Monday, June 8, 2015

Doom’s Prayer

Doom’s Prayer

As I saunter through this life
help me to instill more evolution than stagnation
conceive more boon than doom
rear more prosperity than failure

Never let me become so placated
that i will fail to see
the unrelinquished dreams of a dying child
or the fruitless struggle of the common people

Never let me forget that my sole purpose
is to empower people, impart wisdom
and dissociate their acceptance
of their apposite insignificance

And as I return to the matron darkness
the chasm of souls tormented by their failures
corruption, degeneracy, vice, and wanton iniquity
may I hear the aether whisper

“Just as your people are now ubiquitous with greatness
your spirit is now ubiquitous with civil reason
and the forces that shape meek beasts of dirt
into everlasting beacons of the culmination of sentience.”

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