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The story of free health care

The story of free health care.

Somehow. The web doctor knew a lot, and we cooperated to be the doctor. I never thought this shit was remarkable, but somehow it happened enough for me to think of the name for what was happening, i knew this, but I didn’t think it was serious, as feeling faint sounds normal, I do not really faint entirely to the ground and lay motionless, only in very rare severe cases have I fallen to the ground or began seizing

Somehow I was interested in what feinting was, because I understand that I do feint, and have known this for a long time, but I was never interested in it enough to remark about it, I just took it as something that normally happens under a set of circumstances, akin to an arm or leg falling asleep, yet, this occurring in the brain, even slightly will induce this effect or a partial amount of this effect. I just happened to be think it would be clever to search about it on the internet enough to look into this today.

I mildly feint a tad sometimes upon standing up. This i believe is due to spending long periods of time being sedentary.

Looking at this. I do get numbness and tingling, but this happens only when my limbs “fall asleep” due to being in an awkward position, and this does not tend to occur at the same time as feinting.

This is when my limbs fall asleep due to awkward positioning, or things restricting their blood flow induced by absent mindedness or lulls in motion through the rigmarole  of life.

Dehydration is said to be a cause, it does seem to happen more so in the heat; this cause seems commonplace enough.

The time it was, it took it down into the blackness, and it had the shakes, as it is like falling in space and water but can’t do anything

many times it does not get into complete blackness, often only 25% or 35% dark in the eyes.

Saying bed-rest, I am sedentary for good lengths of time, but this is common, this does not seem to be the problem, but rather, standing up from sitting. Perhaps I am very tall and I move my body faster than my blood, and this gives my brain a time with limited blood as it takes time for the blood to move from it’s lower parts as they say pooling blood, and pressure loss from displacement; the periods of time being seated. I have only been hurt by this one time, and this was when i fell down after trying to stand up, i happened to be sitting on a very small ledge. Perhaps more recently my seatedness leads to postural hypotension, as this was down at the bottom, this does only happen as described.

“Some people have a problem with the way their body regulates their blood pressure, particularly when they move too quickly from a lying or sitting position to a standing position. This condition is called postural hypotension and may be severe enough to cause fainting.”

this was said to only be serious in the elderly, and I can see that, as I can reliably retain my posture when this happens.
~web MD understanding feinting basics

I tell you I move too fast motherfucker. I’m too fast for blood, goo-blooded man slosh you thick pudding, you cream of meat.

Damn, be a doctor. I never thought to look into it that much. I am forgetful and don’t take things too seriously. Who the fuck would have guessed. This shit is sporadic as hell. But easily could be diagnosed thanks to the internet, and now I am not worried.

This has been true at times since before taking antipsychotics, and the antipsychotics do not seem to increase its occurrence.

It says to see a doctor if you fall down, but i can normally be fine without even catching myself on an object, sometimes or preserve my balance by lowering my center of gravity, while returning my vision with deep breathing outwards with the diapragm under most circumstances, this only if the vision goes upwards toward 100% black. If the vision is not over, ~i don’t know exactly, it is hard to gauge, but say 45 or 50% black then I have actually become accustomed to walking while feinting as it is not enough to impair me, it is just a feeling.  even though my vision goes black and i feel very lightheaded, and it becomes difficult to control my body with much weakness, but I am still strong enough to stand, however it is truly a challenge that requires all of my concentration. This is what my concentration and thought becomes when this happens; preserving my balance, and since I cannot see anything while this happens, it is naturally a very gripping focus, this could be described as sort of like a falling feeling on a drop of a roller coaster, even thought my feet are on the ground.  the most motor control that I can manifest i can do is brace myself and hope I do not fall, as I have not lost my footing, but am simply standing up, and standing up is rather natural and occurs by itself when one is balanced.

I looked through the possible causes according to WebMD, and the first symptoms that I could say that I had on the list were Numbness, tingling, and weakness. This did not happen at the same time as feinting, when feinting the muscles loose much of their strength, it is rare that it loses all of it’s strength, and often times a partial fainting of a mild dimming in the eyes and a odd bit of light-headedness and muscle weakness that was rather uniform across the entire body. This gauge of scale between a partial feint and what i would regard as true fainting is kind of like consciousness being pulled back into the darkness, and this much like being pulled into a shadow that slowly grew into pitch darkness by some force, like a tower of terror drop with the lack of muscle strength, one must apply much more effort into simply standing, where one could stand absent-mindedly before, attempting to stand during a strong faint becomes a difficult task, and at a full 100% faint it becomes impossible as one loses the ability to put control on the muscles so one simply falls to the ground.

I can only recollect one time where I was at 100% faint if not very close, and i fell, and blackness. I was sitting down outside for a fair bit, and I stood up rapidly, I attempted to catch myself with my arm but this failed, i could not see very well the vision may have been close to 95% black, but if it were 100%, then i could simply recollect the place I was in clearly enough because I was familiar with it, my vision could not focus at all, but it still input an image into my brain and stared off into the space as I fell onto my back, my legs shook with a rhythm in large violent shakes but only my legs were moving much, my arms were still very weak at this point but I was able to utilize them enough to prop my body up into a ~45 degree or 30 degree sitting position, perhaps propped on my elbow and forearm if not my hand, It was dark still, but quickly was straying from 100% black after I had fallen to the ground from the complete loss of muscle tone? at 100% faint or ability and and at the point I could realize this it was around 45% black and I could clearly see the outside world with the eyes, but it was quite dim, bit was tainted with black as if black water of sorts had been spilled over it evenly and had tint of a thin black layer of water, but this water was not moving water, but simply a still surface of water that encompassed all of the vision evenly and applied a uniform amount of darkness, this was without any real definition but it was present over the entire layer, much like changing the brightness or contrast on a computer image.  By the time I realized that this was my scenario, in place of the dearth of sensory input causing confusion, near blindness or understanding of what was happening at this point (I became better at preventing it, with my agility to react to the loss of muscle tone with enough effort to retain a standing posture and the manipulation of breath and posture, eventually;) and had recovered some consciousness to move or support myself so I was on my back, I may have rolled that way naturally after I attempted to catch myself with my arm but failed,  I was not flailing above the hips, but was sitting more or less, attempting to stand up or walk around I could see that my body was shaking much like a violent shiver of some sorts, and I was quite startled as to the unfolding of events at that time. Eventually I regained consciousness, and I was otherwise unharmed, I had a small cut from the brick that was below me

 but still. in a partial faint the darkness was only pulled so close, and one was not pulled entirely into the 100%  pitch black, but it can approach high numbers, and if your vision control and eyelid control give out, then your eyelids could cover the pupil of the eye and this effectively is now 100% vision loss, but this is not due to the blackness in the eyes, this was from a loss of muscle control in the eye due to weakness. and intention to , but the muscle’s strength, the vision is

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