Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Duke College; a pancea for poverty in Durham

If you can’t uproot the presence of menacing poverty in Durham, just make a mandatory “ Duke College” that functioned like a public school but provided training and certification of many jobs; attending this college would be mandatory like public school if you did not have a job and you lived in Durham, due to orders of the City. This would help some lower income people have a more positive outlook, and perhaps steer some youth away from crime by giving them job skills, certification, and other qualifications to be or at least appear as a valid employable person of a profession, rather than an idle or criminal person.

These would not be demanding university level studies, but rather applicable training with shorter time frames that would allow the individual a “foot in the door” into an industry, especially any industry that is a local industry, to encourage the retention of the individuals that are educated and empowered by this public educational facility that provides mandatory post-secondary education to all citizens of durham that are not employed or attending another college or university. This could even search for fiscal support from established sources rather than rely on the city and the university, and possibly the county, and hopefully with support of the state and federal governments.

This would be very much like public school, in that it is mandatory for all who are uneducated or unemployed  and of working age, rather than school age. This is a service largely for both the citizens and the city of durham, so these students could be bussed in by both public busses and school busses. The school busses would work, as this is a mandatory school for those without employment who are seeking employment, and optional for those who have employment.  The mandatory nature and limit of the serving area to that of the city means there can be set schedules and busses would at these times to and from areas on school-days ; morning; afternoon; night, Much of the population of the Durham Public Schools that graduates from high school, but would not attend a college or university otherwise would be bound to attend these schools stating “the bettering and development of Durham” as the cited reason; rather than to stand by as areas of the city slip into haggard lackluster, disrepair,  or slip away from economic progress and development. This is an effort to help blur the lines of the Duke part of Durham and the City of Durham, and to allow the levels of education and success synonymous with Duke University to extend in some ways to the town. Just as a successful industry can bring more affluence to an area with it’s presence; quality infrastructure and workforce empowerment can have this same effect without the need for a boom industry.

Fewer parts of the city will look run down, dangerous, or scary due to this educational system because people will want to live in durham, people will want where they live to look nice, and plenty of areas that were not ideal would see renovation and improvement in both private and commercial because their property value goes up the more people actually want to live in that area. The city would also see improvements in public infrastructure because more affluent businesses with more employees with appropriate training and skill-sets instilled at the Duke College, fueling the economy with increased wages of educated people, and a new source of income for both the City and the University from the tuition non-local students pay in order to attend Duke College. The college could offer competitive rates against local community colleges for common classes, as well as specializing in many application-based training courses for trades, jobs, careers, and professions (Blue Collar and some White Collar) , rather than focusing on university book-style learning.

Rather than continue the trend of having the University separate it’s own level of success from that of the City of Durham; this would benefit by increasing the flow of educated and qualified laborers throughout the city while simultaneously increasing property value by providing a very worthwhile expense to the City of Durham as well the County. If this system proves to be a good source of valuable and skilled employees; then both the City and the University get things they like; the City gets a more productive, educated, and capable workforce, while the University gets more alumni, potential university attendees, and even parents with some college or certification; as the more educated a parent is, the more likely their children are to attain a higher level of education.

~rap post-word
gang of durham; city of medicine
stab you with my ice pick syringe
fill it up with the quicklime
syringe pump a good time
conic cylinder of blown glass
looking like we’re in art class
round pencil, so sharp and hard
might stab you, and go full retard
thick like my masculine lumber
pointed with the tip of a rubber
hanging off like he’s in transit
to hit the fine ass he plays with
i got a carrot, and a cucumber
thinking this will do the number
hard and hanging in my pocket,
rest deviously in my hip socket
waste a gat blast tryin’ a cock it
so i saunter up a friendly stroll
before i i roll up behind the goal
unsheathe the shadowed icicle
as i make the spinal cord tickle
hammer-fist from the heavens
shame if you’re used to holding 7s
my hands used to gripping an 11
i’m a free-lance like i’m a Hessian
coolly done, with ergonomic grips
coming down like i do this for tips
i stab you in the lower sternomastoid
my thirsty icicle is now over joyed
watching your eyes as you get vampired
my icicle now drinks, smiling blood red
filling it up with plunger retraction
as i take a quart with the pump action
icicle and pump it back into the collar
which begins to melt a bit and hollow
if anybody ask me, know what is say bitch?
i tell them you were the wicked witch of the west

fuck your squad try to roll up with the heaters
kill a man dressed in track pants and a beater
i got my thermite filled shuriken bandolier
magnesium tips and veins in the cavalier

This i would finch if a man ttys to blast me
Each ninja star point is armed with a classy
 bang snap point in front of black powder
held down tight with a magnesium stopper
don’t think it would ever be just the tip
the shuriken body filled with thermite
still razor sharp enough to penetrate
just hope the blade doesn’t hit bone
spark the fuse of the magma crone
this candle fetters not when blown
being damned by molten throne 
the place magma golems call home

Before i roll out all Sly Stallone
even haters love my nice cologne
smelling rustic with copper undertones

Got another ice pick if anybody try to be a player hater
Ammonal, charcoal, TNT and a Hg fulminate detonator
I got the magneto plunger inlaid into the steel handle, en garde!
Stabbing you igniting the shaped charge throughout your innards

And yet I’ve got strength energy to walk away
but all and all this is nothing but another day

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