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Concepts of Utilitarian Socialism

Concepts of Utilitarian Socialism

The scientific method is a better method of decision making than traditional politics. Relying on the opinions, thoughts, feelings, and sentiments of individuals does not provide effective results and has not been used to create effective methods of producing any sort of results for over 500 years.

The scientific method is what is entrusted to make political, fiscal, economic, and any other pertinent decisions, rather than a group of individuals that is entrusted to utilize their own reasoning, logic, and decision making that is much more susceptible to fault.

The scientific method guarantees results from a defined procedure. This leaves decision making down to analysis of data rather than speculation and opinion. This encourages transparency and even allocates true political power to any who can propose an experiment that could provide competitive or comparable results to any establishment or institution at an effective rate at a justifiable expense. This system would effectively prove itself as worthwhile rather than rely on the sentiments of the people, which must be debated and argued over within an ineffective and unproductive system of governance that is rife with stagnation such as filibustering.

The laws and order established in society are justified by the results they yield rather than the public opinion, and this leaves little to no room for individuals to contort facts and misconstrue reality through opinion, debate, banter, and even less respectable means of installation of governance such as lobbying from parties that are interested in their own affluence and dominion rather than the well-being and success of the nation itself.

Copious amounts of free will and liberty solely allows people to make poor decisions. While some free will has a negligible impact on society, many people lack the capacity to make effective and productive decisions, and this is why they lead less productive, worthwhile, impactful, justifiable, and meaningful lives.

Just because something is humane, does not mean that it is productive, responsible or reasonable. This can be applied to anything that is justified by opinions, feelings, or sentiments rather than being based around efficacious procedures that more readily and effectively produce results.

Humans are animals and the same principals that govern the successful management of people livestock also apply to the successful management of populations of people. To separate humans from domesticated animals is fallacious.

Culling of populations of animals has been commonplace for a very long time. Humans reproduce in the exact same way. This practice can provide even better results with advances in the field of genetics. Save lest the animal is a prize winning race horse, it is not assigned another animal to copulate with; it is simply organized into a population to limit it’s choices in mates in an effort to ensure the highest quality of offspring are produced.

There is always an applicable use for a person. A disabled person can be the subject of experiments that provide useful information and further scientific fields. Criminals are still capable of work, and this should still be expected of them regardless of being segregated from the common population.

Luxury and opulence may be enjoyable, but they are not pressing needs of a human. These can be allowed to some extent, but know that if luxurious concepts, extravagance, elegance, and ornate things were completely foreign to a person and in no way glorified, a person that was taught to value logic, reason, order, productiveness, efficaciousness, usefulness, and applicable concepts rather than symbols of affluence would give no value to these things. These things solely serve to exacerbate greed and desire for social status based on material possessions, rather than actually valuing a persons true impact and worth to society.

Profit has no worth when it is not utilized to continue and expand upon success or create more opportunity for success. Money that is collected as profit often stagnates and this is effectively limiting the fuel that drives an economy, nation, and population. This does not have to be scattered amongst the people as this is also equally ineffective and often provides even less yield than stagnant money, as giving this money away in an attempt to ease the stress of the life of the common man is often condoning failure and conditioning the acceptance of inadequacy.

Profit would be utilized to provide more opportunities for individuals and organizations to prove their own utility and worthwhileness. The generation of income is a circular cycle that is powered by the expenditure of money on productive ventures as much as it is sustained by the influx of money that ideally proves that such an investment of time, effort, and energy of a collection of people bears fruit and has a meaningful impact that is measured by the influx of money that accompanies a successful organization.

As the world functions now, being productive is a choice. People can freely choose to be unproductive and this is not ideal. Standards of quality are vigorously reinforced, and should a person be unproductive, they would not be given the choice to panhandle for money to buy alcohol, they would be assigned mandatory remediation for their inadequacy. Given a child or young adult is not progressing through education adequately, they are not given the choice to play video games, loiter, skateboard, or otherwise fill their time with less productive means than mandatory remediation.

The true dearth of access to enjoyable activities and free time that results from inadequacy is more than enough of an incentive to instill proper appreciation of being successful in ones studies and work. The knowledge of the repercussions for being obstinate to devotion to eduction and productiveness is a persuasive enough force that a reasonable person would see no reason to be recalcitrant to the expectations of society.

While there are different standards of performance that are expected from different people, as many have different aptitudes, but still there is an ideal level of performance that can be achieved from any type of individual capable of learning. Those that have no capability to learn enough to be productive are given alternate tasks that they can accomplish, even if this is simple manual labor or another task with little intellectual prerequisite. Accomplishing something productive will always lead to the allocation of time for more enjoyable activities and pursuits to condition the proper reasoning that drives productivity, progress, and accomplishment within a society. Even those with little if any capability can be utilized for scientific or social experiments in an attempt to attain some worthwhileness from their existence, rather than cast aside these people are worthless. Even being a subject for science would grant rewards that are enjoyed and appreciated by the subject and allow them to feel that their life and time is valuable in some way to the people that they interact with.

There are alternative methods of conditioning that can be utilized as a back-up in case the individual cannot be conduced into worthwhileness and productivity. These have been applied to slaves and spies in the past, but they are still applicable here. These would be one of the last methods that would be turned to, and of course the conditioning through reward would be utilized if the individual could be dissuaded from their recalcitrance when given the option to avoid such disagreeable methods that have been used in the past to induce productivity.

~~ The benefits of a culled society

While the appreciation and glorification of physical human beauty and physical attractiveness is justifiable in that it often represents physical health and is naturally appealing to individuals, it is also something that can condition poor self image in those who are not as endowed with it. Beauty however is a relative thing, and an appropriately culled population would have a different understanding. Each population would have limited if any interaction with other populations, so the standard of beauty would be established independently within each population, rather than having the entire population accept one standard of beauty.

In a population consisting of naturally, mathematically, scientifically veritably physically unattractive people, the most attractive member of this population would be seen as ideal, and perfectly beautiful in the eyes of the members of this group, regardless of having little ability to be found physically attractive by the common person. This would allow people with otherwise no natural capacity to feel any self-worth or self-confidence that stems from their physical appearance feel the dignity and value that those who are truly very attractive feel when they interact with the population. This would minimize the amount of negative feelings about physical appearances and instead allow people to truly appreciate some form of beauty, even if this concept is only enforced by separating these people into groups of comparable looks.

When a person is a “9/10” they look better than 9/10 of the population. While this is not a specific measurement that can be warped by opinions and culture, most if not all contributing elements can easily be validated by science and mathematics.

If a population consists of people that would otherwise be dismissed as “1/10” that would otherwise feel very unsatisfied with their physical appearance, then the true “1/10” is a “10/100” and as the “1/10” is the upper limit of this population within society, they are effectively a “ 10/10” within their group, and even someone that may be a “5/100” and look worse than 95% of the population could feel like an average person, effectively being treated like a “5/10” within their population. This would have a palpable impact on the self-confidence of individuals who would otherwise feel very reclusive or ostracized due to their appearance.

This can even be applied to people who have deformities, as if these people existed in a population where the only friends and mates that these people interact for the majority of the time with also have obvious deformities, it is much like the deformity has been divided out of the population and is no longer noticeable or impactful. This may be impossible due to other limitations of people who are deformed, often having accompanying impairments, but the limited interaction with people of normal appearance and capability would allow a common standard to be held amongst the population, being able to exclude these people from their own, albeit deformed, standards of beauty, rather than being held to the standards of beauty that are applied to normal people.

The grouping of people by similar skills and appearances also allows people to feel more comfortable with themselves, as they will not feel different or isolated from the majority of the population, as these people are now themselves the majority of the population with which they interact, and they are judged against very similar people rather than against the entire population, and this would minimize the glaring nature of faults and distinguishing characteristics that would otherwise separate these people into effective social castes that are established by the sentiments and opinions of the common public.

While truly capable and viable people would not be barred from interaction with one another when citing productive reasons, these people would still of course reside amongst their populations to retain the benefits gained from a culled population. Those with comparable ability to anyone else would be able to interact via telecommunications or in person, but be distinguished in their own right as not to be ostracized or feel judged by a society who’s glaring objections to or displeasure with their appearance or form cannot be escaped.

While some may see segregation by race as wrong, it is obvious that races still obviously segregate themselves by their own free will much of the time. Rather than being mandatory or forced, integration is a voluntary act. This as a culled society is already very segregated by many characteristics that are not based upon race, and allowing people to preserve their heritage, ethnicity, and culture is perfectly acceptable and harmless.

A culled society nearly instantly eliminates the spread of all sexually transmitted diseases, as people are of course culled by their infected status. A culled society strongly inhibits the exacerbation of hereditary illnesses, disabilities, and predispositions as these are also criteria for culling.

A culled society also eliminates hostility between rival, hostile, or uneasily non-aggressive groups as each population is free to govern themselves, much like a traditional city state, rather than have disputes between groups flare up and become problematic. Rather than having clear distinctions between social groups, when each is homogenous, there is no ability to antagonize another group because if something does go wrong, there are no parties to blame but one’s own select population; this eliminates the hostilities that stem from distinctions between groups as these no longer are visible or impactful, and this eliminates them as any suspect cause for wrongdoings.

Regardless of being disabled in someway, many people with disabilities and illnesses still are respectably productive. Even people with severe impairments have been able to accomplish impactful and worthwhile things. To eunuchate these people would be to abandon any faith in redeeming them in some way and allowing them to provide worth to society, so long as their populations can be supported. By allowing them to continue to exist and reproduce provides opportunities to advance science by giving more grounds and subjects to experiment with in an attempt to resolve issues and improve quality of life; these gains can be impactful across all of society and benefit everyone, and those who are not as efficient or productive as an acceptable person simply have more time to invest in being the subject of science rather than being concerned with other means of fruitfulness. Keeping these people alive means that one day there could be a true cure or resolution to their impairment and this would be as monumental as the cure for polio.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Treatise regarding Societal Selection as the replacement for Natural Selection

(Read comments first if a foreword to this treatise consisting of the old time religion would suit one's tastes)
Natural Selection has proven itself as the most grand and prolific force that shapes life and guides it to success under any circumstances. This concept has been proven sufficiently to the point where every human should know of the bounty it instills, and undoubtedly every human as well as every life form is indebted to this force, owing it’s own sustained ability to breath and stay alive to this force of natural selection.

The fact that natural selection can no longer operate in a civilized world should appall each human to the point where they could no longer condone existing in the world; the lack of natural selection now sends humanity on a course without it, this is like riding a bike for the first time without training wheels in the first time in the existence of any species on the planet. Without this force being replaced, then undoubtedly the human race will falter, it will fall, and it will be hurt. It may even die, for the saying undoubtedly holds true, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”.

To reinstate an equivocal force that would provide the same assurance of success that was provided by natural selection would be a momentous task; however, this is a task that must be done, and is imperative, given that the human race wishes to survive for any extended period of time. Natural selection must be emulated in order for humanity to survive into the next evolutionary time period, or else the human race will face nothing but devolution and degradation from the lack of a force ensuring the survival of the fittest members of the species, as well as the complementary force, the natural, healing, and sacred force that is the culling of the herd.

This culling is societal selection. Culling has been practiced very successfully amongst livestock for an extended period of time. It is common sense to see that both livestock and humans are both animals of the same clade, and thus culling would work equally well within a human society and provide the same clear and obvious advantages to the species that culling any other mammalian population provides.

Culling is a humane process, by default, as regardless of having undesired traits, these animals are not normally massacred outright. These animals are instead segregated to ensure that their unsavoriness and undesired traits, natural or nurtured, does not taint that of the viable or more so viable breeding stock of the mammalian population. To fail to accomplish this within the human population is irresponsible to the point of inanity, any common human could see the lack of such a process as fecklessness on the part of all humans. The repercussions of failing to do this are echoed time and time again in fables and sayings, common place things that are used to teach children common sense. Sayings such as “A stitch in time saves nine”. I tell you, the human race could quite easily lack sufficient thread for nine stitches to mend the human race, so be reasonable, and limit this deleterious fault within the genus that is currently being exacerbated by inaction.

Culling the human population may seem like the reinstation of segregation, however, it is the reinstation of segregation for a clear, proven, and helpful medical reason. Culling the human population serves as the force that will replace natural selection for the remainder of the existence of the human population, on Earth and even throughout the universe; save for any rare case where humans are reintroduced into the wild rather than existing in a society.

Humans are largely removed from nature, and this means that natural selection will no longer function, as humans are no longer a part of nature. Humans are no part of a society, and a global society at that, and it is due time to accept the culling of the human population as a necessity for the survival and success of the genus, regardless of any moral qualms, humanitarianism, outcry of civil liberties or freedoms, or any other objections to the functional, necessary, and humane practice of culling a mammalian population that is otherwise commonplace amongst all domesticated populations of animals. The culling of domesticated populations of animals is common place for all populations with the sole exception of the human population, which is ultimately an unforgivable act of disrespect to the humanity; as humans are essentially treating livestock far better than they treat themselves, which is masochism to say the least. Yes, homo of the domus, you are a domesticated animal.

Have some dignity, and apply the insight of the ranchers that have culled their herds for countless generations in order to ensure that their herd remains viable, functional, successful, desirable, and profitable. Although heritable traits may not seem contagious, even recessive traits, and simple predispositions to conditions that are not illnesses or disorders in themselves are truly contagious and incurable illnesses diseases, they are simply only spread through reproductive intercourse. These ailments and inevitable sufferings of humanity can be averted all together if the simple practice of culling the population is mandated on a universal level just as it is within all other populations of mammals.

The reality is, it is entirely inhumane to fail to cull the human population to the highest level of performance, aptitude, and optimization possible. This is allowing many types of problems to be rampantly unchecked and dangerously cancerous to the progress and success of society and the viability of the human species all together. The lack of a culled population means that even simply reproducing and creating offspring is effectively creating a workplace hazard for not only the participants, but every human on the planet, as more so undesirable individuals could be separated from the more so desirable individuals to ensure that faults, weaknesses, disadvantages, and undesirable traits are not reintroduced to an otherwise healthy population once they have been identified.

I am not saying that these people should be killed for their inferiority. I am saying that  allowing anything that is imperfect in any way, genotypical or phenotypically, is condoning failure, weakness, undesirability, unhealthiness, and devolution of the species. With the lack of natural selection, this means humans must fulfill this role with by their own manifest and continually ensure that this force of societal selection is enforced very strictly at all times, just as natural selection spared no pity and had no qualms with removing any individual from the pool of those endowed with the sacred gift of life should that individual prove that they are unworthy in any way.

Segregation by races was a function to keep a certain unsavoriness out of another population, even though this unsavoriness was simply the fact that the minority nationalities, ethnicities, races, populations and groups were uneducated and had strange, disagreeable, foreign, or wild customs, traditions, and mannerisms that were often passed down into their children. This force as largely instilled from a fear of others rather than a true necessity; however, culling a population is different than traditional segregation; herds of animals are not culled because one group of animals fears another group of animals, a herd of animals is culled in an effort to optimize the offspring produced and ensure the ideal beast is ushered into existence, rather than an undesired beast that has less desirable traits.

Culling of the human population can be understood, respected, and defended by seeing the successes the practice of culling has within other populations of domesticated animals. If this practice were wrong, inhumane, or otherwise unjustifiable; it would not be seen as a commonplace necessity within those that professionally manage populations of mammals. The sole reason this force is absent from the human population is due to the fact that there is no farmhand or shepherd that attempts to ensure that optimum animals are created at all times, by choosing not to allow and condone the creation of animals of lower quality that are less desirable, even if there is a fairly negligible difference, a change of 5% capability, function, yield, or ability is still largely noticeable. This is a simple choice to make, even a 5% increase in optimization in the human race is making the choice between plowing 100 acres in a month, or plowing 105 acres in a month. This is choosing to make $100,000 or $105,000.

Culling is  a humane practice, while leaving a herd to become rife with it’s own faults is the truly inhumane act, remember that this is the same as quarantining sick people, as to ensure that they do not infect more people, regardless of the fact that these illnesses and disorders that they infect people with are genetic, even if they are only predispositions, they are still predispositions to inferiority, and to speak against culling, is the desire to be inferior and unsuccessful while speaking in favor of willingly spreading and exacerbating contagious sickness, illnesses, and suffering that could be contained and eliminated with proper measures; speaking against culling is to state that one desires rampant failure and tremendous preventable losses within the likes of one’s own nation, business, family, and to impact countless men and women that we all must coexist and cooperate with in order to ensure the continued survival and well being of the planet and our own species.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Survivability of Hereditable Diseases in Wild Humans

Humans are animals, and this means that the traits that have survived up to modern times may have had some sort of advantage that they provided. This would also include heritable illnesses.

A common example of this is sickle-cell anemia, where being recessive causes an immunity to malaria. Even things that one would not expect to provide a natural advantage may actually provide some sort of benefit to survival, as these traits have survived and been passed down through generations of wild humans to eventually be still present and fairly common in modern humans.

Depression could make one prone to a more sedentary lifestyle. This would provide an advantage towards the transition between a roaming nomadic people into a people that occupies a given area without wandering as much. The depression keeping people disinclined to move about or otherwise wander around. These people could have been the original beacons of a community composed of a set collection of individuals, rather than an odd collection of wandering apes that may randomly see and interact with each other as they wander around in search of their own independent goals.

Schizoid type illnesses provide a paranoia that could give one heightened instinct to search for predators and a more sensitive adrenal system that would provoke the fear response more readily.

Anti-social disorder could provide the person with the ability to establish dominance by being more ruthless in their treatment of the fellow members of the community.

Mild Mental retardation could provide a clearer sense of one’s instincts allowing one to focus more on survival, rather than become involved and consumed by things like social elements that could distract a human from providing for their basic needs. These people could also be less prone to being consumed by competition with other humans for dominance, and less prone to violent contests that accompany this desire for power amongst other humans, making them less of a target when humans do inevitably contest each others dominance and domain.

Pygmies, dwarves, and midgets could have been able to utilize smaller natural shelters, which would be more abundant than others. This small size would also allow them to reside in trees more easily, as smaller branches would be able to support their weight, and these people could then escape many predators this way.

Nearsighted people would have more focus directed towards things that are closer to them, allowing them to identify things such as plants more readily and accurately, as these plants would naturally occupy more space within their field of vision as the person would have to be closer to it to identify it.

Farsighted people would have a greater ability to detect predators and locate food sources.

Becker Muscular Dystrophy often does not effect the legs enough to cause the person to become wheelchair bound until their mid-twenties, and with a common life expectancy of around 30 or 35 years in a wild human, these people would appear to be rather normal to most others.

Huntington’s Disease also does not affect many people until their 30s and 40s, so this disease would not have limited the success of wild humans as their life expectancy meant they would be dead before they would become afflicted by the symptoms of this disease, allowing it to continue to be spread though bloodlines.

Some inherited diseases are recessive, and these can be carried easily by carrier parents. These diseases would not in particular have an inherent benefit, as they could easily induce death in the afflicted child, but they would still be passed on by the unaffected children that are carries of the disease.

High blood lipids could be advantageous when the human is in an area with low lipid intake, so preserving these in the blood can be advantageous because their natural intake is so low. This would be more beneficial than expelling them when the human could easily face a long period of time with insufficient lipid intake.

Phenylketonuria could perhaps have roots from areas where there was little phenylalanine in any parts of the diet, but plenty of tyrosine; and converting any of the little reserves of this into tyrosine could cause unfavorable deficiencies of phenylalanine.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

How to Win Street Fights and Lose Self Respect

How to Win Street Fights and Lose Self Respect

This is an extension of pulling your enemies shirt over their head. This is dishonorable and should only be done when one has no self respect, or is willing to sacrifice one’s self respect in order to win a fight.

Have an opaque pillow case and poke two holes around the perimeter of the opening. Thread a rather long zip-tie through the holes and then connect the zip tie but keep it loose. Keep this in your pocket. In a fight, pull this over the head of the opponent and pull the zip tie tight around their neck: one is extra dishonorable for doing this from behind. Then one can proceed to lay a keen beating into the person while they cannot see.

Warning: this will sway the odds on one’s favor only if the fight was otherwise close to a fair fight. The opponent can still attempt to hit you, so if you’re much weaker than your opponent, there is still a chance you will lose the fight if you stay within the reach of your opponent.

Pro tip: to counter this, carry a knife and cut the pillow case open.

Friday, June 12, 2015

(proposal for) Electromagnetism Induced Enrichment of Tritium and Other Heavy Elements

Have a pool of helium and hydrogen with a large electromagnet with the negative pole on one end of the pool, and the positive end on the other side.

There are three chambers separated by walls, or at least one chamber with sponge-layers on either side of the unit. The negative wall is a medium that can absorb protons or allow protons to pass through it, and the positive wall is a medium that can absorb electrons or allow electrons to pass through it.

The negative pole provides sufficient negative electromagnetic force to synthetically provide atomic stability to the helium atoms that are in the pool by simulating an electron or the force of an electron enough for them to “want” to shed an electron. This electron is absorbed by the electron-sponge wall if need be. Simultaneously the positive pole provides sufficient positive electromagnetic force to have this same effect, but have the helium release a proton. With an electron and a proton shed from the helium, this would leave one with deuterium. One can attempt to do this with a lithium solution in an attempt to gain tritium.

The electron-sponge would ideally be a material that is prone to absorbing electrons and can hold an extra electron in a stable configuration, and the proton-sponge would be a material that is prone to absorbing protons.

This requires a very strong electro magnet; strong enough to overpower the electrostatic force to rob the element of the electron, and also induce proton decay in the nucleus of an atom that is proton-heavy. This may be impossible, or entirely energy inefficient.

The idea is that the charged particles are induced into complete decay, losing their protons and electrons to their respective sponges, leaving the neutrons to be absorbed by the solvent in the middle, as these particles are unaffected by either magnetic pole.

Another strategy would be to use decay-prone elements to lessen the amount of electromagnetic force needed to loose these particles, as the particles would be more naturally inclined to be shed, and this means they would be picked up by the solvent. This would also involve having the unstable elements immersed within a hydrogen solution, or a solution of whatever element one is attempting to enrich.

This seems safe, as proton decay and electron decay happen naturally without starting chain reactions. This may be a slow process, and this can be advantageous to see that the neutrons being shed are not profuse enough to start a chain reaction and begin fusion. The idea being that the fusion is prevented when there are insufficient protons and electrons to create the helium, as these have been absorbed by the sponges.

The sponges could be removed once the reactor has had it’s contents drained by any chemical reaction that would return the sponge to it’s natural state. This could be done by taking the sponges out and placing them in a separate tank. This time placing the electron-sponge by the negative pole, and the proton-sponge by the positive pole. These would shed their extra contents if they had become unstable, and these would pass through a medium of an element heavy enough in neutrons to absorb the decayed particles, ideal elements for the cleaning element would be neutron heavy, and upon absorbing a derelict proton and electron would now a stable form of the next sequential element.

There may also be another strategy, if the nuclear forces are prone to warping, one can have a harmonic constructive magnetic pulse that would push the element to the extremes of it’s ability to retain it’s control over the atoms, this would be much like pulling a rope taught before attempting to cut it, as this makes the work much easier.

I have no idea on the amount of power and electromagnetic energy it would take to theoretically accomplish this, so I have no perception of the feasibility of this idea.

The Motorcycle Military-Drone as a Replacement for the Common Infantry

This is an idea for a military drone styled after a motorcycle. These could be used to ensure the safety of civilians when normal drone-strikes would have a high chance of incurring civilian deaths. These are also designed to be applicable replacements for foot soldiers in many scenarios. The goal is to save lives by replacing valuable foot soldiers that would otherwise be fighting on the front lines and placed in harms way with a machine that can much more easily be fixed or replaced if it is damaged or destroyed while serving it’s military purpose.

This is much like a common motorcycle, but this has wheels on top and bottom, for 4 wheels total. A roll cage and horizontal and vertical weight manipulations allow this to right itself when knocked over. The bike has two cannons on the sides of the bike, inside of the roll cage, with their guns pointed outside of the roll cage. The roll cage has an armored shell around it, much like a geodesic dome to ensure stability, if this is more stable than an actual dome, if not, use pure elliptical domes around the roll cage. There is no need for a rider because this is remote controlled; the lack of a rider allows one to store much more fuel and ammunition inside of the bike; there are cameras at the front and back to ensure that the operator can see.

Some of these bikes are thin enough to fit through doors, even reducing the size to a miniature motorcycle to give this motorcycle drone more versatility, ideally with the ability to scale most if not all staircases. The tires should be bulletproof to avoid flat tires forms spike strips, but this can also be accomplished by hydraulics much like one sees in showy cars.

The weight system is quite simple and simply provides enough displacement of the center of gravity of the bike to allow it to right itself. This does not mean that the weights have to right the bike to a vertical position, because just like when a human rider rides a bike, a motorcycle can lean to very acute angles with the ground while turning and still be able to return to an upright position. This would just mean that the bike would do a small turn of sorts.

This bike would have a reverse gear powerful enough to keep it upright, being capable of driving either direction, unlike an actual motorbike, because there would be no danger in reversing at high speeds. The transmission would be able to easily change which set of wheels is being powered, as not to waste fuel powering the wheels that are  on the top.

Applications for this include missions where it would be very dangerous to send in human troops, and bombing via a drone could easily cause civilian casualties. The bike could be equipped with cannons of varying calibers, the larger caliber guns of course having a smaller ammo reserve.

The design of this would look much like melding the mechanics of an automatic or semi-automatic firearm and a motorcycle, with additional parts including the weight system to allow it to right itself if it is knocked over. There can be an additional weight added going front to back, to give the bike the ability to do a wheelie, as this may be required to efficiently move up stairs.

There can be two poles that extend from the back of the bike to function like a kickstand on a bike, but more so to provide the ability to counter recoil of the projectiles it shoots, allowing the bike to be equipped with larger caliber guns without sacrificing accuracy, as well as to allow the bike to shoot from a still position while it is not moving.

The video feed aspects of the bike allows it to have a crosshair to allow for greater accuracy, and the camera could even be given some optical zoom or digital zoom and environmental diagnostic capability to determine wind if the bike were to be equipped with something like a sniper rifle.

There could be a smaller retractable cannon, firing handgun size rounds mounted on the top. This would have an axis to rotate on unlike the other cannons. This would allow the bike 360 degrees of horizontal rotation and a range of up to 90 degrees of vertical rotation to allow a large capable area of fire. This would enable the bike to aptly guard Prisoners of War that have surrendered from an idle position. The bike can be equipped with a speaker to allow the bike to transmit audio, allowing the operator to communicate with the people it interacts with.

The bike could also be equipped with various tools including a retractable robotic arm in place of the handgun, or on the alternate side of the bike to allow it to have another use, such as cutting through a chain link fence, or even something like a plasma cutter to cut through more sturdy fences and objects. This could also allow the bike to search opponents, and confiscate their weapons with a claw or some sorts.

The bike has a larger body than a normal bike, having an elliptical sphere as it’s exterior limits, allowing much versatility regarding the interior components of the bike. The bike is not solely applicable in military operations, but can also be utilized for dangerous police work like SWAT missions.

These bikes would be much faster than humans and this gives them a great advantage. Other advantages include being bulletproof and having a greater carrying capacity than a soldier. The real merit to a drone-soldier such as this is that one is able to preserve human lives by saving a soldier from being put into harms way when the bike can be used instead.

In place of tires, one could also have a non-deflatable wheel replacement such as a tread one might find on a tank lined around the edge of the wheel, but perhaps one made of a more lightweight and road friendly material, but still exceptionally sturdy material that would make it impervious to being disabled due to tire deflation, and this tread could also be resistant to land mines. The tread would be a good alternative, because there is no real value to the smooth ride that tires offer because there is no rider that would be discomforted by the bumpiness. The tread would also give it great ability to scale difficult inclinations, but this may sacrifice much of the dexterous turning capacity that  a motorcycle has.

Instead of either of these, a solid tire rather than an inflatable tire could be used, and these tires would ideally have much of the sturdiness of a tread, and even be fitted with and off-road tread pattern to preserve some of the ability to move off-road and scale difficult inclines such as steep hills, that normal tires would find difficult to impossible.

Given that one was faced with the task of countering an opponents drone-bikes, then common means such as thick vertical walls could be used to prevent their advance, and methods such as anti-armor shells could be applied. One could even make a drone-bike that is much larger than a common motorcycle to allow it to have much more powerful cannons, this would allow it to fire miniature tank shells, or large armor piercing rounds in an attempt to thwart these mobile and capable drone-bikes.

Bikes are ideal, because they use very little fuel, especially when compared to large autos such as cars and trucks. This gives them the ability to function over extended periods of time and gives them a much larger range of operation from their garage where maintenance and upkeep could be performed on them. The bikes could have the side of their cage opened like one would open the hood of a car, with options including a hood release powered by the computer operator, but having the ability to open the cage manually is ideal, in the case that the electronic component is damaged and fails to unlatch the cage-door when ordered.

While these bikes do operate at peak performance in open areas, off-road tires would allow them to operate in areas such as woodlands, and the robotic arm could be equipped with a machete or something similar to allow it to clear paths through foliage to allow it to operate more efficiently in places where vehicular travel may otherwise be inhibited by the natural impediments such as jungles and forests.

These bikes could also be amphibious with a secondary propulsion system being something like a jet-ski propulsion system. The amphibious versions would also have to be buoyant and have any water-sensitive areas be waterproof.

To allow the vehicle the ability to cross small gaps in the terrain such as a small canyon or gorge, telescoping wings could be utilized, having the bike function much like a plane at this point, but it would lack the lack the ability for any sustained or capable flight without some sort of aerial propulsion method such as a small jet-engine.

These bikes could also be equipped with parachutes from their utility slot along their top to allow their use as paratroopers.

These bikes have the capability to become the foot soldier of the future, and save the lives of many healthy soldiers that would otherwise fall in combat against opponents, allowing them to return home from their tour of duty and live productive lives as veterans and civilians.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sustainable Controlled Fusion Reactor

Sustainable Controlled Fusion Reactor

Have a hopper that dispenses a small amount of fusion-fuel into a dispenser at high pressure. The dispenser has two stages, one to move the fuel from a main tank, to a secondary tank, and this connection cannot be open as the second stage that dispenses the fusion-fuel from the second-stage into reaction chamber. This prevents the reaction from spreading into the fuel-tank.

This allows the power plant the ability to limit the amount of fuel that is input into the reactor, and this then allows them to control the size of the reaction and limit it to a controllable level.

The reactor is able to contain a very small fusion reaction, and is able to keep this sustained by adding very small amounts of fuel, nano grams, pico grams, or even smaller amounts such as femto grams of fuel would be added at time, at a continuous rate to allow the chain-reaction to continue to occur without allowing it to grow out of control.

This may be difficult and require precise timing of release of a drip of fuel down to very minute increments of time, as the chain-reaction seems to occur near instantaneously, but the fuel would be added at the time where the reaction would still be prone to inducing the fusion reaction within the niblet of fuel with the reaction currently taking place.

These niblets of fuel would have to be introduced at very high velocity from a very tiny tube, propelled at a high pressure ensuring that the pipe is completely cleared of the material to ensure that the proportions required to sustain the reaction are met.

Using inert gas to do this would increase the volume within the chamber, and this could effect the reaction in negative ways. Instead of increasing the pressure by increasing the amount of chemicals in the volume, the pressure is increased by decreasing the total volume of the area.

This would look much like a tiny pipe with a tiny piston driving into it.

The fuel is released from the primary tank into the secondary tank, then this access route is closed off.

While the entrance to the reactor is closed, the secondary-tank (a very tiny tank) collapses to force the fuel into the feed tube, and the piston is lowered into the feed-tube to separate it from the secondary tank. The pressure is increased by driving the piston into the feed tube, and once this has sufficient pressure to ensure that the fuel will clear the tube,  to see to it that the reaction will not occur within the tube, but rather in the reactor, the feed-tube opens into the reactor to allow the fuel to enter.

This may leave a small part of the feed-tube exposed to the reaction, so this section of the tube must be able to withstand the fusion reaction and not be destroyed or warped in any way.

Rather than having reliable mechanical parts to open and close during this process, which may be difficult, one can have a latch that opens when the pressure applied by the feed-tube piston exceeds that provided by the reaction; if the reaction is still volatile enough, it will begin to fuse the fuel, and this increase in pressure would close the latch tightly again until the reaction has diminished enough for another niblet of reactor fuel to enter the chamber. This may happen in very tiny fractions of a second, so these parts must be able to move at exceptionally fast speeds. To allow this to be more plausible, the feed-tube can be relatively short, to see that the piston does not have to travel very far up and down between each fuel-intake and fuel-import.

The reactor may have to be started by traditional means of fusion, similar to a fusion bomb, but once the reaction has started, this process should be able to allow the reaction to continue indefinitely. A reactor such as this would have a very limited range of function capacity in terms of variability of fuel input and power output, as the amount of force produced by the reaction must be enough to securely close the latch into the feed tube, while the pressure from the piston must be sufficient enough to open the latch at the appropriate time, without releasing the fuel too early, as this would cause the reaction to accelerate and increase in violence rather than react at a constant rate; so limitations such as these could mean that the power output could not be readily scaled to any real extent. One could take steps to alter this reality by changing the amount of pressure applied by the piston to account for a lessening of pressure applied from the fusion reaction due to decreased power consumption.

The heat and power from the reaction could be harnessed in the same way or a similar way as is currently utilized to harness the power of traditional nuclear power.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Functional Nuclear Fusion Power Plant Design

This is a modified version of the fantastical bomb-engine; this has been modified to be more realistic and simply provide power like a traditional plant. This must be supplemented by other power sources, as it is very sporadic and provides great power for short periods of time. This can be utilized during peak power times, and hopefully the surge of power that it creates can be utilized and stored efficiently.

There are two tall water-chambers that look much like towers, though these should be housed underground as powerful bombs are detonated inside of them.

There is a large canal from the bottom of the start-chamber that leads into a water-mill that is completely submerged, but the canal only opens into the part of chamber as to allow the water pressure to apply to only one blade and move it in a direction and spin the turbine, rather than all blades simultaneously. so this looks like a U with an o inside of the U, at the bottom of the U, that is the water wheel; and there is also a wall down the center of the U that extends to the tip of the water wheel but still allows the water wheel to rotate.

Water is filled in the U tower to the top, but in the start-chamber there is a dome at the top of the U where there is a screw on cap. One suspends a bomb from this screw on cap, and detonates it within the tower to push the water through the turbine.

There is a door at the top of the U tower but below the dome, and above or below the stagnant water level. This is a large door that is as wide as the tower to allow the maximum amount of water flow from the end-chamber to the start-chamber. This door opens upwards, looking a bit like a mud-flap on a large truck; so that the water is not directed upwards in a way that would cause it to lose some of it’s momentum to gravity. This door opens into the start-chamber and is wider than the hole it covers to ensure that it does not open into the end chamber, as one wants the water, bomb blast, and force to travel from the Start-chamber, through the turbine, and into the end-chamber. The door allows the water pressure that builds up in the end-chamber to escape and flow into the start-chamber, and recycle any force that is still on the water. This creates a circular current in a closed system that utilizes all available momentum of the water to attempt to turn the turbine.

This U can be either vertical or horizontal, but the bomb-cap is located on the top, regardless of the orientation, as one does not want the water to flow out of the power-plant when the bomb-cap is screwed off and removed to allow one to attach a bomb that will be detonated to provide the work needed to move the water and turn the turbine.

The turbine creates power by being rotated like a normal turbine, and it is very very large; this is to avoid the having the turbine heat up with rapid movement and have excessive loss of character due to friction, and also due to the fact that this building is designed to handle the force of a thermo-nuclear bomb being detonated inside of it, and this would be much like choosing to pedal on a low gear rather than a high one, when one is a very powerful bike rider.

The system in short is.

Bomb is lowered into the chamber and suspended in the dome at the top of the start-chamber. The chamber is securely sealed and and all parts of the power-plant are strong enough not to be destroyed by an extremely powerful explosion. The bomb is detonated, and having nowhere to release it’s force in any direction but downwards onto the water below it, this directs all of the force and pressure of the blast onto the water which is then propelled with enough force to spin the large turbine. After the water makes it to the end of the turbine, it collects in the end-chamber and the pressure in the end chamber is now greater than that of the start-chamber, so this pushes open the release door that opens into the start-chamber, allowing the water and vapor to flow into the start chamber. This forms a current within the closed system as the water is moving from high pressure to low pressure and will continue to due this so long as the water can turn the turbine enough to allow water to reach the end-chamber and continue to create this disparate pressure that would otherwise build up if it were not released by the opening of the release-door into the start-chamber from the end chamber.

I do not know how feasible a “nuclear bomb-proof building and turbine” are, but this system would allow one to harness the explosive force of a nuclear bomb or thermonuclear bomb and convert this into electrical power.

One can also have a turbine that is easier for the water to turn; this would reduce the net power generation per second, but it could increase the time that the current would actively be propelling the water enough to turn the turbine, and make it easier to sustain the current for longer periods of time.

This could be seen as traditional hydro-power, where one supplies the momentum and pressure on the water with a nuclear bomb, rather than having this momentum and pressure applied by gravity.

This chamber is filled with liquid water prior to the explosion. This would make me think that regardless of being converted into vapor, the pressure extorted by the water upon the turbine would be the same, and air currents are just as viable as water currents, if all of the water is indeed vaporized; this may however require a modified turbine that is a mix between one that is designed to catch and be propelled by water efficiently and one that is designed to catch and be propelled by vapor efficiently.

I do not know how cost effective this would be, but nuclear bombs were allegedly easy enough to produce that their numbers reached very high levels, even without any applicable use. This gives nuclear bombs an application, and creation of thermonuclear bombs could now be seen as a pacifistic effort. This would only be true if this system were more cost effective than traditional power plants, but so far as I know the materials for a thermonuclear bomb are less threatened than fossil fuels.

One does not have to put a bomb designed to destroy a city within the chamber, one can design a bomb that is weak enough that it will not destroy the power-plant that houses the bomb, but still strong enough to turn the turbine when the force is applied to the water.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Theoretical Gravity Engine and Artificial Star Engine Creation Hypotheses

This is a postulation of a theoretical or magical propulsion system that utilizes concentrated gravity moving in a direction to pull the ship in the direction that the gravity is traveling.

The gravity propulsion is provided by spheres on rails that form helixes around the gravity-wave center. These helixes allow spheres to rotate around the inner-gravity-chamber, looking much like the brackets that allow a pinball to take a pre-defined path around a pin-ball machine. These preserve their momentum like a roller coaster one sees at a fair that is simply one loop connected to itself that loops indefinitely. Once the balls have traveled from the start of the inner-gravity-chamber around the helixes, the rails cause them to do a loop-the-loop and appear at the start of the system. These balls are powered by wheels of sorts applying the needed momentum to allow the ball to roll through the rails through the friction between the rails converting the circular momentum of the sphere into foreword momentum along the rails(this is space, so rails are on both top and bottom here, for 4 total rails).

These balls each are quite dense and large, and these have their own gravity, albeit a weak and insignificant amount. The gravity here functions much like waves here, as the balls are moving with a single direction rather than being relatively stationary. As the balls descend through the helixes, the gravity of each ball has a contructive effect on that of the others, as they all circle around this same pillar along their helix-rails. This creates a dense and concentrated wave of gravity traveling with the spheres as they move along the rails. Once the balls reach the end, they spread out as their momentum carries them back to the start, and this causes destructive interference on their collective gravities. As the first set of balls travels back towards the start, a second set of balls is traveling through the helixes; this is creates a stream of gravity that is the most compressed at the center, and carries things along a direction, while the balls going the opposite direction back towards the start after reaching the end of the helix are further away from the pillar to be less effected by this directional-gravity; but these balls can still rotate in helixes around the pillar to further provide some form of gravitational constructive interference. This jet of gravity  would attract things in the direction that it is traveling, and makes it a viable engine for a space-craft, when you happen to smoke copious amounts of cannabis and have very little education in fields such as this.

The gravity-waves spinning in helixes around the engine are constructive in most forms, but are destructive in terms of distances between the waves, eventually focusing into a single point. This appears much like strands of thread that are spinning in circular waves around the pillar that are all attached to one point at one end, but attached around a ring at the other end, and as the point twists, the ring on the other end twists along with it. (To visualize this dangle a plastic ring with 3 pieces of string suspending it in the air, and have these pieces of string all meet at one point; as the point rotates, it will make circular waves with frequency depending on the rotating speed of the collective conic-point where the 3 strings finally meet).   This creates immense pressure upon that point of space time as it holds so much energy in the form of gravitational attraction, this energy is ephemeral, but it can be sustained by the gravity-helix engine, and this gravity-focus is what propels the ship towards it.

This also requires large amounts of energy to propel the marbles through the gravity-helix, even though this occurs in space; the balls still lose momentum due to the friction between the rails and the marbles, regardless of how minimized that is is.

Oh, look what i found in the back of an old issue of Boy’s Life magazine, an anti-matter production facility;

The ship produces anti-matter by breaking raw-material it finds (asteroids, garbage, anything); on a powerful electro-magnet system that does not relinquish it’s current but continues to circulated it. Breaking it, induces radioactive decay and inverts the spin and charge on the materials. A breaker robs the particle of all of it’s spin and stores this on a spindle, and it then interacts with alternating-magnet molecule, much like the alternating current that is commonplace, but this is instead alternating magnetism. Then a release magnet pushes the respective anti-particle away. The stored potential on the spindle (much like cranking back the bowl of a catapult with a wheel) goes through an atomic equivocal of a gear system that would invert the direction of a gear, and this spin is now the appropriate direction to be applied to the neuter particle to cause it to become antimatter.

This magnet system “breaks” the material by applying high pressure on the material and manipulation of the particles.

A rotating “ferris wheel” of electro magnets rotates above the matter-well where the raw-fuel is stored, these separate a certain type of particle at a time, each charged particle being susceptible to the magnetic pressure applied by the encroachment of a certainly charged magnet of a specific pole, and mangetic frequency to ensure that the magnetic waves are providing constructive interference with the repulsion of the pre-particle that one desires to sift off and convert into it’s respective anti-particle, with the possibility of destructive interference between the atomic binding forces allowing the initial particles to be more easily separated from the raw-fuel.

The space time pressure is created by rotating massive bodies to that their gravitational outputs create gravity with constructive interference, this gravity collects in the center of the pipe; and can be redirected with further spinning masses providing constructive gravitational interference that causes the gravity-wave to attract the loosed particles through the mediums described below in order to convert them into anti-matter. This is much like the propulsion system described above, but rather than attract a space ship, the responsibility of this gravity-helix is only to attract particles.

The matter sits on a plate with thin micro-porus vacuums isolated from any anti-materials, as this matter is attracted by the Space-time-pressure as it is broken; that allow certain particles to flow through it due to it’s fulfilled state and composition as a specific form of matter; these particles flow through this material like an electron does through a medium in the form of electricity. Electricity is common, there is also positricity, and neutricity; both working under similar concepts; just as a medium will emit an electron from one end when one is input into the other, each of these mediums has this capability through conductivity, or the equivocal force for each particle, such as upon a medium gaining a neutron, it must emit one through decay instantaneously, and this continues through a directed lattice to cause the particle to appear on the other side of the medium, and at this point the raw-particle can be utilized by the particle-breaker than converts it into anti-matter.

The matter-breaking process is a relatively slow process that slowly reduces the matter in the fuel-well, as it loses it’s atomic composition, the newly reduced elements re-form stable compounds through natural reactions as the process takes place.

After being broken into smaller anti-particles, then these streams are “woven” together to create stable, dense anti-molecules. These molecules are then fired in a vacuum chamber at the center of the chamber’s fuel wall. In this case, the fuel wall is  lead, but the higher the atomic number of the fuel wall, the more spontaneous acceleration the flux-engine will produce.

While i have very little basis for this hypothesis. Even if this primary power source does not provide any sort of thrust if it is fixed to an object, it can be located in space and utilized to provide a “boost” to a spaceship. This can be done by having the tube be hollow and open on both ends, and by alleging the La Grange points of the spheres as they travel through the gravity helix to create a mutual La Grange point,  for the ship to gain forward momentum via gravity without gaining momentum in any other direction, rather than utilizing another form of propulsion.

Secondary Power Source is a fusion core triggered by centrifugal force of a dense spinning core that causes this substance to implode and revert the substance into now separated heat-soluble-hydrogen components.

 Once this occurs, an anti-matter flux is beamed in to give stability to the star-core and rid it of disempowering neutrons, if this is available.

The centrifugal force is provided by a watermill of sorts. Two wheels touch the core and when these wheels spin they apply some of their momentum to the sphere. All aspects of this are very heat tolerant. The two wheels each have a watermill connected to them through a series of gears that provides the circular momentum. The waterwheels are  housed in canals and are rotated by means much like how steam will rotate the charging gears in a power plant.

These canals circle around the core and the streams feed into themselves and each other, attempting to recycle all captured energy that enters the canal and pushes the fluid around the circular paths to rotate the gears. The channels also have an escape channel into the water chamber that houses the water that is propelled through the gear system. The water chamber has two sections, separated by a wall, with a door between the two at the top. The water is filled to the level of the bottom of the door. One side of the chamber is the start chamber, the water is propelled down through the watermills before it escapes into the end-chamber, once it is here, the residual momentum on the water propels it through the door and back into the start chamber, allowing it to be recycled. The door opens into the start chamber to allow pressure in the end chamber to open it when applicable, the door is larger than the hole in the wall, to prevent it from being pushed into the end chamber from the engine process.

To propel the gears. The door to the end chamber is closed. The to sections of the water-chamber are not equal in side, instead there is an area above the start chamber that remains as air. A powerful nuclear bomb is lowered into the bomb-house above the start chamber, this area is not separated by any walls from the start-chamber filled with water below, but is instead simply a dome on top of the start chamber with a cap that can be unscrewed, have a thermonuclear bomb attached by chain, and then lowered into the water-chamber and screwed back in to allow the bomb dangle in the air in the bomb-house.

The with the door to the end-chamber closed, the bomb is detonated, and this blast pushes the water through the system. The water propels the water-mills which apply circular momentum along the X and Y axes of the sphere to the fusion-core in the fusion-chamber through their output wheels. As the water makes its way through the water-mill rings, it is in course to either remain in a circular system if possible, or otherwise it ends up in the end-water-chamber, where the pressure opens the door to the start-chamber, and this influx of pressure and water continues the cycle indefinitely, allowing the water to retain it’s momentum and direction in the system.

The system is closed in that there is no exhaust energy, rather the energy is retained in the system so it can be continuously converted into rotational momentum on the fusion-core. This rotation increases the centrifugal force acting upon the sphere evenly, as the water takes the path of least resistance following the blast, and as the water-canals to the water wheels are both equally prone to water flow, this applies an equal amount of X axis rotation and Y axis Rotation; allowing the centrifugal force to allow the fusion-core to retain it’s shape, rather than being warped by rotation that was not at a 1:1 rate along both axes.

Once the fusion-core becomes ignites into a star, then the chamber housing the fusion core expands upward along with all the parts involved, no longer being needed, and this new space houses the star-engine in space as it floats due to the lack of gravity.

When gravity becomes a factor that would impact the star, coolant is added to the star to halt the fusion process or at least slow it to a non-dangerous level due to the star being too dense.

The medium used as a fusion core is a compound that is prone to heat retention. Once it reaches the temperature needed to fuse hydrogen. The apparatus is released, and the compound retains its circular momentums in floating in space, A telescoping sphere then extends around the fusion-core, and hydrogen is flooded into this chamber from key points while the telescoping sphere retains the ideal pressure for the controlled fusion of hydrogen.

This may require a three canal system, with a wheel along the X, Y and Z dimensions, at 0 degrees along the equator running horizontaly, at a 90 degree angle from this point running vertically, and perhaps at the top of the sphere running diagonally.

The type of rotation desired is that so that any point on the outside of the sphere will move through every point of the outside sphere before returning to it’s original point.

This can be attempted while one is not in space (i.e on the ground), though the concept is not as stable. rather than the fusion-iginition system being released upwards and the floating sphere encapsulated by a containment telescoping-sphere; the process occurs normally up to this point, but then the fusion-core is released into a large containment-sphere, where the rotation on the fusion-core causes it to spin around the perimeter of the sphere, evenly mixing the hydrogen flooded containment-sphere as more and more hydrogen-pressure is applied into this sphere, allowing the dense cloud of gas to be compressed in the center by the centrifugal force applied by the transferred circular momentum from the fusion-core as it moves around the exterior of the containment-sphere. This is a plausible method of accomplishing this; granted the fact that I am making all of this up, quite willy-nilly.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Doom’s Prayer

Doom’s Prayer

As I saunter through this life
help me to instill more evolution than stagnation
conceive more boon than doom
rear more prosperity than failure

Never let me become so placated
that i will fail to see
the unrelinquished dreams of a dying child
or the fruitless struggle of the common people

Never let me forget that my sole purpose
is to empower people, impart wisdom
and dissociate their acceptance
of their apposite insignificance

And as I return to the matron darkness
the chasm of souls tormented by their failures
corruption, degeneracy, vice, and wanton iniquity
may I hear the aether whisper

“Just as your people are now ubiquitous with greatness
your spirit is now ubiquitous with civil reason
and the forces that shape meek beasts of dirt
into everlasting beacons of the culmination of sentience.”

Friday, June 5, 2015

Entropy Veneration & Tennants of Garbangelicalism

Garbangelicalism is the veneration of entropy as the prime deity of mortality and temporal existence that is entropic, or otherwise moves from order to disorder over time in a one-way or effectively one-way procession. This can also be called Entropy Veneration, rather than Garbangelicalism.

As entropy or entropic procession is synonymous with all material existence, Garbangelicalism reverse garbage and pollution as the culmination of the divine force of entropy. Garbage and pollution are effectively the “final form” material will take for the grand span of existence without very powerful and energy intensive recycling methods, so this is a token of Entropy’s power over the universe as well as a symbol of Entropy’s gifts to mankind allowing them to expedite the natural entropic process.

The process of manipulating material from a raw natural form into a form where it possesses innate ability to perform work or provide utility at the expense of some available energy is the driving force behind civilization. As these objects decay, deteriorate and break, they eventually provide little if any utility or ability to perform work. Just as petroleum can be refined into more powerful forms than raw oil, Garbangelicalism see’s garbage and pollution as symbols of the power, presence, and success of Entropy.

Divine Peace

The lack of the ability to provide utility or work is seen as a divine peace induced by entropy; much like how one can induce tranquility by meditating, Entropy induces peace throughout the universe by diminishing the ability of material existence throughout the Universe to provide utility or do work. As much as manipulation via work and mastery of utility can be seen as the source of all prowess and civilization, these capabilities are also the driving force accountable for all turmoil, strife, pain, misery, suffering, immorality, wrongdoings, injustice, and evil. In a universe fully purified by Entropy, none of the unsavory aspect of existence induced by work and utility cannot exist, as there is insufficient available energy to induce work or create utility. This is seen as the steady return to pure divine peace and harmony throughout existence.

Mankind serves as the catalyst to this return of Divine Peace via their own capability to expedite the natural entropic forces. Garbangelicalists, also identifiable as Entropytes,  or Entropriests and Entropriestesses see the role of mankind as a divine hand of Entropy, as mankind is an entropy expediting consciousness capable of manipulation and utilization of existence at a remarkable rate; seeing the technological progress, expansion, and development as holy work. Civilization and expansion is viewed in such a way, simply because a society that is 10 times larger will expedite 10 times the amount of entropy, while a civilization that exists for 10 times as long as another will expedite 10 times the amount of entropy.


These pure ideals of Garbangelicalism are supported, defended, sustained, and preserved by Garbangelical piety. Piety is a broad and nondescript category of actions that include actions that preserve and improve mankind’s ability to expedite entropy. Many things are a part of this, and this collection of ideals expands with time as more and more forces of preservation of entropy are ushered into existence by sapient forces.

 Effectively, things that increase the ability for a sapience to expedite entropy are revered, such as technological progress, preserving the existence, profluence, power, and presence of mankind, and future expansion of the species to allow for an even more so rapid rate of entropic expediting. While expansion of society is a pious thing to do, this becomes impious when expansion of society is not sustainable and leads to a net loss in “entropic manifest” over the remainder of existence.

Impiety and Wastefulness

Just as preservation of the existence and profluence of mankind and it’s technology is seen as pious and holy; standing in the way of societal progress, technological development, or the indefinite sustained life of the human race and it’s kingdom is seen as impious, vile, bad, evil, irreligious, unvirtuous and wicked. Forces and individuals that oppose the ideals of Garbangelicalism are seen as evil, demonic, or sadistic forces that seek to expedite the amount of suffering imposed before the universe can reach Divine Peace.

Garbangelicalism sees Divine Peace as inevitable, and does not purposely attempt to exacerbate this. As entropy is synonymous with the existence of life, simply preserving, expanding,and improving the capability and survivability of life will ultimately cause far more expediting of entropy than physically attempting to evoke the most entropy rather than simply a sufficient amount to accomplish one’s task is seen as wasteful.

Regardless of venerating garbage and pollution, wastefulness is still very impious. When things that could have otherwise advanced society are wasted and used inefficiently, this puts stress on the reserves of life-sustaining materials. Wastefulness leads to less successful and effective preservation of life and expansion of society. Wastefulness leads to death and inefficiency, and if the Hands of Entropy were to die off, this means that all the energy that could have been lost by the Entropy they induced is now free-energy which can be utilized to exacerbate the amount of suffering that is felt throughout the temporality of the universe.

Intent of Entropy Veneration

The intent of an Entropyte is very ambitious. This is for Humanity to continue to exist and expedite Entropy for the remainder of time before the Divine Peace is induced by the culmination of Entropy’s work, when there is no longer any ability to manifest work or utilize utility. This would mean existing, expanding, and “calming” matter until the Heat Death of the Universe, or until it is otherwise physically impossible for humans to retain their extant form as the atomic bonds that bind them together have decayed.

While Entropytes understand that by continuing the existence of mankind, they are increasing the amount of suffering that the race will feel throughout it’s existence. This is acceptable, as by preserving life and the accompanying expediting of entropy, this means that over the course of the universe, less of this thermodynamic free energy can be used to increase the suffering of any other conscious life, as it has been consumed by progress before it had the opportunity to be utilized by a consciousness, sapience, other non-cognizant force to instill suffering unto another being.

All entropic life that is below the Humans are part of the kingdom of Humans. These are meek creatures, but they are still holy as they do induce entropy at a faster rate than would occur without their existence. Entropytes venerate this life for many reasons, including of the dependence on flora and fauna for humans to survive and attain their ascension into the divine role as Hands of Entropy; respecting all entropic forces that preserve their own existence throughout time, ensuring that the expediting of entropy does not cease due to the inability of the force to sustain itself through replication or others; and also venerating the entire tree of life, as it was sheer chance that the Hands of Entropy evolved from apes, rather than any other form of life, and Entropyte understanding that a Hand of Entropy would be just as pure and divine regardless of the species that it evolved from, so long as it was able to sustain it’s life and work towards Divine Peace.

Much as a missionary may place value in spreading the works and knowledge of their religion; an Entropyte sees the preservation of life, the expansion of civilization, the progress of technology, and the utilization of thermodynamic free-energy as key pillars to success and greatness, but even more so the natural role of the divine Hands of Entropy. An Entropyte understands itself as one of the many Hands of Entropy, and thus sees it’s role as the constituent forces preserving and upholding the pillars of piety that attempt to instill the Divine Peace by preserving, protecting, expanding, and empowering entropy expediting forces and lifeforms as a religious duty.


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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Duke College; a pancea for poverty in Durham

If you can’t uproot the presence of menacing poverty in Durham, just make a mandatory “ Duke College” that functioned like a public school but provided training and certification of many jobs; attending this college would be mandatory like public school if you did not have a job and you lived in Durham, due to orders of the City. This would help some lower income people have a more positive outlook, and perhaps steer some youth away from crime by giving them job skills, certification, and other qualifications to be or at least appear as a valid employable person of a profession, rather than an idle or criminal person.

These would not be demanding university level studies, but rather applicable training with shorter time frames that would allow the individual a “foot in the door” into an industry, especially any industry that is a local industry, to encourage the retention of the individuals that are educated and empowered by this public educational facility that provides mandatory post-secondary education to all citizens of durham that are not employed or attending another college or university. This could even search for fiscal support from established sources rather than rely on the city and the university, and possibly the county, and hopefully with support of the state and federal governments.

This would be very much like public school, in that it is mandatory for all who are uneducated or unemployed  and of working age, rather than school age. This is a service largely for both the citizens and the city of durham, so these students could be bussed in by both public busses and school busses. The school busses would work, as this is a mandatory school for those without employment who are seeking employment, and optional for those who have employment.  The mandatory nature and limit of the serving area to that of the city means there can be set schedules and busses would at these times to and from areas on school-days ; morning; afternoon; night, Much of the population of the Durham Public Schools that graduates from high school, but would not attend a college or university otherwise would be bound to attend these schools stating “the bettering and development of Durham” as the cited reason; rather than to stand by as areas of the city slip into haggard lackluster, disrepair,  or slip away from economic progress and development. This is an effort to help blur the lines of the Duke part of Durham and the City of Durham, and to allow the levels of education and success synonymous with Duke University to extend in some ways to the town. Just as a successful industry can bring more affluence to an area with it’s presence; quality infrastructure and workforce empowerment can have this same effect without the need for a boom industry.

Fewer parts of the city will look run down, dangerous, or scary due to this educational system because people will want to live in durham, people will want where they live to look nice, and plenty of areas that were not ideal would see renovation and improvement in both private and commercial because their property value goes up the more people actually want to live in that area. The city would also see improvements in public infrastructure because more affluent businesses with more employees with appropriate training and skill-sets instilled at the Duke College, fueling the economy with increased wages of educated people, and a new source of income for both the City and the University from the tuition non-local students pay in order to attend Duke College. The college could offer competitive rates against local community colleges for common classes, as well as specializing in many application-based training courses for trades, jobs, careers, and professions (Blue Collar and some White Collar) , rather than focusing on university book-style learning.

Rather than continue the trend of having the University separate it’s own level of success from that of the City of Durham; this would benefit by increasing the flow of educated and qualified laborers throughout the city while simultaneously increasing property value by providing a very worthwhile expense to the City of Durham as well the County. If this system proves to be a good source of valuable and skilled employees; then both the City and the University get things they like; the City gets a more productive, educated, and capable workforce, while the University gets more alumni, potential university attendees, and even parents with some college or certification; as the more educated a parent is, the more likely their children are to attain a higher level of education.

~rap post-word
gang of durham; city of medicine
stab you with my ice pick syringe
fill it up with the quicklime
syringe pump a good time
conic cylinder of blown glass
looking like we’re in art class
round pencil, so sharp and hard
might stab you, and go full retard
thick like my masculine lumber
pointed with the tip of a rubber
hanging off like he’s in transit
to hit the fine ass he plays with
i got a carrot, and a cucumber
thinking this will do the number
hard and hanging in my pocket,
rest deviously in my hip socket
waste a gat blast tryin’ a cock it
so i saunter up a friendly stroll
before i i roll up behind the goal
unsheathe the shadowed icicle
as i make the spinal cord tickle
hammer-fist from the heavens
shame if you’re used to holding 7s
my hands used to gripping an 11
i’m a free-lance like i’m a Hessian
coolly done, with ergonomic grips
coming down like i do this for tips
i stab you in the lower sternomastoid
my thirsty icicle is now over joyed
watching your eyes as you get vampired
my icicle now drinks, smiling blood red
filling it up with plunger retraction
as i take a quart with the pump action
icicle and pump it back into the collar
which begins to melt a bit and hollow
if anybody ask me, know what is say bitch?
i tell them you were the wicked witch of the west

fuck your squad try to roll up with the heaters
kill a man dressed in track pants and a beater
i got my thermite filled shuriken bandolier
magnesium tips and veins in the cavalier

This i would finch if a man ttys to blast me
Each ninja star point is armed with a classy
 bang snap point in front of black powder
held down tight with a magnesium stopper
don’t think it would ever be just the tip
the shuriken body filled with thermite
still razor sharp enough to penetrate
just hope the blade doesn’t hit bone
spark the fuse of the magma crone
this candle fetters not when blown
being damned by molten throne 
the place magma golems call home

Before i roll out all Sly Stallone
even haters love my nice cologne
smelling rustic with copper undertones

Got another ice pick if anybody try to be a player hater
Ammonal, charcoal, TNT and a Hg fulminate detonator
I got the magneto plunger inlaid into the steel handle, en garde!
Stabbing you igniting the shaped charge throughout your innards

And yet I’ve got strength energy to walk away
but all and all this is nothing but another day

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Future of Sapiens from the Earth

Because someone wanted rights one time. I’ve not been idle and searched for rights too much, but still. I would say I love non-traditional death, death and dying motifs,  traditional deaths, weaponry, warfare, conquest, technology and civilization, profluence propagation and proliferation of foot soldiers, vehicles, contests, sporting, risks, handicrafts and objects manifest by the hands,  respectable success, and  leisure pursuits. I also enjoy the theoretical intensive GMO research, development, application, study, and possible release of GMO humans and chimera humans, this even extending to any other competitive form of sapience that can be reared through genetic modification. To think about investing in a computer as investing in the ability to have clear calculations worked rapidly, investing in the Gentic Modificaiton of the Human Genome with development towards rearing other forms of intelligent communicating sapeince into other animals is much like investing in the ability to create societies, pools of creativity, physical work pools, skilled labor pools, and otherwise societal roles that these species may never see through natural evolution, as evolution into sapience proved to be rather rare amongst the animals throughout history. ,

The instillation of sapience could be done by giving animals some dactylic qualities of man, even just giving dog the ability to open and close the palm of the paw, the ability to bend the slightly elongated fingers from the center of the paw up to 90 degree~like the first part of the human fingers, the second two parts of the fingers are not there, but the dog can extend it’s emphasized claws, that have very precise claw control and cube around the palm to give it comparable grip to that  of a human. (half the proportion of a human finger) at one joint in the dog’s fingers,  bigger paws, and and allowing the thumb claw to become an opposable thumb, all fidgets having sizable increase in length.

The dog was intelligent, but it does not talk well, so it can also be given vocal chords with their proportions changed to the range of the natural tone of the dog’s bark. The brain size could come from genes of eating cooked food or something, perhaps the dog will enjoy cooked food and be able to cook. The dog would have short hair ideally, as man who plays with fire knows his natty dread will catch on fire, so he knows that the sheep dog’s natty mane would also catch on fire. If you are engulfed in flame making a campfire, I would hate to see you in a forge. This is why the long haired dog may not be as much of a common person, but it could easily be an arctic dog, or even a dog of a northern parts of the northern hemisphere that was disinclined to to industrial work involving fire, hot things, cooking; raw; amish, fire abstinent, hunting eating raw meat and preserving meat while and surviving off of the wild and in the wild like a normal dog; yet inclined enough to be societal in ways such as having a house or exchanging labors or services for money, it would be conscious still like a person and capable of anything a person would, just as all of these dogs, but it would not have a trade in a place like a forge or be a fireman. It could perhaps make a fire if it wet it’s fur very well and slicked it back before igniting the logs or other medium primed with flammable fluid via a match, lighter or what have you. Normally, this could catch the dog on fire, but the dog had wet it’s hands and knows to move away from the fire at all times; it could do this for heat in an extreme case. the  ;

 this fire-prone dog would not be a common dog, but the common dog would be about the size of a person, with similar capabilities, retaining some of the posture of the dog, while gaining some posture of the man. This was a dog man hybrid, however, this would be much like a dog, in that it would run and have much of the same instincts of hunting and killing. This combination could also be given a small bear to provide size to the creature, rather than having the dog-man be dwarfed to the person in size as even a mix between a wolf and a person would be smaller than many people, but this could be a benefit as much as it is a drawback, as these sized dogs would always be able to fit into things designed for humans.

The true benefactor to society is not the tame hardworking and loyal dog person, but the Towering // Ursus Canis Sapiens // species. The bear preserving the size of the human, while retaining the same style of modifications, both bears paws and dogs paws already having the palm and one bone finger. Both of these have claws. The bear is good for the human element due to the omnivorous nature and the fishing capabilities. The legends say humans would chase animals like a dog would when the species was developing, so this many not be too foreign, some humans do have very apt capabilities in running quite fast and for long periods of time as well. This could even have one put in a cheetah to retain sleekness, preserve short-hairedness that could be lost to the dog and bear, preserve the speed element that the dog and human can possess, as opposed to the bear which was more like a semi-truck on the highway as opposed to a sedan of a person or a muscle car of a dog. The cheetah was like a sports car in this scenario, regardless of the speed not being a crucial factor, but still other things such as the long strong but agile limbs  were something that were desired as well,

This (The above), as a dog has little claw utility or action motion other than digging that I can imagine, perhaps scratching prey or cleaning feathers off of prey; this is  not a task that dominates the life of the dog so it plays a minimal role in the external appearance as it can be deemed sufficient quickly enough, but this means that the dog’s arms would move very little in range compared to the dactylic mandibles and appendages of humans (~a dog would have a smaller total joint based angular range of motion throughout the arm and claw as it uses it’s arms and paws less than people; i don’t see a dog swimming butterfly.)

One can also add a lion for size,  to balance the number of cats, and to respect that male lions have beards much like human males, and females do not. This is a key feature to distinguish. They see you and say; we are not so different, you and I.

These genomes are combined like a raspberry, with some parts turned off or on if need be, otherwise the parts would mostly be the same. The combined raspberry genome is still every small, but it matches up and gets the nitty gritty of reproduction done just was well as a raspberry or something with 8 sets of chromasomess, as all of these have two sets of chromosomes. These would need to be interwoven enough so that it does not recognize any of itself as multiple distinct or separate entities. This means the genes that define the brain are woven together and so forth, that even though all parts are still happening, they are all happening interwoven with each other rather than taking time to each complete their own independent genetic blueprint in separate pairings. Even if this was just taking one half of a chromosome and pairing it to a different chromosome half from one of the other creatures, to ensure that it kept all parts of the chromosomes in order to breed, rather than breed off partial segments. That or make each whole chromosome now a sex chromosome. And rather than one sex chromosome, the creature would fill a shell of 50% of the chromosomes of each animal interwoven, these ones were a tried and true group of even ~25% so for 22 this is 5 and one x or y sex hormone transmission spot; the empty 75% of this shell that is twice the one of the normal one, or just the DNA of all of the creatures that has been rein coded into a the rest of these are filled by bank chromosomes, and the animal just get a manimal every time

~Humans are about brown as a mix between this, brown / gold is a good color for this to maybe be

Human 44 +2sex
Brown Bear  74 ??sex
Wolf  78 ??
Lion and Cheetah 38 ~(similar to people)
(Chimp 48)

46 + 74 + 78 + 48 = a group of 246 chromosomes. Some of these may be redundant as the species are all very close. This was the reason I mused about having empty shells of say the number in a half a basket, where it was a 128 (or anything close) chromosome, but these were baskets and were filled partially beforehand, before taking a substantial investment from sex chromosomes, the sex chromosomes being expanded to a plethora of beyond one single sex chromosome that was transmitted via sexual activity and determined the sex of the human; instead, these small 128 baskets were filled with both sex(single) and double chromosomes that were transmitted sexually and whichever sets of chromosomes filled the 128 shell was whatever would happen to be born. The Chimera would birth two 128 genome baskets functioning much in the same way and breeding the same way, just with a limited genetic pool, and this before it would birth one 256 genome basket

The 256 and 128 baskets should just be close, because that is about what it adds up to total, when just taking an average. This would be made by taking the zygote producing cells of a plant or something with around 256 chromosome, and fancy that, who would have guessed; God loves you and made the Argodiaetus butterfly with 268 chromosomes, just enough to casually switch the native DNA that the butterfly replicates with the melded DNA of the Chimera parts.

The Chimera would be like cloning a sheep more or less, once the genome was established, even if one must use a synthetic egg because it would otherwise be so large. (Stretch the general DNA carrying cell size of the body if you can to accommodate a large nucleus with many chromosomes) The baskets that were partially filled before hand were just like a eggs that are fertilized through sexual reproduction, but these are able to accommodate more than one chromosome (more than just one X or one Y chromosome from the man)
This is also the same function for both of the baskets.

This is only 5, so you get to throw in one to pick because odd didn’t seem right, they were at least sets of two. So you’re missing one and this would be a pair with human most likely, as the other pairs are obvious; this can be a gorilla or another large primate, because the majority of primates would be far too small in stature to mingle with the species here,

The male common chimp stands up to 1.2 m (3.9 ft) high and weighs as much as 70 kg (150 lb);

Adult female gray wolves in northern Minnesota weigh between 50 and 85 pounds, and adult males between 70 and 110 pounds. Gray wolves are larger in the northwestern United States, Canada, and Alaska and in Russia where adult males weigh 85 to 115 pounds and occasionally reach 130 pounds.

A chimpanzee is about the size of a wolf, and that would put things at a manageable size and strength, likely the average of the 6 species involved is around the size of a human. The bear would be there to aid in the ability to stand on just the two hind legs that some of the other member may lack, while the chimp may  simply add dactyl emphasis and omnivorousness, tree climbing instinct.

This makes it viable as it would not overly dwarf the creature and it provides key desired features.

The morality behind these creatures is creating a sapient creature that can preserve itself and lives a life with a comparable quality to that of a human,
The sapient-claw hands work for all 4 of these animals with paws; taking only the one finger part of a dog, bear, lion and cheetah, while the fingers of monkey can serve to emphasize the detachment of the fingers from a paw system as well as the length of the fingers, even though one is not attempting to preserve both joints beyond the first one; bears it seems to have a joint-like area that connects the palm bones of the paw into the finger-type bones, so the range of the finger could be preserved to 2 of 3 joints, as there is only one joint in the finger of  a bear, and i presume that this is the same for the cats and wolf. The end 90 or more capacity that is provided by the tips of the fingers (from furthest out joint to tip of finger) was provided by retractable claws that gave the creature complete function just like a humans fingers would, even the capability of typing with the claws, if it’s fingers were not very developed.

If this creature tells you that it can understand animals, and communicate with more natural sounding animal noises as opposed to words, this may be fair; as one cannot know for certain how much is communicated between animals. I am not confident in this being true, so there would be priority on preserving the vocal chords withn the baskets that were filled by this creature. This creature may be quite large, so birthing it’s founding members from a tame bear sounds reasonable enough, as it is smaller than the bear all in all, so this means there is a lower likelihood of it hurting the bear if it is misshapen or otherwise needs to be removed surgically due to failure to seed properly or inability to birth the animal.

These creatures could breed in the wild given that they could not reproduce with any existing member of the wild, while it would be ok for them to reproduce amongst themselves, and possibly with humans.

Even if the manimal was less creative or handed, it would still be capable of doing many things; the tameness of the dog and the civility of the human and the bear, as well as the rather docile and curious nature of the chimp should balance each other out, lessening the carnal hunting instinct of the wild cats to instead become a sapient intelligence that controls its instincts.

Creating another sapience is like having back-up in life. If humans were to struggle for some reason, the sapience that was created by humans could still thrive or do well enough, being unaffected  or less affected by the root of mankind’s problems. These creatures may just have a particular set of skills, and they may be able to find a suitable occupation and be respectable members of society. A bear sapiens may never exist for a plethora of reasons, so doing what one can to see that creatures are at least part of a sapient creature, if not the true root (as some genetics for sapience must be included in the mix, this is as to why it cannot be a pure animal, as one is adding in genetics from other animals, rather than having genetics that evolved inside of the creature over thousands of years.)