Sunday, May 31, 2015

Applications of Jello; Small Factory Idea / Cuisinary Mass Market Product

Applications of Jello
drinkable semi-solid jello drinks rather than solid jello packages requiring a utensil like they do now, for the most part. The drinkable semi-solid jello is a mixture of solid jello globules a that has formed, but is in small globules and in a container with some juice using the jello flavor a portion as concentrate in the juice. This bottle could be chilled, and this would be quite refreshing, with the jello texture adding a delicious ice effect like an icee product. This could be bottled in individual bottles or cans and sold at a gas station, competing with not only slurps, but milkshakes, sodas, and other cold beverages. This could have real fruit juice if you want to stoke the family values, even real fruit in the jello; even a nice handle of 8% alcohol of some flavorless liquor, clear corn alcohol if taking to the corn sugar delicacy of America, or otherwise an alcohol complementary to or made of sugar that would have a taste that blends into the jello. This could be lime flavored vodka for instance, if one had lime jello, or  orange for orange jello in a 12 oz can.

This also raises concerns about the healthfulness of jello. Well, one can use fruit pulp instead of water, and leave the sugar out of the recepie, and then make jello just using the liquid fruit pulp and gelatinizing agent. This would have no added sugar and would be real fruit. This as a flavor option to appeal to those who desire natural flavors, as opposed to those seeing the refreshing flavored colors of jello, blue jello drink that is chilled with some blue juice, much like drinking some delicious fruity ice would be ideal on many occasions, blue as such a cool and refreshing color; this as well as many other flavors.

The drinkable jello has a competitive market with any chilled beverage that has a fruity flavor, and even opening up the market for chilled pudding beverages, even with some creme or creme flavored liquor in them. These can all be sold with or without the alcohol, this giving a poise and position on both the mixed drink market that was occupied by fruity alcoholic beverages in bottles and cans,  and fruity drink markets such as gatorade. This also gives one a vantage against frozen ice desserts, mainly the gas station pump-ice but one could argue that one was even competitive with other fruit ice desserts.

Pudding can be precooked and served as spread to the population, this would be more dense like a cream of the jello pudding. This would be spread upon a product, or used otherwise. This would have a constancy of cream cheese or butter ideally. Jello is already pitched as fat free if you use skim milk or sugar free sometimes, this is opening both the actual butter market with pudding flavored buttery spread, and also the butter substitute markets with sugar-free and fat free flavored buttery spread substitute.

People enjoy fruit like strawberry cream cheese; well strawberry pudding or a cherry jello pudding spread would be great. Even having jello flavor as both the pudding flavor, with little globules of jello inside of the cream, like one would have vegetables in a cream cheese. Granted, this may only work for fruit and dessert flavors in the style of jello, but this is a broad share of the market with plenty of potential in a pre-established market.

The can come in bars tubs like butter style products; this would almost be like spreadable ice cream, but pudding has been considered to be safer than many other things; so spreading pudding on a waffle or something would not be a problem, as the jello is acting like butter.

One can also make milkshakes of sorts from the jello pudding, and sell this, the pudding was thick, but could still be poured as a respectable but recessed rate. These were the chocolate or vanilla version of the chilled jello fruit drinks. Why all of this? Because there was the market, and jello has the potential to compete. These jello shakes would be competitive alongside other “canned shake” products, including those that offer a meal, as well as “Pudding Shakes” that offered a thicker pudding shake, perhaps with some added texture with optional toppings. The pudding shake was a dessert product, where the Chocolate Jello Drink-Meal was Enriched to provide competitive nutrients and sustenance as other meals in a can.

Uses for the A-Shirt and the Evolution of the Sun Setter Retractable Awning

~~~~ Uses for the A-Shirt
If Everyone loves the A shirt, where was the A+ shirt, just the A shirt attached to hot pants /boxer briefs / other at the bottom. one would wear this much like long underwear, but it was only for the area of the A-shirt Short pants making up the A+shirt,  and legal clothes, because one was clothed entirely with just this one piece of clothing, because white t-shirts and pants made out of white t-shirts are all acceptable, just as an a-shirt and and pants made of out the same thing as an a shirt, or even a 200% double thick A-shirt for the hot pants,  even up to 400% thick, but tightly woven A shirt that was sewn into hot pants about 25% the size of the A shirt, yet having to sew up the neck hole of the A-shirt at the start when folding it, this only keeping the leg-holes of the arms open at the end, without any leg hole. Or even open and clothes the neck hole with a zipper, but perhaps sew up half or 75% of the neck hole and then leave 25% of a zipper; who needs to zip pants in half. unless it is a zip-off dress suit and pants when zipped backed together in the middle, this will tell you whether or not I want to wear the pants, even if they are hot pants. Zipper right under the very short shorts from front like a normal zipper, but all the way back, just to enter the A-Suit., essentially this Beater + Hot pants was like 125% of a normal beater, or a tall beater or when unzipped at the bottom side completely, but this could be zipped up if one lost the pants but still had the beater, making pants out of a beater, even if one only has buttons. This looks much like a leotard under the pants, but is convenient like an A-shirt, One can even have multiple fabrics, like a sweat wicking a-shirt fabric, an insular a-shirt fabric, the normal- porous lightweight a-shirt. light weight and skin tight A-suit for swimming. This just like a very small bag, that has great capacity for stretching, but the bag just happened to like like an A-shirt, but it had some buttons or some metal nipple fasteners.  Then one fastens it into the A-shirt+hotpants kown as the A-suit while keeping it as water tight with the normal wrap under, but also suspenders of sorts that wrap over the shoulders and button into the belt on the opposed side, parallel to the way a person looks. This or have no zipper or bottom entry,a nd tell the one they must get into it through the neck hole, one loses the buttons/zippers/ or clips if one has bag. One can have it be elastic or draw stringed and clothed, or even a mix of both. But still. The A-shirt was still good. It was good for every one. The A-shirt can even be easily modified to accommodate fulfilling 100% of the required clothing in public by saying it is a dress or a robe, or an athletic robe; or having buttons taken to one sides of it to establish  belt with the front rim of the beater and the back rim of the beater.
The Evolution of the Sun Setter Retractable Awning
even the foldable lawn chair winter sun setter retractable mirror awning with a detachable cooking unit. This made of these retractable mirror plates that attach do each other with these corner  89 degree valley wider as it’s deeper braces into the top to apply that one pressure of the volume of the substance against the mirror blade in the joint. Even have this ability to create custom arrays of small mirrors that direct sunlight into one’s house during the winter as one pleases, as this the the winder sun setter retractable awning, which is made of mirrors and gives your house 10 degrees of heat in the winter with only 1 hour long days, in and of sun. The cooking unit can concentrate into a very small area and get up to 800 degrees on a metal spiral coil that the light was focused on, this metal very good at absorbing sunlight to become heat as well as not catching on fire, this to conserve firewood for the time when there is no sunshine to use my winter sun setter retractable awning’s detectable mirror well cooking attachment.

This well attachment cooks food by creating a well  of light with the mirrors, the light caught and reflected inward about the insides of the solar stove to heat it, having a glass lid of course that would reflect and collect heat.

Even just the sun setter retractable awning folding lawn char was still on sale, for those who enjoy an awning while they enjoy a folding chair. This awning keeping you 20 degrees cooler means your beer is always just that much cooler because it always stays on that wood table under your sun setter retractable awning folding char. Even taking a nap and enjoy the feeling of outdoors without being beaten on by the tireless sun.

Sexto Updates into June

a part was somehow a nugget, and a nugget was oh so many nuggets in a basket of nuggets, but these range anywhere from all types of nuggets, some flavors nuggets go with each other  from another place separately into one new flavor. This could be a bacon sour cream and onion jalepeno would go together with a cheesy potato nugget, and these could often be prepared with a classy spiced flavor of chicken nugget, paired with a complimentary dipping sauce. This sauce would coat the nugget, but alas, some nuggets or sauces are easily separated, while one may not be able to separate the infused flavor of chicken, but the spice can be neutralized by another flavor, and the sauce can be defeated by an overpowering or inappropriate double saucing.

There were oh so many nuggets  in a basket.

If you were classy and the smallest batch of nuggets made by the happenstance was an 8 piece nugget, or even a 2 piece tender strip that were twice the volume, a double cube length wise of chicken and it actually takes 2 normal laborers without gain to carry this tender of reared resource material, being that one of them carries only one resource on the day to day.

so an 8 size nugget of one unit of uranium is 8 mole uranium in a compound composing a unit means that with a volume of a meter^3 would say V / P (Volume/Propensity) P = 8M M~molar molecular volume, or volume of one mole of molecules substance times 8. A mole is this is to use more accurate representation of taking a part of oh so yea size and consists of counting the little flavor ghosts, each mole has been alleged to be the same number of flavor ghosts, these ghosts consisting the entire mole or part of the substance, these ghosts like the undying building blocks of the cusinary essence of a nugget and sauce.

These ghosts were trying to get by and had to work together sometimes to create that real flavor. The science aficionado knew that only one flavor ghost of one flavor could work together with one flavor ghost of another type; but it could also be convinced to work with another flavor ghost rather than the one that it found. The story says that flavor ghosts told one diviner that there 6.022 x 10^23 flavor ghosts in  one part of a flavor. If you wanted a part, you wanted that many ghosts. This flavor was only 1 gram of the lightest substance, a heavier substance would need more of this to have one entire part, but this was dandy enough because it was rather dense.

Magic was rife and profulgent This was about one heavy, with one one wight, and one bird that consisted of the inner workings of this small flavor ghost. The bird can fly, and it does not have weight because it is not pressing down on anything, instead it is always flying. This means for with a weight of one dangler or wight inside of the plaza in the fields of the pleasure villa that there is only a weight of one part per 1/1000th unit, legend to be only one part per 1024th of a unit or , the droplet of flavor. The flavor droplet consisted of these plazas, and the bird would drag the plaza away from anything, and the wights may just happen to be caught inside of it.

Carbon-12 was 12/C\  this was a possible plaza that can have been created. The legend says that if there is not a plaza, the bird will psychologically torture the wight forcing it into establishing a plaza, even to go so far as to say the bird drags the wight around, tied by rope, to the places in order to construct a plaza. 12/C\ was C, number 6 plaza; and 12/C\ happened to have 12 wights consisting of; 6 peddlers and 6 nodders, and it was known that each peddler would catch a bird, yet a nodder has yet to catch a bird for the plaza; this tale alleged by the drunk flavor ghosts . So classy to tame a bird with a stare, everyone is down to mutually live and die for the plaza. This man of 12 wights in a plaza, was what the Flavor Diviner’s Number 6.022 x 10^23. So this number multiplies against the number of wights in a plaza, and that tells you how many plazas will make up a part of flavor. It just so happened to be that one wight of a unit multiplied this number was one gram in weight. This is the weight of one part, each part has a different size.

To have 12 gram wight flavor, this would be 12 x 6.022 plazas of 12 wight flavor (plazas with 12 wights in them; birds do not add to this number)

each one of these Flavor Villas plays a role of a dancer in a mutual affair between two or more flavor villas. Some of these were famous

Two Highway Men and One Orangutan make the Thirst for life to occur. For without life, This odd bunch could never be infamous more for their antics than for their crimes, and still be 3 of America’s Most Wanted Criminals. The legend says that water was 3 highwaymen and one orangutan

 Say, Sour cream had a density of three of these  parts, and a spicy hot pepper has a weight of 12 wights per plaza. and bacon had a weight of 3 part, and onion (and/or other vegetables) had a weight of 3 parts, as the pepper actually had a hollow area inside of it that was 100% by magic, of course, of it’s size. This means it would always want to find something that was 100% of it’s size to fill it’s potential. This was because

Valence rings exist and there ’s a certain gyre that the birds like to circle in, and only oh so many birds are let into each orbit ring to circle around the plaza at a time. This means there can only be a maximum of 2 birds in the first level, 8 in the second and so forth.

this goes on indefinitely, with the number of birds per ring established by veritable scientists.

driving around in cars because i’ve got to collect rings because it was nonviolent today, and somehow there are bitches i’ve got to pleasure with my presence as my car patrols through the streets of town, ghost riding with all parts of coincidence with the flatness through out  the area, giving that there; the lady would only give you a ring if you got her pregnant and payed some fee; and there were terms you had of her use, because it was still alive; i was saying “no hands”  with the no-handed fecklessly fuckless  facial effulgence and effacement directed an unwitting crowd, unconcerned with the blindness.

One somehow made enough money, but there were enough loops one can build, as one can say that things will not erode with sheet wood or anything plastic, to somehow explain the nature of the game like Sonic the Hedgehog, going very fast and collecting rings on loops and jumps with dangerous obstacles. This was to oppose the necessity of shooting or attacking somebody to play the game. This makes a game much more difficult. The novelty to this, is that one is driving a car or motorcycle rather than running around; one could fly a helicopter or even a plane, ride a bike, walk, skate, or any other vehicle around.

Were one to introduce a shooting concept, that could be an Arcade mode, as that is much like a multiplayer star fox 64.

Starship Animals- Arcade Game. Like sonic, but with cars, guns, and you have a vehicle that can take oh so many people; but people all have guns and stats and there is combat and function like a normal game

Danger Racer- Arcade Game- This is also like sonic, in that you were one player, but you drive around in a car and attempt not to die.

you have multiplayer in that you can build a base with enough loops, traps, and good jumps for your car; as you take a color roll each time to get away without getting bumped by your opponent who may have seen you steal those rings form it’s container on it’s map. The objective were to get the gross majority or over 2/3 majority of all of the rings. Somehow the game starts off the same way, but you meet carl, and Carl had free telepathic magic birds, which had 200% the movement of a bird for a turn and keep the 200% base vision bonus of a bird, these are invisible like a camouflage of equal level, attacking the bird if it is found kills whatever % of the vision the bird was cast with. A bird can take 100% of normal unit vision and the caster only takes a 50% reduction of sight for losing vision for three rounds after the bird is killed, however it cost nothing for the caster to stay in contact with the bird, the bird would stray out of the command of the player and become a neutral unit if it leaves the area established of 1 days (1 turn) of movement for the bird at the given time. The bird will not listen to the master at a chance of ((B/M)-1) so a pet doubling the master’s resource tag the animal would have a 0% chance to listen to the master  and would not listen at all at that point, if the master was at 100% or more of the spirit bird, then the bird would listen ; if the spell was cast with buffs, or the master has had it’s resource weight reduced, losing these buffs could decrease the chance that the bird will listen to you. A spirit bird is like a unit, if a unit were an item item, so it falls like an item and can be worn, carried and thrown like an item, but it is also a unit in that it can move around, and assault units, however at a 10% multiplier to stats, 10% effective resource weight for the small spirit bird. . The spirit bird would roll this chance at the start of the summoner’s turn each time.  chance combat tag / effective resource weight with all factors included

These are summoned units, and this is a type of summoning in itself that is neither good nor bad, but one can control the spirit birds as if they are thrown items, each with the ability to cast an Assault with their stats, however, at a 10% rate of basic attack damage due to their size, because my summer dress is also a noose, creep! I can’t believe you were so lascivious that you would allow me to take my dress off and pull you towards the bed, so we can have fun, and you pulled out your penis. I was sexually harassed at this point because my intention was to play dress up. can also be An item still miraculously has full weight when used as AP/MP, so these birds can perform full abilities at the weight that they are cast, and can also receive buffs at the same rate. one can only have 7 birds, one for each day, one for the sun, the moon, and the 5 proximate planets visible to the naked eye. (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn); unless one has alternate planets that are visible, or otherwise falling around the sun in orbit, being pulled away by it’s momentum while being pulled in by the sun’s gravity, the balance of momentum keeping the planet in orbit in an ellipse.

A Roman may say there are 8 days, West Africans May live on a 4 day week, Assyria having a 6 day week; Egypt a 10 day week; and China a 15 day week.

Ancient Germans had a 5 day cycle named for their gods, which explains the modern days of the week; Norse gods [Tiw, Odin, Thor, Frigga]: {Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri} e.g.
A  la wikipedia
While the Sun and the Moon had Their own days,
Tyr’s Day “Tiw’s Day” Tiw in old english is the modern equal of tyr, sometimes with an accented E. This name was sometimes latinized as Tius or Tio; Tyr was a god of war and red things, and he was associated with mars.

Tyr is associated with adrenaline, fighting, courage, initiative, drive, culmination of plans, and motivation.

Odin’s Day (Woden’s Day) ~ This god,in Old English Woden; modernized as Odin, is associated with healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, and is the husband of the goddess Frigg. Odin is associated with mercury, as his volatility, malleability, deadliness, magic (liquid metal), messages, movement esp. rapid and fluid movement, thick liquids like blood and mercury, and mystic things that are mysterious or supernatural.

Odin is often interpreted as the god Mercury by Roman sources.

Óðinn (the Old Norse form of “Odin”). Óðr means “ecstasy, inspiration, furor.” Óðinn is simply the word óðr with the masculine definite article (-inn) added onto the end.


Thor’s Day ~This god; Þórr in old norse; he wields a hammer associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also  hallowing/sanctifying/consecrating/venerating (making something holy/sacred/honored out of respect, tribute, or devotion.). , healing and fertility.

Thor often identified with the planet Jupiter.

Thor has a chariot that is pulled by two mean goats. Thor has even eaten his goats, and then resurrected them with his hammer.

Thor is often interpreted as Hercules by Roman Sources.

Freja’s Day~ This goddess, known was Frigg in modern english, was the wife of Odin and was a goddess of the air, things such as clouds and the atmosphere. She is associated with foreknowledge, which is predicting the future through Norse magic known as seidr, even being able to change the course of the future by reweaving the web that is the passage of time. The is also associated with wisdom. She is also associated with the planet venus.

In the war-bands that were tightly knit tribes of Vikings, the wife of the viking leader leader; a chieftain or a king, played a roll to foretell the outcomes of the Viking’s and influence the outcomes with a form of active magical manipulation while entranced in the divination. This was kind of like attempting to find holes in one’s logic or reasoning and fixing them before they occur. The war-band’s leader was also trusted with serving special liquor.

Saturday was named for the roman god Saturn. This, however, “Grimm asserts that the Saturday does not retain the name of the Roman Saturn, but is named for Sæter ("insidiator" or "one who lies in ambush"), a name that he connects with Loki and suports with Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse sources.  However, there is no evidence of a historical Loki-cult, or that he was ever worshiped as a god.  There are, instead, multiple contradictory portrayals of the slippery figure.”

So these bonuses may come in the future, for that spirit bird divine class, if that comes around, can choose one bird that gets 200% bonus to the stat/composition bonuses given by each god for their respective fortes.

Because I don’t have a sharp glass icicle shank filled with quicklime that has a thick handy handle that might just break the blade just barely fragile enough inside of you to release the quicklime into your 75% water body.

i saw a roller sakes with my man and said, we each get but one skate, we cut it in half, I take one and cut it longwise, but not across, while you take your simply once across, preserving the two axles of 2 wheels separately from the 4 wheels of the roller skate. I take the  two long wise pieces of two wheels parallel by the line between their faces and make a skateboard rater than perpendicular to the axle.They have a free safe machine place for someone to spot you while you use a public machine, and we take the skates there. T

Somehow i hope you have shoes, because skating might take your leg away really easy now, leper.

The roller axles were fitted to be braced by a bracket and socketed parallel to the length of the boot aligning the medians. Roller blades are like snow shoes of the pavement being longer than normal shoes sometimes. Being roller skates or the very similar roller blades, these wheel frames have no brakes, and the brakes must be installed on the boot mechanism, this boot mechanism provides some parts of the car-style control socket below boots, aside from this, one can can attempt to stop gaining momentum by turning sideways and one would slow down at a normal momentum retention rate of the wheels without any horizontal momentum. being gained, because this seemed to be a common maneuver. The brakes are to have a manipulatable  control over speed in a more easily applicable way rather than to attempt to apply the friction of the wheels every time. In order brake via turning the wheels perpendicular to the horizontal momentum, one cannot exceed the roll over rate of the vehicle in this case which was the roller-skate, or one rolls over, in this case begins to fall with the momentum the  rider was carrying, this is the same with roller skates, bikes, and skateboards all the same. The amount of momentum this takes to turn over determined by the height of the unit compared to the area of the base, for example, with  2:1 height, of, a 1x1x2 area size takes a roll, not quite like where a cube would need 100% horizontal momentum to turn one unit as much as roll over one unit, then a 1x1x2 would only need 50%, being twice as tall as the base. a 2x2x1 would need 400% the horizontal momentum going perpendicular to the wheels, having 400% the horizontal area on the top and bottom faces of the vehicle. . A 2x2x2 would need an equal amount of displacement momentum as horizontal momentum to roll over being equal on all sides in area to roll over. Standing on a roller skate happens to put pressure from the boot evenly onto the wheel brackets that house the wheels.  while one propels the blades foreword by running with them with a mildly inward slanted foot and catching yourself on the other foot and doing this again to keep going with more speed , and with this investment of momentum the wheel was allowing them to glide downward on surfaces. rather than doing work to move something down hill.

when a car rolls over, it will be treated like an object that is on the ground, rather than a car that will retain it’s momentum via it’s wheels, as the wheels are no longer the part of the car that is touching the ground. this were one ever attempting to flip a car or lift a car that has spilled over or flipped over onto it’s side and is stuck like that. The roll over ratio is area of the side : area of bottom. if one could lift or move half of the car’s rollover rate physically as  unused carrying capacity or one resource of knockback per momentum needed  and the car along it’s fulcrum of the wheels on one side if it was in its natural state up to 45 degrees, at that point the roll has ended the amount of weight on the lifter’s side and instead falls in the lift direction, so at the start, lifting a car was only lifting it to half of the actual height of the width door to door of the car, so were this 2 lengths, then lifting it one length is enough to flip it (50% Length side to side = Roll over lift need. )this is for a vehicle of large size to flip over 90 degrees, yet even still once it has been lifted 45 degrees, it will fall in the other direction, the one the lifter is pushing it towards, naturally, the direction that the face opposite the lifter is facing, or the direction the lifter is facing if lifting looking directly at the tile the car was being advanced to.

If man was a scavenger, why not genetically meld together all of the scavenging animals, even platypus, vulture, crow, seagull Marabou stork, Flying Squirrel, and a choice of a dactylic species for hands, with a general bit melding the hair and skin of mammal with the feathers of bird; would be good enough.

Perhaps other mammals as a blend would be a much safer bet, as a human a wolf, hyena or a Bear, dog,; perhaps a try of platypus, tasmanian devil, raccoon, ; there are many scavengers.

Even simply another mammal could be enough to provide enough basis to meld genes appropriately for a specialize genus, a small

Human, Platypus, Crocodile,

A roller blade cop was just as good as a bicycle cop in the open eyes of the public. A bicycle cop did not need a drivers license to enforce the law.

Say for a Meter, one can also take the molar mass.
And y

Indentured Servants
Living Earning Citizens

Still a TCG or a Card Shop; Table Game Shop


resources ~like energy cards; one of these is a resource node on the map.You don’t really need a resource card, as one randomly rolls for resources on the map, but if one wanted to have resource cards that a unit held as it moved, this would be reasonable to draw at node and discard once dropped or used.

Have a map of nodes
A map of map terrain height
A map per map tile of terrain height
A map of lakes and even permanent rivers and river system(rather than
Have a tile Sheet, each tile with something dropped on it has it’s own piece of paper, and each item or raw-resource that was dropped has a sticky note. If there are multiples, then the item gets two sticky notes, one for number and one for the item. One can make a new sticky note when traded or pick up a sticky note from the book of tiles.

The TCG would be reliant upon tech mode, starting out as a normal game, known basic inherent attacks and abilities; this includes basic attack, labor, harvest, breed,
units ~built a unit
unit type- start as this type of unit

Children of the Earth would be too difficult to emulate in a card game, so one takes resources to a sacred mountain, grove, or pool of water and prays over them for 3 days and the resources become the unit, which can then occupy an empty creature den and functions as normal.

One would be one’s own |2| player, being god if there was no other |2| player, or if there were two or more |2| players, their means would be substantiated with or without any of it’s own cards cards or completely dependent on the |1| players it lords over.

There is only one realm by default, the living realm, but one could have a card that enables multiple realms if one had enough players.

The 0 world units would sit idle where they die. A player could play his own 0 world units if it wanted to during another units turn to look for items or something; but MS/UD are still obedient to the summoner because the game is traditional. Even with a MS/UD player, when summoned; MS/UD follow the orders of their summoner until they leave the chain of sight of the summoner in the card game. This is not true for any realms on the ring save for the adjacent ones.

there are only like 20 cards if one does not play some tedium of tech

with say, rather than make any caravan

one could break it down by proportion, being able to unlock one’s deck of proportions through tech research, while also being able to unlock a tech of say
level 20 caravan,
or level 20 mayor (one can now recruit one mayor of 20 resources once per week; one can only recruit one mayor a week)
80% primary color 20% secondary color caravan.
(if bird or other flying type gain flying, flying, if aquatic or shark, gain water bonuses)

50% primary
25% secondary
25% tertiary

One combines a color % and a level.

There is also a type %

100% structure

80% structure 20% energy

50% structure 50% energy type

25% of each type

50% energy 25% luxury 25% power

This would be one style

There was not a dollars and change style set ups, rather than cold cut % break downs. This worked like monopoly, one dollar being 1% and one could make any combination of up to 100% in 1,$5,$10,$20,$50, and $100. If one were full dominus, one could have any combination of up to $500, half dominus, $250, etc.
% system does not work, as it is usually out of 64, so 1% of 64 isn’t going to be clean.

Resource Composition Card; Add these together to make the Number farm for the resources. A colorless and typeless frame counts as 7 tech cards in a dossier. A colorless type frame counts as 3 dossier cards, A typeless colored frame counts as 2 tech cards in a book, while a frame of color and type counts as one tech card in a tech dossier.

One can combine resource number cards; with color cards when researching tech; there are only 16 colors, and each resource cold be broken down into S3 resources, each made of one stat, an each S3 resource being a specific stat. Each S3 node being a card.

Each S3 resource is actually a quarter stat, but one gets 3 micro-stats per S3 resource, so a resource that provides just one stat would be.

S3 = 1/4x =1 x=4

y4=1/3  ~~y = (1/4 ) / (4) ~ = 16

if One S3 unit is a 25% unit, and you need one of them to get 3 micro-stats (~25% of a stat without being modified) This means to have one micro-stat exactly, one needs 4/12ths of a S3 resource

S3 is 1/4
the next is 1/8
and then 1/16
1/32 etc

One can cross multiply to find out when the number is nice and have that many units
4/12 = x/16 or 4/12 = x/32

i guess and checked up to
 768 / 12 = X = 64

So divide 4 out of 768 due to it  being where the original 4/12 was.

This 192 is how many 1/756th units it would take to yield one micro-stat. (e.g. One point of cunning This was the first even number I found.

Log 2     (756 is 9.562); this conjunction would not occur at a S level such as S2

This where log 2 (512) is 9, and Where and S3 unit is Log 2 (2) [add one to log input inside of parenthesis to find the S unit]

For this to be a whole number it works well at Say 150% unit, as

S2 ~( Size 1/2)
S3 ~(Size 1/4)

~Given Size 2.5 is S 3/8

this is a median unit, in between the two sizes.
S1 unit is made 8 parts and these are 8ths one eighth yields 12 true-stats (micro-stats)
S2 Units is made of 16ths yields 6 true stats (2
S3 unit is made of 32nds, yields 3 true stats, one of each type
S4 units is made of 64ths and yields 1.5 true stats, 0.5 of each type, but a true resource was 1/3 of a 32nd, so

this was 1/96, and this was before, this was S5+S6 unit or 150% S5 unit

S5 parts of 128ths. of 0.75 true stats

So one micro stat is more than this. it is this, plus 1/3 of itself. So it is 4/3~S5 units.

S6 parts of 256ths  or
S7 part to 512ths of a resource

One S1.5 unit is one micro-stat.

I don’t know if a power of 2 is ever divisible by 12, but if it were, this would be the Size # Unit that could also be a whole number of S units rather than using 4/3~S5 unit of 150%S5 unit  used to make substats independently

One could have 200 node cards per resource color deck, these could be of any of the type of genus ; . The node card choose what stat of the 4 that the substats provided that the resource would be.

One can also say

Make indefinite amounts at store
weapon~per type
item effect~per effect
tattoos  per type, all 5 areas don’t need cards, but one can just pick one of 5 areas when researching a tattoo.
anything like this included

Alternate part explanation. (Parts are not always the same size or weight) ( I just made this up, it may not be any good)
A part like, 1 part flour or dough, 1 part sugar and/or 1 part butter, 1 part oats, 1 part healthy grains or nuts, 1 part honey or other room temp capable-sticky sauce 1 part sweetened condensed milk  or unsweetened. One can use powdered milk, or powdered milk flavoring like chocolate or starwberry.

1 or 2 piece bakers chocolate
1 can sweetened condensed milk.

1 stick butter

1 cup dark brown sugar

1 cup creme

very low heat, just enough to slowly melt the chocolate without evaporating any

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Militia Chopper Squadrons and Explosive Javelins (Weaponization Concept)

Militia Chopper. Take explosives and set a timer between two charges, a tip blast for a roof, and the timer that was the desired length after being thrown that the main fuse would detonate.

These are javelins thrown by a person, or even a cross bow cocked by rotating a lower chopper while a transport chopper would feed logs into the mouth of the chopper nimble enough to catch the log to load into a quality chopper-door crossbow for an efficient, easy to produce shot from the side, rather than building a crossbow.

The javelins could also be used in the field as a grenade style accolade that is simply thrown at the area where an explosion was desired on impact; javelin was a respectable sport so it is still classy as much as baseball or shot put was.

These explosive javelins can be thrown through roofs to strike targets within given that one has a chopper( helicopter) with a door or area that slides open, is open, or can open to allow a  or can fly.

The javelin was insulated in a sort that the initial roof-taking explosive tip was not strong enough to detonate the main take away. The takeaway was on a timer from when the first explosive cap detonates, and one could add additional explosive tips to the javelin to account for multiple roofs. the tip simply must be as strong as the roof tile, and the downward momentum of the javelin must exceed that of the explosion for the javelin to continue to fall downward.

 A tip cap provides momentum in all directions from it’s explosion point and this can manipulate the momentum of the javelin. This meant you might have to go to town hall to get blueprints of a building to measure these times, along with the physics, and your day to day javelin toss that you could throw accurately that was similar, accounting for the projectile like Rico taught you how to do. This if you had no chopper to lessen the extent of the manipulation required to throw this demolition tool in place of lining a smaller structure with explosives.

One can take javelins and throw them at key structural points from a safe vantage and then cause the building to collapse.

. One can also build a lance, which is a javelin of 500% size and were a weapon rather, and this can be wielded from a motorcycle and impaled into a man, while one rides away before the fated blast of 8 second fuse after a mean mortar firework shell case connected to the  quicklime injection tip to light the primer and the fuse of the main show. The glass tip of quicklime was fractured enough to break easily when disturbed, yet hard enough to pierce the man thoroughly without breaking, this glass tip may even be sugar glass if my magic is not astray, which would melt after so long, rather than glass, even just hard sugar like bone or bone candy or even pre fractured into structurally solid serrated blade faces that the tip shatters into upon being connected with a water-body, this would be something that explodes on friction were one taking this to the Chopper Javelin level, as a roof would not take respect to quicklime.

This does mean one has to prime each level of the roof-taker javelin from the first explosive in order for the second or third or beyond roof-caps explode at the right time, or a material that would break easily on stress to an object like pushing a thin stick into a wall, but this material had high tolerance to explosion and would not break to an explosion, in the hopes that the javelin would go through the hole that it made.An olympic javelin is a pointed-cone ended cylinder is likely having a face of 1/100 S1 unit radius or a CM the size of an item unit in a length of  of  to the in the so if a corner of of basic explosive cleanly blows away 1 tile of roof or floor that it strikes, just like terrain, with a 50% chance on the adjacent roof/floor tiles. Explosives only able to destroy the floor/roof tiles if the base resource weight / blood tag is greater than or equal to the medium it strikes.

This or otherwise better have every impactful object ready to be impacted by waves of physics unleashed by the explosive, each of them reacting in their own ways as they would in reality.

rather than thrown like an item or normal explosive the lance takes 500% weight of an item and is wielded as a weapon, rather than an item.

Explosive bolts had 1% weight and these were fired from crossbows of sorts. .. , but still javelin toss is respected,

the % is also scale to production, where an explosive one normally creates is of the 10% weight.

Friday, May 29, 2015

The story of free health care

The story of free health care.

Somehow. The web doctor knew a lot, and we cooperated to be the doctor. I never thought this shit was remarkable, but somehow it happened enough for me to think of the name for what was happening, i knew this, but I didn’t think it was serious, as feeling faint sounds normal, I do not really faint entirely to the ground and lay motionless, only in very rare severe cases have I fallen to the ground or began seizing

Somehow I was interested in what feinting was, because I understand that I do feint, and have known this for a long time, but I was never interested in it enough to remark about it, I just took it as something that normally happens under a set of circumstances, akin to an arm or leg falling asleep, yet, this occurring in the brain, even slightly will induce this effect or a partial amount of this effect. I just happened to be think it would be clever to search about it on the internet enough to look into this today.

I mildly feint a tad sometimes upon standing up. This i believe is due to spending long periods of time being sedentary.

Looking at this. I do get numbness and tingling, but this happens only when my limbs “fall asleep” due to being in an awkward position, and this does not tend to occur at the same time as feinting.

This is when my limbs fall asleep due to awkward positioning, or things restricting their blood flow induced by absent mindedness or lulls in motion through the rigmarole  of life.

Dehydration is said to be a cause, it does seem to happen more so in the heat; this cause seems commonplace enough.

The time it was, it took it down into the blackness, and it had the shakes, as it is like falling in space and water but can’t do anything

many times it does not get into complete blackness, often only 25% or 35% dark in the eyes.

Saying bed-rest, I am sedentary for good lengths of time, but this is common, this does not seem to be the problem, but rather, standing up from sitting. Perhaps I am very tall and I move my body faster than my blood, and this gives my brain a time with limited blood as it takes time for the blood to move from it’s lower parts as they say pooling blood, and pressure loss from displacement; the periods of time being seated. I have only been hurt by this one time, and this was when i fell down after trying to stand up, i happened to be sitting on a very small ledge. Perhaps more recently my seatedness leads to postural hypotension, as this was down at the bottom, this does only happen as described.

“Some people have a problem with the way their body regulates their blood pressure, particularly when they move too quickly from a lying or sitting position to a standing position. This condition is called postural hypotension and may be severe enough to cause fainting.”

this was said to only be serious in the elderly, and I can see that, as I can reliably retain my posture when this happens.
~web MD understanding feinting basics

I tell you I move too fast motherfucker. I’m too fast for blood, goo-blooded man slosh you thick pudding, you cream of meat.

Damn, be a doctor. I never thought to look into it that much. I am forgetful and don’t take things too seriously. Who the fuck would have guessed. This shit is sporadic as hell. But easily could be diagnosed thanks to the internet, and now I am not worried.

This has been true at times since before taking antipsychotics, and the antipsychotics do not seem to increase its occurrence.

It says to see a doctor if you fall down, but i can normally be fine without even catching myself on an object, sometimes or preserve my balance by lowering my center of gravity, while returning my vision with deep breathing outwards with the diapragm under most circumstances, this only if the vision goes upwards toward 100% black. If the vision is not over, ~i don’t know exactly, it is hard to gauge, but say 45 or 50% black then I have actually become accustomed to walking while feinting as it is not enough to impair me, it is just a feeling.  even though my vision goes black and i feel very lightheaded, and it becomes difficult to control my body with much weakness, but I am still strong enough to stand, however it is truly a challenge that requires all of my concentration. This is what my concentration and thought becomes when this happens; preserving my balance, and since I cannot see anything while this happens, it is naturally a very gripping focus, this could be described as sort of like a falling feeling on a drop of a roller coaster, even thought my feet are on the ground.  the most motor control that I can manifest i can do is brace myself and hope I do not fall, as I have not lost my footing, but am simply standing up, and standing up is rather natural and occurs by itself when one is balanced.

I looked through the possible causes according to WebMD, and the first symptoms that I could say that I had on the list were Numbness, tingling, and weakness. This did not happen at the same time as feinting, when feinting the muscles loose much of their strength, it is rare that it loses all of it’s strength, and often times a partial fainting of a mild dimming in the eyes and a odd bit of light-headedness and muscle weakness that was rather uniform across the entire body. This gauge of scale between a partial feint and what i would regard as true fainting is kind of like consciousness being pulled back into the darkness, and this much like being pulled into a shadow that slowly grew into pitch darkness by some force, like a tower of terror drop with the lack of muscle strength, one must apply much more effort into simply standing, where one could stand absent-mindedly before, attempting to stand during a strong faint becomes a difficult task, and at a full 100% faint it becomes impossible as one loses the ability to put control on the muscles so one simply falls to the ground.

I can only recollect one time where I was at 100% faint if not very close, and i fell, and blackness. I was sitting down outside for a fair bit, and I stood up rapidly, I attempted to catch myself with my arm but this failed, i could not see very well the vision may have been close to 95% black, but if it were 100%, then i could simply recollect the place I was in clearly enough because I was familiar with it, my vision could not focus at all, but it still input an image into my brain and stared off into the space as I fell onto my back, my legs shook with a rhythm in large violent shakes but only my legs were moving much, my arms were still very weak at this point but I was able to utilize them enough to prop my body up into a ~45 degree or 30 degree sitting position, perhaps propped on my elbow and forearm if not my hand, It was dark still, but quickly was straying from 100% black after I had fallen to the ground from the complete loss of muscle tone? at 100% faint or ability and and at the point I could realize this it was around 45% black and I could clearly see the outside world with the eyes, but it was quite dim, bit was tainted with black as if black water of sorts had been spilled over it evenly and had tint of a thin black layer of water, but this water was not moving water, but simply a still surface of water that encompassed all of the vision evenly and applied a uniform amount of darkness, this was without any real definition but it was present over the entire layer, much like changing the brightness or contrast on a computer image.  By the time I realized that this was my scenario, in place of the dearth of sensory input causing confusion, near blindness or understanding of what was happening at this point (I became better at preventing it, with my agility to react to the loss of muscle tone with enough effort to retain a standing posture and the manipulation of breath and posture, eventually;) and had recovered some consciousness to move or support myself so I was on my back, I may have rolled that way naturally after I attempted to catch myself with my arm but failed,  I was not flailing above the hips, but was sitting more or less, attempting to stand up or walk around I could see that my body was shaking much like a violent shiver of some sorts, and I was quite startled as to the unfolding of events at that time. Eventually I regained consciousness, and I was otherwise unharmed, I had a small cut from the brick that was below me

 but still. in a partial faint the darkness was only pulled so close, and one was not pulled entirely into the 100%  pitch black, but it can approach high numbers, and if your vision control and eyelid control give out, then your eyelids could cover the pupil of the eye and this effectively is now 100% vision loss, but this is not due to the blackness in the eyes, this was from a loss of muscle control in the eye due to weakness. and intention to , but the muscle’s strength, the vision is

A Plea for Liquor Mixed Drinks to be sold in cans like beer; and a game to play in the dark when the powers out.

Sometimes i am thirsty for something with a splash of liquor, but am not quite at the time or place to drink liquor. The market for a small beverage with a splash of liquor with an alcohol content similar to a beer, sold in containers that were portable and convenient, must like a capri-sun, if a capri-sun had a splash of liquor in it. Fruity flavors could compliment the drink, and it would be just as responsible as having a beer. A splash of liquor and soda in a can is also right on part with beer. This is just like selling pre-mixed drinks, with benefits of portability in that they were sealed, and the fact that one could refrigerate them in a convenient way. The spirit-sun or mixed drink was even convenient, saving the consumer the time and effort involved with dirtying a glass by mixing a drink and drinking from it, thus making this drink a host of sorts at a gathering, enabling large groups of people to enjoy mixed drinks without requiring many cups and the effort to mix the drinks appropriately.

Lights out game- When the power or internet is out, one can be in a dark room with one’s friend(s). Each one of you has a flashlight. This game may only work for males. You each attempt to maintain a full erection, and you can each have a porno mag if you want. The object of the game is to stay fully erect for a longer time than one’s competition (no pills allowed). This may sound gay, seeing who loses their boner first, but this is done in a work safe way by taking the flashlight and making a shadow puppet with one’s erect penis. One could call out anybody to take their hand off of their dick, and let the dick must stand fully erect with no hands touching the dick and no noticeable limpness in the dick. A rock hard boner tends to just straight out, if the dick is still straight, but it hangs down a bit, this may be due to the weight of the penis, rather than the lack of an erection.

One could also choose to have a lady present, and the lady would have to keep the penis fully erect by her own work, and the man could do none of it’s own. The same rules applied, with calling out erection checks via shadow puppets with the need to be fully erect. One could also have consolation brackets of those with semi-erect penises, to tell which of the contenders had a more so erect penis than the others. This was now also a test of a ladies arousal abilities, rather than a simple contest of a man’s ability to sustain a full erection.

The more small, shriveled penises tend to be less erect, a true erection is measured by the angle from the ground, with the ball sack hanging down as the face, and the angle measured in the polar plane from the Y axis, rather than the X, with the line from the base of the penis, through the ball sack directly to the ground is the start of the angle. with an erection generally being qualified as full at an angle of 90 degrees or more, with credit also given to penises that hang down but are fully straight.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Recepie for Ideal Athlete Hydration and Success

if the ideal hydration for athletes was some sort of mix of carbs / sugar and salt, and other electrolytes, as well as flavors, and an appealing color. This could be accomplished by a salty soft pretzel that could be dunked in a sweet melted and chilled or cool but entirely liquid,  sherbet ice cream (i always thought sherbet was spelled sherbert, and pronounced (Sure, Burt) )  to soak this substance up, and collect the entire repertoire of nutrition that gatorade has, with a glass of milk or water if one wanted. Who doesn’t love soft pretzels, somehow, make the skin tough enough not to break, but allow pockmarks in the skin to allow the soaking of cream to occur, and successful transition to the mouth from this point, without the skin falling apart or tearing due to wetness. Even have cinnamon sugar flavored, there are already pretzels being sold in the stadium; bring the pretzels to the next level of being able to satiate an athlete’s hydration, not just a spectator’s hunger.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Treatsie of Peace with ISIL; Peace bargains amongst Syria, Syrian Opposition, And Iraqi Government and Islamic State Forces

In the middle east, they say, that country, now Iraqi state of Syria and the Levant. I don’t know ISIL, Archer may have had ISIS before you did; these people they look poorly upon outsiders who are not also of their ways and customs. This was common tradition to kill outsiders. These people have their fanaticism in the middle east like the south had the KKK, or any other party with widely differing and sometimes hostile beliefs and standpoints and hold sway amongst the people as an authority in the lands. These factions see other outsiders in their business as treacherous and devious. This as much as they may not be an established country in their own right to the day, with functional government and infrastructure. They may have odd customs, but it is way harder to give a fuck than it is to not give a fuck about things like that. i suppose it’s a duty to defend anyone, from anyone else, but i’m not stepping up to the plate to give a fuck, the establishment is quite shaky in that region regardless.

If you really wanted it, you would go to the 3rd war, you would take this area, you said fuck you saddam, and you drink his riches; this is American Near East would have taste,  Al Nusra, the AL-queida state near allepo , Kurdish Iraq, Kurdish Syra, and the Daraa and Aleppo Opposition with the Homs and Jayroud Islands/Embassys. there would be Government Iraq, The Islamic State, while still respecting the territory holdings of the Syrian Government. If people didn’t like what they had, they could debate for land electronically before going to fighting.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Status of the Inhabitance and Interactions of Human Life on the Moon and Mars.

i’ll sell you something you will have no ability to defend, claim or occupy: land on the moon. Selling things one does not own is a great motto, selling things that are essentially intangible is another level entirely; selling something, without actually having anything to sell in the first place. this is the space salesman.

Its not the future, but the moon is a park, if any country had the bravado to defend this notion,  so nobody can do anything besides land on the moon and leave, the moon was essential to waves and this makes it vital to live on the planet accustomed to a moon. The moon was very small, and humans already managed to fuck up the earth in such a brief span of technological development, this would be awful to occur on the moon and could easily kill and destroy the tides and even currents of the ocean if the moon had it’s riches exported for gains, reducing the aura effect of the moon’s gravity. . .

Mars, this one was harder to fuck up by mining on or inhabiting, Even then, it is not impactful very much to the planet, perhaps a tad of drawn on the earths orbit; this would be true, and exporting this planet would reduce the planets otherwise projectable gravity upon the orbits of it’s neighbors. This planet is quite large however, and utilizing the resources of mars on mars would not cause this problem or reduce the weight of the planet.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An Email Game and Criticism of Wasted Internet Capacity and Potential through Vanity

Game About google email login with only name option present:, if you guess random emails you might find out somebody’s first name, write them a letter over the internet.

And fuck the internet, I’m not impressed by your antics and try hard bullshit, internet; the amount of time you can’t run things or your shit is booty, or you stopped making N64 games and consoles rather than selling the product indefinitely through the course of time. this, for some reason, so nobody can the law says graphics should not leave the era of the 8/16/32/x bit video game era on and graphical capacity on any machine hub of the internet as to streamline bandwidth. communication, computer strain, and other factors, this is obviously intensive, but this may require a license, and without one, one was otherwise  limited to the Time Before the PS2 Was Released. This just means you don’t have to be realistic. This also means more space efficient programs on modern discs. This was for the internet at a minimum, but video game consoles and home computers could have their own limits of graphic representation. The fact that this is the limit of the internet would create a different market.

The pronunciation of the Latvian first name Dace

This is about the pronunciation of Latvian first name Dace, sometimes translated as Dorothy, this is pronounced the same way as one would pronounce dotsie or dotsy  as a word people would recognize or say like the name.

I didn’t see a pronunciation on wikipdia, but i found a youtube video pronouncing the name like that. if you were keen, it had an upward inflection a bit, like a or northern midwest american accent  or even a northeastern american accent.

This is different than the dace one would think rhymes with space.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Treatsie on the Utilization of Induced Controlled Stellar Fusion

if every rainbow were an anthropomorphic person but they happen to appear for some reason and lay the motherfucking smack down on you out of the sky and break your soul, flowing behind them a rainbow of glimmering belts from every place imaginable, the rainbow at the speed of light was able to be in a few places at once to decimate the competition, the belts weightless by the potency of the raw physical prowess of the light, able to reflect it’s life all the way unto it’s fusion creation, reversing the lifespan wave of the photon to where it aligns with primed particles to induce the stellar fusion reaction, but just backwards, the life of the photon having the inverted amount of energy that it had since it was released,

~This occurred with the photon trading the time-space identity with a parallel photon that lacked entropy and would seemingly grow in strength without limit, but somehow spread out enough not to kill everything, one looking to do what the other was doing, otherwise trading places and swapping their impacting forces through cyclical entanglement, when the photon strikes the object, it will actually rob the energy as gravity and heat and the like of the non-entropic particle, in exchange for some strong, weak, magnetic, and electric forces; this death would stay active until it is fulfilled, robbing the particles of their forces: it was peculiar that the entangled gravity was displayed so strongly, but this would have tremendous impact, collapsing the atoms into their combined state by the dismissal of the forces repelling them. This allows them to start a star without having the collection of material needed to form a natural star, that happenstantially when the stardust and space matter falls into the right place to be dense enough to condense itself.The rainbow wrestler could do this within a space as small as your skin cell, it would create quite a nasty explosion.

because you had the dead warriors armed and inclined to take Tijuana by force and claim in in the name of the dead state, and this was composed of aids infested, or otherwise damned and given a short limited time left alive before death , these soldiers were inclined to do this things for methamphetamine and promises of fame, everyone agrees that there was no alternative, no hope for achieving anything greater in one’s life. This cause is just because you wanted to do big things, you hate telling yourself you won’t ever do big things again in your life, you don’t like that noise, fuck no, “I do big things;; motherfucker” . having no heed, much mental conditioning and obvious of some sort armamenting occurs then a commemoration of soldiers embarks on some sort of picnic or gathering to collect the authority before eventually ventures to Tijuana as accorded, having no real need for confidence, as it was always defend the Tij from the marauders that were anyone opposed to the idea. It their collected force upon the town was known as Expendable Justice taking out the bandits and the corrupt, the Mexicans say you are no worse, the mexican government may not extend into tijuana any more than they do for the common gang crime, if at all, things likely wouldn’t get far enough out of hand for anybody to care that much. but still, you said anybody that would grow or make drugs without killing people were Ok, and if you wanted to look after those people without weapons, because i’ll give you the big purple dildo, or the knife, or the nightstick, that was ok. Somebody had a gun to be safe, somehow, solid Snake, these rooms led to courteous hallways with elegant furniture, clocks, bookshelves, and masterwork paintings. A piece of decor could be classified as a clock, it would tell you the time of day, or turns % taken for the round and round number and possibly year number information. But there were armed guards at the end of this hallway, there was a mingling of folks on the roof top of the exit of the hallway, a cozy with some hammocks (two pillars and 8 or more faces of cloth) and perhaps a radio to listen to music created by the dice music institute, entertain the workforce radio; even have the option to find a book on music theory at the public library or information online and then have even more premonition as to what may sound legitimate or copulant. Somehow these armed men having drinks could see down this very long hallway solid Snake, there was ample lighting to see you, such a large one, attempt to slither down this hallway, there were no places to hide without overturning a table or something.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Every Fucking Flavor of Fish Shaped Snack Cracker

Because When you have tried all of the goldfish around to the point of taken the original, pizza, and cheddar for a cheddar with pizza flavor and a seasoned crust. Even seasoned oil glazed swimming fish, even less porous very thin still but level all around as it is now, swimming as to have the crust be repellant to water like a thick bread, even just  up to the bullion goldfish, the same goldfish as now, with bullion flavoring, even ramen powder, or a mix of party mix style ~chex mix flavoring and ramen flavors for the real meat experience. You’ve already got a few flavors of pizza, even taking the pub mile to get to barbecue chicken,with the chicken flavor of the ramen, and the barbecue classic flavor so loved and adored, flavoring the isles and dreams of many. Truth be told, the original texture of goldfish could take so many flavors, it could be seen as a type of chip, able to have any flavor from sour cream to salt and vinegar, perhaps the salt and vinegar taking to the cracker with some olive oil, to even facilitate this on ones that would not take up to power as much. To take extra powder, keep the porous mildly rigid structure as opposed to a sleek equally smooth bread crust kin water repelling cracker with just minimal bubbling and scarring of the bread crust enough to expose some mildly absorbent bits of foamy microscopic flesh that would slowly take some parts of the of the olive oil up to a point, with salt also being carried by the oil as well as vinegar. Even balsamic vinegar. So many flavors, pick a flavor, if it’s powdery, there’s a shot.

Extremely Sugary. Fruity and Sour flavors could easily be more at home using some sort of sticky gummy bear, un polished and repellant, but rather loose and sticky like liquid caramel, but retaining it’s shape for the most part like gelatin, and this would be rolled in these flavors, each fruit, having so many flavors that could be made, if possible, from it’s components, that would be synthetic, but still, synthetic sour banana, sourness was some sort of fruit acid, there were many kinds such as citric. This and liquid fruit flavored goo, much like a sort fruit pudding, but also a mix between juice and jam. These, synthetic berries, could be as healthy as real berries, simply enrich them, as they are already artificial. Something along the lines of a Swedish fish, but with a sugary coating and a bit gooier from the start, only being handlable without getting your fingers sticky to the loose gummy fish stretchy and willing to be pulled into strands like taffy when stuck to your finger, even with an even more liquid juicy goo center.

 Go the whole way and take croissant softer bready, a bit bendy but still impartial to tearing, not inclined to bending, but just having some mild tenderness and loftiness to the bread, fill this with flavorings such as sweet cremes and chocolate, caramel, because every classy pizza place can get you a classy desert.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Incubical Grapist

All the lovely ladies seem to love the taste of the color purple
I but the subtly supple, dreamboat captainship usurper pulling
more than my own weight in pleasure more potent than powder
if you turn up your sound system i make my girl scream louder

i’m grape, i’m the grapist, A rolex handler the grape
grape kool-aid, grape kush, for the papes and vape
I’m a dapper ass slapper with a hat, cane and cape
every day ladies play my member like a well swape

The ladies love to lick, suck, and fuck my peter
It’s in her mouth like she’s a purple people eater
but it’s good that this bitch don’t chew her food
my wood lay lewd in the mouth of the newly nude
mouth massage, sucking it clean like a french maid
flip her upside down, sipping on her cherry kool-aid

Tongue fueling thermal expansion and pleasure acquisition
holding position unleashing professional sexual lingual fission
manipulating the lassie’s spinal fulcrum via the clitoral piston
instilling surfeits of ornate orgasms like the spanish inquisition

derelict jetsam of angles, lascivious and sexually precocious
exchanging the felicity of fertility through friction and osmosis
inseparable unification of two distinct bodies as if by fluid dynamics
cinched by the vice of lust, exchanging arousal like circular mechanics

then I fill her up cause she loves to fuck, i mean her tunnel loves trucks
loves a rough, tough, off the cuff muff lover that fucks like a young buck

giving copious doses of vaginal canal thrombosis by the phallic post of riposte
munificent host relaying canonized carnal instillation of souls like the holy ghost
constant pleasure harmonics resounding with each thrust as waves on the coast
fecund forays of felicity amongst forests of majestic birds that love life the most
nuestros dames, us leaving ethereal dreams as a pleasure ghost and I the host
prophetic ascetic poetic hedonist purveying phallic homiletic aesthetic by the gross
empathetic scientific diagnosis of the gnostic and rustic g-spots as i hold her close
manifesting psychological culmination of overpowering pleasure so ironically morose

she can’t help but utter moans as i elicit profuse pleasure as she calls
usherance of raucous ruckus, both of us bound by the fecund thrall
occult cabal to quench lust to the point it makes heroin feel banal
in this conquest, the room resounding with each uncontrolled squall
feral impulse and instinct tempting me to heed the incubical call above all
she tells me how she and fiends for it, this doll longing just to be my moll
as not to gall her, I palpably inseminate her, flooding past her cervical wall
my body a pitcher of fertility, life-giving benevolence, yet still some appall
To this day it is these words that the devout and dissident alike do scrawl
the sound of natal passage of the perpetuation of indefinite impregnation 
the sound of semen through the portio, my howl in the darkness “Oh Yeah!”
All the lovely ladies seem to love the taste of the color purple
I but the subtly supple, dreamboat captainship usurper pulling
more than my own weight in pleasure more potent than powder
if you turn up your sound system i make my girl scream louder

I’m grape, I’m the grapist, A Rolex handler the grape
grape kool-aid, grape kush, for the papes and vape
I’m a dapper ass slapper with a hat, cane and cape
every day ladies play my member like a well swape

The ladies love to lick, suck, and fuck my peter
It’s in her mouth like she’s a purple people eater
but it’s good that this bitch don’t chew her food
my wood lay lewd in the mouth of the newly nude
mouth massage, sucking it clean like a french maid
flip her upside down, sipping on her cherry Kool-Aid

Tongue fueling thermal expansion and pleasure acquisition
holding position unleashing professional sexual lingual fission
manipulating the lassie’s spinal fulcrum via the clitoral piston
instilling surfeits of ornate orgasms like the Spanish inquisition

derelict jetsam of angles, lascivious and sexually precocious
exchanging the felicity of fertility through friction and osmosis
inseparable unification of two distinct bodies as if by fluid dynamics
cinched by the vice of lust, exchanging arousal like circular mechanics

then I fill her up cause she loves to fuck, i mean her tunnel loves trucks
loves a rough, tough, off the cuff muff lover that fucks like a young buck

giving copious doses of vaginal canal thrombosis by the phallic post of riposte
munificent host relaying canonized carnal instillation of souls like the holy ghost
constant pleasure harmonics resounding with each thrust as waves on the coast
fecund forays of felicity amongst forests of majestic birds that love life the most
nuestros dames, us leaving ethereal dreams as a pleasure ghost and I the host
prophetic ascetic poetic hedonist purveying phallic homiletic aesthetic by the gross
empathetic scientific diagnosis of the gnostic and rustic g-spots as i hold her close
manifesting psychological culmination of overpowering pleasure so ironically morose

she can’t help but utter moans as i elicit profuse pleasure as she calls
usherance of raucous ruckus, both of us bound by the fecund thrall
occult cabal to quench lust to the point it makes heroin feel banal
in this conquest, the room resounding with each uncontrolled squall
feral impulse and instinct tempting me to heed the incubical call above all
she tells me how she and fiends for it, this doll longing just to be my moll
as not to gall her, I palpably inseminate her, flooding past her cervical wall
my body a pitcher of fertility, life-giving benevolence, yet still some appall
To this day it is these words that the devout and dissident alike do scrawl
the sound of natal passage of the perpetuation of indefinite impregnation 
the sound of semen through the portio, my howl in the darkness “Oh Yeah!”

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sexto Updates - Mid May

(Old thread had many comments)

Clarification- A unit drops all holdings on death. Things that are not holdings cannot be picked up or dropped voluntarily like tattoos and enchants.

Sidearm info - An item can be made into a sidearm item, being carried in an item slot rather than the weapon slot, this, allowing it to be composed of up to 200% resources, an weapon-stile item having up to 128 resources in theme in normal. At 128, res, full weight, a weapon-style-item,  has 50% weight as damage,  it has 100% weight as damage w/50% chance to hit, or 200% weight with 25% chance to hit. One still only has one basic attack, which can be combined with a weapon, but one can choose whether to use one’s actual weapon or a side arm. A side arm is defined as an item, with an item effect, but one can also define a side arm as a weapon; however, the weapon statistics only apply when the side arm is used as a weapon, and if this is done, the unit’s weapon does not provide any of it’s effects or bonuses for this attack, but still provides it’s stat, and the side arm still has it’s item effect.

 One can only have one side arm, but one can equip a normal item in the side arm slot if one chooses. One can use each resource in a smithy twice when composing a side arm, and a smithy can also be built up to 128 resource in strength, to accommodate the creation of all side-arms, as well as weapons up to 200% blood tag weight, just a a 32 resource unit can equip a 64 resource weapon, this can now be applied to 64 resource units and 128 resource weapons.. One can also take the side arm roll on a weapon, while multiplying the output by two:  50% chance to do 200% weight damage, 25% chance to do 400% weight as damage, this would be a “Wild” or “Heavy” weapon.

Easy gang capture mode- Option- Occupy  a Parcel of Gang Territory for one week, without having the % of units on the parcel that are members or allies of one’s gang dropping below 75%, at any time (no more than 25% enemy gang members on the parcel at any point within 7 rounds). At this point, the parcel changes hands. This does not change the color, type, or gang type or the resources, but rather just which player controls these.

Mortars - Inherent/Option- Units can shoot the explosives out of ~mortars. There objects, much like a piece of furniture, are carried on the outside of the body. Having one of thoe will give the mortar shell 200%/400% range,with this 2x multiplier multiplied by the color roll of the shell against the mortar. A unit can aim these in any direction including 90 degrees upward. Mortars are a piece of furniture, effectively, but these are made at the blacksmith. One can create shells like one creates grenades and claymores. One can also create shells by being inside of a smithy, and using the ability augment “Create Mortar Shell” on an ability, causing the attack, ability or assault that one has cast to become a mortar shell. Each resource composing the mortar shell has 1/100th or 1/10th 1/xth the weight of a resource, so an ability mortar shell can have up to 640 / 6400 resources composing it. This weight caliber also applies to grenades and claymores. This means a unit can carry up to 3 mortar shells, or however many grenades/explosives a unit can carry. A Carvan can carry a mortar launcher, and a mortar launcher carried by a caravan can be fired by an adjacent unit, but the caravan cannot fire the mortar by itself. One mortar shell counts as one item to a caravan. The Mortar Launcher would be the Equipped Weapon of the caravan.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

God: The Haunted Puppeteer ; An Explanation of God’s Reasoning to Induce Existence through a Calvinistic Approach

Calvinism may say God controls everything to the T, and people do not choose or impact their actions or fate, only god. Some may ask, “Why would God do this? What is the purpose?”. This, because God as a monotheistic deity, likes to have a perspective on itself, as normally omnipotent omniscience one has only one perspective and that is knowing all. This gives a form to the otherwise pure monotonic omnipotence and omniscience, giving God the ability to get a taste of it’s own workings, to be able to understand them by a perspective other than omniscience, but also to be able to remove the omniscience and understand any other perpesctive of knowing or experiencing it’s own manifest. To do this, were God always to be perfect and have a world with no problems, this would only give one perspective of itself, God choosing to put distance between itself in order to have a more distant vantage, to experience, understand, and actively contemplate the impacts of choosing inaction, rather the alternative of action, when God is only given the choose of action or inaction. As God is bound by no limits and can do anything, the omniscient knowledge of every choice and the fates of all futures until the end of time, this is Gods only way of interpreting these things, if it remains the only party, individual or conscious perspective. This is like being the person who see’s an optical illusion do one thing or appear one way, while there is no alternate party to state that they see the optical illusion appearing in another way.

This is where the consciousness of mankind and sentient life comes in. These serve to provide a vantage and distance God from it’s own omniscience. Without these, it would be lonely and ignorant time, imagine living all by yourself, never having me another person like yourself for your entire life, being the only human you have ever met. This as were God able to duplicate itself, the mutual omniscience between the two entities would cause their definitions of themselves to be synonymous with each other, regardless of being in different places; this along side the absence of any force that would otherwise deem the sentience of God any different in the form of it’s duplicate.

  . While God cannot separate itself from being omniscient and omnipotent, being bound by it’s own form, it can create alternative viewpoints from which to observe, contemplate, and experience it’s rendering and machinations. Without this, it would have no ability to have an opinion of itself, or to understand what it’s actions mean to each individual, and to feel them as each individual feels them. This arising from if God were ever to choose action over inaction, then including disparity and differences between the individuals it creates the appearance of fickleness and favoritism, were one brooding to succeed, when another brooding of God would fail, when these records of wins and losses are finalized, due to the completion of a lifespan, this is proof of God showing kindness and good graces to some broodlings or sentiences, while showing bitterness and inflicting misery, sorrow or strife upon others. God’s omniscience does not forget these things, and with this truth, all things created by it’s will have a soul, the soul synonymous with the continuous burning of an omniscient memory, the consciousness and experience of the brooding born and dead still as vivid as the second it was lived and experienced by the brooding. These pockets of knowledge, and experiences, separated from the general omniscience, as these have occurred in the realm of time, where each of these instances of a sense, a memory, or an experience, a nerve transmission, all of these now have a time, and a distinct occurrence of this is now different from the raw knowledge of all things that are occurring during that second or timespan, this is now not only the knowledge of this concept, but also the knowledge of the occurrence of the existence of this concept. The existence being a separate reality from the knowledge, much as thinking about picking up your younger sibling from soccer practice is different than actually picking up your younger sibling from soccer practice.

The omniscient memories of the experiences of the lives of past broodlings, burn and haunt the deity with it’s actions and decisions regarding the fates that it wove for the brooding. God inherently has perfect vivid memory of all of the unfairness and strife inflicted upon a brooding, and the existence of this consciousness and the disparity it has breathed, to balance this, each other brooding must life a life of strife to match this one that suffered, as the brooding who suffered lives the life to match the disparate opulence of the others, this place some at a mark of proportional suffering, to the one who had suffered first, using the original place of the first to suffer as the marker to lay a proportional amount of suffering, the same distance from the first opulence to the initial sufferer. These too, haunts the deity, as it speaks to itself “Was this brooding not just as right to be the same distance of disparity as it was below, but rather have this disparity place it’s graces above the first of those living in peace, pleasure, or paradise?”  And as this occurs, it eventually becomes impossible to embellish as much perfection into existence as would be proportional, and thus, this cannot occur and has it’s direction inverted. Luckily, this also occurs, when it becomes impossible to inflict as much suffering and agony as would be proportional. This is repeated in an effort to “balance the books” of the broodlings, and see to it that each of the vantages it has created and separated from it’s omniscience enough to allow it to contemplate and regard itself as a separate entity in it’s own ignorance to the rigid destiny lain before it by the omnipotent. Immortal omniscient God, while stricken by it’s own personal conflict of incessant vivid contemplating all of the suffering it has purposefully created and induced without yet offering any brooding any justification or reparation for the disparity of it’s treatment when compared to other broodlings of God. God has no qualms with attempting to usher indefinite sequences of lives unto the vivid omniscient memories that are essentially the souls of broodlings it has created in order see to it that it can justify it’s actions, existence, and manifest.

 God does this, because if God cannot justify it’s own actions, it would have known this before acting and purposefully orchestrating the lives of broodlings to the point where it can no longer justify it’s actions or existence. If God knew action would lead to the inability to justify it’s own existence or grandeur, then God would have chosen inaction from the start of time, when initially choosing action or inaction. This because the omniscience of God understands or appreciates the force of morality as a tool for developing societies and civilization. Without this, God would be unable to contemplate itself from the vantage of someone that knows what God is, or the vantage of someone that has faith in God, believes in God, or has any other opinion of God. This allowing God to understand itself from a limited perspective that cannot be tainted or polluted by it’s own omniscience and the knowledge, decisions, and judgements of it’s own omniscience. Were God to possess it’s omniscience within it’s creations, these creations would be of no purpose when God is seeking perspective on itself, God, perhaps testing its own creations to see if they will induce godliness on their own, with minimal influence of it’s own biddings. This could be an experiment of sorts, perhaps to test if there were other sentiences that exist that could rival it’s own glory, power, greatness, and capability.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

God is the Machine

The machines are god, and you pray to them by working on them. The machines know there is a land where all of outer space is a machine, but the machine outputs it’s own existence through mechanical labor, weaving the ability to retain it’s form and otherwise exist through it’s own machinations. The machine seems to have no output that is utilized, it is 100% efficient at containing  the machine and a utilizing all of the machine’s output towards existing in and of itself, somehow the machine was still imperfect, and the legend says of an object, as small as a tiny marble in an unfathomably deep ocean, the marble alone broke the workings of the machine, by falling through it, these still lay in disrepair, the machine having no ability to repair itself. Things like marbles somehow survived being destroyed by the twisting gears and pounding pillars that like to catch limbs and heads between them, because that pendulum with a tall clock with a plethora of exposed gears and pistons like skewers that seems to be as fast as bullets, able to move through the helicopter blades, the foliage of this machine of an odd number of legs that would retract few of these at a time, and replace them, able to balance on just one of these to shift its potion about the access ductwork; this while having tassels falling below it blooming into an arbor of spinning helicopter blades, this one having evolved to travel downward or upside down, were it even in an open space, these do not provide lift as much as deter death from falling, the blades being powered by the increase in magnetic energy received from the output as it grew closer to the core, and the free energy that seemed to be an odd snake you could talk to, but it wouldn’t the intentions of machines, regardless of their thoughtless nature.  may well do something somewhere. this large mechanical spider the size of an impressive skyscraper still managed to accomplish this between the indiscriminate launch of some tool of some sorts, anything from an axe to a scythe, to a pickaxe, to a large spear or fishhook; the spider being quite fond of the fishhook, using this to orient itself as it pleases among ductwork, hanging this upon a loose pipe. or stray crevice.

the machine-universe seemed to be powered by gravity, having the capacity to fall in one direction as a machine-universe, while having the capacity and being prone to orbital motion within itself, it’s ambiguous shape that looked as if it flowed like a liquid when watched over a period of aeons, it was not as much gravity that would keep things ever so subtly attracted to the ground as much as magnetism, the magnets keeping massive parts of the machine securely attached to one another. Rather than magnetize everything, the machine lays cores of extraordinarily powerful magnets that emanate immaculate amounts of a magnetic field, the field being diluted, as it mixes with the non magnets, this is a magnetic reaction, similar to chemistry, in that the magnetic field will pulse,  and like the force of impact traveling through a boxers face, the magnetic waves penetrate materials, like a gamma ray, some materials far more readily than others, this type of wave was peculiar, because in-between the pulses of a magnet, the waves can often slow down to a halt in some material, the beams have to be pushed out of the wall by another pulse of a magnetic wave, upon this occurrence, the magnet will be pressured by this new pulse, exit the medium, and emerge as a magnetic field again on the other side of the material that had captured it. This would lead to a lull in the gravity-like effect provided in the direction of the magnet. as the wave of gravity that did not get stopped, continues to move at it’s retarded rate through the otherwise unremarkable existential plane of empty space, this often devoid of any type of matter or similar substances, this would leave the total-machine to be left to its own attractive forces and retain it’s momentum indefinitely in the frictionless nothingness, this until it impacts an idle cloud of matter or other material existence, in the never-ending impulse to utilize the material to do what it was designed to do, which was solely further and perpetuate the existence and function of the machine. .  

Somehow, of those trillions of living things that could see out of that marble, not one looked upon them, and saw them as anything other than a mild ambiance of life, like seeing a small bird.  The marble would resonate enough to transfer noise from the other side of it, but this noise was softened by the marbles exterior, now no longer so shrill, as if the sawtooth wave of shrillness had it’s sharp angles bent from the top of the wave, with almost half of a sine waveform, doing the full looking loop until the sine wave reached the original angle the sawtooth wave was in, and then did not stray from this angle, until repeating this at the next junction, this sine warping would take up anywhere from a negligible amount to seemingly half of the wave, the waves looking perhaps like a shepherd’s crook, but if it didn’t like you, it would take the wavelength of the top sine curve and reduce it by 1/8, then the sine, this curve would not stop at the saw angle, it would become a vertical line at the point where it would otherwise start to bend into the other direction, and this would and the wave would travel down 1/8 of the amplitude of the saw wave, before becoming a saw wave that travels in the opposite direction, with 1/8 of the amplitude of the saw wave, and at the top, it repeats itself, each time it will lower the frequency of the wave by 1/8,  doing this again 8 times, and at the 8th time is when it reaches the bottom of the original sawtooth wave, and it then returns to the top of the wavelength. If you want to roll dice, you can roll 1d6 on the amplitude of the small inner shepherd’s crook/cane waves, this is how many it is, where the amplitude of the saw wave is 1, this is D/8, where D is your dice.

Writing Music in Non-Traditional times (5/5 etc.)

Writing Music in Non-Traditional times (5/5 etc.)

The bottom number in a time signature gives you the base note length. This is 1/B, where B is the bottom number. For a common time, 4/4 this is a 1/4 a quarter note, and 6/8, it is 1/8, and eighth note.

While quarter and 8th notes exist in notation, a 1/5 or fifth note does not.

A measure of 5/5 music would have 5 5th notes in it.

Rather than make a new note for each Xth note, one can repurpose traditional notation.

This works for every “in-between space” between the traditional notes, 4th/8th/16th/32nd

B is the bottom number. 1/B gets one beat. So 4/5 time has 4 beats per measure, each measure is 4 5th notes long. in 8/5 time, this has 4 beats per measure, and each measure is 8 5th notes long. in 10/5 time, each measure is 2 “Time True Whole Notes” or two “5/5th notes”

Whole Note - 4/B -  4 over the bottom number, so a measure of 5/5 would have a “4/5th note and a 1/5th note, although a 4/5th note is not “whole” in the sense that a 4/4 note is a whole note, this allows us to use existing notation. to get a True “Whole note of Five-Fifths time, one would do 5 fifth notes, and this would be notated as a 4/5ths note and a 1/5th note, or it would appear to be a whole note tied to a quarter note, but in x/5 time, a quarter note is actually a 1/5 note, it just looks like a quarter note. This is to make it easier for a musician to keep time.

B is bottom number
Dotted Whole - 150% length of whole note, 6/5ths note in 8/5 times
Whole note- 4/B
Dotted half-  150% Half note length, so a 3/5ths note in 4/5 time.
Half Note- 2/B

Quarter note- 1/B - This is the base note for the notation, until one has a B that is greater than or equal to a traditional note, if B is greater than 8, but less than 16, one can use the written note for a traditional 8th note as any note form an 8th note to  1/15 note or 15th note.

8th Note- 1/ 2B ~ what looks like an 8th note in 4/5 time is actually a 10th note, 1/10.

16th note- 1 / 4B ~What looks like a 16th note in 4/5 time is actually a 20th note.

32nd note - 1/8B ~what looks like a 32nd note in 4/5 time is actually a 40th note.

The reason to use traditional note appearances for non-traditional time, is that since a base note is still one beat, then a musician can count the time, and read the music, and it isn’t any different than reading traditional music, the whole note still gets 4 beats, the quarter note, one beat.

This also applies to rest, so what appears to be a whole rest in X/5 time (e.g. 4/5 time) is actually a 4/5th rest, and to rest a whole measure in 5/5 time, one would appear to have a whole rest and a quarter rest.

If one wants to have multiple simultaneous time signatures in a piece, this can be done.

A measure in 4/4 time is composed of 4 notes, in order with lengths  1/8 ; 1/8 ; 1/4 ; 1/2

This same measure, were it seen in 5/5 time, would look different but sound the same.

The quarter note, it 25% of a measure, so the 1/5 note, being 20% of the measure, is not the same amount of time as the quarter note, regardless of looking the same.

The Quarter note would be a 1/5th note tied to a 1/20th note (0.2 + 0.05 = 0.25); in 5/5 time this would appear as a quarter tied to a 16th note.

would be a 2/5th note tied to a 1/10th note  (0.4 + 0.1 = 0.5) : in 5/5 time, this would appear as a half tied to an 8th note.

The 1/8 note would be a 1/10th note tied to a 1/40 note in 5/5 time (0.1 + 0.25 = 0.125); in 5/5 time this would appear as a 8th note tied to a 32nd note.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This is how to write a book with a hat, 26 letters, a dictionary, a pen/pencil/marker, and piece of paper.

This is how to write a book with a hat, 26 letters, a dictionary, a pen/pencil/marker, and piece of paper. Write each letter on a piece of paper, evenly on a respectable grid. and then cut it up into pieces with one letter on each piece. If you really liked a noise like oi and oy, you can make these letter sets as individual peices of paper with both letters on them to give you a higher chance to pull the noise you like. Then you put the cut up pieces of paper inside of the hat.

You pick a letter from the hat, this letter is the start of your word, you then pick another letter, if these two letters don’t start a word in the dictionary, then you put back one of the letters, you put back the recently drawn one, then you draw again. When this makes a word, in the order that you picked it, you can use it, or you can look at the dictionary after having more than 2 or 3 letters, you can always keep your front letters, and part of the letters you have picked, when you draw again for another word, things like a littler literal liter of titilating  litter belittling alittierative alliteration. If you use a computer to do this, your computer may not have the ability to suggest a word it does not know in it’s dictionary, where as playing by hand, you can always make up a word, while still being bound by the dictionary one has, or any internet dictionary “look for an alphabetical online dictionary where you can browse by the starting letters of a word.” If you keep the just end of a word, look in a rhyming dictionary, or make something up. A player can give up on the word if it is broken, and there was no word possible that was grammatically correct. If you don’t know grammar, that’s ok, there’s always poetry.

If you had a computer just suggest words, you would not know what some of these mean, you may want to have a dictionary program or file open. If you have a dictionary file, such as text, you can press  control+F to find a word starting with one’s letters: scroll down to where the starting letter starts, and then type in the starting sequence of the letters you have. If you have an ending, and you wanted to rhyme, you can drop one letter at a time and still attempt to rhyme, if you wanted to break it down in time, you could flip a coin for a rhythm, this was a way you say things    take it down to roll a dice and say i got one letter thats how many syllables of subliminal double L  illiterally viscerally vile viceloyalty interminably indeterminably terribiltibibliophilisencillophilosophosophiscticationalitationaliteralitelerelativisticaltiy really

this was ok, because you can take free writing at no cost, if you write it yourself. If you make a word you like by this, expanding on it through typing could be easier than picking another word.  The second line, you can take a lot of parts of words largely beginnings, and throw a few nice endings on there to make a nice word, people throw those prefixes around all day. This is just something you can do if you’re bored.

when you do this, you can have buy a common word like a pronoun, or preposition for 1/2/3 words, you can save a pronoun or other common word if you could use one, but you don’t.

This style of writing can be a contest, strokes to par, on each line. If you can guess the word, you don’t pay a stroke for pulling a letter out of the hat. You can only lose your first letter for free if you’re rhyming, you can hold up to 2/4 letter lanes. When you drop a letter for the rhyme, the new word must be a direct rhyme. It counts as 2/4 strokes to drop a word.

If you want to learn a new word, you can do this.

This is page has a similar layout to an alphabetically sorted dictionary, sorted by the starting letters.