broken like a unit, but they are 200% as strong as a normal unit. One can make a pipe, one resource gives one to the strength of a single unit of pipe, or one to the length of the single unit of pipe. The pipe can handle up to 2/4/8 times it’s of resources in water pressure. The water in the pipe will freeze unless it is below 2/4/8 terrain height, this is where the temperature reacclimatizes underground to 0 if insulated. If it freezes this will break the pipe.

    Pressure damage- if one has pinned one’s enemy, do one’s full resource weight as damage, added to anything. This if fallen units are stacked on top of each other, or you have pinned an opponent. If a unit is on the ground, it can be pinned.


  49. Units must eat to stay alive because you are hardcore and had that on already, a unit must eat every so often, so if your turns are minutes, then every 24 hours must eat 1/16 it’s weight in food or it’s fatigued for 10% of it’s stats until it is not starved. This stacks until death.

    Civilians do not ask questions. Currency does not seem to have must professional impact, but people are paid in currency, and one currency provides a color roll against the item, and this is how much the currency counts as, rounding to 0.5/0.1/0.05/0.01 Fractions of currency can accumulate. Currency still must be made in a mint.

    One can take a lady of the week in one’s castle or along one’s roads, the Governor had a choice as to the composition of the units involved int he affair.

    More Wrestling Moves

    Sweep-ability- Puts an opponent on the ground at half the cost of a stun; the unit is not stunned and can get up on it’s next turn, at the cost of one movement.

    Pin-ability- If a unit is on the ground, it can be pinned. A pinned target takes 200% melee damage and the pinning unit gets a 200% bonus to control against the unit. Time for the leg drops from the ropes on the dude getting the upside down walls. The unit pinning the target cannot move for the duration of this. This ability must be cast in melee range.

    The whole unit gains half stats from double pistols also applies to double anything, one could have double knives at the same effect for melee range.

    ~Blade Runner thing - Planes- Planes are like helicopters in that they fly, but a plane can’t look around. A helicopter can look around like a unit looks around, and is bound by running in the same way a unit is. A plane has double acceleration gains from engines, but has a fixed direction it is looking (the front); a plane still has aerial handling like a helicopter, but it still has the same turn rates as a normal vehicle (as do helicopters, but a helicopter can rotate without moving.

    A vehicle must be on the ground and upside down in order to explode.

    Option- Far lower carry capacity on food / ingredients / drugs things like that (not items or consumables) Food 4 meals; 16/32/64 ingredients; and 8 bags of drugs. Poison should be fine, but i don’t quite remember, perhaps 8 clips. Get those caravans ready.

    The gun realm could have some benefits for guns like wrestling, but its always good to pistol whip some fools.


  50. One Creates Walls at a woodworks, walls consist of planks and posts. One can also make metal building things. A Pillar is 1x1 building tile wide, and there are 64/128 building tiles per side of the tile. A building tile is a cube as well, being three dimensional, but it can be as high as one wants. A pillar is used to hang planks on, and a plank is L x 1 x H wall, like a sheet of a table, it can be as tall as a building normally is.

    Walls are made by this rate. Divide the number of resources composing the wall by 2, then use this number and divide the 256, this is the number of walls that are made.

    Pillars are made by this rate. Divide the number of resources composing the pillar by 2, and then use this number and divide the 256. This is the number of Pillars that are made.

    A Column is a 2x2 or 3x3 pillar. A pillar provides support on the radius of the pillar, around the pillar. And it is as heavy as it’s resource weight times it’s area. This makes these quite heavy, so refer to doors.

    One can use a caravan as a cart, but the caravan can only move the construction supplies as if it were as strong as a unit 1000% of it’s weight,

    Wire must be strung through a building, in order for a shop like an apothecary to function within any part of the building.

    The acceleration of a car is divided by the number of unit’s carrying capacity it has. It gains 4 unit ’s carrying capacity of hauling capacity for one engine. One can make a double engine on one tile, but it only performs at 175% rate. A double engine will consume twice as much fuel.

    Floorboards are the same as walls, but a floorboard has a +++++ pattern of grooves, in it, with the wall facing towards the floor or roof of a building. A floorboard is twice as thick as a wall, and the shop only makes half as many per rate. One can lay wires within a floorboard, and put things in it such as electrical outlets. An electrical outlet is made from the same required material as a lamp, but the parts are inseparable.

    If one’s power surge is above the capacity of the lines, then it will start a fire. Everything is flammable, and the arson spreads like a curse that does not naturally lose strength. The currency capacity of a wire is 64 power per structure or luxury resource, and 128 power per energy resource, and 256 power per power resource, this meaning one can compose a wire up to 64 resources in strength if need be. These can all fit within floorboards.

    Pillars have 1/8 their weight times their area, and walls have 1/4 their weight as if they were a unit times their area.

    One must use a ladder to hang a wall, a unit only being ably to hang a wall on a pillar that is on the same terrain height or one terrain height above the unit. A unit can provide the bottom two nails in a wall to the second level above it, and the top two nails in the first level below it, but it cannot reach the other part of the wall.

    A unit should build a ladder, a ladder can be made out of anything, a ladder provides a 1% bonus to stats per resource invested. Ladders cost 25% as much per height.


  51. A pleasure hour is the amount of time it takes to gain one pleasure from an activity. ~Should be around an hour, 30 minutes if you’re a communist, or 2 hours if you love freedom. (Of time in game, not real time, (e.g. 1 second turn is 30 seconds, pleasure hour is 120 turns (seconds))

    People like plants and parks. if you put chairs and benches, and lots of plants in an area, and designate it as a park, your people will be happier.

    Appliances to wash clothes exist, if one’s clothes are dirty, people won’t like you, and you get a 50% reduction to diplomacy efforts.

    Vaults for ingredients are refrigerators 4 ingredients per resource, up to 64 resources in a refrigerator.

    A Cache for drugs is like a vault, holding 4 bags of drugs per resource.

    A vault for guns weapons and poison. 1 clip being the size of one resource in an item. One Weapon of carrying weight per 4 resources in the vault.

    Closets are for clothes. Store 64 pieces of clothing for every tile of closet. One must create a wall between to walls to define the amount of space in a closet. This only costs having a door into the closet, and one length of pillars that are 8 resources or more per tile.

    A Dresser is like a closet, but is a 1x1 piece of furniture with drawers. It gains 2 pieces of clothing held for one resource.

    One can have a sink or dishwasher to wash plates. If one wants plates. Plates can stack up to 64 on a tile, are composed of up to 16 resource each, and can be thrown to deal damage. Plates can be made at a rate of 256 a week in a woodworks or smithy (production building). A dishwasher requires electricity, but washing a plate takes one labor. The base labor of a unit is 8/X per turn (second).

    One can have a stove, a stove can cook ingredients gaining one ingredient capacity for every 2 resources. if only color or type was matched, the resource counts as two, and if neither were matched, it counts as 4., a stove is like a table. A stove requires electricity.

    One must prepare ingredients in order for them to be usable for cooking. This costs 1 labor. per ingredient. One can have a machine to do this, it can prepare ingredients at the rate a stove can cook them. This appliance requires power. This can be placed on a counter.

    One can buy a counter, a counter is a 1x1x1 item like a table, but it can be anchored to the wall. A counter has two cabinets, and a counter than things can be placed on.

    A cabinet can store 64 items such as plates.

    A pantry is like a closet that holds ingredients that don’t expire. Meat expires, and cooked meals expire, the rest of the plants don’t expire.

    If one really has children, one can buy them toys a toy will give a child satisfaction at a rate of (I/L) where I is the number of resources composing the item and L is the age of the unit. Upon becoming an adult, then it will seek satisfaction form traditional sources, and not toys.

    One can buy a couch (much like a double table, but for a chair). This can provide comfort to the unit. A chair will grant (R/16L) satisfaction per turn.

    One can buy a bottle rack, this holds up to 64 bottles . This can be placed on a counter.


  52. One can buy a mirror, which works like a window that one can hang on a wall. One can see one’s reflection if one has 3d, if not, one can see one’s stats for it’s life. If one is physically attractive, one gains satisfaction by looking into a mirror at a rate of 1 or 2 per Pleasure Hour. To determine if one is physically attractive or not. Roll a 1d10 ; hard mode ; 8,9 is only attractive, 8 gets 1, 9 gets 2; easy mode; 6,7,8,9 is attractive, 6,7 gets one 8,9 gets two.

    One requires a typewriter to write things for leisure. One resource gives one 512 pages of paper, and a typewriter is composed of 32 resources. A library will bind a book for you, 512 pages of paper fit in an envelope, and one can carry 8 envelopes of paper as one item.

    One can paint a picture, one canvas is D1 x D2 pixels in size, and this is the size of a sprite of a unit, (e.g. 16x16) ; if not 64 pixels to each side or 128 pixels to either side per resource, one can drop off extra pixels.

    One can go exercise, but one cannot carry a gun when running/swimming or lifting weights. One gains one sprint/breath affinity for each pleasure hour spent running/swimming, one gains one Strength affinity for each pleasure hour spent lifting weights. Sprint affinity increases one’s sprint by up to 2, granting one unit of sprint for every 100 units, at 250 sprint affinity, one gains 1 base movement (where impactful (sports). Every 4 units of Strength affinity grants one one resource to the size of an object one can pick up without penalty. (Affinity up 256)

    One can go to a shooting range. One gains one 50% to chance to negate a miss when it rolls one per 100 points of affinity. at 250 points, one gains a 50% chance to get this chance.

    One can be a stripper, this gains one satisfaction per pleasure hour spent on dancing on a pillar greater than or equal to one’s base resource weight, one can also watch a stopper and gain one satisfaction per pleasure hour. Stripping affinity will give one a 50% chance to jump one tile vertically at 50% cost, and it will give one another 50% chance roll to pull one’s self up from a ledge if the first one fails. One gets one of each of these chances for every 100 affinity, at 250 affinity you get a third of both of these chances.

    One can play legacy game if one likes, these are like computers here. Don’t get too caught up in the legacy game. Even just cards, but one wouldn’t need a computer to do that, one could go to the game store and get a deck of cards, these would be like a misc item.

    Units tend to gain one satisfaction per pleasure hour spent doing something. These can accumulate and will negate gains of being “unsatisfied” as long as they last. Units also lose one stack of satisfaction per 24 hours.

    One can buy a painting and look at it. If one enjoys the painting, gain one pleasure per pleasure hour spent.

    One can garden or grow plants. One gains affinity, this gives a 50% chance to gain an extra plant yield from each harvest. One gains one of these chances for every 100 affinity. One gains a third chance at 250 affinity.

    Riding an animal is fun, as is playing with one. Find a mount or a critter to ride or play with. A critter will return an item it can naturally carry if you throw it to the critter, and it is tame enough to be under your control, listen to you, or follow you around. One cannot command a tame critter like god, but giving some plant yield or meat yield will make this more likely, giving the critter obedience affinity. If your creature is not obedient it might go chase other critters or units if it fails a tameness roll of 50% chance to roll, then the roll is (256-A / 256) where A is the tameness affinity. One can control a critter on a rope as if it were an item attached to the rope, and the minimum up incline is 1.

    A unit can define a sport one knows, or make up a new one all together, so long as it involves at least 2 people and ball motion.


  53. Baseball
    A baseball home plate is at (0,0) all bases are one unit in size, and cannot be occupied by a defender is a unit is safe.
    Pitching Mount (0,8)
    Second Base (0,18)
    First Base (9,9)
    Third Base (-9,9)
    Back fence is 32 units away from a line from home base through 1st or 3rd base to the wall.
    The Back fence is 40 units away in a straight line from the batter to the back fence.
    The back fence is 2 units tall, but a unit can still jump in an attempt to catch a ball. Jumping off of the fence grants one vertical momentum at the cost of one movement, rather than two.
    The back fence is a connected fence, but there are 3 units of space on either side of the left or right edges of the fence, that continue down to an area that is 3 units of space behind home plate.

    A pitch is accurate like a ranged attack. A pitcher has a 1/3 or 1/6 chance to be inaccurate on a throw by one corner. If this roll is a 1 or 2, the pitch is inaccurate, and the pitcher rolls again, inaccuracy accumulates. Inaccuracy is simply undesired momentum placed on the ball.
    1 Up
    2 Up right
    3 Up Left
    4 Down Right
    5 Down Left
    6 Down
    7 Right
    8 left
    9 lose 1 momentum on throw
    0 reroll.
    A unit can catch a ball that is within melee range. A unit has a 1d6 chance to catch a ball, 6 and they drop the ball. The player can flip a coin as to whether or not they can reroll once.

    Throwing Baseballs receives 200% effective weight of the knockback or throw.

    A baseball is effected by wind like a normal item.

    A bat is 3 corners long ><> , and looks a bit like that, it can be also be 6 corners, three sets of two corners that make square pyramids

    The strength of a bat is the bat knockback + the player knockback. The player knockback must overpower and counter the momentum of the pitch.

    When batting, the unit is half a tile (one corner length, away from the plate) the batter picks an angle to swing the bat at before the pitch, the batter swings at this position if it choses to swing during the pitch. A batter has a 50% chance to be able to change the angle of it’s swing by one increment up or down when it swings.

    A baseball is a 2 corners in size and weighs as a one resource unit.

    A ball must be hit within the angle between first and third base in order to be fair, if it crosses this line after hitting the ground as a fair ball, it is still fair.

    A pitch is as strong as the throw.

    A batter can put horizontal momentum at a rate of 400% on the ball, and displacement momentum at a rate of 200% on the ball.

    Batting is accurate like a ranged attack. A batter has a 1/2 or 1/3 chance to be inaccurate on a throw by one corner. If this roll is a 1 2 or 3, the strike is inaccurate, and the pitcher rolls again, inaccuracy accumulates. Inaccuracy is simply undesired momentum placed on the ball.
    1 Up
    2 Up right
    3 Up Left
    4 Down Right
    5 Down Left
    6 Down
    7 Right
    8 left
    9 lose 1 momentum on throw
    0 reroll.


  54. If a baseball player is touched by the glove of a player holding a ball, then it is out. The ball has melee range, but only on one’s glove side and in front of ones body. Every player has a glove side and an arm side.

    A runner is forced to run if there is another runner running to the base directly behind it (E.g. the runner to 3rd is forced when an ally is running from 1st to 2nd)

    If a defender is standing on the base, and holds the ball in it’s glove, the forced runner is out, the unforced runner can try to run back to the other base.

    There are 3 outs in an inning, and you can pick the number of innings you want to play.

    If a batter is struck with a ball it gets a free base.

    If the batter hits the ball over the back fence without having the ball cross the foul lines connected to home base extending from first and third base.

    A baseball player can slide into a base, causes its foot to be in front of it’s body, at half the height of a normal unit. (1 height simple size)

    A baseball player must spend one movement to move the ball from any terrain height to the lowest terrain height.

    One can play baseball with a minimum of two people, throwing and catching the ball, or 3 people catching, pitching and batting.

    A Basketball court is 94 x 50 units in size. The 3 point line is in a 21/23 foot radius from the hoop. The Free Throw line is 19 units from the baseline and is 12 units wide. The hoop is 4 units from the base line one hoop is located at (25,0) the other at (26,94) because there is no median tile. In the center tile (25,42) there is a circle with a 5 unit diameter, all units must be outside of this before the tip.

    At the start of the game, there is a tip off, the ball is thrown vertically into the air straight up, and then units can jump and attempt to tip the ball.

    If one attempts to steal from behind this is a foul, i don’t know many fouls for basketball, but they would be hard to commit.


  55. Tennis

    Tennis is must like baseball. A tennis player can put horizontal momentum at a rate of 600% on the ball, and displacement momentum at a rate of 300% on the ball. It can put vertical momentum on a ball at 200% rate.

    Tennis players are 3/4 units tall.

    The tennis next is 2 unit tall (4 corners). A tennis ball is one corner in size.

    A tennis racket is 1 unit in size, with a two corner handle. One can strike a ball that is within melee range, opposite one’s racquet hand for 50% strength, one can strike a ball aligned with ones racket hand for 100% effect within 200% melee range on one’s racquet hand side. This includes overhead shots.

    Tennis shots are accurate like a ranged attack. A tennis player has a 1/2 or 1/3 chance to be inaccurate on a swing by one corner. If this roll is a 1 2 or 3, the strike is inaccurate, and the pitcher rolls again, inaccuracy accumulates. Inaccuracy is simply undesired momentum placed on the ball.
    1 Up
    2 Up right
    3 Up Left
    4 Down Right
    5 Down Left
    6 Down
    7 Right
    8 left
    9 lose 1 momentum on throw
    0 reroll.

    A tennis court is 40 x 80 units.

    A tennis team can have one or two players on it.

    the side lanes are 5x 80 units each. These count as illegal serves if it is not a doubles game.

    The back box is 30x 19 units. The two middle boxes are 15 x 21 units.

    One must serve from the baseline, and one’s serve must land within the small box that is opposite to one’s side, and on the other side of the net.

    For a point to count, the ball must land on a legal spot in the court, and then bounce out of play.

    There is a limit to the amount a unit can work at a job in a day. A unit gets exhausted after 8 hours of work. One can flip a coin, if successful, one can work one more hour, but gains one more unit of tiredness. A unit must sleep for x hours of tiredness, and do nothing for this time, for each one it attains within a 3/5/7 day period. If it does not do this, it will fall asleep at random times. A unit will remove tiredness at twice the rate if it sleeps in a bed.

    One gains Satisfaction by eating, drinking, and leisure activities. One can build a billiards table at a wood works, a dart board at a wood works,

    A hole on a golf course works like a billiards pocket, but a golf course hole is only 1x1 tile. One can oil one’s greens by cutting them slick. One can only oil a green by cutting it. If a green is not cut after 2 days it functions like a fairway. Greens receive 100% bowling oil effect, and fairways receive 50% bowling oil effect.


  56. More Leisure Activities A unit will want to perform leisure activities for two hours out every day, if a unit does not fulfill this it stacks, for every 8 hours of leisure the unit is missing, it will be bummed, and have a 50% chance to fail to work at a job.

    Many of these activities can count as multiple activities (largely activity + socializing)

    Pool~ build a billiards table at a wood works, this is like a table, but can be used to play pool
    Dancing ~interact with another person
    Socializing with others
    Walking in a park
    Reading a book.
    One can build a library and it will build books like spell books, these can entertain a unit, but a unit can only read a book that is less than or equal to 200% of it’s resource weight.
    Playing an instrument. Assign each note in the range of the instrument to a keyboard if you really want to make music and have the audio files. You can make music while it isn’t your turn.
    Watching a Movie/TV, there may not be movies, but you can watch any unit in the game as if it were on television, so long as this unit is not a part of any team one plays against where the information could have gains(E.g. watch a DotA match, but can only watch allies in the Classic Game)
    Bathing, in a public bath can be counted as socializing too.
    Hunting- hunt critters, rewards double, but only if you kill something.
    Driving (without a destination like going to work, i.e work is not in the direction one is going, or one does not have to work for the next 4 hours.)
    Writing ~Write something in the time it takes to pursue leisure, if you don’t write more than 5% of the average words per minute of a person, then you don’t get credit. You can put your writing into books to give to the library.

    A billiards table is 32x16 units, with an edge of 2 units, each pocket being a 2x2 unit pocket. A ball is 1x1 unit on the table. A billiards table only looks like this when it is played, a billiards table is the size of a 2x1 table. One can have the table be colorless, or have the color give effect to the tiles like bowling lane oil. This also applies to elements. One can choose an element, the color of the table is defined by the resources that compose it. A pool table must be 128 resource in weight, and each resource gives 8 tiles of pool table of that color. If colorless, color does not matter. The color of the balls should appear as it is, each resource makes one set of balls of a color, each ball will blink black/white/color if it is the appropriately numbered ball, if the color of the ball is black or white, it will blink another color instead. A ball can be knocked back by a Pool Cue at 100% rate, a cue can be made at a woodworks like a chair. A cue also works as a weapon, but only gains 50% of all corners a normal weapon does. One also gets a cue ball when one creates a set of balls. One can create custom sets of balls, by mixing multiple sets one has. The woodworks will give you a empty boxes.

    One can play basketball. The hoop is as high as 4/6/8/12/15 units, and it is one tile in size. The hoop can also have a backboard that is a 3x3x1 Square, a hoop can be hung on a wall with some nails (anchors). The ball must have a trajectory that is less than - 15 degrees in order to go into the hoop, otherwise it will bounce out. A basketball is 4/8 resources in weight. One can jump become one applies one’s knockback to the ball. Somehow, magical and ranged knock backs function as if they were melee range knock backs in basketball and golf, without any reduction in strength. Gong Out of bounds on a basketball court results in the player getting to throw the ball in from the sideline if it is a serious game.

    A basketball team has a maximum of 5 players on a team, and two teams on the court at a time.

    the ball and a unit can occupy the same tile in sports.


  57. One can play soccer by this same means, but the goal is 8x24 in Length and height, width does not matter, but 3 is respectable, once the ball is in the net it is a goal. Gong Out of bounds on a soccer court results in the player getting to throw the ball in from the sideline if it is a serious game. A soccer field is 360 x 240 units. A unit is 5/6 units tall in soccer. a ball is 2 corners or one unit in size.

    One can play american football, the length of the field is 60x20 units, and the end zones are 5x20 units. The field goal is a Y shape with 6 length of bottom bar, and 10 length of two vertical bars, all bars 1x1 unit). One has 4 attempts to move the ball 10 units towards one’s end zone. All units must line up on the appropriate side of the ball in order for the ball to be hiked. Once hiked, the units can cross this line. It takes a full knockback of the units strength to sweep a unit if being blocked. A unit can sweep (tackle) a unit that is not blocking it at normal rate, and one can jump one tile when sweeping, but the unit is on the ground after jumping to sweep, and must spend one movement to get up.

    A sporting arena can have colors, or be colorless. The units playing the game can have colors and elements, or be colorless and/or element less.

    A unit has one movement per second like all games. A unit can gain fractions of a movement accumulated from having any bonus to movement, if one has 200% movement, then one can move two tiles in one round. A unit can sprint, but a unit only starts with 4 sprint, and gains one sprint for every 8 turns it is not sprinting. When sprinting, a unit moves two tiles at the cost of one movement. A % bonus to movement gives one that % bonus to sprint capacity. One can regain sprint while the ball is not in play (dead; units moving to the right side of the line of scrimmage)

    A unit can do a spin move to attempt to avoid being tackled. This costs one sprint, and has a R/S chance to succeed, where R is the number of resources composing the spinning unit, and S was the number of resources composing the sweep.

    Normal Blade Runner, not just sports - When running, a unit can only run in front of itself or to 45 degrees in either direction. It gains 2 movement per turn when running. When a unit is walking it can turn up to 180 degrees in any direction at the cost of one movement. If one attempts to move backwards compared to the direction one is facing, one gains only one movement for every two movement spent backpedaling. One is only in one direction, so if one was running N then runs NE, it would take to movement to turn to NW if the unit continued running, one can only turn 45 degrees per turn when running. It takes one tile for a running unit to stop, as it has two momentum.

    A unit can juke one tile to either side of itself at the cost of one sprint. This moves a unit one tile to the left or right, at the cost of one sprint. One can also stutter step at the cost of one sprint, stopping one’s run immediately.


  58. One can hurdle a unit that is attempting to dive sweep a unit. One can spend two sprint to hurdle, raising ones self one terrain height, while the diving sweep occurs on the 1st terrain height from the ground. A normal sweep occurs two terrain height from the ground, when using simple height. Otherwise a diving sweep puts a unit at 50% of it’s height. A hurdle lasts for two turns.

    One can also hurdle in an attempt to deflect a ball or intercept a pass. One can intercept a pass if it otherwise falls into your unit, but one can hurdle to attempt to catch a ball, and can deflect a ball that is up to two terrain heights above one’s person, and attempt to catch a ball that is up to one terrain height above one’s person. One can only deflect a ball via physical knockback, but even one momentum on the ball could change it’s course enough.

    One can assign one’s unit’s orders in terms of routes to run, or units/tiles to block before the play, and assign desired transaction points when handing a ball off or tossing a ball to a running back. On defense, one can assign a direction to go, a unit to attempt to defend against, or an area to guard.

    A football weighs as much as a unit of 0.5/1/2 resources.

    Blocking / Stiff Arm is casting a knockback against the opponent on the same round (turn for each player / second), this only works in melee range. A unit can move to the side if being blocked, but cannot move foreword through the unit, if the blocker could push half of the weight of the aggressor backwards with it’s knockback, it can move to the side the blocked unit moves to if there is room, and the unit attempts to run diagonally past the blocker, this will cause the unit to move horizontally along the axis of blockage, rather than to traverse it and get past the defender.

    A unit could attempt to break a blocker, by applying 300% of the block strength of the blocking unit’s block ability via one’s own knockback, this causes one to become unblocked, and the overpowered unit is now on the ground. If one can match the weight of a block, and then utilize excess ability points enough to knock the blocker back, one can move the blocker as it pleases.

    Physical Knockback abilities that are designated as kicks have 200% of the knockback ability as a throw. A punt has 150% the knockback ability of a throw (a throw is a normal item throw, but the ball has normal unit weight instead of item weight).

    A unit also gets 200% bonus to kicking strength when playing soccer. In soccer, the ball must be on the ground level of terrain to be kicked. A unit can head the ball if it is one terrain height above the unit, and a unit can also jump to head a ball. heading a ball is 100% as effective as normal knockback, compared to 200% of the normal strength when a ball is kicked.

    A ball is quite round, so a ball has 50% less loss of momentum due to motion while being on grass. 25% less loss of momentum on wood, and 10% less loss of momentum from bowling.


  59. Bowling- One can bowl with a lane of 8 x L where L is the length of the lane desired. If a ball leave the lane, then it is a gutter. A ball can be rolled with a curve by adding displacement momentum. One can oil a lane to give it % bonus to displacement or horizontal momentum, up to 10/20% acceleration/deceleration of the ball.

    The juke and such can be applied in most sports, sweeping in soccer is like a tackle or a slide tackle, the player only has a 50% chance to fall though, with a a 1d6 chance not to fall on a slide tackle.

    Things that require wood require floor to play, where other sports can be played in any field if one has a ball.

    In hockey and football or anything, you can sweep the opponent, and in most ball games, one can attempt to dislodge the ball as if it were as strong as the unit, but the steal only has 25% effective resource composition and can only be cast in melee range, and also must strike the ball. The ball behaves as a separate unit when it is manipulated, and bounces and falls like a unit does, it takes up a certain size.

    Hockey Goal 2x2, a goalie can cover any 2 of the tiles on the bottom at once, but diagonal shot would still go into the goal if the goalie was directly in front of the goal. Blocking the tiles on the bottom makes the height of the goalie 1 or 1.5. The goalie has a 50% chance to catch the puck if it is in the side or corner of the goal that is not the same side as the hand that the unit holds its stick with. A hockey puck is 2/4 corners or 1 resource,.

    If one wants a child sized ball of a corner or a smaller number of resources, this is ok.

    One can build a country club and build a golf course if one designates an area with fence. A golf club will cast it’s strength knockback on a ball, a unit can empower this with it’s own abilities. The momentum applied is a melee ability, while the accuracy of the ball is a ranged ability with (R/X) range where X was the actual range of the ability and R was the range of the shot, one’s viewing is determined by one’s vision, and how well one can identify a course, a course is x/8 % easier to identify each time, where X is the number of times you’ve played the course. A player only determines where it’s ball lands. Auto aim is for bitches, good luck with that focus before a spider kills you. A ball is one resource in weight, or one corner in weight, a Golf Caddy gets 32 movement/acceleration per turn on a course. A course must be maintained with labor, greens must be cut every other day, fairway must be cut every 3 days, rough must be cut every week, and deep rough does not need to be cut. A Garage can build a Mower like it can a Golf Caddy, the mower will perform labor only if maintaining a golf course or otherwise cutting grass, but only gets 16 movement per turn. A ball can be a smaller weight, being only a corner in weight. If it were a corner, it would be treated as a resource, but grant any knockback against the ball 800% to resource composition.


  60. Country Clubs are made of metal or wood, a Country Club is a building, one can put a restaurant or anything if one wants.

    Stairs are created out of a mix of pillars and walls, it takes 4 pillars the height of a building level and 2 walls the length of a tile in order to make stairs. These could some in any sized part.

    One can hang a wall by putting it in place, and using screws/nails to build it. One makes screws and nails at a smithy, one gets 64 nails per resource, a box of nails can have 1024 nails in it, a box of nails takes up One Construction Slot. It requires a nail of equal or greater strength than the wall it is hanging. Divide the number of resources composing the nail by 8, then use this number and divide the 1024, this is the number of nails that are made.

    A door - A door is a L x 1 x 4/8/x units in height. A door is a solid piece of work.

    A door is as heavy as it’s weight in resources.

    If one cannot lift a door to get it vertical. one can attach a rope anchor to it, to lift it up right, having the combined lifting effort on the rope, the rope provides lifting at a H / L ratio, where H was the Height of the rope’s vertex and L was the length of the rope to do the door. If this were 1:4 , then it would take 4 strength to raise the object one height. One can raise a door to an angle. One must have the base of the door secured, by having sufficient labor (or item movement capability) on the part of the door that was moving towards the units pulling the rope, in order to prevent it from moving foreword when pulled. A Door will still come, but it will not be raised if there is not height from the door to the rope.

    A door can be placed on trees and rolled, if it is too big to carry, this will reduce it’s weight by 50%, if this does not work, it can be knocked back.

    Fence, a fence can be created like a wall, but it is half as strong as the wall itself. Only takes 4 pillars.

    >These few item creation buildings are about the same, and since everything has a specialty, then it’s just called a Car parts building, or something.
    {Smithy- This makes items, weapons anything, wire, metal things, car parts.
    {Woodworks- This makes clothes, building walls, wood things.
    Apothecary- This makes consumables still.

    Corral - If you want to have horses, you can have horses, but this is not a garage. Horses must be captured like wild animals, but the Legacy Game Founder/Host can do this by the same means as spawning civilians, for both Corral and Critters. One is always free to make new mates of the Ladies of the Weeks, and they can be of any type of unit.

    Dens - these can make civilians instead of units. Critter den would be much like a farm. One can harvest/preserve meat at the same rates.

    Church- call this fellow a doctor or a priest, either one

    Shaman/Mystic / Alchemist/Apothecary - good enough; the mystics and shaman are also treated as it it were 8x it’s weight.

    the rest seem fine.

    Castle- City Hall
    Brothel- these are still like units, but one resource still makes one wench, by the same means, each wench having a one resource color type, it’s pleasure will be of that type, and it’s movement and such it is treated as that type, but in combat, it is treated like the composition of the brothel.

    Civilians will drive cars. Civilians will obey traffic laws if traffic lights are built. Civilians will attempt to not crash their car. Civilians will run away from gunfire. If there is a non gun assault, or the civilian is carrying a gun, then there is a 50% chance the civilian will attack the aggressing unit. There is a speed limit , if a police officer sees you breaking the speed limit, you will gain a one star wanted level. The speed limit is the 50% of the length of the road, rounding up. If one pulls over for a police officer, and does not have a weapon drawn after speeding, the police officer will take one currency for each mile over the limit you were going, rather than attempt to arrest you.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.


  62. In baseball, football, soccer, and basketball, the unit can carry the ball at no cost, in soccer the ball is carried by the feet and is on the ground, otherwise it is at a terrain height of 2 above the ground. The ball in tennis and golf can be grabbed, but only if play is dead.

    Hitting a ball out of the rough reduces ones attack and ability composition by 40%. Hitting it out of the deep rough reduces ones attack ability composition by 80%

    Rather than choosing whether a pool table, golf course, or any court or field is colored or colorless, players can instead agree on whether or not to play with color bonus before the game starts.

    One can elect what % slickness one wants when one oils a bowling lane or a golf course.


  63. For those who didn’t know sports that well.

    A Game of tennis is won by scoring 4 points, and the winner must win by two points. A Set is a number of games. A match is a number of sets.

    Putting the ball in the goal in soccer counts as one point.

    In basketball, shots from inside of the arc count as 2 points, behind the arc 3 points, and free throws one point. One only gets free throws if fouled (attacked or had an ability used on you while shooting)

    Having a unit hold the ball in the end zone you are not defending is worth 6 points in football. You have one play that gives a chance to kick a field goal 2 units from the start of the end zone for one point, or end the play holding the ball in the end zone for 2 points. One can kick a filed goal without scoring a touchdown for 3 points.

    Bowling is 10 frames. One has two bowls on each frame. Each pin counts as one point. Getting all the pins down in two rolls is a spare, and this counts as a 2x multiplier to the next score of numbers, and getting a strike counts as a 3x multiplier on the next score of numbers. If all of the throws are strikes, one gets 300 points, for bowling a 10 on the last frame, with 10 3x multipliers.

    A point is scored in baseball when one has a runner run around all of the bases and get back to home without getting out.

    Getting the ball in under par for a hole in golf is worth minus X strokes under par one was, Getting the ball in for the par amount of strokes is worth 0 points, hitting the ball in the hole using more strikes than is par for the course is plus of X strokes over par one was. The objective of golf is to have a low score.


  64. A bat/golf club/racquet can be composed of up to 1/2/4/8/16/32 resources as need be to be effectual, but not overdone


  65. Even 64 resources is fine for a bat/club/racquet; but this might lead to a home run every time; I couldn’t say for certain.


  66. A golf course can have bunkers and water hazards. Putting one’s ball in the water is +1 to stroke count, and the ball is placed on the nearest part of the fairway without advancing the ball closer to the hole. Sand traps were not a stroke penalty, but the player has 50% / 20% effective resource composition from the sand. These tend to be ~slopes or holes in the ground filled with water or sand.


  67. A pipe can be as thin as a pillar, which is about 1x1 thickness of a wall, it can only house 1 unit of water through one length of this pipe at a time. The amount of water a pillar can house per length is it’s area.


  68. While falling, a unit can turn about it’s center of gravity as if it were changing the direction it was looking.


  69. A jumping unit can carry its two momentum into the jump if it is running. it costs 4 movement to jump one vertical tile because this wasn’t space, but one can only jump with ones base movement, because even magic will not give you vert. If you have flying, thats not the time to be jumping, but a bird will rape you anyways for flying.

    Jumping- 4 base movement now; carries running momentum.

    only 50% chance to grab a ledge with a weapon equipped.

    x/256 leisure basketball pro dunk affinity chance to grab the ledge if you’re not facing the ledge.


  70. if you wanted a battle wheel, it turned out to be very large, you could have a set of rings that you can drive on to turn them that just take up to that momentum . otherwise you would have to jump. that diamond could make sense if it was just a slope of horizontal or diagonal,

    the battle wheel was something like this pattern, if you drove this pattern 4/ 4<x times: 2 horizontal lengths, a 2 diagonal lengths, 2 vertical lengths, then at the 2 point,you do it again, to the same side. , then a battle wheel appears, the two sides a are slope up, and there is a valley with a wheel in the middle. you must turn the wheel with the labor or apply horizontal or displacement momentum from an ability, it would always just spin the unit rather than move the wheel until it met enough momentum that was the circumference of the middle. These lengths were actually proportions and would be however long your side was on the battle wheel.


    And on the magnetic rings; it would take its slope from its direction as 1/x lengths traveled there was a ships wheel because the one that could manage to steer the wheel, happened to be able to steer the wheel as to turn the rings about on it to an angle, somehow, being slain by the arduous movement on the scale of mountains 80% slope, 1/0.8 and the captain was dead of course and so happened it couldn’t reach anybody but for some reason, the man who has frictionless gasoline fed hydrocarbon based life form silk ice and glazed frosted magnet rings has take his toll on me. these rings would be large, or they wouldn’t take too many slopes, they would only have as many slopes as however long the ring is the diameter. Somehow no one has figured out how to pull it out of the well it is in, imagine a large slippery metal ball. A man must drive a car for the larger ones, to even have that much movement to put into steering a ship, the ship was the quality of whoever wanted to make these located a show below the map layer height of this odd thing, the same contraption, much larger, but it would only start to take momentum from cars only once the car has achieved a velocity, if this momentum the landmass surrounding the machine, very . This was somehow a geological feature here. The rings functions just as terrain does, but with oddly manipulated height, each one being a diameter rotated around, only odd numbers of lengths of rings were allowed. The first two rings of the magneto sphere were bound in the center of the sphere and could not be spun by wind , the captains deck would only turn to the front of the ship, and lean at an incline if there was a wind blowing up or down,in any other direction. It didn’t move without the ups or downs, but it still applied the wind the captain has found. The rings will only slow down if abandoned, but they will not exceed a momentum of more than a full rotation, at this point, carry over rotation would just move it that many rotations minus the full rotations. You die instantly if you are on the captains deck for more than one turn whilst being conscious without The Captain’s Pity, granting you a pardon to dying.

    If you told the captain, it could raise the sails to lower the gravity on the boat, the boat is effected by a boat movement roll, and this gives it free momentum, multiplying it’s wind momentum into any direction of momentum, robbing unis, otherwise, if you fell to the bottom, it was just an inverted dome or sorts, somehow cupping the machine. if a ring was spnning, it added one momentum to the wind inside of the sphere in the direction that the ring was facing. This machine would still wind, make winds still, and there would be no wind in this machine if it was not turning enough, it would still drink the wind even if it were not turning.


  71. To render fire was 1d10 , this was the number of faces of corners for the item on fire above from the thing on fire, if 0, roll twice. Fire looks nice in all colors. Have as many lines as you like.


  72. If there was constant fire sort of feel, put two or more lines on fire on the same line, have fire intensity. This instead of fire only giving on face per column. These 3 or more even, to 4, because big things catch on fire too, try to have that much air, or have underwater fire.


  73. You want wind, the wind will blow on the fire a roll1d6 50%;75%;100%;100%;125%;150% for amount of the winds movement taken, fire lasts for all of about 2 seconds, but it comes every one second.


  74. you can burn a resource with a lighter, but it will only give you one fire from each edge not touching the ground. Structure and Luxury burn for 8 turns, but energy and power give you twice the amount of fire for the same amount of turns. Fire is just vanity. One can cook with a fire but still harnessing the energy of a fire to make electric current would occur at a power plant.


  75. Some abilities and passive style effects

    Blood Bath -Ability-One can drink the blood of ones enemies. This is done in melee range. One can make an opponent bleed by dealing damage to their physical body, it is bleeding or mangled that much after that % damage is dealt. During the subsequent turn of a unit taking damage, a unit can drink it’s blood for 50% of the health lost by the unit. One can catch diseases doing this. The unit must have lost at least 5% health for this to work. One also gains 1 Ap or Mp per blood drank, flip a coin.

    Trigger Happy- Ability Effect- One can be trigger happy and grant ones self a 5% bonus chance to get an extra attack each round one has shot at a unit.

    Uppercut - Ability -One can upper cut somebody, if one is in front of the unit and crouches before they do this, or jump as they uppercut, then they gain 200% bonus to vertical knockback, these can be combined into a 400% bonus.

    Masochist - Ability - One can deal Masochist damage to ones self to increase one’s damage output by a % of health lost. this is a multiplier that is independently applied, rather than cumulative. This apples to both physical and magical damage.

    Magic Whip= Ability- Split a whip or chain into two separate whip attacks. This cost nothing, but one either deals 50% attack damage with each whip, or has double pistol roll.

    Militant Celebration- Ability- Shoot directly into the air during your turn, you can sway off 100% vertical by a corner or two. One can shoot up to one clip, so long as it is not targeted at any unit, at no cost of one’s attack. This can cause friendly fire.

    Blood Frenzy -Inherent- If one otherwise would have gotten blood on one’s clothes (or did) take a 50% bonus to damage and ability composition or a 50% chance to double an assault on the unit’s next turn. This cost nothing, but one can only do this once every 3 days.

    Bowling Spells - Cast Type - One can bowl an AoE ability towards a unit in place of taking wind, it will be tested by the terrain. It explodes on command, but the unit is not given vision of it. The ball costs as if it were an item being thrown.

    Flash Bash - Summon Type - If you could otherwise summon the creature, use a magical creature to deal direct melee damage at no cost, so long as the caster is within range of the target. The magical creature disappears after the attack, but does not cost anything to cast in range.

    Boomerang- Attack/ability type- Take half range and half damage on a ranged attack and it will return to you once it would have otherwise stopped moving, one can always target a tile as opposed to a unit. This can strike the same unit twice.


  76. Self-Sacrifice - Convert your health into a bonus to any stat at a 1% rate per 1% of total health sacrificed. Sacrifice 50% of your health, gain 150% effect to a stat.

    Anti-Magic Aura- This will cast a dispel as a summoned bird, the bird will exist until it is used to apply the dispel.

    Lather- Put the lather on the unit, this places a debuff on a unit of the color type; if any spell matches this debuff completely in color and type, completely, the ability gains 300% ability weight. The ability must match completely, but all resources do not have to be used, when resources are consumed, parts of the original cast remain. This debuff lasts for one week or until dispelled.

    Heroism - Charge to an ally at half of the cost of charge, but only if the ally has been assailed by an enemy. This will strike the ally if there is no enemy, but will strike the enemy otherwise. The unit must be within range of the original charge ability. One can jump over units, but this adds four to the distance of the charge for that tile that was jumped. One can do this with all charges.
    Anti-heal / Heal Siphon- Debuff / Heal type - One can turn a heal into damage by casting an anti-heal on a unit, this costs the same as a heal, but if any heals cast on the target matched in color type completely, by the same means as Lather. This lasts for one week or until dispelled. One can also transfer any heals the unit receives at 200% rate to a different target, rather than have the unit take damage.

    Option- Civilians that die gain a functional 0 world form. These can be summoned if one specified Civilian Necromancy. If a civilian answers a call to arms, the summoner must be able to recast the summon for as many resources the civilian gained by flipping coins.


  77. One can give dimensions to a face, say 16/32/64/X pixels per side, and this would give it area so it can be painted or have a texture uploaded.


  78. Momentum is a quality that scales with weight. An Item for example, gains 10 times the amount of momentum when thrown as a unit it’s size would if thrown by the same spell. For this reason, when transferring momentum from item to unit, or bullet to unit, or unit to item, one must multiply by the scale of the object in motion. If an item strikes a unit, and would otherwise transfer it’s momentum, multiply the momentum the item has by 10, and then apply that to the unit. This is also true for bullets, multiply the momentum of the bullet by 100, and then apply the momentum transfer to the unit.

    Inherent-If one makes a ranged ability a boomerang type, it gains momentum like a thrown item, rather than a bullet.


  79. craps for your life as a civ called to arms, you can play craps, if you have at least a corner, or a piece of paper. In craps, you can bet your military takes, the winners taking the winnings of course. if ever a unit attempts to run out, players can see that there is a unit looking to run out, as it takes one second to crouch and the money is on the lay away of craps. To not be a bandit, a player can discredit your game, this is a charm roll, it was the C/H the Charmer Divided by the Charmed, take a near dice for the inspired. If you don’t like craps, roll for high numbered sum of any number and size of die.

    Wheel Craps- A unit can bet the amount of money on the table,the opponent will also bet the money to match, you call a number on 1d6 or 2d6, and if you make the number, you get double your money, if you don’t you put your money in the pot, and the dice goes to the next person in the craps game. The winner who calls his call accurately takes all the money on the table, but anyone can match him in the amount of money the pot is, to force him to gamble it, before it is allowed to be taken, the players have until the winner’s next turn to put as much money on the table to the amount the unit won, and then all members of the table play the game again, the players of the table can individually put money into the pot, to collectively account to the sum of the money won, to keep the money on the craps table. If there is not enough money raised by the player’s next turn, the player can walk away with the money, and it takes one movement to collect the money from the craps table. Feel free to call this Wheel Craps, because i don’t think its exactly how craps goes.

    You can take a gamble with the dice gods for your self, and take out one craps mortgage on your body at full value, but should you fail to repay it, as it will decay twice as fast from craps, you have to flip a coin as to wether you can do this again, you can take a second chance at a second mortgage, flipping a coin if it is a half value or a 100% value weight mortgage, but if you fail you can only be a laborer, and will no longer fight. You will keep your stats, but you return to having one labor, two movement, inability to attack, and are otherwise a laborer that has never gambled his life in the lay of the kingdom.


  80. boomerangs- were still somehow so wild, whilst flying to a target, that rather than following the same path, once it hit a target, it went at a 90 degree angle and continued as it would. it would also do this if it hit max range. It still will come back to the caster, if it loses max range and is limited by the momentum it will still attempt to return, If one does not choose to utilize any of the momentum in the attack of the boomerang, it enters a square, where the big stick or chain-trident cannon was more of a dead toss, straight forward and back thing. Unless Chain-item-cannon would have a ball shot out of a fused cannon with a hidden spool of chain, giving it proper length underground, you don’t know. An apothecary can make you explosives, j

    anti heal had a 50% chance to deal 100% ability as something else to the target if dispelled, you can use this on anything, this or take 50% ability with 50% chance to miss.

    volume could easily take a problem

    option- volume control - spawn rates on military units halted, civilian is 100% or half.or % Military %civilian.

    option- Courtesy - for a traditional summon, the target has to accept the summon in order to be summoned. They receive a vague tile and reference of the place.

    Inherent/Option - No player can control the mind of what it summons, only one time, is good enough, you can convince it with diplomacy or magic/ability.

    Option - summoned units from easterly ( undead) and westerly (magic) directions would follow orders as if allied for the amount of time summoned, this was one turn per weight of the spell, otherwise they would return to their natural allegiances, usually having none in this realm, unless they’ve been here before.

    Antiheal, -50% effect is color and type is not met, but color or type is met, 25% effect if the anti-heal is consumed by an ability that was not that color or type.

    the if the color and element rolls were fine, roll again, agree to a roll off, play dice, 1 d10 for 10s place and 1 d10 for 1’s place.


  81. then somehow i don’t know, bonus, throw out “bono” ghosts, if you believe in a ghost, and you do something with it, and find the most similar looking nit from the realm with a days movement of the ghost. This ghost unit would not attack, but it would say, “I want to be this tall, I want to be this man, I want to be alive. I am but a mere ghost as of yet. You can say this is ok, I will do this for you. This ghost will follow the player with the Ghost Bond to collect, the ghost will ask you every time

    “If the next man you see in him were you, what do you do with his being and composure, what would you want to be, if you were that man.

    I’m just faking with you. I know you see you are imperfect, make me perfect, mortal, the one your size that stands like a king in your presence, contemplate the downfall of mortal life, as this man is death, for those who don’t kneel before the crown most certainly. ”

    A bono ghost can fight in a road house, and still rustle the bono.”
    you can take a bono ghost as if it were a unit, with every stat customizable, it comes looking exactly like the caster, but then it can be changed into any valid unit that was the same size in number of resources, of any color, including the color of the ghost, and the bono ghost rather than being taken to taking one stat away, now takes bonus, and it will take it’s full weight in bonus, it will still take stats away, up to the amount of the original unit, if ghosts fill up it’s weight, as it starts out empty. It still will behave as a ghost and seek out bonus by any means possible, only seeking stats if it was full of bonus, if a ghost was exorcised from an item that was partially inhabited by it’s size, the part would break free, and take the brand of the ghost, if a single bono ghost’s composition is ever reassembled by it’s brand, to match it’s original composition, with full stats of the original unit accounted for in the number of proper (1 res) ghosts inhabiting the wearer of the bono ghost’s outfit as it was constructed by the player, the bono ghost will impregnate units as if the the bono ghost were inhabiting the man, or a lady were haunted by a bono ghost, the ghost somehow rolled for the lady during any breeding roll offs regarding the composition of the young.

    But if the Bono ghost was ever successfully reassembled, perfectly matching itself by it’s own devices in the afterlife, and collect the armor of it’s Bonus Ghost, the unit would gain 400% bonus from the items. the bono ghost would not haunt the child from birth, the bono ghost would only haunt the child if it was a perfect reflection of the Bono Ghost, with full Bono Ghost Brands, if this occurred, then the bono ghost would consider that it’s true form, and haunt the unit, but rather than deduct stats, the bono ghost would give a 400% bonus to all gains, and have a ghost well of N number of resources composing the unit. Most Normal ghosts could still effect the unit normally, but if it had a ghost that matched in color or type to itself, then it could store it in the ghost well and gain stats. The ghosts must be expelled by a dispel of the proper color if they are inside of the unit, other wise the cost is 50% for matching color and 25% for matching type.


  82. A bono ghost will not return to the same item more than once. Bono ghosts like item effects and unit type effects, that sort of things, but they don’t like stats as much, nor spells/abilitys/ conditions/buffs/debuffs


  83. If a bono ghost finds it’s reflection, then it will grant the bonus if it haunts the unit. It becomes the unit in that this is ghosts form, and the last one resource of the unit is the bono ghost, granting it one resource, as the original resource of the bono ghost. Once the unit dies, the bono ghost is released as itself, the unit can call a coin as to whether the ghost takes it’s bono ghost form, or takes its form as a Traditional Ghost, the Unit also has it’s own 0 world living form and is treated like any other unit, if the unit that died with the bono ghost within it in the 0 realm, it becomes a ghost as well as a unit. , Ancestor plane if confuse dead wanderers with ghosts. If the original unit no longer has all the bono ghost’s armor, and is no longer haunted by it’s benefits, one gains a % that is the amount of the armor the unit has left, if one has at one point had a 100% set of the bono ghosts equipment also matching perfectly.

    A bono ghost will only haunt one unit at a time, but it can haunt as many items as it pleases if it is only partially exorcised. The bono ghost can be captured like a normal ghost, but the ghost had a Ghost Bond, any unit could release the bono ghost from that unit as if it were the item housing the bono ghost at no cost. A child will inert the ghost bonds of it’s parents, but only one unit will inherit one bond. No bond will be repeated. If a Ghost loses it’s bond, it will haunt any unit that it sees, taking anything it can from the unit, full stats, and bonuses, up to the ghosts composition, but this ghost can now be exorcised like a normal ghost, and captured by a spell that was as strong as the resource weight of the ghost.

    If you want fairer or less exacerbating rolls
    Inherent/Option - Better/Fairer Color/Element/Ability Rolls
    If would be. A = Attacker/Attack Color Roll Against DefenderD = Defender Color roll against attacker/attack

    Attacker / Defender ~ this for things where two things are compared, much like the chance of Dispel strength / Debuff Strength ;

    The A/D roll for color and element.

    This roll can be used on abilities, to multiply the resource composition.

    A bono ghost can be a partially equipped unit, only having a handful of items, but it must have full weight of the blood tag of the unit, only in number, able to disregard color and type, so long as the resource that composed the bono ghost originally is used within the bono ghost.


  84. A partial bono ghost, that does not have full items will give partial effect. One can create a partial bono ghost without full items with the option of having grenades but cannot have consumables, but the bono ghost can pick it’s favorite food, drug, wench, and consumable, and the reflection of the bono ghost is given 200% bonus from that exact color type of food, drug, wench, ammo magazine, or a consumable with that effect. The partial bono ghost would give the ability comp bonus up to a maximum % of it’s effect, this % determined what % of the carry weight was part of the Bono Ghost’s Toll (Item set). If it was 4 items, grenades don’t count, out of 8 carry weight, it gives a max of 200% bonus to ability composition when fully assembled, as. The ability composition bonus only applies to spells and abilities that are composing the reflection of the bono ghost or it’s items.


  85. The
    arcade fighting genre

    there as a button, 4 buttons for color, double for backup color.Select increment of button, as to strength of ability, Direction to specify move, every man had an arcade fighting, but it would only do basic attacks with the four buttons melee/ranged magic/physical and any ability had to come from a combination of directions, as putting in only one direction moves your player. One could press color, then the button selects type, pressing alternate one or two could change the color palletes, before combat, and use it as a direction in combat. If one was a 64 unit and had increments of 16, using J;I;O;K keys as the buttons and U;D;L;R;F;B as directions; with

    Up - Wl
    Down- S
    Left -A
    Back- L

    Melee Physical -O
    MM - K
    RP- I
    RM - J

    block - hold control, puts up a guard the strength of ones attack when used. One can choose the type of block. One gets only 50% reduction for damage that does not match the type of damage dealt. (e.g. block Melee Physical; attack is Melee Magic). A unit can only block one type of attack at a time.

    a unit has to block in a direction, one can only block in one direction at a time. Block covers one tile. To block the legs, one must crouch and block. Crouch by holding down without hitting an attack.

    Jump is space, sprint would be double tap direction and then hold the direction without initiating combat.

    One gets one movement per turn, but sprint regenerates at one per turn, and does not regenerate when it is used. A turn can be about one second to move and 1/2/3 seconds to put in an ability.

    WA (up left) would be up left, at 3 terrain height in simple range, it would automatically strike in front of the unit. One could turn as normal. A direct hit straight across at 2 terrain height; for a lone A ; A low strike for SA. at one terrain height. These are to the left of the unit being controlled, so you would want a vantage that provided the establishment of right and left., or at least to have the front of the unit designated. One would put in a combination, starting with a color, if you only hit the Color/type buttons one time, the type used is Structure for Melee Physical; Energy for Melee Magic; Luxury for Ranged Physical; and Power for Ranged Magical.

    if one had D;R; O bound to spear, then you would start a physical melee spear cast at that point, where you do color and type of the spell, where you have the attack buttons bound to color, even adding alternate buttons just for this if you want more selection. So if your pallet was Yellow/Cyan/Orchid/ Black; bound to O,K,I,J respectively, pressing : OOKI two Yellow and One Cyan One Orchid spear upon the man, those being parts, were one press 16 resources, this would be a 64 ability weight spear, costing the unit 64 ability points, only using them if they are available.

    A unit can basic attack every turn, but it’s ability points only regenerate once every 7/8/14/16 turns. A turn was a second or any number, half a second. One can adjust either of these numbers. If one does not have the ability points the attack fails, one can put in upon failure attempt basic attack of same type as spell.

    breaking the sequence would mean if you used it again, you would use half of it’s previous value instead of the number. If you had an 8 stack per press, and you Press OOKOJJ, one puts in 2 O at full weight and 1 O at half weight, for being cast after being broken. So were these 8 resources a piece, the letters as colors, the number how much weight was put in 8Y;8Y;8C;4Y;8B;8B, this or by any means one can elect to take it as the same weight.


  86. When a weapon on a chair is thrown, it will bounce like a unit normally would if it touches the ground, and the item will still lose the momentum. One can give the weapon flying, and still apply the knockback, but the flying unit cannot provide any momentum to itself, nor can it control it’s momentum like a falling unit can, but it will float, levitating an item cost 5% as much as flying, but it only gave one terrain height of levitation per movement per cast, levitated items are still effected by wind and function like falling units until they reach the height that they levitate on. (unless you’re the gun whisperer). Levitated units will still lose one momentum every 8 tiles from air friction when thrown,but these do not bounce unless they fall onto the levitation, if the item/unit has more downward momentum than the levitation is hight in terrain height, then the unit will still fall, as the unit will move down once falling through its levitation zone, but it will take only remove one momentum at a time.

    One can spin a weapon/ item, one movement adding one horizontal momentum to a weapon anchored to ones self to an item per 2 units of terrain in the radius of the sphere. if this weapon does not touch the ground, then the movement is not lost, except for every 8 tiles moved, one horizontal momentum is lost to air friction.

    A chained weapon will still create an anchor if it is spinning and the radius from the chair moves to where the chain intersects a unit. becoming bound by that point of intersection, while retaining momentum.


  87. One still must throw a chained weapon as if it were an item, but only having 200% bonus composition to knockback. If the throw is successful and the chain becomes taught (no longer has radius it could extend, but still has momentum, then the unit can apply momentum to the weapon while functioning as the anchor for the chained weapon to the throw.


  88. One can take the attack style of double pistols by making a weapon larger than 64 resources. If you make a 128 weapon, you have a 50% chance to miss per attack, or you have the inability to attack on the next turn after attacking. One can also take a 200% bonus to damage, in place of the double attack, at the same rates. Double Pistols; Giant Sword; Volatile Staff. Double wands.


  89. When Liquid Gang enters a Death Pit, units and gang members occupying the liquid gang become part of the death pit, and the Gang Territory functions as part of the death pit, it can be used like any part of the death pit in terms of structure, but still provides it’s land area per corner. Units can dig a death pit gang underground, by establishing the terrain level of the gang territory, and digging under the gang territory.

    Liquid Gang Sinks in Water and in Death Pit. If the Death Pit Gang member dies, it rains as a Death Pit Gang Member, death pit clouds will not mix with water clouds or normal gang members, but death pit clouds will mix with death pit gang members. Death pit evaporates like water and rains like normal. Death pit does not freeze.


  90. Water will cool off one temp unit for every 128 terrain height it is underwater (1/2 map terrain height); Gang Territory and Gang Liquids would heat up one temp unit for every 256 (1 map terrai height) terrain height it is underwater.


  91. One can still sail a boat on liquid gang territory, swim, and drown in liquid gang territory as one can in normal water. One must make the decision to transcend through the liquid into the gang territory, or vice versa from the gang territory into water. It does not cost any movement to do this, two units can occupy the focus of transcendence between the gang territory and the liquid gang, one within the liquid, and the other within the territory, this point was the center of the block, which could also be used to exit the gang territory into the liquid gang. This works much like a staircase.


  92. A gang member in the territory can change it’s perspective, and see the unit as a passerby in the center of the 4 corners of the tile of gang territory creating the Established Unit of Gang, it will be on the corner. Even though there are 8 corners in a unit, only 4 of the corners of Gang Territory in a unit of Liquid gang can be used to create a neighborhood or Established Unit of Gang, as if there were more than 4 corners, they would be on top of each other, each corner can choose its direction. Sometimes hoods get torn apart or torn down, but sometimes they stay together for a long time.


  93. If you play with Gangs, do them a solid, and they will roll random tiles of other gang players (you can have multiple different sets or gangs within the same realm, each one just has to have a castle at the start) When summoning flora and fauna, the gang players roll each others turns or everyone gets a go as a gang type summoner, of a random type, summoning neutral gang territory. All gang territory is neutral when the game starts, something must be built on it in order for it to be aligned gang territory. The Neutral gang would be the Civil Soldiers.


  94. Flora and Fauna can spread in the gang territory, but only to blocks that are neighbors naturally, it it wants to go to another neighborhood, it must be carried and planted by hand. If a block is disbanded and gains a new neighbor, this effect is still true, but the tiles will only spread flora to each other so long as they’re neighbors.


  95. if you wanted a steam ship, one unit of fire ( a resource makes 8, but a levitating resource makes 12, per turn of burning, energy makes double and power make 4x fire) will release one unit of hot air, the Hot Air will have a constant vertical momentum of 1 per temperature above the average of the air that surrounds it, it retains it’s temperature until it meets an area of temperature that is the same temperature as the hot air, and lacks any hot air with upward momentum: at this point, the hot air disappears and becomes normal air again. The momentum can be taken from the hot air, but hot air will attempt to escape, and can break down into corners if it’s movement is impeded. Feel free to have a loose building if you want, for a water wheel type effect, just have a pillar or column , and a box (ring) of walls as circular. take the floor out of the building and move it or build it around the column, with a roof, but no floor before taking out the supports. Just don’t anchor the buildings to each other with nails or anything. This works since squares are circles here. If hot air is trapped, the upward pressure of unused movement below it is added into the movement/pressure of the hot air making contact with a surface. One momentum will move 1/2/4/8 unit(s) of gear one tile in that direction if possible, a unit of gear being 6 wall or roof tiles, if this were a building, it would have an area of one tile and 1/4 the length of a normal building. This might work. An object will impart (S/R) of its momentum unto it’s anchor (wherever it is connected) if it partially submerged in water while having momentum, where S is the number of submerged units of gear / blood and R is the total number of units of gear/blood. This might require that advanced knockback physics though. i don’t know.


  96. Units in basketball and football are also 5/6 units tall, in basketball, call the number on 1d6, if you do, you can be 7 units tall, do this again, you can be 8, but if you lose, you are 6 feet.

    For sports, if a unit is 6 units tall, that is a 300% increase from normal, so it’s vert capacity also gets a 300% increase, now able to jump 6 units instead of 2. That might be high for sports, so one can also use 200% increase for a 6 unit tall individual, for a vert of 4 units.


  97. Hard-style GTA/Blade Runner- If you work at a supply, and you largely deal in structure or energy with your manipulations of matter, then your employer, who still owns the building or has charge enough to be the token used for the roll, will give you a deal of buy anything, get something for free of the same weight, so long as it is largely made of structure or energy, and you pay all resources as doubles, matching, you getting, one resource counted twice as you pay, and you pay more than enough if you need to, because you’re generous, and i would just say sway my decision on my side, the wind should blow no longer from my side, but it should over take any stagger, and blow from your side to tempt me, in such a dear quality you dearly displace of me, and sir of words you may know you shall tip your employer for the half off. If you were in luxury or power, your employer offers you half off on one thing. Only pay half of the composition of the item. If it was even % across the board when choosing majority resource type, you can choose the type you want as dominant resource handled by the company and hence in the item. The man of minds overlord or however the game creator is known sets an opening money amount, able to move any money around in the pockets of the units before the start of the game. If it wants to keep the natural lay of the map after it is made it can.
    One currency is worth, 1/2/4/x resources in an item.
    Base currency drop 1d6 times 0/1/2/3/4/8.
    This % Units have weapons /guns , that are X class

    In Gun Realm and/or GTA, a Unit has 100 Health and can get 100 Armor, the incoming damage deals %(damage / Health) of 100 health or armor. A unit can only equip armor that is it’s same size or smaller in resource number as the unit, the armor functions as a unit that would take damage in place of the target. If one has 100 armor, this is 100% coverage, if one has partial coverage, from parts of body armor, one is only that % covered by the armor, and non covered parts of the body can take damage if they are hit, and this damage goes to health. A smithy can make knives and body armor up to it’s weight, it makes body armor at the same rate as items, and it can be split in size like items. A weapons despot still makes weapons, rather than these things. An alchemist will make grenades, and if anything else, it will make first aid and anti-venom or whatever types of damage do still exists, replacing color with the relevant type of damage, here, venom. Bullets and poison may even be different here. Poison could simply be lethal. Standing explosives, claymores just as much as grenades. Cocaine.This is in the case that someone chose against magic. This realm is much like GTA. This was the realm of the classy guns, but still, it benefits from stats, if not, it can have a free % bonus to sight, maybe 2/4/510x bonus. Near blind motherfuckers all around here.


  98. Base Vision should be higher when taking the size of things into account in the actual game, the length amounted to be like 12 feet, so it’s either quite dark all the time, or people are very near sighted, vision can have a 4d6 upon the sun’s position, or the sun is given a position for the map tile by this means, and this is the multiplier to 24 vision that one could see that much in that direction. once The star was only seen in the upward or sideward nature of the plane, taking into account all 8 map directions and 3 layers of dimension. The Up/Down NESW Compass; The star would reduce the vision when looking towards it, by the number of angles between the direction of ones line of sight, and the angle of the sun and the person. The sun Appeared in any of the directions, and it would only blind a unit if it were not blocked by the map, were it under the continent, it would be a continent and and ocean height above the surface that one would be blinded when looking down ,because the sun would be visible even in the downward corners of the cube.

    There was always that classic option of 1 to 1 movement and a trigger on the combat phase initiation when in sight of a unit, still only having the same amount of movement and number of attacks per turn. This while attempting to attack it, the target is only warned if it hears you or sees you, only then initiating it’s ability to take it’s turn.

    A rope still has it’s bonus to enslave and tame spells, not so much a chain, if you have a chain and a lock, you can prevent a bike (small car) from being stolen if it can be lifted by a unit, for 2 lengths of the chain. The chain is only as strong as it is in terms of being attacked.


  99. You don’t have to have 100 health in GTA or other gun style, you can take crippling to any part of the body in X area, being crippled in the legs causing 50% movement, broken providing 0% utility, legs movement, arms attack head diplomacy, gentiles: breeding, any part of the body: spell/ability;; having the need to be taken to medical help or lay in wait to be taken unto death. It makes visual sense to have armor that was just overlapping shapes, but thats so many shapes.More so it would just be faces. But one might be looking at a shorter turn time upon taking its units into the gun realm, seeing large numbers is tiresome.


  100. You can drink the blood of a unit sleeping in a bed for double the healing effect.

    Vampire- Unit Type- Good Bonus- Drinking blood % healing.

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  102. Cast Anti-Heal on a shield for half the cost of the shield. This will provoke an ability that is the remaining strength of the shield if dispelled.


  103. Summon Faeries-Ability- This will illuminate the target, providing vision of the unit so long as the faeries are within range of the spell cast and the unit is not hidden by terrain or obstacles. This ability will provide a base bonus resource weight of 200%, but the spell must be as strong as the unit in number, but still only lasts for one turn, C/E rolls can extend the effect. Somehow flora was never an obstacle, always to the side, save for the trees of course. Maybe a little ingrain of some plants if there are any around, on the sides of your eyes old first people.

    Stage Magic-Ability Combo Type- Teleport to a unit or place to perform an ability if one can cast the teleport or summon ability as strong as ones self, giving ones summon or teleport 200% resource weight. One must return to one’s original place unless they pay the full teleport cost while keeping the weight and there was an attack on the end. This has the range of a normal ability and the target must be within line of sight. One can cast this while falling.

    Rhythm- take a 1/x bonus to resource weight where x was the number of turns ago one used the same ability.

    Animal Companion- Ability- If you had an allied animal or a tamed animal, you could command it to attack, whether or not an animal had this ability, it started at -100 affinity, but could be trained. It could perform abilities at this same rate, starting at -100 affinity, it still only as strong as it is as a mount in terms of weapons, but it can only carry things at half rate. One gains a personal affinity each time one trains a pet’s ability while it is tamed by the unit or under control of the unit, this starts at -256%; but it gains one every time one personally trains a pet. A critter would not attack anything unless it was told to. A pet can also smell out enemies, and will tell you if there was an enemy that came through the tile in the past week.

    The pet’s personal affinity of the unit is the effect rate of combining an attack and/or ability with the critter.

    A pet can sic a target, and it will hold on to them through the round, this will last for however many rounds it is cast for, it is a spear of sorts, but the pet tends to move with the target, the pet will be on any tile adjacent to the side of the tile it sicced the unit from. This can deal damage, but does not get a bonus to control. The pet stays attached for 8(P/R) where P was the number of resources composing the pet and R was the number of resources composing the target.

    Mortality Donation- ability- A unit can sacrifice 1/x of it’s health and movement to provde a bonus of p where that is {(1 - 1/x) = y / 0.5p} so the bonus you are looking for is the upside down result of the subtraction with p halved, as the bonus is p and not y/0.5p. The bonus p is applied to a target unit. If the unit stops channeling this ability, then both units are left with the % health that the larger unit has. Multiple of these bonuses would be applied additively, being the exact same thing. So sacrificing half of your life makes your ally 150% as strong. This effect has a (S/R) effect, where S is the resource composition of the casting unit, and R is the strength of the target unit.

    Life Lust- A unit can cast this spell on an enemy, this spell drains all MP/AP and Movement from the unit if it dies while under it’s effect and gives it to the caster on the casters next turn, in addition to the casters next turn. The caster can also choose to utilize the movement and attacks on the same turn that it is collected. It does not accumulate and disappears at the end of the first turn following the turn it was captured.. It’s chance of success was (U/R) where U was the strength of the unit and R was the number of resources composing the unit. Excess strength carries over into duration. The normal duration being 1/2 turns. Only one unit can drink the life of a newly dead person.


  104. Blood thirsty- item effect - Unit gains a 2% bonus to effects that consume health per item effect level(resource invested in this effect).

    Needle fingers / Clystremancer - item effect- This units basic attacks have a base 2% life steal, without casting the vampiric buff. This does not apply to abilities combined with a basic attack.

    Blood Mist- Item effect- This unit’s damaging abilities have 1% life steal so long as the target of the ability is within the abilities cast range of the unit. (as if the life steal debuffbuff were casting the life steal onto the original caster of the life steal, when this is applied)

    Thought hungry -Item Effect- One takes 1% of the stat gain of a spell/ability cast buff, when one dispels a buff. One gains 1% of the stats lost by the target when stat debuffs are cast on other units.

    Combat Enthusiast -Item Effect- When one kills a unit, one has a 0.5% chance to take another turn at no cost per resource spent, there is no penalty to the unit’s capabilities on the next turn.

    Juice / Magic Juice- Alchemy—Plant/Consumable- Restore 32 MP/AP take the Juice Fruit or Magic Juice Fruit plant to the alchemist, and it can turn it into Juice/Magic Juice this can be used like a consumable, to restore MP/AP on the turn that it is used, or give a buff that lasts for one turn, granting 32 MP or AP. A Juice Fruit is essentially an ingredient, but it can be used to make something that is not food. A juice fruit is like a vine vegetable.

    Unwieldy Strike- Inherent Attack/Ability Bonus-If one deals a debuff with an attack, if that attack type correlates with the countering stat that is being debuffed, apply the debuff first, and take 150% composition to the cast debuff. (E.g. debuffing Armor with an attack that deals Physical Damage; counter stat). If there is no countering defensive stat to one’s debuff. Take it on the complimentary stat; (Deal Physical Attack Damage, Debuff Brutality; this only gives 125% bonus). If one has any momentum, the bonus is only { 1 + (x-1/4) % }. against any momentum reduction spells or stuns. If one uses a flash summon to instantly attack, one can use this against summoning. If there is a partial counter, such as physical damage: physical control bonus; one could take 125% effect. This does not effect Tertiary stats.

    Call for Alms-ability- this ability cost nothing, a unit can call for alms, any interested unit can take any part of it’s turn to offer assistance to the unit, with/without moving. The unit resumes its turn once the benefactor has completed it’s actions.


  105. dancing was like athletics, you do athletic moves without playing sports or even moving at all to dance. dancing is a different affinity than athletics, but you gain sprint like normal athletics, at the same rate, but when you do use this, you are committed to dancing for the duration. You can do words, the catchphrase will always give you a free ability if you have not used it within the month, but the line before it, only gave double ability weight or attack damage if it rhymes, or is otherwise qualified as classy enough to warrant it, one can take a double attack instead of double of one of these. Obviously some people’s nipple tassels weren’t uranium, so the jumping was fine, but If one was carrying a heavy weapon weapon and full items that were at least ones size or grater, one had a 2 toll to jumping, because of the weight, and full items a unit’s weight exactly would give one toll, and this would continue, as taking double toll, would be possible, and even higher would one be small enough hitting the second toll is being unable to fly or swim say one was a level 16 unit that had a full 64 count, or 4 16s. 8 momentum stays at 2 toll to jump, but will take one from horizontal movement, the 6 toll goes to movement of the unit, after 8, this only applies to items. an ingredient was about 1/8 size, and then you have a bag of them with 8, and you can carry yea so many bags of fruit, 8/16/32, and carrying over this much, was a toll, like all the rest. Only have so many bags see a grocer or something because it’s the future, just make bags out of the plants they renew themselves, I’m fucking ecofriendly man don’t touch me with that plastic motherfucker.

    African Struggle - Option- If you were truly wanting an african struggle. Plants need to be adjacent to water or within 1/2/3 tiles of a river for 50% of their life in order to grow. If they grew enough before their first yield, they might disappear if they don’t have a river on the tile once a week. They won’t grow any more than one harvest though.

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  107. currency doesn’t have any weight, but if you did want it to, it’s about a bullet or so in size 1% of a 64 item, but light, flakey, and crispy.1000 equaling one resource in the weight of an item. 64k being a case of money.

    In GTA, money was the score, if you had a score to settle with someone else in Blade Runner, this could be a personal score or a grudge, if you were real, the only money that counts is blood money taken from units that the player has killed and money earned form gangs paying the player to vacate a substantial amount of opposing gang members or living units, each gang had their rivals, and they could always be called if you were not an enemy or a rival of them. When the player has one million dollars, they advance to a new level. The only way to earn respect with a Gang is to kill the enemy gang members, or even just do any typical favor or difficult favor. it takes 1/5/10/15/20/25/50/100 kills of the enemy gang to earn enough loyalty. To do certain jobs, one needs a certain loyalty, killing a gang member means one loses 5 loyalty with the gang if the unit was hostile, and 5/25 loyalty kills if the target was not.

    The neutral gangs somehow exist enough, neutral or colorless gang members would occupy areas without anything if the player, and would be summoned, rather than building down inside of their den, the units would build up on the gang land, but otherwise function in the same way. money ruled everything, but it was fairly difficult to get one million, pedestrians only drop so much, and gangs only payed a handful/amful/ample effulgence of thousands. Be lean, for it was working all the time for anyone for any money around enough that made it possible to even get that much.

    The police don’t seem to mind when you’re killing enemy gang members, the police will only get involved if they are patrolling and see this happen. It is still a 50% chance that they will pull over and be upset with you.

    You may not be able to summon any gang but your native gang, but you can always call up gang members, and you can do this with a phone. It takes the gang member x movement to get to the tile, based on the distance in lengths, giving the gang member the ability to buff movement in any way each turn and utilize any movement spells like teleport, as well as ride a mount or drive a car if it wanted. A gang member could choose to deny the call, but if one could summon the gang member with a spell, such as the napalm of it’s home realm, or it’s easterly realm, it could appear instantly if it was proximate.

    Option- Aching Hearts - One can see what unit(s) was most proximate and viable to the location where the summon was cast, the one that is the most proximate and 100% correct in the 0 realm is what is summoned. In the magic realm, the place is proximity to the midpoint between any kingdoms based on which units were 100% correct, one can see which one is the one that would be summoned to see if it wants to confirm or rethink the spell in a scouting phase, this would cost the 10% of the ability points used, but denting the creature seen by this would also hurt the targets feelings, and it would dislike you, it would vent the feelings of inferiority you lashed unto it with your cruelty and sickeningly heartless critiques and judgements. If this unit were ever used against the summoner that denied it, it would gain 200% bonus damage.

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  110. In Blade Runner you have to kill all the vampires in the city, or your vengeance is unfulfilled. Otherwise it was just Criminal Endeavors.
    Vampires being any mayor type units. The mayor getting a 150%/200% bonus to composition and damage of vampire abilities or items effects pertaining to health and blood.


  111. Desperation- Sacrifice a % of your next turns movement and MP/AP to be used on this turn. You have this ability, but it only gives 50% of the next turns movement unless your health is low: gain 100% effect if missing 1/2 health, and if below 10% health, one gains 200% bonus to movement and MP/AP one sacrificed is based upon your missing health.

    Heal Hunger; - Ability/ Effect - apply an anti heal on ones self or others to grant 200% bonus resource weight from healing if healed by a heal matching in color and type. This costs the weight of the heal but lasts indefinitely until dispelled. One can gain this ability by drinking Blood, but drinking a units blood will give one the same bonus to heals of the color of the blood drank, without costing abilities, falling out as if resources were momentum to determine which was taken when. .

    Craftsmanship- Ability- One can become immune to control effects for a turn at a chance that was (A/2R) Where a was the resources composing the ability and R was the resources composing the unit.

    Versatile Defenseman- Take 50% or 100% of your defensive statics for the round, and apply them to their counter stat at 100% rate, or to a similar stat at 50% rate. This effect lasts for one round but does not cost any points.

    Vulnerable Offender- Take 50% or 100% of your offensive statistics for the round, apply them to their counter stat at 50% rate, and any other stat at 25% rate. Don’t be a pussy. This effect lasts for one round but does not cost any points.

    Shield/ Block- Item/Ability - Gain 100% effect of a shield in a direction if you are blocking, one can only block so large as one’s shield, a shield of 32 units or less is 1 unit in size, a shield of 64 units or less is 2 units in size, if dominus got their size bonus, a dominus shield of 64 units would be 10 units in size. If one blocks up, then one can be attacked from the bottom. Block is only as strong as the shield alone, but one is given the chance to use the next turns ability points and attacks to apply to the block, attempting to block the attack. If one is carrying a shilled, there is a ( R/S) chance to be spared the folly of having a 50% chance to miss coin flip added to ones attacks, if one has a shield. The shield takes damage as if it were a unit, but does not die if the shield dies, the excess attack breaks the shields guard and hits the blocking unit. Because only pussies don’t play with riot shield on.

    Pin Itinerary - ability -If a unit had a pin on another unit, one could force the unit to attack the pinning unit for 50% of the weight of the unit.


  112. Savagery- Combat type- One could go at a man raw, if one had no AP/MP, or attack for a turn, one could still attack if done without a weapon drawn or ability used, one can choose to retaliate this way, rather than use ones retaliation, or even if the retaliation has already been used. Attacking or retaliating this way will also give the opponent the ability to retaliate this way, if they have no weapon drawn, the victim of the retaliation can flip a coin as to whether or not it can retaliate this way, if it wins, it can gamble to have half of ones blood tag as MP/AP for the round, this fades after one round. One can only gamble once upon being being struck by this sort of retaliation. Retaliating like this does not cost anything, but retaliating with the weapon counted as a legitimate retaliation, feel free to have more than one legit retaliation per turn if you want.

    Readiness-Ability- One can take one’s ability points from the previous turn at a cost of readiness, if one used all of ones ability points for the next turn, one’s attack would have a 50% chance to have a double strike or double weight, disclosing the weight of the weapon, one would still have no ability points that turn. One can do this for up to 3 turns in a row, using the next 3 turns attacks and abilities. If one uses ones attack, one loses the ability to block, but one’s abilities have 50% chance to have double weight. If one fails either of these gambles, they do not get an attack or ability that turn and miss, whichever one had double weight would be a failure.

    Double Dealing- If one strikes a unit twice with the same effect with a duration longer than one turn in two turns different turns in a row, the spell could be used to refresh the buff, or empower the effect, layering the output of the effect on top of the original time, giving any overlap double effect, while still preserving the original time on the effect.

    Battle Cry / Predispositon - Using this spell applies a bonus of 200% physical/magical damage of a color type to a unit per application, this attack must match in color or type, but this can be consumed with partial matches as well as complete matches. This cost it’s weight in resources anything to use on an opponent you strike, but it can be cast as an ability to apply it to all units in an area at the cost of one unit including allies. , but to be more specific it would have to be single cast, at the same cost.

    Menacery - Item effects- Attacks dealt by this unit or item will apply a stack of Menacery; adding 10% bonus to attacks of that resource composition, each time the unit is hit with an attack matching that color type and weight. Partial hits can benefit. This bonus is not consumed. Any unit can benefit from this bonus if it is on a target. This buff fades it if is not applied after two turns, this buff cannot be dispelled. (debuff really).

    Contemplation /Foresight - Ability- One can save one’s ability points up to a maximum of one turns worth, but these decay if they are not refreshed by the end of the second turn after it was cast.

    One can apply one’s basic attack as an anti-heal, given that it was only applied to healing intake, and would only act if heals were cast on the target, this would be a type of heal which is like a basic attack, where having an anti-heal style effect that regards an ability, would be an ability.


  113. Gambling options

    Sensible Gambler-option- when gambling a laborer can collect up to 512 parts of Laborer’s Dreams, these are in a bag, but the laborer is only composed of as many Laborer’s Dreams as is it’s weight after unit progression through a call to arms. (up to 64, but one can stop at any point)

    Hard Time Gambler-option-A laborer gambling it’s qualities only yields one Laborer’s Dream of the original type of the unit, but one can choose one’s effect to the resource, but one only gain’s a Laborer’s Dream if the Civilian one is gambling one’s quality with is brought to 0 Laborer’s Dreams composing it. One can force a unit to gamble by otherwise winning the allegiance of the unit as if it were a neutral creature without any affiliation or tribute demanded.

    Serious Stakes-inherent/option- Units can only gamble with units that are not naturally from the same kingdom or under the control of the same player. ( Gambling is just too worthwhile for players to be able to gamble with themselves)


  114. A unit can only drive on walls if there is a length that is the width of the car composed of each slope of each map terrain height form the flat plane the car is driving in, So if the car was two units wide. Minimum terrain curve to drive on a wall would be 00112233445566VV , if this slope was achieved, the car could drive on the wall retaining all of its momentum and still able to drive, but would still be effected by falling gravity, gravity will pull a car backwards if it is attempting to go up but it’s downward velocity is greater than it’s upward velocity (new displacement to one side when seen from the car’s perspective). If a car can return to it’s flat position via another quarter circle terrain change, it would retain it’s momentum, and not take falling damage. One can still accelerate foreword, and turning will cause one to go up or down on the wall, but the car will gain 4 downward momentum per tile crossed when it is driving on a vertical face, and this momentum must be countered by the displacement momentum of the car in order to continue to gain height.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.


  116. Simple GTA Damage-Use Gun Types-Each bullet has a base of 1/2/5/10/15/x damage. This damage is multiplied by the strength of the gun. This kind of disregards level and such, but one can decide that stats are not important, or the combat roll (stats vs stats) is not important. With rolls and bonus, it would be very easy to get up to a 3x damage multiplier, so even having 5 damage base would deal as if it were 15, even 10x bonus is not unheard of, even a 2 damage bullet doing 20 damage, but it might be harder to get a 10x bonus.

    Taking Cover Behind Doors- Inherent- One can take cover one tile to the side of an open door, this allows the unit to attack as if it were standing one tile over in front of the door (without going through the door) if it choses to. If it shoots from the tile in front of the door, units that see this target has a 50% chance to hit the unit if it choses to attack.

    Taking Cover Behind Full Length Windows- Inherent- One can take cover one tile to the side of a broken floor (full) length window, this allows the unit to attack as if it were standing one tile over in front of the window (without going through the window) if it choses to. If it shoots from the tile in front of the window units that see this target has a 50% chance to hit the unit if it choses to attack.

    Taking Cover Behind half/quarter Length Windows- Inherent- One can take cover one tile to the side of a broken half length (half a wall in height) length window, this allows the unit to attack as if it were standing one tile over in front of the window (without going through the window) if it choses to. If it shoots from the tile in front of the window units that see this target has a 50% chance to hit the unit if it choses to attack. If the window is a quarter length, reduce the chance to be hit to 25%. This will still not provide any more visibly than if the unit was standing on the tile it is standing on or shooting from (does not gain sight from tile in front of the door/window until it decides to shoot from that tile. One can shoot from behind cover without going to the tile with more view, but one is still limited by ones view.

    option-Shoot through walls- Walls can be destroyed, so if one could otherwise destroy the wall, or one’s bullet would have the momentum if it was pitted against a fraction of the wall it’s size, then the bullet can go through the wall, losing any momentum that was spent to break the wall.


  117. In Blade Runner, before the game starts, the host can create anything in a way a MS/UD Civ class (create things out of resources) can make things. Save that the host is not limited in any way and can move around as it pleases. If one selects a zone and designates it as inaccessible/under construction, on can still do this within the zone(s) specified in that way.


  118. If something is too strong / op / stupid feel free to turn it off.

    Option- There is no MS/UD building summoning class

    Option- Units summoned from the 0 realm keep their natural allegiances. Units summoned from other realms also retain their allegiances.

    Option- Unit summoned from the 0 realm are allied to the summoner and under the command of the summoner so long as they are within chain of sight of the summoner.

    Option- Units summoned from allied realms are allied to the summoner and under the command of the summoner so long as they are within chain of sight of the summoner.


  119. Skateboarding / Rollerblading (Largely Blade Runner)

    One can skateboard to gain up to 4 foreword (horizontal) momentum when going down hill. A unit can jump off of their skateboard at any time and will not fall if they can catch themselves with sprint. One can also jump at half rate.

    One Can rollerblade / roller skate to gain up to 6 foreword (horizontal) momentum when going downhill. A unit cannot jump off their rollerblades.

    Roller Blades and roller skates can be modified, the natural turning displacement rate is M / 1 ( Move one’s momentum to be able to displace one unit, add one displacement momentum to the unit), the roll over rate is (1/D) if displacement momentum is more than foreword momentum while on the ground, then the unit falls over (become falling/limp and is treated as a falling/limp unit with the momentum that it had). The body rotation/ frame turn rate is 1:1, so adding one displacement momentum when traveling at a rate of 1:1 horizontal:displacement, will cause one either to roll over if they are not turning, or they will turn to face the new direction.

    One can ride rails and things with a skateboard at no cost to momentum. (Rails being free standing or decorative pillars)

    One can do tricks with ones skateboard as if it were an item, allowing one to utilize knockback on the skateboard with 1000% resource weight, but this only effects the skateboard. A skateboard is usually 1x1 or 2x1 if a unit is 1x1, but a skateboard is as thin as a wall/floor. Rollerblades to not take up any size unless one has the deep graphics. These do not provide any bonus.

    One can modify a skateboard/rollerblades like a car, but it has 25% X% of the corners. It will always accelerate at one unit per consecutive tile spent running, and decelerate at minus one horizontal momentum per two units moved foreword and minus one displacement momentum per two units displaced left or right. One cannot modify the body of a skateboard.

    Skateboards and rollerblades can do as well at riding walls as cars can. A rollerblader and skateboarder does not need the half circle ramp to ride a wall, they can ride a wall if they jump on it.

    If one attempts to turn “new down/new up” while riding on a wall, the car/skateboard will not turn at all in that direction, and just continue “new foreword/horizontal”. A skateboarder/rollerblader will take falling damage if they jump from a wall that they are riding onto a flat surface without a half circle ramp to transfer their momentum.

    When Returning from riding a wall , New Horizontal becomes displacement, New Displacement (mainly momentum gained from falling) becomes horizontal, and New Vertical is added to horizontal and displacement at 100% of the rate of displacement. ( “new” here, regards the momentum from the perspective of the vehicle or otherwise differently oriented vehicle. The car’s turning would still provide “New Displacement” when attempting to turn on the wall, as it originally provides displacement, and the entire car is effected by it’s “new” orientation)

    If one strikes a unit with momentum, and uses an attack/ability that is modified by horizontal momentum, then the horizontal momentum is added into the attack, if the unit has one or more forward momentum, then they can push/trip a unit that is skateboarding or rollerblading, functioning as a Sweep ability at no cost of points or attack.

    If a unit on rollerblades or a skateboard is pushed by knockback they gain 200% effect of the knockback if skateboarding, and 300% effect of the knockback if rollerblading/skating.


  120. A skateboard is small enough to be made of double corners, which are the corners of a corner of terrain height, it was one corner high but it had a face like a floor. The face is the board, and the corners are wheels and trucks.
    A skateboard has 4 wheels and these are jointed together with 1x 1 2x2 4 x4 a square area cube of double corners. wheels are about half the width of the trucks but the same height. Trucks were the handling portion of the car, but a wheel was the momentum/speed retention control. the blade runner was the engine enough. if you had a nice car, it was also a nice skateboard would give you half/25% as many corners as a car, but you can build a skateboard only taking a corner of a resource from a woodsman, each resource of wood would give 16 boards, the board looks nice, the strength of the board determines how fast it will break, if you put in 4 resources for one board, thats the most one can do for a board,

    Regardless of rollerblades being invisible, rollerblades still consist of the same parts, however, where a skateboard the wheels are corners as yea |>|++|<| for a front view, with the + a block, and the < a corner and a | a face the board would be on top of the + sign. Roller blades look like |+|+|+|+| but they alternate in depths, you can have up to 6 wheels on a roller blade, and roller skates can have 4 sets of dual ties. Roller sakes use trucks like skateboards, but it’s like two skateboards that were the size of your feet, if you have feet.

    As a terrain level is made of corners, a half corner is half of this size. If one has 4 corners of terrain, this would make 8 half corners. the 2 corners broken as if they were a tile, each one turning itself into more corners.

    RollerBlade Wheel setup. (In half corners)


    Rollerblade “truck” or axle rack was was a minimum of one corner wide and 0 corners tall. it was up to 4/6 wheels long, and it took a specific sized wheel, just like a skateboard truck. The Width of the wheel was the width of the corner. A one corner wide roller skate/rollerblade axle takes a 1 corner sized wheel, 4 corner wide axle, wheel 4 corners in size. The wheels are always circular, on both roller skate types and skateboards, skate anything.

    If you wanted a scooter, a scooter is a skateboard with pillar 1/4 to 1/2 as tall as the unit, as a shaft and a one resource handle, this gets 400% bonus to horizontal momentum gains, but one cannot apply down momentum on some faces or edges of the scooter and up momentum on opposing faces of the edges of the scooter in an attempt to kick flip the scooter, without having the handle rotatate, but it is attached to the board. While one can add the bonus spin , the spin is only applied to the scoter itself, not the unit. A scooter only has 2 wheels though, If your scooter pole was at least as 3/4s as tall as you, you could attempt to use the pole as a stripping pole while in the air, while still being able to do tricks. This will not get one’s stripping-athleticism up, only one’s stripping-creativity, and if someone sees you, it will increase your stripping - performance.


  121. Strip Club - Building, One can make any building a strip club, or even a bowling alley, just build them around each other, but destroy or omit the walls, or build an empty building, cede the empty building’s existence to the adjacent building seeking something, and then if the walls are adjacent, one can elect which parts of the vault are applied to the buildings exterior, or they are simply applied evenly to both buildings if the walls of a newly ceded building touches it’s founding member.

    Strip Club Adornment- A strip club is a collection of poles, mirrors, drugs/alcohol, with the possibly of gambling, the success rates of the strippers in your club is determined by the % of tiles that are covered with a full bag of drugs, full bottle of alcohol, the number of tiles that poles are clearly visible from (attempting to look through a unit is blocking vision here, even if not playing 1st person.) the number of mirrors instead of walls or cellings, and the number of tables that are playing games with cards or dice, or otherwise gambling, if the owner has allowed it.

    The club would have to provide O/ Area % of their capacity of the above credentials, where O is the number of occupants, and the R is area of the strip club (any area that is not separated from the strip club by wall, or is separated by wall, but is still adjacent to the strip club, and it is designated as strip club by the owner/operator of the club. If a strip club has an area of 20 tiles, and it has one occupant, 1/20 is 5% of the tiles must be Adorned appropriately, in order for one’s dances to be 100% successful at applying the pleasured buff, and for the morality on sight to be given.

    Stripping- A stripper can strip to provide morale and pleasure to a unit.

    Buildings are rather empty, put a table in if you’re sad. otherwise one could add tools/workbenches, etc. and perhaps require these to be used if a unit wants to do labor for the building. A building needs X units to perform one labor for every 1/2/4/8 resources composing a building in order to create one of the item. A machine was an item/chair/unit/table, that could be used by 1/2/x units at a time, to combine their efforts.

    If you wanted to make tools and machinery, or workbenches to do work, feel free, the naming of machines was simply, wood working machine, can this make “item name” and the answer was “ yes” because i’m not fluent on all of the specifics of the creation of things.

    . Even make minor decor, which is an item, but functions as a unit in combat at 50% effect. It cannot move, but it can be placed on a counter. It is furniture. It does not have a vault and cannot breed without Beauty the Beast.


  122. Stripping Affinity- The rate at which one provides buffs via stripping is determined by one’s Stripping Affinity. Stripping always has a color and a type, but it does not have anything above this, just one resource. A wench can only strip with their own color type, but a unit can strip any color type that composes them (or at least 25%/50%/75% Color/µR chance).

    Stripping affinity is composed of 3 parts, Performance, Creativity, and Athleticism. Creativity gives the stripper a chance to give a better bonus effect to pleasure, and unit can give a pleasured buff from stripping, but rather than being at a flat rate, the % of the bonus is the same number as if Stripping Affinity the number. To give someone the pleasured buff, a stripper must give the unit a dance, and this cost the stripper one movement, or one stripper point, if the stripper did not have to move, A stripper has Stripping affinity / 16 stripping points that can be used per turn. Stripping affinity is composed of the three stripping stats above. . ,

    Performance is the (S/T) Stripper;Target roll of success, each point of creativity gives 1 resource to the weight of the stripper’s blood tag and 2 resources in weight to the stripper’s effective resource composition aka Fighter’s Tag ; Stripping Athleticism determines how long the unit can strip for, this starts at 0, but a unit has a 50% chance to succeed enough with 0 affinity.

    While stripping on the pole, one can provide a +8 to morale, to any unit that sees the stripper. but a wench gets a 600% bonus to base movement if stripping. If it has 1 movement remaining, it has 6 stripping movement if it is at a free standing pillar that is at least the unit’s weight in the blood tag. One can buff a pillar in order to increase it’s effective blood tag for this calculation, this does not effect the weight of the pillar. .

    The effect of seeing a stripper fades at 1 morale per day/round that the unit has been removed from the stripper. A unit can only see 1/2/4 different strippers and still benefit from the strippers at full rate, after that give the morale at half rate after the first (set), one must get a dance from the “extra” strippers, and after every 4/8/16 active bonuses from strippers one will not longer receives strippers. A wench is a good stripper, but any unit can be a stripper. If a stripping unit is a wench, it has a performance roll of 100% stripping success rate, regardless of anything, this unless the wench is answering a call to arms, then the wench can use their own rate of take a 50% chance for success at buff applicaiton. It takes a unit one movement to strip, or one labor,

    One can be an employee, or use diplomacy on neutral creatures in an attempt to get more money as a stripper. People can throw money on the ground, but this was more of a symbolic gesture, money did not benefit a stripper in any way as a professional. It is the owners prerogative whether or not strippers are paid, it could be A Hobby Strip Club


  123. Attempting to spin horizontally can be done as a rate of looking around as one would do in a first person setting, extending one’s self beyond one’s looking capacity, one could spend sprint/movement for more turning capacity, while falling, the unit can turn 45 degrees in the time it takes the momentum to move the unit one unit, ; so each time one’s movement rate ticks away before it’s income/refresh upon completing the numbers composing it. If one had 4:3:1 H:D:V momentum at a constant rate somehow, one could turn 8 times, at 45 degrees, or equivocal numbers in whatever the number of view angles was.

    that’s a phonebook made of wood silk, pages and bindings, that’s been taken under resin that this wood still drinks, and it was quite there, but hard for one to quench more than a page of the book, but the pages were thin enough to drink this all the way to their back, but this resin was somehow just incurring thirst in the wood, causing it to attempt to drink the resin still inside of it, the wood silk would only want to drink this opposed to all things, only leaving the thirst behind if completely full of the resin, taking one unit of the resin for each wood silk unit, each page being one book unit this, and 512 book units area on a uniform page, to fill a single page with resin took one labor, but two pages must be done at one time, doing two pages consumed one resin. One was binding 8 phone books together, each resource having yielded 2, and a phone book was only oh so many pages long. but each phone book was indeed a corner of height, from the board.

    This method was opposed to having no height as a board itself, rather flat. A floor tile could be used as a board if taken to a woods man, but it the board would only be as strong in board equivocal resources as the building was, if the building was 64 resources this was divided by the 16 resources of the board capacity. now at the correct 4.

    Skateboarding and rollerblading only work well enough down hill. It took an awful time to skate up a hill, and the skateboard would only give the same movement as walking when going up a hill that was less than 45%. if it was less than this, but above 25%. If below 25% skating up hill was a coin flip to lose one momentum extra on momentum loss due to terrain. If the slope was above 45%, one could not skateboard with much efficiency, and it was a 50% chance to gain one downhill (backwards)momentum when going uphill, at 65% chance there was a 75% chance to gain one downhill momentum when going up hill, and at 80 and 100% there was a 100% chance to gain one downhill momentum if attempting to take up hill, if you otherwise have up hill momentum or horizontal momentum, the downhill momentum will just subtract from your uphill momentum rather than moving your unit backwards. Skateboarding works well down hill, but there is no speed cap, attempting to be going uphill enforces itself, one can fall quite easily most of the time, but i suppose it is dangerous enough to let it slide that there was no momentum cap.

    A rollerblading unit at to stop completely, crouch, and spend one labor or movement to take off it’s rollerblades.

    Rollerblades and skateboards only give their uphill movement player cap of 6 when running when on a road or rope, otherwise rollerblades and attempting to skate on dirt are a 50% reduction to movement and gives no benefit to movement. A unit can carry a skateboard like it’s no big deal, and even wear their roller blades around their neck, flaunt nonchalance, scoff, and say “It’s not like anyone cares how I roll” they continue, thinking/saying “; so desensitized to my Player/Color/Lothario//Ho/Lotharita/ Lotharioratoridomo Ways/Comings/Doings/Meanings/Lifestyle/Lotharioratios/Lothariorating/Lotharitantacicionas / cantacitas.


  124. A skateboard was also a weapon, and it’s effect was 1/5 of it’s effective blood/skateboard tag


  125. Death pit that is not gang territory will still give Death Pit Gang Water to Gang members, functioning as Gang Water does for Gang members, as powder.

    Gang Members can get Gang powder/water/wetness from mining water, but the water will sill go up until it becomes normal water at the surface, regardless of having its wetness taken from it.


  126. If the stripper is bigger than the unit in blood tag, then the stripper will deal (R/S) (Unit;Stripper) percent of it’s buff.

    If you were larger than one unit in area on the map, then stripping might look like something, if you were one unit in area on the map, stripping looked like dancing on a pole, and it was just standing adjacent with the ability to move into the target without collision.

    Stripping is that endgame


  127. Sky and Subterranean realms go through a different dimension than the normal ring worlds, these occur with different resonance with the environment. One can still traverse these like normal realms, but each realm has these are columnar 0< looking shape around the ring, where the realm is the 0 and the Sky and Subterranean realms extend inward towards the center of the ring, all sky rings of the realms on a ring meet with each other at the top level, and this is the omni-sky level, and each one of the top sky realms can be accessed from here. Top sky realms are the only realms accessible from here. A similar case of accessibility is true with the bottom subterranean realms. The resource nodes you see on the map are actually units of the subterranean realm that somehow got stuck, and impacted through the top ground of the resource realm. If you have lifted a resource from the ground, you have broken an already broken resource man in two pieces. This will only happen to the borders of the adjacent underground realms, an underground realm is only as tall as the map is wide or long, but a powerful figure can move units from the terrestrial living realm to the sky living realm if they ascend more than 2/x lengths of the map into the sky. If the powerful figure does this, the unit appears one length of the map below it’s current height in the sky realm.

    Sky / (sky resource realms)- realm- all of the resources were water here, but all of the water was ice, the Liquid Gang Was still liquid, but the Land Based Units were all Gang Affiliated/Royal Soldiers as well. The Sky realm Units were much like living units, but they could use water ice as powder, but not resources. Liquid Resources rain like water, and the resources all become water in pits once rolled. Consuming a resource in any way causes it to create a building causes it to evaporate at 4 temperature.

    In twice sky, all of the resources evaporate, and units can swim and build inside of resource clouds. It will not rain, but it will still rain gang members and liquid water.

    In thrice sky, all of the resources and water evaporate, but it will still rain gang members/terrirory,

    In quad sky, all resources, water, and gang members and territory evaporate, units can fly. Terrain becomes vapor terrain rather than mining water when mined, this creates clouds, these can be dug in for half the cost of labor, and units can stand on them. Units can swim in water clouds, and gang territory still functions as normal, but the gang members can choose if it functions as if it were on ground, underwater, or in the air, so whether units are walking, flying, or swimming; units do not need to be able to breathe anything, and all units are given 8 base movement if they were otherwise unable to move on that type of terrain.

    Ground resource, there happened to be no gangs here, but the resources were units, and could walk around. This would be the resource realm, the water served as resources, and it was still water, in double ground, the water was solid ice, and it could still be used as resources. Regardless of being resource nodes, a resource type unit can still be harvested for resources, and can utilize it’s own yield up to it’s capacity. A resource type unit yields it’s blood tag in resources each week.


  128. A badger gets 200% to labor underground, and digging, but it can take this for a 150% bonus damage against snakes / 150% movement on land / or 400% control to Tree creatures. (A snake can also take 150% bonus damage against badgers as an inherent effect, rather than 400% control to land)
    Underground/Badger is sort of a snake, but it can be Footloose Badger / Mountain Badger/ Tree Badger/ or a Tunnel Badger- gaining similar benefits. Feel free to be any animal you want. If you were a Mountain Badger be a Mountain Mongoose. (For mountain badger, apply Water Snakes swimming bonus % as mountain movement % and {M/1+B%} cost to vert face climbing %, where M is the normal cost of vert face climbing, and B is the base % water movement bonus of water snake (200% maybe) the mountain mongoose only gains (M/R){Parts Mountain/Blood Tag} % of this effect if it is mixed genus.

    Box of Unit Genus / Specialties

    Flying =/= Sky =/= Ropes man/ Tree creature
    Aqua =/= Land =/= Mountaineer
    Snake =/= Resource/Subterranean =/= Underground

    Mountaineer gets bonus to mountain movement and climbing vertical faces. 200% movement when at map terrain height 5, 400% bonus when at map terrain 6. If a unit is in a building that would be that high, but has a base on a lower map terrain height, one can take half bonus.

    Tree creature gets bonus to climbing trees, and can take attacks off the ropes within trees. A tree creature has bonus rope movement. 400% bonus to climbing trees. 200% bonus to rope movement.

    Sky and Resource are realms of disparity, different realms all together, where the other 7 are not, they are types of units, where Sky/Resource type is a type of resource, like Magic or Undead resources.
    Snake kind of turned into underground-

    You’ll get those hero classes some day snakes and company.


  129. One can summon any type of creature by the same means one can summon a bird. One can create any type of creature from a creature den, or each type/genus of creature is given a day to summon neutral versions of them before the game starts if you have to catch your army.

    Option-No Swim Test- A Unit can choose whether or not to be summoned underwater if it doesn’t breath underwater. A unit can choose whether or not to be summoned into the air if it does not fly. A unit can choose whether or not to be summoned onto land if it cannot move on land. etc.


  130. One can use two pillars as a post to raise the height of a pillar placed sideways., it takes middle one post per 2/4 length of rail if the rail (sideways pillar) is longer than 4/8 lengths. If you wanted to put that street course together.


  131. A board doesn’t really have a weight, but a rail can support up to it’s 500% resource weight without breaking, counting only the blood tag of the unit(s) grinding the rail or otherwise putting their weight on the rail.

    Option-Tower Skateboarding Street- you can grind ropes, because this is the future


  132. For doing tricks or whatever, a skateboard is 10%/20% the weight of a unit.

    Roller derby-sport- one can create a roller rink by having a ring( a rectangle with another rectangle cut out of the middle of the ring. One sets a start line, and players score points by going a full lap, all the way around the derby ring. The organizer can determine the rules of what types of attacks and abilities are allowed, and if being killed is just being knocked down and stunned for 4/8/X turns. Feel free to put jumps and rails in the derby. Always fun to run somebody into a rail.

    Collision with rails is like collision with ropes.

    One can make a roller derby for vehicles, and also make a Roller Ball arena (o>~ junction, one for each team, there is a quarter pipe all around the edge ( tiles, and the middle is a flat area that units can drive their cars through. The ~ represents the meeting point of the two lanes, it can have a distance of 0 units, and the lanes move into each other like an X, On either side of the > , there is a jump that is as tall as 50%/75%/80% of the half pipe ring, the actually the basket //*\\ around there, with the slashes being the jumps, and the basket in the middle of them. There is a ball and it is shot like a basketball but it y/n bounces and is 2/4/8/X times heavier than a basketball. Units can only ride motor cycles (2x1 car or equal) or roller skates/rollerblades/skateboards/scooters in Roller Ball.

    One can use counters if one want to make a jump for a car or skateboard. One can also make “slopes” which are effectively a tile that is two terrain heights of terrain at a gradient, one can make this a specific slope and angle, normal ramp , but a 100% Slope is a Box, and this functions as one terrain height, and is actually a run of the mill counter. A normal / incline that one would see on a tile, being 2 corners down into 2 corners up, the angle of the wall being determined by the corners for ease. A jump won’t break unless it falls apart, the cabinets can be destroyed with arson.


  133. In Roller Ball, one has a lane one can choose whether or not to jump from, if one stays in the lane, one travels eventually to the opponents half circle quarter pipe.

    In Roller Ball, the ball can be used as a weapon, it is 2/4 resources in weight for damage calculations. There are no other weapons. You must be riding on a motorcycle to score points, two people can be on a motorcycle at a time. This or a team only has 1/2 motorcycles with two riders, the one on the back can shoot the roller ball.

    If one wanted to make a diagonal wall, this would be a single corner double down or missing, the normal down corner remaining would be a vertical face that was diagonal across the tile. (this just for vanity really, a unit can occupy a double down corner, but it functions as any other vertical face otherwise if a unit attempts to scale it.

    The hoop can be at any height, so long as it is possible for the players to score.

    If one dies in roller ball one is dead/ stunned for 8 rounds. The host of Roller Ball can determine which spells and abilities and items or anything is ok to use during the match.


  134. There are no ranged attacks in roller ball, and the rollerball cannot perform ranged attacks, but one can call any attack “ranged” regardless of being in melee range, and will not take the penalty to ranged attacks in melee range, and one can use all of one’s ranged damage bonuses applied to the attack that are normally applied to ranged attacks.

  135. obviously this is Roller Ball, and this has no relation to any other things of similar name, regardless of similar spellings.


  136. A half circle quarter pipe in rollerball didn’t have to be a circle, it would be a half octagon, so long as it has fairly smooth transitions, the o circle of quarter pipe in the middle could be an octagon as well.


  137. The truth about sports was, the color roll against the tile could only be used while the unit was on the tile, it the roll was 3 and the unit had 2 sprint, the unit could use 6 sprint that turn, costing one unit for every 3. you had 3 look at the cost of one look change. This is true if you like sports, and players agree that everything is sports.

    If you had a car, this was the fuel, or if you had free fuel , this was acceleration. always take the death vertical jump off of the bike because Jesus loves roller ball and your bike will only fly straight upwards, otherwise be unmoved by wind, if you had low fuel, Jesus would turn water into fuel, but only for roller ball. Jesus would ensure that you landed in the ring, and doing this would please Jesus. If you had faith or other bonus to the divine, Jesus and your God would give you a road up to your god’s digression and ability, Jesus would fly with you and give you the wind if you like, but Jesus can only give you the wind of the day, if you could fly, had drugs, or would otherwise leave the arena, Jesus Takes you back, always using the wind to blow upon your arrival into the rollerball arena with tempestuous gusts of wind, jesus would rob you of horizontal momentum but one if you had one from otherwise falling that was unused, but will otherwise take all of it upon 45 degrees, and otherwise holding you in place within the blade runner arena as you would otherwise be falling out of it or exiting because of unfortunate momentum, this only impacts once you begin falling, and as you point down or turn, you can be pointing foreword or at an angle, which is still foreword, the cardinal ordinal, and any other map directions but these are all relative to the “New Map, which runs up down, to the as the old foreword back , and right left as still there for turning, but falling has no right or left control most times, this is healed all the time while you fall as you are you as pointing foreword against the fence/wall that surrounds the blade runner arena extending this 8 Jesus lay for you able to keep you encircled indefinitely, he will not turn you, it takes 2 deduction to the look count for the turn and this bike turns 45 degrees like vision, deducted because it is twice your size, double your weight, as you can do so forth now one can align itself from a poor posture into one where it could feely enter and the quarter pipes of the roller ball arena and not fall. If you so choose, otherwise, if you take your blade runner yea high on the jumps, your ramp/fence combo on height is equal to at least 2/4 (2 or 4) times the amount height as the tip of the jump, the ramps were to be twice the height of the tip of the jump. With a wall splitting the two jumps until the meet.


  138. About “ 8-Ball,the Prisoner infamously known for mastery of the Car Bomb” aspects of games, A grenade may have been too large, but if you had an item as large as the grenade you could say the item was a timer, the item acts as a unit and pull the pin on the grenade or detonates the claymore. Otherwise there were other explosives cars were susceptible to.

    also road houses, for other types of effects for Blade Runner

    If you have large GTA character, the shoppes of the lands would come in as |x|x| |x| road houses that are side by side, but independent, each one being their own road house in that the | | are walls, and this is a top down view of a road house. and the car would go through, the width of a road house would be about 150% the size of the car it serves, e.g. 2x2 car has 3x3 garage road house, This rounds up, these will do you any good business. These could do the full services of a shop, or professional, or civ professional, but they do not produce units or items, the hardcore have a tunnel entrance to stock the true professional ones with parts, and must turn down people when they don’t have the part for the car, put all your parts on a database, because you respect the cost of fuel. got an underground part to be civil, got at least a tile of walls on each side of the garage entrance, optional garage entrance on both side, optional that one needs the gate keepers permission to get past the garage, one must find the gate keeper of the colored unit. If a unit wishes to have gate access, it will talk about which gates, and why, with the gate keeper for the color, but one could always talk to the man upon reaching any gate, and ask for gate privileges at any gate it comes to. One can choose one or the other, it is the latter normally.

    Obviously the poor man and the poor lighter see a car with fuel, and he’s just got a tube big enough for his small lighter, and it’s use any tube, get a smaller tube at it’s cost, in small tubes, if you like the small things, have as many cube depths as you want, see the normal corners, that would be one, but when a corner is taken down a level like the fabled half corners, this would be a level where it could easily be more levels of cube depth to be added. The sizes are really rough ratios, but one could easily use the ratio with a size scale of units of anyone’s choice.


  139. Obviously the poor man and the poor lighter see a car with fuel, and he’s just got a tube big enough for his small lighter, and it’s use any tube, get a smaller tube at it’s cost, in small tubes, if you like the small things, have as many cube depths as you want, see the normal corners, that would be one, but when a corner is taken down a level like the fabled half corners, this would be a level where it could easily be more levels of cube depth to be added. The sizes are really rough ratios, but one could easily use the ratio with a size scale of units of anyone’s choice.

    The fellow with the lighter had taken cotton and a few explosive bits it had collected, and put this in the gas tank of the car, if the car ever made a sudden stop, any momentum above 4/8/12 taken in succession or successive turns or even in lengths of the car, but sudden strong loss of momentum imparted by the brakes would cause the lighter bomb to explode, one only needed some powder, a small lighter, cotton, if you don’t have tubes, you can use an machine shop to make these the smithy can make you a metal pipe this size, 2/4 for a resource, the woodworks can make a glass pipe for this, a part/corner of a vehicle engine can be used for this, and you can take a cork from an empty bottle, and use that to stop the pipe when your done. The powder was only as strong as it’s weight, but one somehow managed to fit two powder into that area, it would apply 1/4 momentum as it’s raw weight upon being ignited by the fire, this would also deal 4x or 16x the strength resource of the weight, but powder can only be lit by a lighter of its own color, and to do this the lighter must be of pure color, or your can have mixed color lighters, having one light per color per turn. And still, if this was not enough, if this powder explosive got into the fuel of the cars, this would cause the car to explode if the glass/pipe/ container is broken by an internal explosion, before the container breaks and does not light anything, due to the weight of the powder 8 momentum loss in succession would break 1 powder to explode, 2 momentum for dominus powder, but this could not be powder from a critter, only trees and ground resources. This had to be raw resource powder as if taken by a mayor.

    This could be placed in a car’s gas tank, if you had the key to the car’s gas tank, which was likely on the car’s key ring. If you do this, people may call you 8 ball, but one can only learn this spell/ability from the original 8ball, or someone who has become 8 ball, or if you didn’t feel the legend today, at a Mages Guild or Vehicle Shop or Alchemist with the proper color resources, just as one learns spells at a mages guild. If one learns this from 8 ball, one can do this with any color resources, the explosion of the powder does a color roll against the pipe, the color roll increases the explosive nature of the bomb. momentum, the bomb has a 16B/C where B is the bomb rate, and aC is the blood tag of the car with no buffs. If the explosion was not that dense, it would not trigger a fire enough, instead, the explosion will put the momentum on the car, if this happens, there is an 8B/C chance for the car to explode anyways regardless. But i live for the nitrous boost, yes, this releases nitrous in the car, in a sense. One of these will take up one corner of fuel in the gas tank some how.

    Tree mayor units can take tree powder, but not resource powder, a land mayor can take both and all kinds of powder, if a mayor type is full snake, only a footloose snake and/or a flying snake can take tree powder. A water snake can take underwater tree powder, and a tunnel snake would take underground plants if there were any, a tunnel snake can take land powder at no cost, both resource and tree. Flying snake, if you had flying crops from the land above, perhaps, you could use flying powder, but only a flying mayor could take flying powder.


  140. if a car is split by two tiles of different height, the car will receive one upward momentum on half of its sides will taking one downward momentum on the opposite side, the ones receiving upward momentum are the ones traversing the upward tiles. This can be converted into ZX axis horizontal rotation, wight the downward part of the car going horizontally as well, as this was from the center of gravity of the car that functions much like the anchor and a spinning chain where the center of the car as the anchor and the exterior of the car the edge of the item on the chain, the car spinning around on the anchor of it’s center of gravity, the center of the spinning car/vehicle. This chain swing meaning it’s momentum is easily converted from one direction to another as it is rotating.

    / can mean divide, / can mean or, usually if it means divide only when it explains what letters mean or something, an / or is usually number choice or option choice, it’s a versatile letter


  141. If knockback was too high and rollover too much in roller ball, divide the strength by 2 or anything. I don’t quite know how high the hoop is, no more than half way to the top fence from the o part of the roller ball arena.


  142. Jesus always enjoys the real game of roller ball, if both teams agree, Jesus will not intervene when units would otherwise fly out of the roller ball ring. The unit will still take fall damage if it falls that height, even while riding the vehicle.


  143. if you fly out of the roller ball arena, you can y/n get back into the arena if your team’s game is still going on. Ramps up into the lip of the arena are optional, one can have a tunnel entrance as well, functioning like stairs in that units make a choice to enter, they can only be used from the outside of the roller arena during the a game if the unit attempting to enter is a legal member of the team, or units are entering and exiting while there is not an active game being played in the arena. There are also doors in fences, large drops from either side, just have a ramp up to them.


  144. On a drop in, the fence would still be along the original fence line of the arena, but this gate has doors that can open, allowing a unit to enter the arena, functioning much like stairs, only from this one side, when the unit pushes on them or would otherwise be stopped by the tile, the unit will go through the gate without any cost. This is so the fence in the area is not different than anywhere else in the blade runner roller ball arena.


  145. Were one to apply knockback to one unit of a 2x1 vehicle, then were one to apply a knockback to only one of the two units of vehicle, then this adds one to the momentum of the vehicles center of gravity. This is where the center of the vehicle/unit is point is used as the anchor and the opposite or most opposite units of the ones that had momentum applied to them applied to them equally if not otherwise anchored, such as when falling. In the case of a car or anything being spun while on the ground, the wheels on the side that the car is not spun on will function as an anchor so long as the momentum on the center of gravity does not exceed 4 clockwise or counterclockwise, othwerise this will take two of the momentum and apply it to the other wheels every time 4 CW momentum is applied to the center of gravity the front. The clock always faces map north when you’re spinning horizontally on flat tiles of map direction orientations (normal tiles). As well as any direction. The clock compass will face north, at all times, if your clock is at an incline, say 45% clock. a % angle. is something as 90% angle and 100% angle are both 90 degres. One can climb a 90% angle at twice the movement cost of walking an 80% incline, but 100% angles are vertical faces that cannot be climbed and must be jumped. So These would be the angles %.


  146. A simple roller ball with guns would be army man roller ball, each unit having 2 or 4 health, and the ranges being 1x/2x if killed, a unit would be stunned (wipe out) for 4/8 turns/seconds a sniper can only set up in the air, but falling any direction will not stop the unit from setting up or being set up. MG has to set up too, crouch if you were that advanced.


  147. Sky Pirate’s Duty - Ability A Bird can have Sky Pirate’s Duty like Space Pirates, really any sort of type of space that is occupied should have one.


  148. If you had liquor, or wine, in a bottle the size of a single beer, for individual use or otherwise, this bottle could be used to create the car explosive, but the single liquor drink can only carry 4 powder within it, and the lighter must be of one resource, this could consume all of the cotton. the wine can hold 8 powder, but cannot fit into a single sized car.’s gas tank. The wine as an 1/8 sized bottle, a beer was about a 1/2 sized bottle. a Taller beer was a full sized bottle but the taller beer was two resources, and everything a bit taller or thicker, and so forth, even attempting to do this with a keg. but the single civilian car the size of one unit was a single unit size in size, it’s gas tank entry being 1/16 of it’s size, the 1/8 bottle was there, and this could also be used to create an explosive otherwise. A liquor bottle is still limited to it’s composition of a dish, and a bottle of liquor counts as one ingredient, but a meal still was limited to it’s composition in number, if a bottle of wine was used, it was only 1/2 of an ingredient, beer as only 1/8 of an ingredient. So a Meal of Be 8 times as many beer as ingredients as food items would be. The bottles can still be used as improvised explosive devices, if you lack grenades or claymores, or even my Ark of the Covenant enchanted Death Pit Tree Made Staff,

    the staff cured by a priest of it’s death pit status, getting people sick, but still it got everyone sick that went near it, the priest successfully cured the item of it’s death pit status permanently, and it would not get sick, as it is an item, and this has been blessed by the Dead Spirit of Jesus in his Casket, because he dies every time someone dies in blade runner, on the inside, but he can only take this 1/2/4/8/X times before he or Jesusita would take the death and be otherwise dead fro 3 days before being resurrected, if the Jew God exists, then this god will do this for Jesus, if not another |2| god will do this. Every Roller Ball arena has their own Jesus, if someone is critical of others actions, a player can be Jesus. If Jesus dies, then there is no ability to control whether or not one flies out of the ring in Roller Ball, this cannot be restored unless Jesus is resurrected, if Jesus is not resurrected, then the spirit of Dead Jesus must appoint a new unit as Jesus or the Word of God within the Arena when Jesus is dead, whether or not Jesus is resurrected is up to the |2| players, if the Jew God exists, the Jew God will always resurrect Jesus, if your Arena’s Spiritual Companion / Jesus has not completed this task of appointing a new Jesus via his dead spirit or being Resurrected, then has not technically become permanently dead until this happens, and remains as a lost soul still under the control of the player. Jesus can be summoned via necromancy, if Jesus was the pure reflection of a complete bono ghost of any number, and there was a correct memorial with all of the equipment of the bono ghost’s quest, on a mannequin, like decor, but it cannot attack, and otherwise will take damage like a unit, but it can equip items, but cannot move or do attacks or abilities. Mannequin is made in a wood works, but has full weight, instead to double weight like decor. Put the Tastes of the bono ghost on a mannequin in the Roller Ball Arena, and unit that attacks the mannequin and damages it will instantly summon Jesus to the ring.


  149. A mannequin a unit when attacked combat, but otherwise does not have any other capabilities such using abilities or interacting. A mannequin can still be pleasured, and feeding a mannequin y/n does it proper services to it’s feelings and this is just as nice, a mannequin can do drugs, and it can die from powder, if a mannequin dies, it is knocked over and the items it is wearing fall off. This will not happen if it is simply knocked back, it will tip to its base always in order to be upright, as if it were rolling and the base were twice as heavy and it always seemed to be a sphere, with no qualms as to rotating that little bit any way it would to put the heavy point of the sphere on the ground, this of course (the mannequin will always stand up if it is otherwise put on the ground without movement cost), unless the mannequin was killed as if it were a unit. At the point, the killed mannequin falls over, permanently, and all items fall off the mannequin, with any excess momentum applied to the dying mannequin with the killing shot, otherwise simply to the ground, falling as if stunned. A mannequin can be moved like a chair. The mannequin that summons the bono ghost jesus can be used anywhere, so long as it has been appointed by the reflection bono ghost inside of the arena and works so long as the reflection of the bono ghost is the “Jesus” or equal of the roller ball arena, It cost no points for the the Jesus of the ring to do his work, because if he were really Jesus, he would be a hot target for taking wings for the roller ball.


  150. Grenades functioned the same way in the normal game, as they do in army man, but if you played blade runner you could adjust the fuse to go after anywhere from 0 to 11 seconds, or otherwise.


  151. Keen Eyes- Ability- Take 50% chance to hit rather than take evasion rolls, the defensive rolls and other miss rolls can still cause the attack to miss otherwise. A unit can only do this once per turn. If the unit misses, it does not count as the target’s dodge chance being used.

    Damage Echo- Ability- This is an ability that allows one to place the full weight of one’s basic attack alongside that of any attack against the target. This spell cannot be cast on the same target that is struck with the initial attack that sets the damage for the spell, but the ability only costs half the weight of the basic attack as an ability. The basic attack will use the ability as it’s color, but the stats of the attack as the attack. The attack will only deal damage if a basic attack that matches in color or type to the damage echo lands on the target for the duration of this spell. This can be dispelled, but lasts a week for a single application. Any on hit effects like life steal are a 50% chance to go to the caster of the spell or the unit that triggers the Damage Echo’s effect. The Damage Echo will only reproduce the item effect on hit chance of the weapon, and only 1 item effect level for each resource triggered by the Damage Echo.

    If damage echo is cursed, it will still spread as a normal curse.

    Salvator / Damnator - Ability- Use 2 AP/MP at the cost of 1 of the next turns AP/MP if the target is below 50% health.

    Damage reduction-Ability- reduce the targets damage by 50% x X/R times if you can, where X is the composition of the ability and R is the composition of the unit with all buffs and factors included. If less than R, then it takes a % of 50% of the targets damage out put. The second 50% is applied to the units remaining 50%, and so forth, to the 25%, etc.

    Ability Anti-heal- This ability functions like an anti-heal, but will drink the ability rather than the heal, but the ability must match in type and color, and the it can only absorb up to it’s number. This lasts for a week and can be dispelled. One can put the dispel dissuasion on it. Easy mode only color has to match, easier only type.

    Ability- Buff Transfer - If you can recast or transfer one’s buffs to another unit if one could cast the buff, given 200% composition to one’s abilities, and if this were true, one could transfer it to any unit in range with siphon at 400% of the cast siphon’s ability resource composition.


  152. Refresh Stance - ability/choice- If one is utilizing one’s defensive stats as offensive ones, refresh your current stat layout and keep it throughout a round at no cost of ability points without having to cast it or manipulate it.

    Powder Wizard- Hero Ability - If you are a mayor hero or have empty resources composing a hero, can you can use powder that adds to one’s aura (in the base resources / blood tag) as an explosive of full strength within the range of the aura.

    Buff Echo- One can take a buff one has, and sacrifice it into an Echo, this is like a damage echo, but it applies the buff to the attack/ability that triggers it, as if the unit that cast the attack/ability had the buff while casting the spell/ability/attack. A unit can benefit from the buff and this will allow the buff to exist for one week, like a damage echo, and can still be dispelled like a damage echo.

    Vengeant # ~ 1DX - Item Effect- 2% chance to gain a stack of vengeance when you do not roll a die that is not the vengeant number, if the die was 1d6, then upon getting 6 stacks of 1d6 vengeance, one can choose to take the vengeant die. Upon getting the vengeant die, the stacks of vengeance reset. One can give this to civilians, because civilians love dice.

    Blood Bondsman / Bank - Unit type- good bonus/ bad reduction- A unit deals % bonus damage when below 50% of its total health (buffs included).

    Ulterior Motives- Charge polish- One can combine charge with one’s basic attack, and use the basic attack, during the charge, but before the charge is finished, at any target in range at the location the unit is in the middle of the charge.

    Death’s Bargain- Ability/Choice- One can choose not to die, but accumulate negative damage, if one does not have this damage healed off by the end of the round, the remaining damage spreads to the two most proximate units and is dealt against them at full strength. This costs half of one’s blood tag in resources (weight of the spell in resources, equal to base MP/AP cost)


  153. Ability Anti-Heal should likely be Anti-Ability or Premeditated Counter


  154. If you wanted to play (more) real skateboarding, then falling damage would have the % damage also as a % chance to break you entirely. You could become double broken from this, and this would render you completely paralyzed, and effectively dead,,having lost 50% +50% effectiveness but one can be healed by an ambulance.


  155. Each unit created can pick a favorite spell /ability type (e..g Summon Bird / Napalm) an uses of this ability from this unit have 150%/200% resource weight. This replaces the player picking a favorite ability, but the starting hero and mayor will still be able to pick. A unit will still function without a favorite ability.

    If a unit can do a knockback that is the same strength of it’s blood tag plus half of that of the blood tag of the weapon it is throwing, then it can combine it’s physical melee attack with the weapon. Normally throwing a weapon is a normal knockback that gets 200% resource composition (as a weapon is half the weight of a unit). This effect would only give the unit 100% resource composition to the knockback it casts, and it must be as strong as the base weight of the unit and the weapon.


  156. If you’re really hurting for a name you like, even use Heroes of Camden


  157. Mystics trees could be turned into mystic drugs, mystic trees were only one or two units tall, and were only of one color type of resource, it takes two tree incomes for the mystic drug to become two high, at which point it yields 4, but even though the mystic tree were a plant like a tree, but the plant only give 2 drugs, as if it were an herb, also giving 2 seeds.

    now mystic drugs, but these would cause the user to be a functional spyglass the level of its blood tag,a domnus leg of a sypglass of 8 dominus resources of the same color type and source, (tree/labor/animal) giving 5 sight, as opposed to 1 sight given per 8 normal resources in the blood tag, This also allowed any unit that was also using the mystics drugs to attack the user, with their full blood tag, but no items, buffs, consumables of any kind or any other drugs, units using the mystics drugs can also apply buffs and heal other users of the mystics drugs. An actual mystic does not need to use mystics drugs to do this, if a mystic was broken by another mystic, it could not use it’s mystic attack next turn, nor would it function as a mystic spyglass regardless of being on the drug. A mystic’s attack has the movement of of a 8 ghosts in which it can do things, while being on the drugs, it can sense the distance and location of other units on the mystics drugs, and see them regardless of being near them.

    The mystic drugs cannot be dispelled but will fade after some time. mystics and shaman are always susceptible to mystic attacks, if sought out, a shaman can use one shamanic point to go to any point that it has been to before at no cost of distance, a mystic pays one of it’s movement from it’s length from which it can manipulate it’s mystic form, and still perform it’s full mystical attack and damage at no cost, while still being bound by realm of mysticism, the ghost could be killed if the ghost was seen by any other mystic, this, because the ghost could end its turn in it’s spot if it wanted to, given that it was under another effect of the mystics drugs, carrying over into the limit of the effect. doing mystics drugs occurs on one turn but all of the mystics take their turns as if it were normal, the effect of having done mystics drugs not fading until the unit’s turn was over. , doing one mystics drugs will give one double movement to the mystic form for the mystic round, it also provides a 2% bonus to ghost movement per intake of mystics drugs, if you were a real mystic, the mystic realm is rolled like any other, but there are no players or units, only flora and fauna, but these could be used as weapons, or poison, but they were limited to being 1/8 of the limit of resources in a normal item(8 resources). The mystic drugs will, stay in the body longer, one turn, for each time one takes them, one can be used as a spyglass this entire time by any unit using mystics drugs, or any mystic that can access the unit with it’s mystic movement (ghost movement while under the effects of mystic drugs). While the unit’s mystic form y/n can fly at no cost, but still takes color rolls, from terrain. The mystics realm is not in a different place than the living realm, and the L1 Mystic Realm exists on the same tiles as the L1 Map, but it is just a different vantage to see things happening. rather than flying upward forever, if the unit reaches a point where there would be absolutely no buildings or terrain above it and t has traveled out of sight of any building or terrain on the map and is 6 tiles from this linear point. the unit is able to knock on the door of the |2| realm and ask for access, if anyone hears the unit, they can let it in, if there was a 2 player, there is not a cost to open a door normally, but the player can choose to deny or allow access to the unit at the door as it pleases.


  158. If a unit’s mystic form takes damage, only the mystic form takes the damage, this can hurt the user, but it does not deal it’s effect. If the ghost is killed, the mystic itself will take up to 150% damage for the duration of the time that it is killed, for each ghost haunting the unit that matches it’s blood tag giving(0.5G/R)% of the maximum of a 50% bonus.

    If a red-orange ghost haunts a green unit, then this wouldn’t effect the green unit’s blood tag, as it does not have any red-orange resource. If the unit has an item that is red orange, the item itself would get haunted.

    Blood Tag
    Carry Tag
    Buff Tag
    Health y/n

    Currency Tag
    Bags don’t have weight man, nor do they have a tag.
    One could see the number of vegetables in a bag of vegetables, etc.

    Try 8 corners being 1/8th of an item per, and a corner was about 1/10th as large, meaning a corner was the weight of 1/800th of a resource in a unit per corner if you wanted that. Ask a man whether or not his watch weighs more than his bag of cocaine. If you had a different corner, it might have weighted differently, like a car part, which is still about 1/8 of a resource, by a generous estimation.


  159. A mystic can still function with the entire strength of all of the mystic powder it has used in it’s life, but it risks its own health by doing this, if it is not using the mystic powder. If a unit has acted using this method, one can deal real damage at 1/8 effective output with a coin flip to do 1/4 output, gamble a win to a loss or take 1/2 output by winning. A unit is no longer bound by the ways of mysticism, and can benefit from items and any sort of buffs as if it were normal circumstances that the units came to be fighting, while it does this, without taking but it is has it’s efforts reduced in effective output, taking two resources to compose one in an attack or ability, The unit can also take damage from any other corrupted mystic, at 200% composition bonus to all attacks and abilities effecting the Corrupted Mystic Form. A Corrupted Mystic cannot see a Traditional Mystic, and a Corrupted Mystic will take damage equal 1/10 of total health for the number of spyglass rods created, this will not kill the unit, but bring them to 20% health. A Corrupted Mystic can only be used as a spyglass when another Corrupted Mystic is able to deal damage to the corporeal body of the defending mystic, or has the mystic form of the unit stunned, at which point one can use one leg of the spyglass at an ability cost of 400% of the unit’s blood tag, while still granting all abilities of Corrupted Mystic Damage on other corrupted mystics the 200% bonus to attack and ability composition.(Attack bonus only applying to base attack, not the base attack of the weapon, just the unit’s contribution to a combined attack with the weapon)


  160. If you played wrap around map, you could call a realm on a realm ring a planet, and the star is the center realm, the currents of the ocean somehow drift enough to put you on the wrap around tile, but you are still only a small square / shapely island, you can put wrap around to the corners, so taking you out west at north 128

    would puts you out going west at north 128, or west at 124 north would put you at 124 north going west. Where the number is the tile’s number in the column.

    But the normal game map itself is not an entire planet, but a small portion of it.


  161. More Realistic height ~~

    Of the 12 or so height of a unit, half to his unit towards the ground was two wide, one long, and 4 high, and these were the legs, each being 1 wide and 1 long, the bottom unit of the legs has a half unit |\ shape towards the front of the unit. The 3rd tile up is the hips, being one unit themselves, and this was the anchor of the torso and the legs both. The torso was as wide as the legs, but did not split in parts, and it was 4 units high. the shoulders had 150% the width of the hips, being a half a unit each, /| triangle square prisms looking about. With 4 units of length extending down from each shoulder half unit/ 4-corner for the arms, with another half unit on the ends of each arm this can be broken down into 4 corners for fingers. The neck was a half unit that was 4 up corners in the center two units of blood of the sportsman’s shoulders (this was about equal to half of a unit if you put the corners together, so one can have a neck with a length of two if it wants. This neck has a height of one unit of blood. The Head was 2 units of blood, broken into 4 half units in the shape of triangular square prisms (not triangle pyramids).The Head could be oriented as a square or a diamond.

    If one has remaining units, one can break this down into corners/faces/edges of hair that can be applied to the head. Faces of Edges may look better.
    8 corners in 1 unit
    6 faces on a corner
    4 edges on a face.

    An edge could just be a face with bars of transparency mixed through it.

    1 feet
    6 legs
    2 hips
    4 torso
    1 shoulders
    2 armos
    1 hands
    1 neck

    Keep in mind you have you have 24 units of blood as a unit so tall as this one. Any extra corners can be used as hair. You have 18 total for a height of six tallies (height) , so the number of parts equal lying for a total of 24, you can add up to one half unit to one’s arms, and two corners, and 4 half units to ones legs, but no corners, one can add 2 units to one’s hips, with up to 4 half units and 8 corners., one can add up to 2 units units to one’s chest if female, and only, but can only add two half units and six corners if the unit is a male. The unit can put two corners or a half unit on the shoulder to make the half unit a whole unit. Putting a half unit to make the shoulder look like a diamond will cause the arms to extend from the top face of the shoulder, or the side face of the shoulder if it was a square.

    The unit can add up to 8 corners to the face of the mantle of it’s shoulders and neck. Adding up to one half unit to each shoulder, while ant corners that one attempts to apply to the neck erode down as if they were terrain, but will not leave the face, A neck/shoulder/mantle will attempt to mirror itself, rather than be off set as it erodes.

    If the unit had units of blood that it did not want to use, then it could use them as hair, if it did not want hair, then it could give them to the daily pool of sportsmen who were looking to have a larger form than their actual size commended.

    The range of motion of the parts is up to the players, whether or not everyone is a gymnast, but that is unimpactful for the most part. A unit will move along it’s center of gravity, and it’s center is the center tile, above. The unit will move half of the length of it’s legs, so in this case, 2 units, per movement spent. If it is running, it will move at 75% the length of its legs at 3 units of length per movement spent. Sprinting; 4 units of length per movement spent at 100% the length of the leg, this to account for the width of the unit adding to the movement capacity.


    If the height were broken into Unit Height
    4: Legs
    1: Hips
    4: torso
    1 : Neck
    2 : head

    It would have 12 Unit Height Lengths, if you wanted to emulate more realistic looking sports than (1x1x6 stick men)


    movement of legs

    but with a range in their length. of one each, allowing the 2 wide unit to move 2 units in a direction from its center.

    A football field is 120 yards long, a yard is 3 units of tile length, or pick any size


  162. If you play serious spiders, a unit that is on the back of a larger unit who’s body is used as a face, has a 50% chance to evade all attacks/abilities of the unit who’s back it’s on, and another coin flip; 50% chance to reduce the incoming damage of any attacks/abilities of the target by 50%. The unit has a designated front because you were playing army man vision or you assigned one always because it’s serious spiders( 6 realm scale layers where the 1 realm used to be of uniform scale).


  163. perhaps- A football field is 120 yards long, a yard is 3 units this or take 150% the height of a common sportsmanlike athlete/ player/competitor as the yard’s length for the appropriate length in whatever tiles you had for a yard tile length; this, or pick any size for a yard or field.


  164. the feet if you were somehow clever, were also 1/4 unit high, raising to a half unit in height as it approaches the foot or in height while occupying a 1/4 height of terrain in height to 1/2 unit of terrain, but this terrain tile and all of 25%/50% a tile long, with the toes were made with corners of the corners. each toe being composed of two corners, while the large toe is composed of 4
    |X\ _ _
    |xx| X| X | ; with a large toe, the bold X, two toes, and more toes being optional,

    This all the while feet being one unit of blood wide, and this encompassing the tile, rather than the half unit of blood.

    Hands were somehow squares, and a finger as a corner enough, one could put one finger on a face, and faces seemed to alternate V/\V/\ with a finger on each V but not /\ , the /\ extends into the palm which is at least as long as the socket rack of the hand, the unit could have a thumb on the foreword side of the hand, when the places of the hands are placed parallel to foreword direction. Hands naturally hanging in this direction. A Finger could be as thick as the palm, but the palm is usually two corners thick at least. The Thumb can be between 100% and 200% as thick as a normal finger, but the thumb is half the length of a normal finger.

  165. This comment has been removed by the author.


  166. Harder Bags- Somehow you had to make bags, and each resource in a bag would only offer one bag of side carry (ingredients, and non weight items,) Somehow a consumable was a grenade and there was always that much room on the belt. A unit can still carry items, but a bag will take one item carry of space regardless of the size of the bag. A bag might have been filled with bags, because otherwise you have sorted your holdings within the bag by type, each one , a space in a bag is filled with things that are seen by color, type, weight (x Currency), or other attributing factor. and somehow will put themselves on a holding table if you manipulate them enough, this or see each by it’s own name. Yet a bag of ingredients only took the space of one resource in a bag, while a meal could easily be made in it’s own right unable to be carried, it could also come with a container that was garbage, but it can be destroyed by arson, it is only as strong as the meal in taking the number of ingredients in the meal, and this was it’s cost of a bag in terms of a carry, but somehow the chef y/n can make a bag, or otherwise the restaurant must be supplied with food containers. These can only be used for food, these are made of metal and are a thermos or are paper and garbage, but one gets 4 paper/plastic ones for a resource rather than one thermos. The same is true, you can get bags to hold plants that you pick from the botanist or alchemist, but you only get 8 bags per resource, you can have up to 8 of an ingredient in a bag or 8 corners of powder to make a bag of powder, it takes 8 bags of powder to make a sack, and it takes 4 sacks to make a Tote of powder/poison/drugs. You must match color and type in a non-weight item whenever possible, so if one has a bag with Red Rice already, one cannot put anything in that bag except for Red Rice, one would need a new bag if one wanted to mix things outside of bags. One can use the table or have a mixing bag to mix non-weight items when attempting to use them. Consumables are not non-weight, but these have a weight of 1/100th of an item. Any small parts or pieces (of items or something) or what not these would stack like food ingredients one would think. Car parts could be seen as if they were a weapon their weight in strength.

    If One was Grievous, One has as 4/8 satchel slots by default, but the amount of satchel provided by a bag is divided by 2/4; A vault only has the same number of satchel slots as a unit the size of the building or vault if vault is loose.

    Change the carry limits or stack rates of anything to make the carrying harder. Even add the resource as a chance roll of (C/R) (Carry Weight;Unit Blood Tag) to take 2 sprint when one otherwise would have consumed one sprint, and a (C/2R) chance to have terrain walking twice, the second time one exceeds the carry limit, one can no longer jump, or sprint without it costing 2 sprint.

    One can have a combined size motor, like a 2x3 sized motor, or a 2x1 motor.

    Bike/Motorcycle size- The size of a bike is rather small, maybe a 3x1x2 (L;W;H) or 4x1 bike, with the engine and rider in the middle, and the wheels a solid 4 corners diamond, or square, or mix of both. . But these scales are pure terrain/map scales, and can be adjusted to the size of one’s unit. One can even take a 2x2 wheel on a bike that is 6x1x2 lengths long, but has a 1 tile seat, and a 1x2 wheel on the front, and you could even raise the angle of the frame and customize the native view angle of the bike.


  167. Bout Ring Jesus - If you wanted a Bout Ring Jesus, this man would have a desk, it would be full of treasures, but locked, could not be lock picked and heist takes the strength of 20% effective resource input, unless it was broken, or there was a winner of the fight, no one could get into the vault. If the Bout Ring Jesus has a Mannequin, then it can option to have the desk teleported into the arena in place of itself if the mannequin is knocked over. Jesus can be summoned to the Mannequin if he chooses, and will be summoned if the mannequin is reequipped with the bono ghost armor of Bout Ring Jesus, and then healed to full, and given food, liquor, drugs, and a wench. If this is fulfilled, Jesus can be summoned if the mannequin has already been knocked over, but Jesus took the option of having the desk go into the ring, if it was not already.(Yes mannequins benefit from those buffs). If the bono ghost had a weapon involved with his armament, then this still must be equipped with the mannequin, a mannequin can only lift weapons as if it were a normal unit. The mannequin still cannot attack unless otherwise having momentum beyond it’s control, at that point, it’s weapon would do a basic attack by itself, with the vertical momentum bonus of a unit, rather than a thrown item, and the mannequin will have a 1d6 chance to spear;sweep;stun;suplex; stagger; or combine attack and ability, for the full weight of the mannequins attack as if it were a unit. This would only happen if the mannequin strikes a target with uncontrolled falling or otherwise applied momentum beyond the control of the mannequin.

    Hardcore Bono Ghost- inherent/option-The mannequin of a Roller Ball / Bout Ring Jesus that is a Bono Ghost must match the bono ghosts unit composition and type completely, the mannequin is assigned these things when it is created.

    Sports Balls - the balls of course being a unit, but they being a sports less of more of a unit or 2 or 4/6/8/16/x, where they are, but this all along where the sports contender is some how made of sports units, having somehow taken double height and about twice and half width, even the needles. If you want a pure diamond head, take it, i fucking couldn’t say take either a one unit sized diamond ,one a two unit sized diamond of all the corners. conjoined at one point. at the vertex of the neck. this would be

    Household Object Damage - In Blade Runner, somehow, a household object would take damage upon use, and break like an item breaks, it takes a 100% capacity loss for every broken resource, losing the ability to manipulate that ingredient or otherwise provide it’s benefit. if it falls to-100% and one loses more capacity, the parcel will catch on fire, one could repair an appliance or other household object with the common repair item spell, if one knew the appropriate spell by knowing the correct color level and type resources composing the part of the item a unit was attempting to repair. If not, you could call a repair man, but this fellow was indeed a wizard, who may know the proper repair item spell for the use of the household object in question.


  168. Towing-If cars were a problem, and Jesus was not your valet: Towing cars could be done with a truck, a truck could have a metal mast like a boat, and a nice engine enough to lift the mast with upward momentum. This mast could have a chain attached to it, if you wanted a table to hold a front wheel drive car, to avoid the problem of when pulling it from the back, putting so much backwards momentum on the car that it explodes, this would be the 150% of the reverse top speed of the fwd car, if you take it above 100%, this breaks the car’s engine system corners. this could be done by extending the chain past the hook, which could otherwise have the ability to instantly anchor a car, and drag it away, if it took the car while having it’s turning wheels on the ground, while having it’s accelerating wheels lifted into the air by the chain. Somehow an engine would lift it’s weight int a person or vehicle, if this was all the engine was tasked to do. If one could lift the car as a team enough, to put a length of wall was long as the wheel at the point it touched the ground, if the rollers were kept in rolling contact with the ground, adjacent to the wheel and the terrain simultaneously, and this is can be done , also like snow chains, if you had hard desires to put the straightjacket on the tire, but otherwise, so long as one had rollers under the wheels, one could take move a car as if it were in neutral, regardless of being in park, only taking the full weight of the knockback of the car’s blood tag per tile. A car in park will apply it’s braking momentum to all momentum, up to 50% effect, the pump means a lot, while being towed, but a car in neural will, and but it will not take momentum from the tow truck if it is in park when it is towed, or the parking break is on. both able to ensure that the car does not retain momentum unless pulled faster than it’s brakes can handle. A car that was willingly towed in neutral will retain momentum, and the chain will displace momentum from braking being taught and short in length, not allowing the perpetually half falling car to proceed in that direction, recoiling around or otherwise putting momentum into the truck.


  169. The blade runner car bomb could be used taking only a corner of cotton per Tube-space of the explosive. (I.e. make a one resource, one explosive pipe, would take one corner of cotton; 64 resource pipe space is 8 cotton or 64 corners of cotton.) One could get a corner of a loose resource (different than powder), by laboring upon a lose resource and yielding 8 corners of raw resource (or small (element name) resource)). It only takes one small resource per pipe area, and only a corner of powder per tube-space. The color of the rock does not matter, if it does, take a color roll of the powder against the rock and divide by 2, multiply this by the strength of the powder.

    If one was hardcore, one can take two corners of resource and take it as a quarter resource in a building, offering 1 substat, secondary stat, and Tertiary stat, only granting an item effect upon becoming a collection of 4 quarter resources or providing a quarter of benefit if the dice roller was that advanced.


  170. In the sky realm, liquid and vapor terrain offer a block of land to build on like a corner of Gang Territory, and the buildings are not disturbed by evaporating.

    One can get a tattoo of basic attack damage or basic heal damage (negative damage); but this only applies to the part of the attack that comes from the unit’s blood tag, this does not apply to an item’s contribution to the attack.

    For a summoning tattoo; one can either choose a type MS/UD/Living, one can also get a summoning type tattoo for bird/snake/living etc; these are two different tattoos.

    Color a tattoo,- each tattoo has room for one corner of poison used as a corner of ink for each 1% bonus it applies. One can put color on one’s tattoos to give each corner of ink in the tattoo a color and upon matching this color, that one resource will give 200% weight in the cast as it is used in the spell. If the color and type of the ink in the tattoo match the ability used, it gains 400% weight, now occurring as if the one resource were in the ability 4 times. It costs the tattooist one tattoo point per 5 corners of colored ink applied to a tattoo. So if one matches every color type of a 30% tattoo, on a 60 resource spell, the 30 matching color types will yield 400% effective weight, now counting 4 times each for a total of 120, and the remaining 30 are added on top of this, for a spell effect of 500% the cast spell.

    Maybe redundant, but defending yourself in GTA will not get one wanted by the police. Assaulting a unit without a weapon will only get one wanted if a police officer sees this, but using a weapon unprovoked will get one wanted by police, regardless of being seen.


  171. Blade Runner- Technology

    Television - Made at a smithy. A unit in front of an image will be able to look at the image and see it as if the image were a normal part of it’s vision, but it cannot change the way the camara is looking. This requires electricity, two units of power/current per cubic unit of television. One can have a satellite built at a television studio to broadcast a signal at the same rate a TV can, or one can hook the camera up to a converter, and carry the signal on wires as if it were electricity, any Television that is connected to this hub via electric wire also can access the transmission. One can build a hub to split a single television line into multiple, connecting up to 9 wires per accessible face of the signal hub.

    A Video Camara- will provide live footage of what it is watching, if it is connected to a TV van, add a resource to become a unit of satellite for an 8 map tile radius of image broadcast, up to a maximum of a satellite unit covering all the roof of the car, not counting windshield or hood (body in front of the windshield).4 for a 3x2x2 car with a half unit windshield for the front. top row of corners. A video camera must be attached to the van by electric wire.

    Microphone-A microphone is like a video camera, and can be carried or hoisted on a pillar, a microphone will only provide audio of the area (or subtitles to read someone speaking on camera). Broadcast (signal output within an area) of just a Microphone is Radio, and a Radio is like a television, but it only picks up on radio broadcast.

    Camara- Made at a smithy. This is like a video camera, but it holds 2 units of film, each one with 8 corners of film in it. One corner of film takes a picture that is one 1x1 in area, but 0 units thick, a photo can be developed at an apothecary and hung on a wall. A photo taken from a normal camera does not change, nor does it require electricity and a signal to be seen. One can modify a camera to take pictures that are an size up to a 4x4x0 picture, where one must takes a picture from 16 different positions that create a square, each one (e.g. a photo is in each corner of the 4 x 4, with 2 in the middle of each corner/edge photo, with 3 units E/W or N/S between each photo.) Accumulating up to 4 different photos E/W for each row N/S the photo goes, up to 4. If one wanted to make a camera that can take a large photo, a photo counts as a non-weight item, that occupies one corner of space for each unit of photo area the photo covers, a 4x4 photo would be 16 corners, or 2 units of photo in a photo bag.

    Telephone- One can also call any other unit in blade runner. The phone works like a television satellite, but a Cell Tower provides twice the radius of signal per resource invested. One can also make telephone wires as electric cable, these work without power, if still connected, and one length of electric wire provides 2 lengths of telephone wire. It costs one unit of electric current to charge a cellphone for a 1 unit of it’s battery A cell phone takes one hours to get a full charge, and a cell phone battery has 2/3/4/6 units of battery.


  172. The advantage of the telephone was to be able to talk to other units without being in range of them. A telephone will let you do that via text or speech.

    Painting- One can get 16 1x1 area canvas for one resource and combine these as it pleases, up to one 4x4 area canvas. One raw resource of a color type can be turned into 256 paint of that color type. Adding a color to a tile costs one paint, and to paint a unit in a landscape costs one paint of the correct color type for each resource composing the unit. To paint a dominus or thoroughbred unit, it costs 5 paint for each one dominus resource composing the unit.

    Painting Landscapes - One can also paint landscapes like one can take a picture of a landscape, one picks an empty tile, and defines all tiles that can be seen from the tile as if a unit were looking from it. A painter can put units, critters, plants, and anything one would see on a map in a painting, being able to customize them completely, to the point where a painting can replicate the view of any battlefield that could be seen by a single unit, or multiple units if multiple vantages are taken. The range of vision of a tile for a picture/painting is determined like army man, with a direction, and limiting angles. The angle a picture/painting is cannot be changed, so one cannot have the unit who’s eyes one is effectively looking through change the way it is looking, or turn its head. In a landscape, one can view all of the tiles as if one were actually there, and a unit gains it’s full AP/MP and movement within the painting, but this is Painting Movement and Painting MP/AP; the unit can attempt to identify the units and things in the paintings, but can/cannot attack them, and use abilities other than identify on them. If attacked and killed, the units in the paintings will not die, and will reappear is the unit stops looking into the painting and then looks into the painting again on a separate time.

    Painting Portraits- One can paint a portrait, but this would be like taking a picture of a unit, as one would see them when combat starts, with their vanity form, at any appropriate angle of projection that would display the unit, the terrain they are on, and at least tiles adjacent to the subject that are within view from the camera. A portrait can have one subject, but one can add in multiple subjects if they would fit in the area, able to manipulate their positions as the painter pleases, so long as it doesn’t break them. A painter of a portrait picks the angle at which the subject(s) is seen from.

    Abstract Painting- This would be like painting a portrait of unit, but it is not bound by the shapes and sizes of a unit, and rather is simply bound by the area that a unit’s body could occupy in a tile, with the Abstract painter having to pick one angle that the subject is seen from.

    One can hang a painting or a picture on a wall for decoration. A painting/picture can/cannot be broken, but it does not do anything in combat, and a broken painting or picture can be repaired like any other item. Paintings do not require electricity to function.


  173. A unit cannot enter the television, attack, or interact with the things it sees on a television, there is a wall that makes these things in accessible. but “on-sight” effects such as morale from entertainers or strippers can still be gained. One cannot get a dance through the television though.


  174. The resource ring/sky ring doesn’t have to run North south, but it can be more instilled in magnetic waves, or light waves, creating underground or sky.

    Sky units have to take their % native sky realm resources compared to any other type in order to be able to perform actions, otherwise acting like a cloud, rather than a unit, in the living realm. A resource is bound by it’s movement and tends to not do much unless it’s indoors, but they could always be the outdoorsman kind of resource.

    the underground ring was the down ring of the realm, it took the dance as one was now the other, the resource the unit and the old living creature the plants, and the plants begone to small things to benefit an already small animal, but the terrain was only 8 levels for a corner of terrain, the resources are otherwise units; living resource creatures, in this underground realm, the resources creatures as were the terrain, after following it deeper until all terrain is all units as well, but the air is still there, if air comes from the established planet into the resource realm, this is odd and these things now fall downward pushed by the air filling the space in the upward area. Otherwise, the dirt was still dirt, and below the dirt, there was magma, and still aqua, the water of the kind world still abundant in this area.

    but rather odd about this place that naturally there was not air, but when the resources attempt to dig through the ground, this releases air, but air will go upwards as it does in the land, if doing this would cause issues, mining air functions just like mining water, while retaining the movement capacities of air, cab able of flowing in the opposite of the usual vertical direction (in this case air flowing down, as magma is below) than sky there was magma or / {color} potentate / underground sky ocean, this was abundant and it was odd how it supported nothing, and acted as waves of an ocean brining your things, should they ever stray into that direction, waves always beaten by the twice resource sky but a realm of discreditation, all things acted as terrain, but would always erode, each unit of terrain was still the same level, 8 per corner, and a unit was a mass, somehow, but rather than being solid in place, was prone to sliding taking 200% movement from erosion, a unit somehow seemed to induce erosion much of the time, as the angles of it’s feet joined with the train to have a slope larger than a sum of 90 or so to the slope, and the feet were quite sloped as well falling, still. If the unit were placed on level terrain, it would lose one momentum as a unit does when crossing a tile, but it could only come to a stop if it had 0 momentum left. The resource units were in the same boat, taking full 500% strength, each corner counting as 8 resources in composition of the resource node. The resource man is just here to swim in the magma, but the terrain has a double swimming in magma, but will fall in water. Resource genus/Underground units can swim in magma like a water unit can in the water, but it still breathes dirt. A unit can swim in magma like it is water, but it can also fly in magma, if the magma / plasma is less than taking the toll of the ocean, flying in magma is much like flying in the air, avoiding the terrain roll in a swimming, in this case, the ocean current roll, but it would not give one underwater (color) sky breath, which is different.


  175. In the one below these things shift between being terrain water sky anything you name it, but the resource only takes down,if you take the east, things may become more water, things may become more of a fucking snake or tree unit or native bonus, if you take the map direction. but up and down leads to resource realm. A shifting pattern of these emerge as the consistency spheres, with the realm of the living oddly at the center, the rings of consistency throughout the sphere can over lap and have no collision with each other, be can elect to have collision, and are free to move about the sphere like flying buildings, so long as they stay on their axis point. the terrestrial worlds, took their toll throughout each realm.

    In the bottom depth, even the units and air turn into terrain, but units can swim in the air, but units are dirt, and water is still water, but also units, much like gangs, but rather than being inert or mortal, it was like resource units, unable to be killed, only harvested like a resource, water was otherwise the equivocal of a resource unit in immortality, at least apparently immortal if a non immortal unit attempts to attack them.

    Resources could kill other resources, water could kill other water, water would just evaporate like gang members and gang territory, but it takes one week to regenerate the water source, the water could lose one of these each time the unit it composes was killed, or otherwise was razed were it equal to gang territory. In this realm, the original gangsters of the living realm were all mortals just like living units, and rather than evaporate, these units would actually die. This was also true in the sky realm, as in the sky realm, Gang members are mortal, but territory will evaporate if it is completely razed, and all buildings upon it are destroyed or have burned to the ground.


  176. Resources can kill water type units, water type units can kill resources, when a resource dies, it creates magma/ color sky and it floats into the sky and rains throughout the land, raining upon the terrain of the ground as if it were raining water on the realm above. Water will float into the sky if it can in order to become clouds, if it cannot, it will wait until it can, and then do it, or just be content with being unable to become clouds and eventually cool down, . If a unit is mining, and mining water reaches the bottom of the ocean, as mining water will fall down here naturally, (as down has now become up, once crossing the border of the ring from the living realm into the resource realm, but all things that go up or would go to the top of the area appear to go down here, as the resource units stand on the edge of their land most times, where the land meets the magma, thats where they say their castles are, embedded in the land right there and magma with oceans made of water, and mystical air piling up at the bottom. Mining water instills one unit of air into the bottom of the ocean, the air stays at the bottom of the ocean, but raises the sea level, and water will tend to evaporate into the new up, the magma being the higher temperature here, the water being very close to -4 degrees at the bottom of the sea, while the higher map tiles were of a higher temperature, being closer to the magma/ underground orchid sky ,

    (with two “water” types, Underwater units could be swimming units or just underwater units. Dolphin / and Underwater, if you think that those are fish and not gang members.) immortal Water could be used to distinguish if need be.

    one realm had been water-world, and all terrain is liquid, but one cannot grow much if anything in the liquid, and the liquid cannot be accessed, gang units were water breathing units, like fish, and they somehow still cannot access the corners of the liquid gang, and must build structures like a normal underground race, but have the ability to collect resources on the sea floor. There were no resources in the water for gang members, they were native to the resources that were deep inside of the ocean. These units are obviously liquid, and are not font of terrain and cannot control their movement, just like normal water creatures. The only thing you can summon is a boat with 1/100% chance or call the number on 2d10, but the protagonist was a dolphin and could build underwater, the water level being just the tip of the highest mountain. It would look almost like going out into the wilds, of space, if the land is your air But the dolphin could also swim in the water so fast, using one sprint to add 2/4 momentum to itself, this man could control his dolphin body at x rate after launching itself through the air retaining momentum as if falling until retuning to the water. If the unit can dive and gain a bonus at angle that was the correct re-entry angle that was the mirror angle, having reflected the angle about the Y axis when seen from the surface ocean of the jump, The dolphin could tend to only jump in a straight line, effectively jumping by with it’s foreword momentum, while having it at an angle that was vertically oriented up to 100% with a direction towards the surface. It costing 2 momentum to go at a rate of 100%, rather than 1 for 90% and all the others, because, at 90%, a unit can climb on you, and make swimming difficult, as you’re not putting in the sprint to dance the contender off of you.


  177. the sky color of a kingdom is the color of the kingdom you are in, whose ever castle it was, in the center 4 tiles on the classic map, one can only see the kingdom’s sky color, but outside of this, if any color approached, it would take that % of sky, being the color of the opposing color,, where the % was the percent of the line that was between the unit and the center of the 2x2 pure color area the unit was closer to, and the other 2x2 pure color area emanating the color that one was approaching, between these the % of the distance that one was from the stronger light, was the % of the sky that was taken by the color of the approached kingdom’s sky. If one does not like to see one’s own color, one can change what it appears as, it will just appear as your gamp/map/player color to other players, and see the sky and anything else you like as any color you please.


  178. If International Waters has intersected your Magic Mines, then all mining beyond this point will release air, as a testament to the miners, now noticeable because of the interruption of the air flow. the air will flow up through the international waters, but will still behave like air in water.


  179. Somehow you of pure mayor blood had to escape out of a P.O.W camp and rescue 4 fallen comrades by overpowering the guard and turning their own weapons against them. You may have taken an odd scar across the eye from a blade of the Eastern Realm, But you made it to the docks of that wretched compound in the jungle, and these extend like a road, out into a wide river, on land so flat the water pooled giving a river width, and sitting at the edge of the dock is none other the John Kerry smoking a cigarette, nonchalantly scoffing aided by his natural smugness. You make eye contact, and you nod upwards, water than down, smiling, throwing John your spare handgun, allowing him to lay down fire on the Red & Yellow Army, while you and your wounded company dive for the riverboat. before John accelerates the boat, still taking shots at the enemy, as we slowly escaped down the river from the camp. We sit here as the river is still somehow flowing at the smallest of inclines towards the ocean, we will end up there, eventually; if the ocean does not push the river back from whence it came, that is.

    If one wants to take a handgun at the weight of 1/4th the strength of an item, and carry this, which can be used as an weapon while still being carried like an item, and attack independently. One can still only combine their one basic attack with one weapon attack, and cannot do this with both attacks otherwise, the largest pocket handgun being 16 resources in size, one only being able to carry one pocket hand gun, and only being able to put this handgun in your pocket if it is 25% or less of one’s weight. If you wanted it to be 50% strength, then this would be a side-arm, and this could be carried, as one carries a weapon, also having the capacity to carry a side arm of 32 resources


  180. If you wore items in sports or for some reason had over 100% evasion or dodge, this would work like gaurantee+%chance dodge, consuming each 100% per turn/round. Wearing items could cause the amount of evasion to get high, without pulling mad magic and debuffs on the footballer, one could take a 50% or 10% effective count to all Eva/MR type stats , Defense Stats, and Control Effect Resist (sweet is a control effect).

  181. This comment has been removed by the author.


  182. If you deal damage in football or any style sports, if you “kill” your opponent, it becomes injured, and this functions like skateboarding, having 50% deduction to stats effect on the field, and if it is injured again, it cannot play, and is paralyzed and effectively dead for the remainder of the game. Everyone was y/n a good enough athletic trainer to the point where the unit would suffer no permanent harm, or otherwise, the unit had to go see a doctor or a priest.


  183. If you’re really hardcore, then in blade runner, every unit must sleep for 6 hours of a 24 hour period if your turns are long enough ~1 second is 1 minute. If a unit does not get proper sleep, then it will lose 10% effectiveness for every 12 hours after the first day it has gone without sleep. 5 days to get full 100% loss of effect.

    If you can otherwise cast your weapon’s base weight as a spell/ability matching color type you can use this as an attack of the weapon with the range of the ability, but the casting unit cannot place its own attack into the weapon’s attack. The weapon has full range and is aimed as if the wielder were on the target tile, able to strike anything within range of the tile this ability is cast on if this is a ranged weapon. If you like colors, you can cast an attack with one’s spell’s abilities, only able to add up to one’s one resource number of colors and types, but the caster rolls it’s color against the color of chosen for the attack, the attack gains the stats of the ability, and these are composed as if one were magically summoning units, able to choose the exact composition of the attack/unit that is summoned. If the ability filing the chair with it’s attack gains any sort of bonus to composition, as it might, from things such as damage type spell/ability composition, summoning ability composition, one would say, “i summoned the weapon” or “I cast this magic, and the death it dealt was just like the weapon; this, as fast as gunfire.” If this was there “I put the will of death behind it as if a real living man were there with my necromancy/magic/motivation/camaraderie/ damage inlayed with my magic bullets because there was a gun fired from the grassy knoll, but there was no gunman, because my gun can appear as a mix of lightning and an angel only shining for a brief second before it is torn back into it’s twisted soul’s commitment to shootings and shooting things.

    in blade runner, it was obviously only sand bagging the corners or sand that were 0 or 1 height to make sand bags. One can carry a sandbag because it is a corner of terrain. This was ok, but somehow the unit could only carry one sand bag per resource carrying capacity, and it takes one labor to fill one sandbag. But this was critical to the bag making industry of blade runner, where the sandbags must be made, getting 8 sand bags per resource, but the fellow can save these if it just dumps the sand somewhere else, and happens to be that one sand bag of a color type can be used to accumulate one corner of terrain to make a sandbag. The sand bag with a space was just an empty bag compared to a sandbag. but if all the niceties of the universe align the simple height of 2 units would hold true for all units, still occupying a tile, somehow just daintily light, each of themselves, or even say everyone was a sportsman, for ant intent, simply weighing as much as they did, or even just saying attempting to use simple heights, if it is at or below 32, it is one unit high, and at or below 64 one unit high, and because knockback on the civilians wouldn’t quite make sense, each of them is drawn as a unit


  184. Civ Combat Weight Size in Resources, always will be as tall as everyone else because everyone was a sports man or at least civil, or perhaps at least one unit of map , or a tile and a terrain height given to the tile. A unit of map being how much space a unit tends to occupy, but this honestly determined by the sizing of the units in the first place of Composition in Units of Blood, but perhaps the 24 fellow looks to be about a 4x4 style of unit, so carry that over to the tile you were one, just to be dainty and allow it to still not clutter the map and take up as much space as it normally would, if one wanted to be a sportsman, but still fight about in the fields. A 24 body was for any unit above 32 resources in weight, below 32 resources one would be a 12 body, of about the same proportions, but dividing the lengths by 2, if one is too small for fingers, take less fingers. i don’t think grip is legit, just assume your grip is fine.

    But if you really want grip, the corners of the fingers of the hands will shift into faces if need be to accommodate that these fellows tend to spiral inward for about an entire circle of spiral, while a thumb was more prone to be limited to a half circle of movement. They might look ragged but thats about all the myth of the fingers will do. if you wanted a catch chance stat, fuck it, sports stats, throw fucking catch chance all around, up to 99% chance to catch the ball, catch affinity, throw stats, sweep gets its own stat, tip ball control… any kind of sports control you want.


  185. if you put tip ball control on around 80%, with full strength of throw upon successful tip ball control, you get a Prison Disc Game, occurring on a multi story arena of sorts, but much more so a building, with an area the size of a sports field on, it, there are rings around to throw the ball into, but one can take damage and be manipulated as if it were combat on the outside world. This is a prison sport. A side has at least one ring, but the two opposite walls of the building have rings that one must throw the disc/ball through. This was a sport, and one gained sports styled affinities. This game was also called Prison Laser Disc, and can have any constraints set upon it as any other legacy game or sport, this because it involves a good deal of combat. Somehow in prison, they say “No, no. No death today.” , and so instead of dying you are stunned for around 4/8 seconds because it is sports, if you were raw, you would know people get injured and die all the time in Prison Laser Disc just like Skateboarding, because each arena had to be at least the size of half a football field, but two stories in height, with at least 10% of the second story accessible, and a maximum amount of floor on the second story was about 30%/40%/50%. There are no real rooms, but there are half rooms, and there are like a L x W building, one building height in size, but it only has two of four walls, but the two that is has are the proper size. One can have a corners of the building, as corners aligned with cornerstones are not quite buildings, there more so intricacies of a building. One is free to rails and things, but this is a field of sorts, so doors are awful sullen. Stairs and ladders are smiled upon, and one must have at least 8 ladders and 8 stairs in the arena, one can have windows for show, but this is prison, friend, there is no escape from prison. And besides the skateboarding deaths from falling, obviously the units would die, far more if the guards did not strip them of their items, save for any decorative apparel worn that totaled to less than the weight of the unit, but could still provide stats, this was the only item, there were no grenades or anything, just combat. And no players were allowed weapons, obviously this is prison.

    This was about the gist of the game, run around, throw the disc between a number of teammates, fight the enemy and attempt to throw the ball through the ring. The ring to score was about half the size of the body of the player, so if you were 6/7 feet, about 3 or 4 feet. One can obviously assign positions, like command a fellow to defend the ring, the disc able to be swatted like a football. The disc was about the size of a football, but perhaps a unit larger, like a triangle of sorts, it weighed about 4 resources and could be used as a weapon. It did perchance happen to fly well and got a 200% bonus to knockback / throw composition. Even throw item and knockback are in the same category of movement inducing abilities, suplex/throw and item throw all just manipulate the locations of things and apply movement, if you take 200% bonus to knockback you get 200% bonus to throw, etc, because it is the same type of ability. Knockback is just iconic and easier to write that displacement/motion inducing abilities.


  186. perhaps if you had nice gods, the gods would bring Thirst’s Bane into the arena, of a certain color to restore health/mp/ap/and sprint. Using drugs was OK, because drugs were not so much the problem, as much as the violence spurred by the uncontrolled market that yields immense profits without competition from the developed countries, allowing one to gain much more bargaining capacity and potential for economic gains through distribution. An arena could still throw Thirst’s bane into the arena, or even lower it down in from the roof in a bucket, but thirsts bane was really a consumable and alcohol. And it will give you the effect that you make thirsts bane with. One also can put powder in with the Thirst’s Bane, but can only put in up to the size of the bottle in powder, at this point, doing one part of the bottle is also doing one part of the powder.

    in a game such as this, maps can be created off hand with players simultaneously placing facets of the map and having the ability to veto a decision/placement made by it’s opponent, each time a veto is used, the opponent gets one, the first veto is free.

    Otherwise, the Prison Laser Disc (because it was originally a laser emitting disc of some sorts that was thrown around) was a game adored by the Gods, and if the gods chose to host their matches inside of your arena, they were free to do so if they desired to arrange this. Units can compete in the Prison Laser Disc matches as a form of gambling and as tribute to legacy games. If going to Prison is serious time in Blade Runner, the Prisoners play this as much as possible, every prisoner getting a turn to play, but the prisoners can die from this game, but rather than become broken, and perhaps not be dead at the end, like a game of Prison Laser Disc played for one’s god or gambling, in prison, the prisoner will die from this.

    Teams in prison laser disc are around 7 on 7 teams, but any number can be used, and one should be able to see passes open to multiple team mates within the building, after catching the prison laser disc. The building is not so large , but it is quite open, all of the half buildings tend to occur along the sides of the building, and the center of the building on both levels was quite open. Perhaps a catwalk or two, maybe some errant rope anchors, themselves suspended by a limp rope, hanging from an anchor that was anchored to the roof, but somehow these units could ride these as if they were the items on the ends of the chains themselves, the chain preserving it’s momentum as it attempts to swing across the pit.


  187. Downward momentum, could easily start at 1, then then after applying all horizontal and displacement momentum along with this one vertical drop, the momentum would tick, and now it would have 2 downward if it’s falling was not stopped, and it’s horizontal and displacement remaining the same unless thwarted by something as it was falling. And the next one 4, and after that 8, doubling every time. I do not know of this exactly, this perhaps just a flavor of gravity.

    In football and other sports, if you want stats to do something, leave the stats that do impact football as is, and then each stat that does not impact football ~charm can give a bonus spin or juke or jump or swat if not taking all of that from movement, (e.g. Charm into Pick Bonus has a X% chance to intercept a ball on defense if it would otherwise have caught it, chance above 100% gives one momentum to the ball by choice of the player per every 25/50/X how magical/physical ability composition gives a bonus for knockback. Magic Resist gives a bonus to being a physical barrier and providing blocks. Sweet talking the refs is unsportsmanlike, and you were so charming as to appreciate the rules for giving you a respectable and fair environment to play sports in. Damage can always apply to ability composition, as one is not particularly dealing damage, and one could easily already be taking a 50% output rate (divide by 2) on one’s stats because your athletes were nonsensically able bodied.

    be used as a Gun Game in a Gun Range.

    Concealed Carry, Tested at a Gun Range, you can carry pistols and weapons etc. This happens in blade runner. If you have a weapon without a license, then this is illegal if a cop comes and looks into you. If a cop ever searched a unit for something, which it could, if it had a wanted level, and had otherwise been apprehended by the police. If the jurisdiction would let you off without going to jail, the police can still search you in case you had anything incriminating on you if you attempted to be violent with the police or were uncooperative. The police could search you for drugs, guns, weapons, powder, poison, anything; and it could all be illegal, giving you a wanted level of one star if a police officer sees this in your house because your door was open or something, and it was on the table. The officer will check to see if the unit is in the house, if it is not, then the officer will leave, but the unit still has a one start wanted level.

    This is the size of the Civilian, it fell down here, there was something about it up there somewhere.

    1d6 ;; 1:8 ;; 2:16 ;; 3:24 ;; 4:32 ;; 5:16 ;; 6: 4


  188. Tactical Conditioning/ Tactical Echo -Ability- Upon casting an ability, cast a buff of any of the ability’s 6/8 most predominant stats at 50% cost, and cast the same ability at a cost of only 50% of the usual AP/MP on the next round. These two effects combine to make this ability composed of the same number of resources as the ability that it echoes. So echoing an ability like this would require you to essentially cast the spell twice, but take this effect instead of the second spell cast.

    Resource Tap -Ability- Deal 200% of the composition of any resource as damage, but this taps the resource in the blood tag, doing this causes the resource to be vapid, and it provides no stats while it is vapid. The vapid effect lasts for one turn. One can only do this with one’s own blood tag. If one is missing half of one’s blood tag due to being vapid, one cannot be healed for this missing health unless being vapid has faded, one’s base health is effectively half of what it normally would be.

    Eyes on the Prize-Ability-If you want to pick up an item you see, but it is not your turn, you can take your next turn if you “set your eyes on the prize” any other unit is also free to do this in an attempt to gain the item if they see it, units can all do this at the same time, and will take one movement each if more than one unit is contesting an item this way. Two units that have their eyes on the same prize can fight each others if it were otherwise their turns, but no other units that are not contesting the prize, if a unit still wants to contest the precious prize, then it can take more turns accosting it further into debt of it’s it’s future turns including movement and actions indefinitely, until it dies or has the prize. The unit takes it’s penalty of gaining the item as a loss of 100% of the turns staked to gain the prize, and this strikes the unit one week after gaining the item.

    Kill seeker-Item effect- 2% chanced per resource invested that Upon killing a unit, gain a free full attack on any of the 3 units most proximate to the target. This can happen multiple time with effect over 100%.

    Precision-Ability- Take a moment to settle ones self and concentrate. Use one movement and save your attack for the turn to deal 200% damage, 200% composition, or 200% range, for each movement spent, only able to spend 3 movement, and gain each of the 100% bonuses, the movement must be spent by ending ones turn without attacking and opting to spend the movement on concentration. It would take 3 turns of contemplation to gain all 3 200% bonuses.

    Persistence- Item effect- for each attack that lands on the opponent, ones subsequent attacks will deal 0.1% of the unit’s base health as damage to the unit. One can only have up to 128 of this item effect on one’s items at a time, or else the % effect is 0.025% per item level.

    Option-Gentleman’s AoE- Specify an AoE Radius, and a % damage for each depth of the radius, if a unit is within the area of the radius. It will take the full effect of the %. The initial target is at 80%, and then a radius of 1 is 60% and 2, 40%, 3 20%, 4 10%, 5 5%, 6 3% 7 1%. This is the damage/effect of the AoE applied. This rather than simply spilling damage around with traditional AoE.

    Anti-Curse-Ability- One can collect curses, and for half of their weight, one can remove the curse effect and convert the resources into a damaging ability of any type, from simple ability damage like an attack to utilizing it as any damage type of spell. This converts 100% of the effective weight of the curse into a damage type ability.


  189. The anti curse must match the curse in color and type, but it can partially destroy curses, converting only some of the effective weight of the curse into damage.


  190. option- Just Playing Tag -but really, it was just playing tag, you couldn’t breed or die, there was no summoning of magical or undead creatures, no transfer between any realm, and each player created a living land unit. The units all start in one area that is a meeting place, and one is free to build a building if they wanted to.but it was either freeze tag, and you are frozen until there is a winner of freeze tag or until you are untagged by a player that was not frozen. This our you are tagged out, and you have to count to 8, feel the shame of losing for 8 turns and cannot be helped save through a resurrection of the players spirits via some sort of magic.

    But it was also twister every unit and tile still had color, even it only had color and sports stats, inability to attack or do spells or abilities that were, has no ability to fly, riding animals is not ordinary in a game of tag, but because somehow it was because everyone was a dancer, the more you put into it, you can go about fully equippped, and somehow my gun is just a cap gun, but you hear it, and you know you are dead, because you can have army man guns for more realistic ranged, if one had this. Rather than just be in range of the unit, or limit this only to melee attacks,

    One can easily take a 50% chance to tag, instead of having an attack, because tag is not violent in it’s own nature. Falling damage still exists, so this could be graphic, if you die you can take the Gambler’s Woes and wear these, you have lost, somehow, you wear your losses like a penny, if the color of the penny is the R G B number of times one has died from R: Fire/Crushing/Building Collapse/Falling Furniture or Object Collision Damage G: Falling from downward momentum B: Drowning. The color of the penny starts at pure white, but it will take your death toll and add it to that color of the penny, this is the color you appear as. Once you are dead, If you call a coin or someone says a prayer to god for you: you are resurrected after 3 days. If you do neither, you are resurrected after 7 days.

    Fire would do damage to the unit in this, and a units items would catch on fire if they touched the fire and the color roll, divided by two, half color roll, was greater than one. The others in that category only exist for odd circumstances, falling on furniture, it could retaliate, and it would deal it’s own damage if it somehow struck the unit while it had any momentum for some reason.

    If you get to a black penny, then you get a button for each category, and this will show your number if inspected. You can choose the color of your penny if you have a black penny and 255 on each button, being able to add these numbers to one’s account of the deaths on the penny, now reduced to 0. This does not effect what color of a unit you are.

    Color of Terrain is random. Pick any number of colors that is easy to do probability for; coin flips or dice, if you have a d20 you can pick 4 colors to be double tasted, or just of the 5 native colors, half are about the home color, and the other 4 were about 25% each, the 25%,50%,75% and 100%, the #5% items rounding, rolled when one rolls a 2 or a 7, still flipping a coin on 5 if rolled, so the player would alternate, after flipping a coin for the first go of which color was selected.


  191. Breeding is a different time scale than a game of tag, but still, somehow, somebody found a cellar of people, who would have guessed.

    Bikes any time you want that, or can handle that much. But still tag.

    In tag the max level was civ/2/4/8/16/32/64/x and critters could play but only melee, but somehow movement was done at a rate of only two, but everyone starts in a group, if you see someone, you can take your turn, and use your 2 base movement, everyone has a 30 turn period to venture into the world from the Organizing Point of the game of tag, and after this, the units do normal combat. Everyone was a dancer, somehow, it was quite difficult to get tag anybody as they had so much evasion. This is even more true when you have items involved. Because of this, stats are reduced to 10% for tag, health is also reduced to 10% if you really want to fight and use stats, rather than play tag.

    Each player could have a house, and you can build your house, and it is your color, as the player of tag. They were to be no more than oh so long, wide, and high. You can roll your terrain as you please, and you have 4 map tiles as a kingdom, and a castle the size of four castles in the center of this. You can build this like a Prison Laser Disc / Prison Ball game, even if you don’t want to play that game, just to have another building than one’s house, somewhere one one’s propery of 4 map tiles.

    A player has 5/10/x times the movement they normally have, unless they see a unit, at which point every player in sight can move 1/2/3/4/8 tiles at a time, and players have 100%/200%/ the amount of vision as normal. If a unit sprints, they gain two movement at the cost of one upon being spotted. The units that are unseen can only move their turns movement once the all of the spotted units have moved in reaction to one another,

    If you play “Being It” when you are tagged, your it. You have to tag someone in order to not be “It”. Only “It” can tag players. Either one unit can be “It” at a time, or one person is It at the start of the game, and any units they tag also become It, the winner is the last player who is not it.


  192. If you wanted to ride a skateboard or roller-skates this would seem fine. Even a motorcycle if it was just a bike, take double uphill movement rate of skateboard. The scooter having the same uphill movement as a skateboard, and can easily be jumped off like a skateboard, but it shares it’s style of tricks with the bike, spinning around on the axis of the handlebars (front 1x1 tile of a 2x1 or 3x1 bike), the handle bars can be spun themselves, able to rotate in an entire circle, but this does not look impressive on the small scale as it is invisible unless one rides a 5x1 or 6x1 bike, where the 2x1 wheel is seen rotating, now a horizontal line through the bike, spinning about an axis that was not quite the center of the wheel, but the center of the 2x1 part of the chassis above the wheel, when at a 90 degree angle, It is closer to the rider when it is spun to the right, and it is further from the rider at a90 degree position when it is spun left, this is because the midpoint is the middle of an edge, and so this is how it would spin on this axis. feel free to role-play the bar-spin though, because you can tail whip the bike, that, though while being rigid, can spin about on the axis of the handlebars, in full 360 degree rotation, when the handlebars are held by the rider, but the rider has removed it’s body from the bike, the rider can do this by moving the bike out from under one’s body, one can use movement to do these things, movement being able to provide one’s body weight of momentum against the bike, if you had 64 res blood tag, and the bike had 64 res blood tag, you could move it one in any displacement or vertical momentum with one movement while in the air, one can give ones self the appearance of spinning by looking around, if you like flips, look up continuously as you can now turn vertically at 45 degrees going up in a full circle and returning to your original position as if one had spun in a circle while looking any map direction. One can still hold onto the bike while doing a flip, and move the bike so long as you could manipulate it’s weight.

    A bike could be up to 8 in size, 1 or 2 wide, pegs on each side one or two wide. If you have a bike, and it is no larger than one wide, you can have city bike and you can only take pegs that are one wide if you do this, but you can take 150% acceleration up and down hill than a normal bike. A normal bike would be about 1 in size still, but i can have pegs 2 in size, and it does not get these bonuses. It is ones decision. But the pegs themselves, these are just pipes of sorts, somehow the smithy will make you a bike frame and tires look like the apothecary to decide that these trees were rubbery enough, and made good wheels. This or you must now grow rubber, as a fruit tree, it is decorative, does nothing, but can be used to create wheels. A wide bike, well a 2 wide bike would be a motor cycle, about the same width as a person, where a 4 wide bike would be an ATV, having 4 wheels. A bicycle is a small bike, a bicycle weight as much as it would if it were a weapon, so 10%/20%/50% as much as it’s base resource cost, when attempting to be thrown, moved, manipulated or carried. If your bicycle is ever a weapon, it will deal damage as if it is however heavy it is. A mountain bike gains 200% bonus to regular terrain movement in the mountains, but does not go any faster than walking when level or going up hill, however, a mountain bike will still retain it’s full ability to gain downward momentum, regardless of being on road or not. As long as a bike was not a city bike, then it did not take the penalty to driving on terrain, a mountain bike had 200% bonus to normal terrain movement.


  193. All of this bike trick ability while still being able to look around, also freely able to do flips by rotating at any angle, as opposed to simply rotating along the map direction, , the unit holds the handlebars of a bike like a weapon, but classy riders can keep momentum on their bikes, and pull 720 nothing double bar spin superman tail whip backflip into a feeble grind into a 540 landing in a classic one-hand manual that happened to be going backwards, because you were waving at the crowd or at least most of those parts individually. One can do this with

    Dodgeball. This is like basketball, but teams are separated at half court, one can throw the 5/10 balls that all can be picked up from the center of the court at the start of the match. If a unit hits another unit with a ball, then the unit is out. A unit has a 100% chance to be able to use any sprint to be able to avoid being hit, upon seeing that one’s self is the target of a ball that is coming towards one’s self.

    Dodgeball is a sport, so all units take their turns at the same time, each able to move and choose to pick up or throw a ball all take one second or turn. The round is over once every unit has used their turn, or after one second, as all units have one second to input their move for the turn.

    A style of dodgeball is called Jailbreak. In Jailbreak, rather than going to the sidelines when a unit is “out” after being hit with a ball or otherwise(one can catch a ball thrown at ones self, and this gets the thrower out) one goes to the box between the baseline and the free-throw line, and unit fit within the smallest rectangle possible centered at the base of the hoop. The players that are out and in this box are in Jail, these units are out, but if a player can throw a ball and hit the backboard of the goal on the opponent’s side of the court, the players team mates are released from Jail, and are no longer out.

    In dodgeball, one can touch a ball with ones hands (e.g. pick up the ball like a normal weapon), but being stricken with the ball, in a way that one does not catch it. Catching occurs when one can see the ball and the ball is not twice as large as one’s single hand, if one is catching it single handedly, and the ball does not leave the area where it was caught, meaning the unit can otherwise absorb all of the momentum of the ball, and pick it up as if it were an item/weapon/object/furniture.

    A team has lost when it has no players left. A Team cannot cross the half court line. I don’t think i threw out a box, dimension, for the box around the goal, but it’s about 5 or 7 units wide when the backboard is a 3x3 area, if one wanted to paint that area, it extends from the baseline to the free-throw line, and the with of the under basket box is the width of the free-throw line. A radius extends from the center of the free throw line (in line w/ the basket) to the point on the same line w/ the basket on the 3 point arc. This radius makes a half circle or half ellipse that usually touches the sides of the under basket box (this area is painted and units must stand on the outside of this box during a free throw. If they want to align by the basket, they face a player on same team across from them, the team that is not taking the shot the most proximate to the basket, then a layer of shooter’s allies after these two, and one has the option of putting another layer of opponents behind the shooter’s allies, further from the basket still on the sides of the under basket box / free lane.


  194. Catching a Ball in Sports-As to catching. One can stop the momentum of the ball with ones own strength, being able to apply knockback momentum, and without magic, one can function as a large natural bout corner for the ball, giving it nowhere to move, with the hands able to apply 10% of the momentum the unit could apply with it’s body against the ball.

    Fouls- One would purposefully have to commit a foul, but still attempting to disarm the ball from the back of the player is not allowed in many games such as basketball and soccer, so cannot occur from 2 of the 8 tiles surrounding the unit. The one directly behind the unit, and the one that is opposite the unit’s “ball hand or hand that it is holding the ball in. Units are free to change the hand that they are holding the ball in at no cost if walking, at a cost of one movement if running, or at a cost of one sprint while sprinting. ”

    In a game where the ball is held by the hands, the ball is held by the hands and can usually move about in the free range of the arm and hand, save for basketball where lifting one’s hand under the ball is considered illegal, as one must dribble the ball, bouncing it off of the floor. A basket ball /football/ and other balls reflect 80% of their momentum when bouncing rather than the normal 50% of an object.

    The ball is a certain size, and the people are a certain size, but in simple height, the ball is held on the 2nd height of the person in a hand game, but in soccer, the ball is held at the 1st height, and cannot be touched by the hands, unless the player is the goalie, within a 20x6 box with the soccer goal in the center of the side of this box that was synonymous with the baseline of the field. Penalty kicks taken from the center of the far side of this box, facing the goal. The goalie can also use its hands within a 44x 18 yard box that also has the soccer goal centered within it. If a ball goes out of bounds past a baseline, rather than a side line,

    Soccer- Corner Kicks/Goal Kicks/Kick Off

    Kickoff- a ball is put in the center of the field. The teams flip a coin to see which team starts with the ball, the players can be outside of a circle in the center of the field that has a radius of 10 yards, or soccer scale units. Soccer scale units vary with the size of the unit, but basically a unit is two soccer scale units high if it’s pure height is 6. If a team scores a goal, the enemy team starts with the ball, in the center of the circle in the center of the field, as if they had won the coin flip at the start, and kick off to resume the game.

    If a team is on offense, and a defender kicks the ball out of bounds, and it goes out past the base line on the side the unit is defending, then the offending team gets a free kick from the corner of the field.

    If a team is on defense, and an offending player kicks the ball out of bounds and it goes out of bounds past the baseline of of the side that the team is defending. then the team gets a free kick from either of the frontward corners of the smaller box.

    Overtime- If a match is a tie at the end of time, units can choose to accept the tie, play a section of time 1/6 the length of the match (with an option of having the first goal scored win the game), or do penalty kicks.

    Shoot out- If a soccer match is tied, they take 8 penalty kicks each and the winner is the one who scores the most penalty kicks, if still tied, there is another round of penalty kicks, which are free attempts to put the ball in the net from the penalty spot specified with the boxes.

  195. These are for Blade Runner players attempting to simulate more of a real life element. Credits go to the original people simulators.

    Dirtiness- Things become dirty with use, each time one uses an object, it has a 50% chance for a resource to become dirty. An object has a {D/R} (Dirty Resource/ Blood Tag) chance of providing it’s benefit as if it were dirty, or otheriwse a 50% chance to apply this effect if above 50% dirty, a 75% chance to apply this effect if above 3/4 dirty, and a 100% chance still at 100% dirty. It takes a unit one labor to clean 32 dirty resources.

    Motivations - These are like stats, but they fluctuate with time. Each Motive ranges from -100 to 100. These all start at 50

    Hunger/Thirst ( Eating a meal provides 50, having a drink 25, doing drugs 10, each 3/6/12 hours without food reduces this by 10) A unit will have 50% output/(effective resource composition) of damage and abilities it deals or uses, and 50% to all stats and base movement if it’s hunger is at -100. It will die if it’s hunger is at -100 for a week.

    Comfort- Sitting in a chair, laying in a bed, or sitting within an 6 unit radius from a hearth for a turn provides 10(X/R)(creature blood tag; chair blood tag).
    Social - This determines how happy a unit is with their social life. One can perform social interactions with other units and civilians.

    One loses one comfort for every 10 tiles one walks. If a units comfort is at -100, then it has 50% base movement per turn.

    Item- Bath- (A bath is like a table, but it can be used as a shower and a chair, a bath is usually 2x1.) Requires water.

    Hot Water Heater- This is a 1x1 building that can provide heated water at a cost of one current for every 4 temperature a unit of water is raised. Units like water with a temperature of at least 2/4 to bathe and shower, otherwise they have a (X/2) chance to refuse to shower, where X is the temperature of the water.

    Social- This is gained by doing social interactions. One’s social will cause one’s non-damaging spells and abilities to deal (200+S / 200) effect. (between 50% and 150% composition)


  196. Hygiene- This decreases by 10 every 6 hours. Taking a shower will increase hygiene to 100% unless the shower is dirty. One can wash ones hands to increase Hygiene by 15, one can Primp in a mirror and gain 15 Hygiene. One can brush one’s teeth in a sink for 15 hygiene. If one has washed hands/ brushed teeth, this will not provide any more hygiene if one does this multiple times within an hour.

    Primp also applies a buff to charm that is 1/8 of one’s weight, all in charm. (E.g. 64 resources, so 8 for this buff, 4 charm from each resource = + 32 charm buff for primp. This can only be applied once, this lasts until has this effect ruined by a debuff or is below 0 hygiene.

    Hygiene - One has a {(100+H)/R} chance of success when getting a dance at a club, and a {H/R} chance of being hired by an employer.

    Fun- A unit gains 10/20/50 fun for each hour of Leisure Activity the perform. If they do not get enough fun, they will perform poorly, just like starving, but the unit will not die from this. A unit loses 1 fun for each hour they are not performing a leisure activity. (With the new activities, even walking around with a camera is a leisure activity so long as you don’t do work, and you take at least 1/2 pictures per leisure hour. Also watching TV)

    Room/Environment - This fluctuates with one’s environment. If one sees garbage, this is -5 Room for each garbage. If you play Waste Produce mode, each waste product that is visible will give -25 room each. One gains +10 room for seeing a painting or piece of decor, and +20 room, If hears a radio, this is +20 room. Objects within a room must be within sight to provide room. Room functions like morale, and gives a (R/200) chance to provide an additional attack. When one leaves a room that gives good environment, one loses the effect at a rate of 2 room per hour.

    Rest- This is sleeping. A unit must sleep for at least 5 hours, a unit gains 20 Rest for each hour that it sleeps. the chance of gaining full Rest per hour is (R/B)(Unit blood tag / Bed Blood Tag); if this fails, one only gains 10 Rest. The chance of getting 150% Rest per hour is (B/R) (Same letters as above).

    Bladder/Bowels- If this gets to -100, the unit urinates upon itself and loses all hygiene, and gets it’s clothes dirty. A unit can relieve this at a toilet. Drinking something gives -10 to bladder, and Eating something gives -45 to bowels. Upon reaching -100, the unit has 30 seconds/turns or one hour to get to a toilet before they soil themselves. The unit can elect to relieve themselves on the ground, but this will produce excrement at the spot, or a unit will simply defecate a corner of water that gets people sick, or a corner of terrain that gets people sick. The terrain (feces) will get people sick for up to a month, but the water will only get people sick for 24 hours. Feces can be put in a toilet or garbage can in order to stop getting people sick. Getting sick from feces last for 1/3/7 rounds.

    Option- Sunlight exposure- If one was a vampire, one will take 10% of one’s health damage if the sun is directly striking the unit. So a vampire takes this to the max, it will die.


  197. Socializing- One can be social with other units to gain ( doing it the original way would be ridiculous with so many people)

    Each time one does this, one gains +10 social. One loses one social per hour. One can chat on the phone, but this will only take one up to 50/100 social.

    Flirt- +10, this will put a stack of enamor on the unit, at 10 stacks, the unit will not deny the chance breed with you.
    Chat - +10 this does nothing but fill social

    Provoke - +10, this will put a stack of Provocation on the unit, the unit has a P / 10 chance of attacking the unit that provokes it, where P is the number of stacks of Provocation on the unit.

    Enamor lasts until the unit leaves line of sight. The unit’s target gains enamor twice as quickly if the unit has already had children with the target it is flirting with.

    Provoke lasts until the provoking unit leaves the line of sight of the provoked unit.


  198. Easier Room- For room, because decor is a drag, if you have a weapon or piece of furniture that is greater than or equal to one’s unit’s blood tag in number of resources. Then this will provide +10 room if it lays on a counter. This does not work for ladders. If this is an item it will give +2 room, but there can only be 3 or 4 items in one spot at a time, and there can only be one weapon or furniture in a spot at time, in order for this to provide room, otherwise it is too cluttered to appreciate the weapon.

    Every 4 items in a pile of items that has more than 4 items on it will give -1 room. Every weapon stacked on top of another will give -1 room. One can build a stand at the woodworks. A stand holds twice it’s weight as a weapon, and it can hold two weapons, while only taking up one tile. An item stand holds 10 times it’s weight in items, while only being able to hold 10 items, it also takes up one tile. Consumables and grenades can be put on item stands, and provide room at half the rate that an item does. Non-weight items do not provide room.


  199. A Wrestling Story

    the man unlay a DDT into the fellow, and then spun without replacing the foot unlaying the DDT to the ground, dealing a backwards roundhouse kick with the heel, before spinning with the momentum 180 degrees, taking the staggered displaced opponent still poached at 90 degrees, (facing the need to call a coin flip or fall to the ground, if left in this position), into a headlock and dropping it as if laying a leg drop, but landing with the units neck below/at/above the line of the leg, as it falls to the ground, from the seated position do a half a backflip while holding the neck of the opponent, and grab the legs,into a lock or pin to have a neck bar and leg pin that that one can hold while rolling and rotating with the unit 180 degrees, turning it’s face up, while it put the victim in an arm bar before arching it’s back inwards by applying pressure between the neck and the leg pin, the unit has been with it’s back on the ground since rolling, and like a clap of lightning and thunder at the same time an ally has taken the invitation to perform a devastating leg drop off of the top of the roof adjacent to the fight, this blow delivered right into the core of the pinned fellow, with the chair behind held between the airborne deviant’s legs delivered like the thrust of a powerful piston instants after making contact with the leg drop. Somehow the damaged victim got back up. The wrestler rolled and got up, as well, the wrestler gave the staggered fellow another brutal DDT, but this time the units 90 degree look down took its eyes straight into the belt that was somehow chained by immortal, unbreakable chains, to the arena floor. This moment lasted for eternities, because this unit was spear jumped into a tombstone that delivered this man’s head right to the belt and chains on the table. This killed the man, his eyes stared locked in unfettering awe of the belt for the duration of the airtime of the fatal tombstone


  200. Some of this has to do with angles
    DDT- The unit is bent at a 90 degree angle.
    Roundhouse, kick on an axis, with one leg on the ground, half cost of a normal attack, using one leg.
    Being Mick Foley - You can roundhouse kick without having a foot on the ground after delivering a ddt, and catch yourself with the foot you just delivered the DDT with as no cost.
    From the 90 degree position still
    a headlock / neck-bar (leg)drop - while a unit is in a 90 headlock or can be spun into a 90 degree headlock, this ability costs the unit a leg drop that can still deal damage if there is a target, under the leg drop, the units do not move positions when this occurs, but they move down a tile, both being swept and are on the ground, but one of them was crouching (attack or ability that deals damage and is used while falling, if one jumps with one leg, having the other in the air, one can only jump half as high)
    Spider Roll / Wheelchair Dreams - Do a half backflip from a seated position to one of being behind the target, this was like suplex, but did not deal damage, and one can retain a headlock while one does it if one had this potion, this cost one sprint, 2 movement, or a suplex.
    Leg Pin / Leg Lock- Render a unit unable to move that leg, and allow the pinning unit to rotate the body about the pin. This done with a pinning unit’s legs, and the unit cannot move while it does this without losing the pin. Arms can do a similar thing to arms when a unit is pinned.
    Rotate Pinned Unit- This cost two movement or one sprint

    Headlock/Leglock Skyward Walls - This was a hold one could do if one got in this position, the unit’s arms are free unless you have it’s arms in an arm bar. It still has one arm free.

    Then this is the common know how, before one more…

    Tombstone- From the 90 degree DDT Bend the unit can grab the unit by the hips, lift them as if they were a weapon, turning them another 90 degrees to be completely inverted by picking them up at the hips and bringing them inward, them becoming inverted by this process, this occurs aligning their head below/level with/ above the leg drop one performs, with the targets head between one’s legs, or to the side of one’s legs, allowing them to fall with the leg drop. One can direct the Tombstone. to one’s side or onto the tile below one’s self if there is room. It gains full damage from off the ropes if it falls, it also deals a base bonus of 400% melee damage, allowing one to combine one’s attack with the tombstone.

    going prone - if you had enough mass and size to go prone, have at that for 400% movement cost while prone. One can crouch, and half as tall at 200% movement cost while prone. Crouch will hide a unit behind a small table, causing a unit 2 high to become 1 high, and going prone, the 2 high unit would be as tall was it was wide normally, but as long as it was tall normally. and it would be as as wide as it was long normally. Something like rotate the unit 90 degrees, it still sees out of its head. and has no more ability to look than it normally does, and some vision is blocked by the terrain below.