Sunday, May 31, 2015

Applications of Jello; Small Factory Idea / Cuisinary Mass Market Product

Applications of Jello
drinkable semi-solid jello drinks rather than solid jello packages requiring a utensil like they do now, for the most part. The drinkable semi-solid jello is a mixture of solid jello globules a that has formed, but is in small globules and in a container with some juice using the jello flavor a portion as concentrate in the juice. This bottle could be chilled, and this would be quite refreshing, with the jello texture adding a delicious ice effect like an icee product. This could be bottled in individual bottles or cans and sold at a gas station, competing with not only slurps, but milkshakes, sodas, and other cold beverages. This could have real fruit juice if you want to stoke the family values, even real fruit in the jello; even a nice handle of 8% alcohol of some flavorless liquor, clear corn alcohol if taking to the corn sugar delicacy of America, or otherwise an alcohol complementary to or made of sugar that would have a taste that blends into the jello. This could be lime flavored vodka for instance, if one had lime jello, or  orange for orange jello in a 12 oz can.

This also raises concerns about the healthfulness of jello. Well, one can use fruit pulp instead of water, and leave the sugar out of the recepie, and then make jello just using the liquid fruit pulp and gelatinizing agent. This would have no added sugar and would be real fruit. This as a flavor option to appeal to those who desire natural flavors, as opposed to those seeing the refreshing flavored colors of jello, blue jello drink that is chilled with some blue juice, much like drinking some delicious fruity ice would be ideal on many occasions, blue as such a cool and refreshing color; this as well as many other flavors.

The drinkable jello has a competitive market with any chilled beverage that has a fruity flavor, and even opening up the market for chilled pudding beverages, even with some creme or creme flavored liquor in them. These can all be sold with or without the alcohol, this giving a poise and position on both the mixed drink market that was occupied by fruity alcoholic beverages in bottles and cans,  and fruity drink markets such as gatorade. This also gives one a vantage against frozen ice desserts, mainly the gas station pump-ice but one could argue that one was even competitive with other fruit ice desserts.

Pudding can be precooked and served as spread to the population, this would be more dense like a cream of the jello pudding. This would be spread upon a product, or used otherwise. This would have a constancy of cream cheese or butter ideally. Jello is already pitched as fat free if you use skim milk or sugar free sometimes, this is opening both the actual butter market with pudding flavored buttery spread, and also the butter substitute markets with sugar-free and fat free flavored buttery spread substitute.

People enjoy fruit like strawberry cream cheese; well strawberry pudding or a cherry jello pudding spread would be great. Even having jello flavor as both the pudding flavor, with little globules of jello inside of the cream, like one would have vegetables in a cream cheese. Granted, this may only work for fruit and dessert flavors in the style of jello, but this is a broad share of the market with plenty of potential in a pre-established market.

The can come in bars tubs like butter style products; this would almost be like spreadable ice cream, but pudding has been considered to be safer than many other things; so spreading pudding on a waffle or something would not be a problem, as the jello is acting like butter.

One can also make milkshakes of sorts from the jello pudding, and sell this, the pudding was thick, but could still be poured as a respectable but recessed rate. These were the chocolate or vanilla version of the chilled jello fruit drinks. Why all of this? Because there was the market, and jello has the potential to compete. These jello shakes would be competitive alongside other “canned shake” products, including those that offer a meal, as well as “Pudding Shakes” that offered a thicker pudding shake, perhaps with some added texture with optional toppings. The pudding shake was a dessert product, where the Chocolate Jello Drink-Meal was Enriched to provide competitive nutrients and sustenance as other meals in a can.

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