Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Flavored Man/Lady Desserts

Flavored Man/Lady Desserts- Life is kind of like some gooey candy, with a fruit leather/ roll up wrapped around it. It was kind of like a wonder ball in that some times it would have prizes like bones inside of it, or even be nearly 100% prize, like a tree, with very little gooey candy on the inside. The candy would have little gummy candies inside of it, all types of flavors, and there would be some sort of fruity licorice or other rope style candy, or twisted pieces of thin fruit leather. Sometimes, one of these would have a hard exterior, i think the armadillo’s armor was perhaps harder than chocolate, but that is a very large ball of chocolate for hands that size to break. This perhaps, hardened glaze, perhaps a lollipop style of sugar, but even stronger, molasses and caramel infused fruity sugary coating, or even syrup and/or jerky for the armor of an armadillo or bark of a tree. Sometimes, these would be easier to break, as in some cases of crabs, if one had a crustacean with a shell harder than chocolate, one could use a lollipop style candy for the shell. Some times there is much juice in an animal, anything from fruit juice to fruity syrup filling like gushers.

One could make these like little candy bars, in shapes of animals, even with clear exteriors. Animal life is kind of savory, but for candy, you can use sour or sweet instead for parts with a meaty taste like the heart. If one attempted to do this with a salty/sweet/chocolate flavoring, this could also work, but you could not see through the candy bar. Organs using things pieces of licorice for intestines, a rainbow of flavors or a color of flavor of tummies for organs, e.g. a blue man made with all blue colored flavors of candy. One could have a fruit taffy for the brain, for smaller organs, one can put in clusters like runts or nerds. The excess space can be filled with fruit filling or thick syrup like a pastry or gusher. Chocolate, caramel, nuts, coconut, nougat, small cookie wafers for small organs, and one can use creme filling or any kind of creamy filling for blood. a thick kind of mix between a pretzel and a cake donut, then once again glazed or covered in chocolate, would be used for the skin and outer body, as a brittle chocolate frame could easily brake in transit. The Salty Caramel Chocolate flavor man’s skin  one could look much like a thick pita style dough if possible, retaining the thickness of soft pretzels and cake donuts, this baked or fried, allowing it to form a natural buble pit on the inside, and this can be opened and filled with the ingredients, using a glaze to close the hole one used to stuff it with the flap of book page flap skin one cut to enter the man, . Perhaps one would want some sort of small speculum to prop parts of it open for filling. These could easily be taken by the hand and ate as one would eat a candy bar or a cookie or something, the human body naturally being slender.

This is much like a modern gingerbread man, but it is a mix of candy, cookies, and sandwiches when one makes a Flavored Man/Lady Dessert. Obviously, the fruit flavors go with each other, , as things that are pure sweet fade the fastest in flavor, where things that are a mix of fruit in sweet retain their flavor longer, and things that are the initial sourness can fade after a short period of time, but it can also have a long lasting effect, sour into sweet was always a good time. These deserts may be unhealthy and lead to diabetes, other serious illnesses or death. Being diabetic increases the likelihood of death when eating Flavored Life Desserts. These effects can be worsened if Flavored Life Desserts are consumed in excess.

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