Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Wrestling Story

A Wrestling Story

the man unlay a DDT into the fellow, and then spun without replacing the foot unlaying the DDT to the ground, dealing a backwards roundhouse kick with the heel, before spinning with the momentum 180 degrees, taking the staggered displaced opponent still poached at 90 degrees, (facing the need to call a coin flip or fall to the ground, if left in this position),  into a headlock and dropping it as if laying a leg drop, but landing with the units neck below/at/above the line of the leg, as it falls to the ground, from the seated position do a half a backflip while holding the neck of the opponent, and grab the legs,into a lock or pin to have a neck bar and leg pin that that one can hold while rolling and rotating with the unit 180 degrees, turning it’s face up, while it put the victim in an arm bar before arching it’s back inwards by applying pressure between the neck and the leg pin, the unit has been with it’s back on the ground since rolling, and like a clap of lightning and thunder at the same time an ally has taken the invitation to perform a devastating leg drop off of the top of the roof adjacent to the fight, this blow delivered right into the core of the pinned fellow, with the chair behind held between the airborne deviant’s legs delivered like the thrust of a powerful piston instants after making contact with the leg drop. Somehow the damaged victim got back up. The wrestler rolled and got up, as well, the wrestler gave the staggered fellow another brutal  DDT, but this time the units 90 degree look down took its eyes straight into the belt that was somehow chained by immortal, unbreakable chains, to the arena floor. This moment lasted for eternities, because this unit was spear jumped into a tombstone that delivered this man’s head right to the belt and chains on the table. This killed the man, his eyes stared locked in unfettering awe of the belt for the duration of the airtime of the fatal tombstone

(The arm bar in the wrestling story was likely some kind of half nelson done by the pinning unit’s free arm.)

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  1. Doing the backflip might make keeping the headlock impossible. One can do a sort of break dancing, reposition to move from a seated headlock to being behind the target, and then putting the leg pin on to flip it into the air.