Monday, May 25, 2015

The Recepie for Ideal Athlete Hydration and Success

if the ideal hydration for athletes was some sort of mix of carbs / sugar and salt, and other electrolytes, as well as flavors, and an appealing color. This could be accomplished by a salty soft pretzel that could be dunked in a sweet melted and chilled or cool but entirely liquid,  sherbet ice cream (i always thought sherbet was spelled sherbert, and pronounced (Sure, Burt) )  to soak this substance up, and collect the entire repertoire of nutrition that gatorade has, with a glass of milk or water if one wanted. Who doesn’t love soft pretzels, somehow, make the skin tough enough not to break, but allow pockmarks in the skin to allow the soaking of cream to occur, and successful transition to the mouth from this point, without the skin falling apart or tearing due to wetness. Even have cinnamon sugar flavored, there are already pretzels being sold in the stadium; bring the pretzels to the next level of being able to satiate an athlete’s hydration, not just a spectator’s hunger.

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