Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Degeneracy of Central NC

Degeneracy of Central NC

Repping the home of the burlington coat factory
Home of some homies who pay for pussy
Hometown of homegrown ho’s who love me
every pimp in town knows I get my pussy for free

Blood brothers who fuck mothers in mean nasty Mebane
home to the classically deadly, kill you painfully like henbane
home to the apropos, the prolix, and the profusely profane
blood runs deep, but here my blood runs rife with cocaine

Take a trip down the road to the illest chillest hillsboro
if you need a fix a i know every money maker in deals-boro
you hear of the city of medicine, well i welcome you to pills-boro
kill a man with my six gun while I’m smoking on a marlboro

Well dressed, well off, and well read brothers in the Chapel Thrills
where some men count bills and other men just count kills
where the streets are littered with hard drugs and ho’s in high heels
where any brother can pick up a degree in universal OG ideals

Yearn for the days of smoking schurm in good old Durham
where the devil teach you for the right price, if you fitting to learn
see nothing but fiends for miles, if you got some money to earn
smoke Lucky Strike, and blast the armalite, ima die in Death’s Harem

Gang bangers have no qualms with capping that ass out in Cary
Fuck your sister while your mother reads your untimely obituary
If you want to live, save face, and say grace, and stay wary
to keep living your betting on one of the two sacred Hail Marys

Squad in Apex, earn the title like the pinnacle carnivorous killing machines
the feral predators killing just to stay living, even kids ruthless like a wolverine
remorseless entrepreneurial vice routinely filters out competition like baleen
formless liquid death like benzene, shots fired through the smoke screen
wits and blades keen with the hands clean like the run the Mujahedeen
Making profits on the water all day like they are some merchant marines

Welcome to Raleigh, plenty of people around here seem to love a girl name Mali
Players have no problem highjacking you and your crew like they are pure somali
Big time players collecting capital in the capitol pulling strings like the symphony
Where the punishment is capitol and men find no simile to making money
Where the noble still know true chivalry and the crime is organized like Sicily
Where civility gives a damned man a final soliloquy before inducing untimely debility

Don’t get lost in wake forest, where the even nymphs and ents worship Horus
its here where schoolgirls summon demons and the deacon sings the chorus
prolix linguists seduce the supple fruits of the forest with the lexicon of a thesaurus
then the footloose induce profuse pleasure as they procreate and titilate the clitoris

You can taste all these things for free
when you pay a visit to Central NC
where there is no empathy, only enmity
where criminal convictions are a nonentity
people have an affinity for zealotry and villainy
the american dream still includes manifest destiny
where profitability is the antithesis longevity
because greed in the piedmont lowers life expectancy

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