Friday, September 11, 2015

Government House of Food (Feeding the Poor and Helping out with Their Bills)

Government House of Food - The fact that prisoners get 3 free meals a day but the common man does not is a shame. The government should provide each person with the option to get three meals a day for free, just like a prisoner.

This would work much like a fast food joint, but instead of money, one has an electronic card that would mark each time one has eaten a meal for the day.

The problem with fast food is that it is designed to be tempting and delicious rather than nutritious, and the copious amounts of meat and grain that is common in fast food joints is notorious for making people fat, and meat is quite expensive and cost ineffective to produce.

The solution is to replace these menus with menus designed to be cost effective and provide filling meals rich with nutrition. These would be composed of the healthy crops that could be acquired cost effectively.

Things like beans, soy, lentils*, fruits and vegetables that are in season, beets*, root vegetables*, squash, leafy greens, healthy seeds like hemp and flax, and anything else that can provide nutrition at a cost effective rate.

These do not have to be fresh or organic, they simply should be able to provide nutrition. Canned foods have been a staple for centuries. The foods do not even have to be recognizable, they only have to be palatable. I personally would rather eat a tortilla filled with an ambiguous substance that tastes delicious than a plate of food that i can recognize but tastes terrible.

This can be accomplished by combining the ingredients and forming a texture similar to refried beans, and then adding spices when attempting to emulate a certain flavor such as mexican food.

Spices should be cost effective enough to produce delicious meals, while i cannot envision a time when animal products would ever become cost effective, as one can easily compliment the flavors of the ingredients to create a tasty ensemble.

Coffee, tea, and water could be served as beverages as well as the possibility of juice, however, juice is quite saturated with sugars, where one can easily avoid the sugar intake when imbibing the other beverages mentioned. These beverages would be a much healthier option when compared to the common soda-pop or other sugary drink.

The burrito style meal filled with a vegetable mash would likely be very efficient at delivering balanced nutrition. There are also other possibilities such as a fruit smoothie and even a tofu like product that has been infused with many more healthy vegetables rather than just soy, and this super-tofu could allow the emulation of other common forms of meals such as meat patties and chicken in many forms. These could even be flavored simply to tempt people who may otherwise be craving something like traditional fast food into consuming a much healthier meal.

An advantage of this style of restaurant is that it is actually trying to help its clientele rather than simply profit from them. The restaurant could share its recipes and teach people about nutrition rather than simply try to tempt them into buying their products with a slogan, jingle or a celebrity eating a hamburger.

This sort of restaurant would be helpful to many Americans who have trouble making ends meet or are feeling the pressure of a tight budget. By giving people the option to reduce their monthly expenditure on food, they will be able to hold on to more of their money. This money can be put back into the economy in many ways, and even pay for things like school or facilitate the dreams and ideas of the citizen.

The state of farming at the moment requires strict control over the amount of crops produced by the farmers of the country in order to ensure that they will be able to make any money on their crop yield. This sort of system would allow farmers to utilize their land more effectively and also steer people away from more environmentally detrimental forms of farming such as raising livestock, as the government could easily begin to pay people bonuses or tax incentives to grow healthy food as well as receive great deals on the crops by consistently buying them in bulk.

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