Monday, May 18, 2015

Treatsie on the Utilization of Induced Controlled Stellar Fusion

if every rainbow were an anthropomorphic person but they happen to appear for some reason and lay the motherfucking smack down on you out of the sky and break your soul, flowing behind them a rainbow of glimmering belts from every place imaginable, the rainbow at the speed of light was able to be in a few places at once to decimate the competition, the belts weightless by the potency of the raw physical prowess of the light, able to reflect it’s life all the way unto it’s fusion creation, reversing the lifespan wave of the photon to where it aligns with primed particles to induce the stellar fusion reaction, but just backwards, the life of the photon having the inverted amount of energy that it had since it was released,

~This occurred with the photon trading the time-space identity with a parallel photon that lacked entropy and would seemingly grow in strength without limit, but somehow spread out enough not to kill everything, one looking to do what the other was doing, otherwise trading places and swapping their impacting forces through cyclical entanglement, when the photon strikes the object, it will actually rob the energy as gravity and heat and the like of the non-entropic particle, in exchange for some strong, weak, magnetic, and electric forces; this death would stay active until it is fulfilled, robbing the particles of their forces: it was peculiar that the entangled gravity was displayed so strongly, but this would have tremendous impact, collapsing the atoms into their combined state by the dismissal of the forces repelling them. This allows them to start a star without having the collection of material needed to form a natural star, that happenstantially when the stardust and space matter falls into the right place to be dense enough to condense itself.The rainbow wrestler could do this within a space as small as your skin cell, it would create quite a nasty explosion.

because you had the dead warriors armed and inclined to take Tijuana by force and claim in in the name of the dead state, and this was composed of aids infested, or otherwise damned and given a short limited time left alive before death , these soldiers were inclined to do this things for methamphetamine and promises of fame, everyone agrees that there was no alternative, no hope for achieving anything greater in one’s life. This cause is just because you wanted to do big things, you hate telling yourself you won’t ever do big things again in your life, you don’t like that noise, fuck no, “I do big things;; motherfucker” . having no heed, much mental conditioning and obvious of some sort armamenting occurs then a commemoration of soldiers embarks on some sort of picnic or gathering to collect the authority before eventually ventures to Tijuana as accorded, having no real need for confidence, as it was always defend the Tij from the marauders that were anyone opposed to the idea. It their collected force upon the town was known as Expendable Justice taking out the bandits and the corrupt, the Mexicans say you are no worse, the mexican government may not extend into tijuana any more than they do for the common gang crime, if at all, things likely wouldn’t get far enough out of hand for anybody to care that much. but still, you said anybody that would grow or make drugs without killing people were Ok, and if you wanted to look after those people without weapons, because i’ll give you the big purple dildo, or the knife, or the nightstick, that was ok. Somebody had a gun to be safe, somehow, solid Snake, these rooms led to courteous hallways with elegant furniture, clocks, bookshelves, and masterwork paintings. A piece of decor could be classified as a clock, it would tell you the time of day, or turns % taken for the round and round number and possibly year number information. But there were armed guards at the end of this hallway, there was a mingling of folks on the roof top of the exit of the hallway, a cozy with some hammocks (two pillars and 8 or more faces of cloth) and perhaps a radio to listen to music created by the dice music institute, entertain the workforce radio; even have the option to find a book on music theory at the public library or information online and then have even more premonition as to what may sound legitimate or copulant. Somehow these armed men having drinks could see down this very long hallway solid Snake, there was ample lighting to see you, such a large one, attempt to slither down this hallway, there were no places to hide without overturning a table or something.

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