Saturday, May 23, 2015

Status of the Inhabitance and Interactions of Human Life on the Moon and Mars.

i’ll sell you something you will have no ability to defend, claim or occupy: land on the moon. Selling things one does not own is a great motto, selling things that are essentially intangible is another level entirely; selling something, without actually having anything to sell in the first place. this is the space salesman.

Its not the future, but the moon is a park, if any country had the bravado to defend this notion,  so nobody can do anything besides land on the moon and leave, the moon was essential to waves and this makes it vital to live on the planet accustomed to a moon. The moon was very small, and humans already managed to fuck up the earth in such a brief span of technological development, this would be awful to occur on the moon and could easily kill and destroy the tides and even currents of the ocean if the moon had it’s riches exported for gains, reducing the aura effect of the moon’s gravity. . .

Mars, this one was harder to fuck up by mining on or inhabiting, Even then, it is not impactful very much to the planet, perhaps a tad of drawn on the earths orbit; this would be true, and exporting this planet would reduce the planets otherwise projectable gravity upon the orbits of it’s neighbors. This planet is quite large however, and utilizing the resources of mars on mars would not cause this problem or reduce the weight of the planet.


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  2. asteroid belt, is very important supposedly it repels the outer giant plants. Asteroids are very small when compared to a planet, going that extra mile just to get an asteroid would be petty. Still, these do not replete like fish, and the stocks would dwindle permanently if exported, this would sap some repulsion of the larger planets beyond the belt, these are naturally repelled in a sense, but the asteroid belt tells legend of fighting jupiter. This buffer could buy valuable time given that they were drawn in closer at an increasing rate perhaps by human expansion, garbage jettison, or other mass inducing processes.