Saturday, May 30, 2015

Militia Chopper Squadrons and Explosive Javelins (Weaponization Concept)

Militia Chopper. Take explosives and set a timer between two charges, a tip blast for a roof, and the timer that was the desired length after being thrown that the main fuse would detonate.

These are javelins thrown by a person, or even a cross bow cocked by rotating a lower chopper while a transport chopper would feed logs into the mouth of the chopper nimble enough to catch the log to load into a quality chopper-door crossbow for an efficient, easy to produce shot from the side, rather than building a crossbow.

The javelins could also be used in the field as a grenade style accolade that is simply thrown at the area where an explosion was desired on impact; javelin was a respectable sport so it is still classy as much as baseball or shot put was.

These explosive javelins can be thrown through roofs to strike targets within given that one has a chopper( helicopter) with a door or area that slides open, is open, or can open to allow a  or can fly.

The javelin was insulated in a sort that the initial roof-taking explosive tip was not strong enough to detonate the main take away. The takeaway was on a timer from when the first explosive cap detonates, and one could add additional explosive tips to the javelin to account for multiple roofs. the tip simply must be as strong as the roof tile, and the downward momentum of the javelin must exceed that of the explosion for the javelin to continue to fall downward.

 A tip cap provides momentum in all directions from it’s explosion point and this can manipulate the momentum of the javelin. This meant you might have to go to town hall to get blueprints of a building to measure these times, along with the physics, and your day to day javelin toss that you could throw accurately that was similar, accounting for the projectile like Rico taught you how to do. This if you had no chopper to lessen the extent of the manipulation required to throw this demolition tool in place of lining a smaller structure with explosives.

One can take javelins and throw them at key structural points from a safe vantage and then cause the building to collapse.

. One can also build a lance, which is a javelin of 500% size and were a weapon rather, and this can be wielded from a motorcycle and impaled into a man, while one rides away before the fated blast of 8 second fuse after a mean mortar firework shell case connected to the  quicklime injection tip to light the primer and the fuse of the main show. The glass tip of quicklime was fractured enough to break easily when disturbed, yet hard enough to pierce the man thoroughly without breaking, this glass tip may even be sugar glass if my magic is not astray, which would melt after so long, rather than glass, even just hard sugar like bone or bone candy or even pre fractured into structurally solid serrated blade faces that the tip shatters into upon being connected with a water-body, this would be something that explodes on friction were one taking this to the Chopper Javelin level, as a roof would not take respect to quicklime.

This does mean one has to prime each level of the roof-taker javelin from the first explosive in order for the second or third or beyond roof-caps explode at the right time, or a material that would break easily on stress to an object like pushing a thin stick into a wall, but this material had high tolerance to explosion and would not break to an explosion, in the hopes that the javelin would go through the hole that it made.An olympic javelin is a pointed-cone ended cylinder is likely having a face of 1/100 S1 unit radius or a CM the size of an item unit in a length of  of  to the in the so if a corner of of basic explosive cleanly blows away 1 tile of roof or floor that it strikes, just like terrain, with a 50% chance on the adjacent roof/floor tiles. Explosives only able to destroy the floor/roof tiles if the base resource weight / blood tag is greater than or equal to the medium it strikes.

This or otherwise better have every impactful object ready to be impacted by waves of physics unleashed by the explosive, each of them reacting in their own ways as they would in reality.

rather than thrown like an item or normal explosive the lance takes 500% weight of an item and is wielded as a weapon, rather than an item.

Explosive bolts had 1% weight and these were fired from crossbows of sorts. .. , but still javelin toss is respected,

the % is also scale to production, where an explosive one normally creates is of the 10% weight.

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