Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Authentic New Age Shanks for the 21st Century

Authentic Matt Thaden Shanks

Glass Icicle Syringe Shank. Fill this with quicklime. The pont breaks off inside of the body, then you draw the blood into the syringe area filled with loosely filled quicklime, and then one injects the quicklime-blood back into the stabbing victim.

This can also be done less efficiently by having a non-syringe, smaller, maybe pocket sized glass icicle filled peraps 50% with quicklime, the other 50% air or a vacuum is even better. One stabs the victim, then breaks the icicle with a hammer while still pushing in, then pouring the quicklime into the victim.

This kills the person most likely.

Spec-Ops Thermite Shank. This is a thick metal knife with a hollow interior. This interior is filled with thermite. There is a magnesium fuse in the handle that one can ignite with a trigger button on the handle, pressed with the thumb once the victim has been shanked. The shank would be inserted up to a certain point. Pressing the button would release spring-loaded wings from the blunt side of the knife to apply pressure against the other side of the body to prevent the knife from being withdrawn. There is a short fuse timer of three to five seconds on the thermite shank, after this time, a magnesium fuse is lit, and the thermite ignites from this fuse. The blade is made of a metal that will melt easier than the handle to ensure that the thermite has ignited before the handle falls out because the blade holding it inside of the victim is now molten metal.

One can also have a metal syringe shank, and this is re-usable and less breakable than the glass-icicle shank, the glass-icicle being designed to impale the target and then be broken in order to pour the contents into the man.

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