Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An Email Game and Criticism of Wasted Internet Capacity and Potential through Vanity

Game About google email login with only name option present:, if you guess random emails you might find out somebody’s first name, write them a letter over the internet.

And fuck the internet, I’m not impressed by your antics and try hard bullshit, internet; the amount of time you can’t run things or your shit is booty, or you stopped making N64 games and consoles rather than selling the product indefinitely through the course of time. this, for some reason, so nobody can the law says graphics should not leave the era of the 8/16/32/x bit video game era on and graphical capacity on any machine hub of the internet as to streamline bandwidth. communication, computer strain, and other factors, this is obviously intensive, but this may require a license, and without one, one was otherwise  limited to the Time Before the PS2 Was Released. This just means you don’t have to be realistic. This also means more space efficient programs on modern discs. This was for the internet at a minimum, but video game consoles and home computers could have their own limits of graphic representation. The fact that this is the limit of the internet would create a different market.

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