Friday, May 29, 2015

A Plea for Liquor Mixed Drinks to be sold in cans like beer; and a game to play in the dark when the powers out.

Sometimes i am thirsty for something with a splash of liquor, but am not quite at the time or place to drink liquor. The market for a small beverage with a splash of liquor with an alcohol content similar to a beer, sold in containers that were portable and convenient, must like a capri-sun, if a capri-sun had a splash of liquor in it. Fruity flavors could compliment the drink, and it would be just as responsible as having a beer. A splash of liquor and soda in a can is also right on part with beer. This is just like selling pre-mixed drinks, with benefits of portability in that they were sealed, and the fact that one could refrigerate them in a convenient way. The spirit-sun or mixed drink was even convenient, saving the consumer the time and effort involved with dirtying a glass by mixing a drink and drinking from it, thus making this drink a host of sorts at a gathering, enabling large groups of people to enjoy mixed drinks without requiring many cups and the effort to mix the drinks appropriately.

Lights out game- When the power or internet is out, one can be in a dark room with one’s friend(s). Each one of you has a flashlight. This game may only work for males. You each attempt to maintain a full erection, and you can each have a porno mag if you want. The object of the game is to stay fully erect for a longer time than one’s competition (no pills allowed). This may sound gay, seeing who loses their boner first, but this is done in a work safe way by taking the flashlight and making a shadow puppet with one’s erect penis. One could call out anybody to take their hand off of their dick, and let the dick must stand fully erect with no hands touching the dick and no noticeable limpness in the dick. A rock hard boner tends to just straight out, if the dick is still straight, but it hangs down a bit, this may be due to the weight of the penis, rather than the lack of an erection.

One could also choose to have a lady present, and the lady would have to keep the penis fully erect by her own work, and the man could do none of it’s own. The same rules applied, with calling out erection checks via shadow puppets with the need to be fully erect. One could also have consolation brackets of those with semi-erect penises, to tell which of the contenders had a more so erect penis than the others. This was now also a test of a ladies arousal abilities, rather than a simple contest of a man’s ability to sustain a full erection.

The more small, shriveled penises tend to be less erect, a true erection is measured by the angle from the ground, with the ball sack hanging down as the face, and the angle measured in the polar plane from the Y axis, rather than the X, with the line from the base of the penis, through the ball sack directly to the ground is the start of the angle. with an erection generally being qualified as full at an angle of 90 degrees or more, with credit also given to penises that hang down but are fully straight.

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