Sunday, May 31, 2015

Uses for the A-Shirt and the Evolution of the Sun Setter Retractable Awning

~~~~ Uses for the A-Shirt
If Everyone loves the A shirt, where was the A+ shirt, just the A shirt attached to hot pants /boxer briefs / other at the bottom. one would wear this much like long underwear, but it was only for the area of the A-shirt Short pants making up the A+shirt,  and legal clothes, because one was clothed entirely with just this one piece of clothing, because white t-shirts and pants made out of white t-shirts are all acceptable, just as an a-shirt and and pants made of out the same thing as an a shirt, or even a 200% double thick A-shirt for the hot pants,  even up to 400% thick, but tightly woven A shirt that was sewn into hot pants about 25% the size of the A shirt, yet having to sew up the neck hole of the A-shirt at the start when folding it, this only keeping the leg-holes of the arms open at the end, without any leg hole. Or even open and clothes the neck hole with a zipper, but perhaps sew up half or 75% of the neck hole and then leave 25% of a zipper; who needs to zip pants in half. unless it is a zip-off dress suit and pants when zipped backed together in the middle, this will tell you whether or not I want to wear the pants, even if they are hot pants. Zipper right under the very short shorts from front like a normal zipper, but all the way back, just to enter the A-Suit., essentially this Beater + Hot pants was like 125% of a normal beater, or a tall beater or when unzipped at the bottom side completely, but this could be zipped up if one lost the pants but still had the beater, making pants out of a beater, even if one only has buttons. This looks much like a leotard under the pants, but is convenient like an A-shirt, One can even have multiple fabrics, like a sweat wicking a-shirt fabric, an insular a-shirt fabric, the normal- porous lightweight a-shirt. light weight and skin tight A-suit for swimming. This just like a very small bag, that has great capacity for stretching, but the bag just happened to like like an A-shirt, but it had some buttons or some metal nipple fasteners.  Then one fastens it into the A-shirt+hotpants kown as the A-suit while keeping it as water tight with the normal wrap under, but also suspenders of sorts that wrap over the shoulders and button into the belt on the opposed side, parallel to the way a person looks. This or have no zipper or bottom entry,a nd tell the one they must get into it through the neck hole, one loses the buttons/zippers/ or clips if one has bag. One can have it be elastic or draw stringed and clothed, or even a mix of both. But still. The A-shirt was still good. It was good for every one. The A-shirt can even be easily modified to accommodate fulfilling 100% of the required clothing in public by saying it is a dress or a robe, or an athletic robe; or having buttons taken to one sides of it to establish  belt with the front rim of the beater and the back rim of the beater.
The Evolution of the Sun Setter Retractable Awning
even the foldable lawn chair winter sun setter retractable mirror awning with a detachable cooking unit. This made of these retractable mirror plates that attach do each other with these corner  89 degree valley wider as it’s deeper braces into the top to apply that one pressure of the volume of the substance against the mirror blade in the joint. Even have this ability to create custom arrays of small mirrors that direct sunlight into one’s house during the winter as one pleases, as this the the winder sun setter retractable awning, which is made of mirrors and gives your house 10 degrees of heat in the winter with only 1 hour long days, in and of sun. The cooking unit can concentrate into a very small area and get up to 800 degrees on a metal spiral coil that the light was focused on, this metal very good at absorbing sunlight to become heat as well as not catching on fire, this to conserve firewood for the time when there is no sunshine to use my winter sun setter retractable awning’s detectable mirror well cooking attachment.

This well attachment cooks food by creating a well  of light with the mirrors, the light caught and reflected inward about the insides of the solar stove to heat it, having a glass lid of course that would reflect and collect heat.

Even just the sun setter retractable awning folding lawn char was still on sale, for those who enjoy an awning while they enjoy a folding chair. This awning keeping you 20 degrees cooler means your beer is always just that much cooler because it always stays on that wood table under your sun setter retractable awning folding char. Even taking a nap and enjoy the feeling of outdoors without being beaten on by the tireless sun.

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  1. the sun setter retractable awning folding lawn chair was a simple folding lawn chair of the cloth and pole variety, however if had a second set of telescoping poles extending from the back and connected to the normal back poles of the chair. These poles would telescope to 150% , 200% or more height above the chair. And then the Awning would extend or any feet. if one wanted a coverage of 3 wide on both sides of the chair and three feet in front of and behind, one can have a chair that is 3 feet high or so. This chair would have two back pillars, and these would telescope upward to twice their original length to provide the support for the awning. The awning was supported by rods with ring attachments housing them inside of the telescoping poles, with classy stoppers on the tips to see to it that the rings do not escape their impaling by the rod.The non ring end of the ringed-rod is attached to a cloth awning made of watertight or extremely water resistant material, of say, a tight weave of synthetic fibers, or so. These are the ring holes one finds in a tarpaulin, these are connected by hooks to the tarp cloth. Along the rod upward, there was a shark’s tooth at the median of the pole that would catch the ring, much like on an umbrella, and this tooth could be pressed in to allow the ring to pass by, even having a groove in the sharks tooth for a tool to press it down, because those contraptions are unreliable to say the least. The ring would be supported on the sharks tooth, meaning the minim angle it could reach while still attached to the top poles that were strung along the Cardinal directions of the chair in sets of two, With Two sets of two double length telescoping supports being optional to connect the chair base of the chair and for a large tarp style foldable cloth awning that was portable and part of the char. The anchoring of the awning against forces of the wind chair could be done in many ways including sitting in the chair and putting weight under the base of the chair that was completely folded out.

    This length of the 45 degree rod could easily be of 2 feet in length. With the length above if being one foot to the tip of the awning pillar, and then having this pole able to support a 3 foot awning, allowing the extra foot of rod to dangle a bit to allow for any rain to pour off.

    There could even be Hypotenuse length legs form the middle of the chair to provide support to the chair like tent stakes, these poles creating 45 degree angles with the ground and having a vertical spike parallel with the vertical rods of the chair at the end to impale into the ground, if the weight in the bottom of the chair is not enough to prevent wind.