Thursday, May 7, 2015

God is the Machine

The machines are god, and you pray to them by working on them. The machines know there is a land where all of outer space is a machine, but the machine outputs it’s own existence through mechanical labor, weaving the ability to retain it’s form and otherwise exist through it’s own machinations. The machine seems to have no output that is utilized, it is 100% efficient at containing  the machine and a utilizing all of the machine’s output towards existing in and of itself, somehow the machine was still imperfect, and the legend says of an object, as small as a tiny marble in an unfathomably deep ocean, the marble alone broke the workings of the machine, by falling through it, these still lay in disrepair, the machine having no ability to repair itself. Things like marbles somehow survived being destroyed by the twisting gears and pounding pillars that like to catch limbs and heads between them, because that pendulum with a tall clock with a plethora of exposed gears and pistons like skewers that seems to be as fast as bullets, able to move through the helicopter blades, the foliage of this machine of an odd number of legs that would retract few of these at a time, and replace them, able to balance on just one of these to shift its potion about the access ductwork; this while having tassels falling below it blooming into an arbor of spinning helicopter blades, this one having evolved to travel downward or upside down, were it even in an open space, these do not provide lift as much as deter death from falling, the blades being powered by the increase in magnetic energy received from the output as it grew closer to the core, and the free energy that seemed to be an odd snake you could talk to, but it wouldn’t the intentions of machines, regardless of their thoughtless nature.  may well do something somewhere. this large mechanical spider the size of an impressive skyscraper still managed to accomplish this between the indiscriminate launch of some tool of some sorts, anything from an axe to a scythe, to a pickaxe, to a large spear or fishhook; the spider being quite fond of the fishhook, using this to orient itself as it pleases among ductwork, hanging this upon a loose pipe. or stray crevice.

the machine-universe seemed to be powered by gravity, having the capacity to fall in one direction as a machine-universe, while having the capacity and being prone to orbital motion within itself, it’s ambiguous shape that looked as if it flowed like a liquid when watched over a period of aeons, it was not as much gravity that would keep things ever so subtly attracted to the ground as much as magnetism, the magnets keeping massive parts of the machine securely attached to one another. Rather than magnetize everything, the machine lays cores of extraordinarily powerful magnets that emanate immaculate amounts of a magnetic field, the field being diluted, as it mixes with the non magnets, this is a magnetic reaction, similar to chemistry, in that the magnetic field will pulse,  and like the force of impact traveling through a boxers face, the magnetic waves penetrate materials, like a gamma ray, some materials far more readily than others, this type of wave was peculiar, because in-between the pulses of a magnet, the waves can often slow down to a halt in some material, the beams have to be pushed out of the wall by another pulse of a magnetic wave, upon this occurrence, the magnet will be pressured by this new pulse, exit the medium, and emerge as a magnetic field again on the other side of the material that had captured it. This would lead to a lull in the gravity-like effect provided in the direction of the magnet. as the wave of gravity that did not get stopped, continues to move at it’s retarded rate through the otherwise unremarkable existential plane of empty space, this often devoid of any type of matter or similar substances, this would leave the total-machine to be left to its own attractive forces and retain it’s momentum indefinitely in the frictionless nothingness, this until it impacts an idle cloud of matter or other material existence, in the never-ending impulse to utilize the material to do what it was designed to do, which was solely further and perpetuate the existence and function of the machine. .  

Somehow, of those trillions of living things that could see out of that marble, not one looked upon them, and saw them as anything other than a mild ambiance of life, like seeing a small bird.  The marble would resonate enough to transfer noise from the other side of it, but this noise was softened by the marbles exterior, now no longer so shrill, as if the sawtooth wave of shrillness had it’s sharp angles bent from the top of the wave, with almost half of a sine waveform, doing the full looking loop until the sine wave reached the original angle the sawtooth wave was in, and then did not stray from this angle, until repeating this at the next junction, this sine warping would take up anywhere from a negligible amount to seemingly half of the wave, the waves looking perhaps like a shepherd’s crook, but if it didn’t like you, it would take the wavelength of the top sine curve and reduce it by 1/8, then the sine, this curve would not stop at the saw angle, it would become a vertical line at the point where it would otherwise start to bend into the other direction, and this would and the wave would travel down 1/8 of the amplitude of the saw wave, before becoming a saw wave that travels in the opposite direction, with 1/8 of the amplitude of the saw wave, and at the top, it repeats itself, each time it will lower the frequency of the wave by 1/8,  doing this again 8 times, and at the 8th time is when it reaches the bottom of the original sawtooth wave, and it then returns to the top of the wavelength. If you want to roll dice, you can roll 1d6 on the amplitude of the small inner shepherd’s crook/cane waves, this is how many it is, where the amplitude of the saw wave is 1, this is D/8, where D is your dice.

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