Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Treatsie of Peace with ISIL; Peace bargains amongst Syria, Syrian Opposition, And Iraqi Government and Islamic State Forces

In the middle east, they say, that country, now Iraqi state of Syria and the Levant. I don’t know ISIL, Archer may have had ISIS before you did; these people they look poorly upon outsiders who are not also of their ways and customs. This was common tradition to kill outsiders. These people have their fanaticism in the middle east like the south had the KKK, or any other party with widely differing and sometimes hostile beliefs and standpoints and hold sway amongst the people as an authority in the lands. These factions see other outsiders in their business as treacherous and devious. This as much as they may not be an established country in their own right to the day, with functional government and infrastructure. They may have odd customs, but it is way harder to give a fuck than it is to not give a fuck about things like that. i suppose it’s a duty to defend anyone, from anyone else, but i’m not stepping up to the plate to give a fuck, the establishment is quite shaky in that region regardless.

If you really wanted it, you would go to the 3rd war, you would take this area, you said fuck you saddam, and you drink his riches; this is American Near East would have taste,  Al Nusra, the AL-queida state near allepo , Kurdish Iraq, Kurdish Syra, and the Daraa and Aleppo Opposition with the Homs and Jayroud Islands/Embassys. there would be Government Iraq, The Islamic State, while still respecting the territory holdings of the Syrian Government. If people didn’t like what they had, they could debate for land electronically before going to fighting.

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