Friday, June 12, 2015

The Motorcycle Military-Drone as a Replacement for the Common Infantry

This is an idea for a military drone styled after a motorcycle. These could be used to ensure the safety of civilians when normal drone-strikes would have a high chance of incurring civilian deaths. These are also designed to be applicable replacements for foot soldiers in many scenarios. The goal is to save lives by replacing valuable foot soldiers that would otherwise be fighting on the front lines and placed in harms way with a machine that can much more easily be fixed or replaced if it is damaged or destroyed while serving it’s military purpose.

This is much like a common motorcycle, but this has wheels on top and bottom, for 4 wheels total. A roll cage and horizontal and vertical weight manipulations allow this to right itself when knocked over. The bike has two cannons on the sides of the bike, inside of the roll cage, with their guns pointed outside of the roll cage. The roll cage has an armored shell around it, much like a geodesic dome to ensure stability, if this is more stable than an actual dome, if not, use pure elliptical domes around the roll cage. There is no need for a rider because this is remote controlled; the lack of a rider allows one to store much more fuel and ammunition inside of the bike; there are cameras at the front and back to ensure that the operator can see.

Some of these bikes are thin enough to fit through doors, even reducing the size to a miniature motorcycle to give this motorcycle drone more versatility, ideally with the ability to scale most if not all staircases. The tires should be bulletproof to avoid flat tires forms spike strips, but this can also be accomplished by hydraulics much like one sees in showy cars.

The weight system is quite simple and simply provides enough displacement of the center of gravity of the bike to allow it to right itself. This does not mean that the weights have to right the bike to a vertical position, because just like when a human rider rides a bike, a motorcycle can lean to very acute angles with the ground while turning and still be able to return to an upright position. This would just mean that the bike would do a small turn of sorts.

This bike would have a reverse gear powerful enough to keep it upright, being capable of driving either direction, unlike an actual motorbike, because there would be no danger in reversing at high speeds. The transmission would be able to easily change which set of wheels is being powered, as not to waste fuel powering the wheels that are  on the top.

Applications for this include missions where it would be very dangerous to send in human troops, and bombing via a drone could easily cause civilian casualties. The bike could be equipped with cannons of varying calibers, the larger caliber guns of course having a smaller ammo reserve.

The design of this would look much like melding the mechanics of an automatic or semi-automatic firearm and a motorcycle, with additional parts including the weight system to allow it to right itself if it is knocked over. There can be an additional weight added going front to back, to give the bike the ability to do a wheelie, as this may be required to efficiently move up stairs.

There can be two poles that extend from the back of the bike to function like a kickstand on a bike, but more so to provide the ability to counter recoil of the projectiles it shoots, allowing the bike to be equipped with larger caliber guns without sacrificing accuracy, as well as to allow the bike to shoot from a still position while it is not moving.

The video feed aspects of the bike allows it to have a crosshair to allow for greater accuracy, and the camera could even be given some optical zoom or digital zoom and environmental diagnostic capability to determine wind if the bike were to be equipped with something like a sniper rifle.

There could be a smaller retractable cannon, firing handgun size rounds mounted on the top. This would have an axis to rotate on unlike the other cannons. This would allow the bike 360 degrees of horizontal rotation and a range of up to 90 degrees of vertical rotation to allow a large capable area of fire. This would enable the bike to aptly guard Prisoners of War that have surrendered from an idle position. The bike can be equipped with a speaker to allow the bike to transmit audio, allowing the operator to communicate with the people it interacts with.

The bike could also be equipped with various tools including a retractable robotic arm in place of the handgun, or on the alternate side of the bike to allow it to have another use, such as cutting through a chain link fence, or even something like a plasma cutter to cut through more sturdy fences and objects. This could also allow the bike to search opponents, and confiscate their weapons with a claw or some sorts.

The bike has a larger body than a normal bike, having an elliptical sphere as it’s exterior limits, allowing much versatility regarding the interior components of the bike. The bike is not solely applicable in military operations, but can also be utilized for dangerous police work like SWAT missions.

These bikes would be much faster than humans and this gives them a great advantage. Other advantages include being bulletproof and having a greater carrying capacity than a soldier. The real merit to a drone-soldier such as this is that one is able to preserve human lives by saving a soldier from being put into harms way when the bike can be used instead.

In place of tires, one could also have a non-deflatable wheel replacement such as a tread one might find on a tank lined around the edge of the wheel, but perhaps one made of a more lightweight and road friendly material, but still exceptionally sturdy material that would make it impervious to being disabled due to tire deflation, and this tread could also be resistant to land mines. The tread would be a good alternative, because there is no real value to the smooth ride that tires offer because there is no rider that would be discomforted by the bumpiness. The tread would also give it great ability to scale difficult inclinations, but this may sacrifice much of the dexterous turning capacity that  a motorcycle has.

Instead of either of these, a solid tire rather than an inflatable tire could be used, and these tires would ideally have much of the sturdiness of a tread, and even be fitted with and off-road tread pattern to preserve some of the ability to move off-road and scale difficult inclines such as steep hills, that normal tires would find difficult to impossible.

Given that one was faced with the task of countering an opponents drone-bikes, then common means such as thick vertical walls could be used to prevent their advance, and methods such as anti-armor shells could be applied. One could even make a drone-bike that is much larger than a common motorcycle to allow it to have much more powerful cannons, this would allow it to fire miniature tank shells, or large armor piercing rounds in an attempt to thwart these mobile and capable drone-bikes.

Bikes are ideal, because they use very little fuel, especially when compared to large autos such as cars and trucks. This gives them the ability to function over extended periods of time and gives them a much larger range of operation from their garage where maintenance and upkeep could be performed on them. The bikes could have the side of their cage opened like one would open the hood of a car, with options including a hood release powered by the computer operator, but having the ability to open the cage manually is ideal, in the case that the electronic component is damaged and fails to unlatch the cage-door when ordered.

While these bikes do operate at peak performance in open areas, off-road tires would allow them to operate in areas such as woodlands, and the robotic arm could be equipped with a machete or something similar to allow it to clear paths through foliage to allow it to operate more efficiently in places where vehicular travel may otherwise be inhibited by the natural impediments such as jungles and forests.

These bikes could also be amphibious with a secondary propulsion system being something like a jet-ski propulsion system. The amphibious versions would also have to be buoyant and have any water-sensitive areas be waterproof.

To allow the vehicle the ability to cross small gaps in the terrain such as a small canyon or gorge, telescoping wings could be utilized, having the bike function much like a plane at this point, but it would lack the lack the ability for any sustained or capable flight without some sort of aerial propulsion method such as a small jet-engine.

These bikes could also be equipped with parachutes from their utility slot along their top to allow their use as paratroopers.

These bikes have the capability to become the foot soldier of the future, and save the lives of many healthy soldiers that would otherwise fall in combat against opponents, allowing them to return home from their tour of duty and live productive lives as veterans and civilians.


  1. A geodesic elliptical dome may not be nearly as strong as a sphere. If this is the case, one can have two geodesic sphere-domes, one housing each wheel with an independent drive system for the top and bottom wheel that each one houses. These are connected with rods and shielded by smaller geodesic domes filling in the space between the two spheres as shielding for the connecting rods. These can also house small utility tools if desired.

    The idea is that using tessellating domes of varying sizes will preserve the integrity of the ideal strength of the geodesic sphere. The geodesic sphere only housing one wheel at the bottom also provides ideal protection for the wheel, leaving only the bare minimum amount of the wheel exposed to the outside.

    Of course, with wheel holes, this could ruin the integrity of the dome, so this could also be countered by tessellating smaller domes encompassing or encircling each wheel.

  2. The whole design of wheels on top and bottom seems very stupid to me now. These could easily be designed like weeble people with the wheels on the bototm so they could weeble and wobble and not fall down. This would add more integrity to the machine.