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Entropy Veneration & Tennants of Garbangelicalism

Garbangelicalism is the veneration of entropy as the prime deity of mortality and temporal existence that is entropic, or otherwise moves from order to disorder over time in a one-way or effectively one-way procession. This can also be called Entropy Veneration, rather than Garbangelicalism.

As entropy or entropic procession is synonymous with all material existence, Garbangelicalism reverse garbage and pollution as the culmination of the divine force of entropy. Garbage and pollution are effectively the “final form” material will take for the grand span of existence without very powerful and energy intensive recycling methods, so this is a token of Entropy’s power over the universe as well as a symbol of Entropy’s gifts to mankind allowing them to expedite the natural entropic process.

The process of manipulating material from a raw natural form into a form where it possesses innate ability to perform work or provide utility at the expense of some available energy is the driving force behind civilization. As these objects decay, deteriorate and break, they eventually provide little if any utility or ability to perform work. Just as petroleum can be refined into more powerful forms than raw oil, Garbangelicalism see’s garbage and pollution as symbols of the power, presence, and success of Entropy.

Divine Peace

The lack of the ability to provide utility or work is seen as a divine peace induced by entropy; much like how one can induce tranquility by meditating, Entropy induces peace throughout the universe by diminishing the ability of material existence throughout the Universe to provide utility or do work. As much as manipulation via work and mastery of utility can be seen as the source of all prowess and civilization, these capabilities are also the driving force accountable for all turmoil, strife, pain, misery, suffering, immorality, wrongdoings, injustice, and evil. In a universe fully purified by Entropy, none of the unsavory aspect of existence induced by work and utility cannot exist, as there is insufficient available energy to induce work or create utility. This is seen as the steady return to pure divine peace and harmony throughout existence.

Mankind serves as the catalyst to this return of Divine Peace via their own capability to expedite the natural entropic forces. Garbangelicalists, also identifiable as Entropytes,  or Entropriests and Entropriestesses see the role of mankind as a divine hand of Entropy, as mankind is an entropy expediting consciousness capable of manipulation and utilization of existence at a remarkable rate; seeing the technological progress, expansion, and development as holy work. Civilization and expansion is viewed in such a way, simply because a society that is 10 times larger will expedite 10 times the amount of entropy, while a civilization that exists for 10 times as long as another will expedite 10 times the amount of entropy.


These pure ideals of Garbangelicalism are supported, defended, sustained, and preserved by Garbangelical piety. Piety is a broad and nondescript category of actions that include actions that preserve and improve mankind’s ability to expedite entropy. Many things are a part of this, and this collection of ideals expands with time as more and more forces of preservation of entropy are ushered into existence by sapient forces.

 Effectively, things that increase the ability for a sapience to expedite entropy are revered, such as technological progress, preserving the existence, profluence, power, and presence of mankind, and future expansion of the species to allow for an even more so rapid rate of entropic expediting. While expansion of society is a pious thing to do, this becomes impious when expansion of society is not sustainable and leads to a net loss in “entropic manifest” over the remainder of existence.

Impiety and Wastefulness

Just as preservation of the existence and profluence of mankind and it’s technology is seen as pious and holy; standing in the way of societal progress, technological development, or the indefinite sustained life of the human race and it’s kingdom is seen as impious, vile, bad, evil, irreligious, unvirtuous and wicked. Forces and individuals that oppose the ideals of Garbangelicalism are seen as evil, demonic, or sadistic forces that seek to expedite the amount of suffering imposed before the universe can reach Divine Peace.

Garbangelicalism sees Divine Peace as inevitable, and does not purposely attempt to exacerbate this. As entropy is synonymous with the existence of life, simply preserving, expanding,and improving the capability and survivability of life will ultimately cause far more expediting of entropy than physically attempting to evoke the most entropy rather than simply a sufficient amount to accomplish one’s task is seen as wasteful.

Regardless of venerating garbage and pollution, wastefulness is still very impious. When things that could have otherwise advanced society are wasted and used inefficiently, this puts stress on the reserves of life-sustaining materials. Wastefulness leads to less successful and effective preservation of life and expansion of society. Wastefulness leads to death and inefficiency, and if the Hands of Entropy were to die off, this means that all the energy that could have been lost by the Entropy they induced is now free-energy which can be utilized to exacerbate the amount of suffering that is felt throughout the temporality of the universe.

Intent of Entropy Veneration

The intent of an Entropyte is very ambitious. This is for Humanity to continue to exist and expedite Entropy for the remainder of time before the Divine Peace is induced by the culmination of Entropy’s work, when there is no longer any ability to manifest work or utilize utility. This would mean existing, expanding, and “calming” matter until the Heat Death of the Universe, or until it is otherwise physically impossible for humans to retain their extant form as the atomic bonds that bind them together have decayed.

While Entropytes understand that by continuing the existence of mankind, they are increasing the amount of suffering that the race will feel throughout it’s existence. This is acceptable, as by preserving life and the accompanying expediting of entropy, this means that over the course of the universe, less of this thermodynamic free energy can be used to increase the suffering of any other conscious life, as it has been consumed by progress before it had the opportunity to be utilized by a consciousness, sapience, other non-cognizant force to instill suffering unto another being.

All entropic life that is below the Humans are part of the kingdom of Humans. These are meek creatures, but they are still holy as they do induce entropy at a faster rate than would occur without their existence. Entropytes venerate this life for many reasons, including of the dependence on flora and fauna for humans to survive and attain their ascension into the divine role as Hands of Entropy; respecting all entropic forces that preserve their own existence throughout time, ensuring that the expediting of entropy does not cease due to the inability of the force to sustain itself through replication or others; and also venerating the entire tree of life, as it was sheer chance that the Hands of Entropy evolved from apes, rather than any other form of life, and Entropyte understanding that a Hand of Entropy would be just as pure and divine regardless of the species that it evolved from, so long as it was able to sustain it’s life and work towards Divine Peace.

Much as a missionary may place value in spreading the works and knowledge of their religion; an Entropyte sees the preservation of life, the expansion of civilization, the progress of technology, and the utilization of thermodynamic free-energy as key pillars to success and greatness, but even more so the natural role of the divine Hands of Entropy. An Entropyte understands itself as one of the many Hands of Entropy, and thus sees it’s role as the constituent forces preserving and upholding the pillars of piety that attempt to instill the Divine Peace by preserving, protecting, expanding, and empowering entropy expediting forces and lifeforms as a religious duty.


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  1. ~~~Oct 21. 2013~~ Sermon of Faith ~~ (I couldn't find it on this website; but this was the only message explicitly regarding the Garbangelicalist faith I could recollect communicating; as one can see as time progresses from the past to the present through the blog; things like writing timbre and style change with time, so this obviously is in the style of older writings. being written ~2 years ago)

    Make that magic, I am a pious Garbangelicalist. One day the Garbage King shall rise from the depths of the dump and reign in the prophesied kingdom of nothing but refuse, rubble and litter. Rife in succession knowing no more creation can be done, as all resource has been squandered. The only things left to do are reign in the glory, fervor and power of the marked waste and lay the filthiest dirtiest hottest trashiest of all the finest littered bitches of the world at leisure on the softest beds of hot garbage. Knowing where once there was something, now we stand in all of it's glory, shame, utility and futility simultaneously, having seen the prophecy fulfilled, the ultimate power of garbage, the one true medallion of a habitable planet.

    The meaning of life is not to live forever, it is simply to live, to die, and to leave something behind that shall rest in it's own immortal vestige for eternity. The feeling is that of pure success taking God's Eden and laying it to rest as a broken raped and battered virgin in the middle of a village, should we not live to pillage again, to ride as vikings do we know we die in the arms of our lover, partner, and if indeed "silence implies consent" consensual sadomasochistic mutual rapist of a consort, old baby blue; Earth.

    Praise Gahb, for she know not what she do, nor do she will upon others but what they will upon themselves.

    Gahb, the Sun, and the Sully Vagrant. Lament. Ferment.

    In death and dearth, quench thirst for breath, free thine torment. recompense the mother of ones own detriments and derelict oneself as sacrament through itinerant etiquette from the shallow grave of garbage or soil until not but seismic motion betill thine carapace into the sediment.

    Brother live on for it is not but people who live seemingly to learn simply what to forget. The planet, and that which we do rape her with, does not forget, rife fecundity begets ambivalence ripe of fruit spawned of mine thine chalice and phallus as well as in due time through the pantomime all but the inevitability of sublime futility inducing apathy, the induction of serenity, divinity is the acceptance of the obscenity and explicit reality of probability. Only the dubious see a Garbangelicalist and disregard the prophecy. I simply pity a man who's argument revolves around the phrase " How can I gamble forever and not win?" for that is simply the Gambler's Fallacy.

    Cheers, my boys, i take reverence to all the Trash you and your followers may supply in the name and reverence to the fortold King of those derelict in darkness, Titus Rex Detritus

    Revere his name indeed for in dark days nay king nor prophet amongst those whom walk the earth, simply stands as a shadow for such a phantom to rise as aether from the fumes of the debris as mirage in heat to kill this man would be but to kill death itself, to raise life from that but of death is but to ensure one's own immortality.

    - Deathenings upon thine endeavors child

    - Father Lucious Ferox Ferramentarius Detrimentosus Fermentavisse

    Vivere Pecavi Excolevi Decendi

    May Gahb bereave and re-reap you, ever as true as untrue, time the only usurer jew returning interest on those who've descended into the depths before you.

    Praise Gahb.