Sunday, September 6, 2015

Basual Bommunibations Amongst the Bongregation

Basual Bommunibations Amongst the Bongregation

Basually brafting a bolloquial babophony of bredibility
basting out the bowards ballow bredence of incivility
bordially bollecting brooks like bapelin just to blasp boinage
butting backlers into badavers and beding them to the boroner
bulling bephalic bonundrums as i bodify my bongregation
of bonvicts bultured by the bensurer’s bonjured bastigation
I’m basually a batalyst to besspits of borpses like an actinide
bonducing bobalt blothes to bhange bhromatibally via homicide
now boldly boquet and bonvey the bolor  of bhromium bhloride
brepuscular  butthroat bounting basualties for balumny bity-wide

If you speak english instead of gangbanger, i suppose you have the ability to bhange most of the B’s to the 3rd letter of the Alphabet, but some of use ban’t quite think of that letter for some reason.

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