Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sexto News and Maybe some updates

I got distracted and then I got a job... I have not been working on Sexto at all really, Revision 7 stalled out;

Now school has started back up and I have even less time on my hands. I might be able to convince myself to devote more time to it, but that is completely up in the air because I am distractable and busy nowadays.

I threw up some little update in a brief parlay of time just because i felt bad about doing nothing for the game recently.

If i do end up making any non-major movement within the game I should post it here.


Sexto Back to Work

Wall /  Tree Combo  - Ability augment- One can cast an ability through a target up to the max range of the ability. If the ability hits a wall, one can use the 50% of the effective resource weight of the building to augment the ability. A building can only be used as part of a combo once per turn. The augmented resources can be added to the original spell or utilized to cast another spell. A building will not benefit from any items it has in it’s vault, but it will benefit from buffs. A tree can also be used and it’s buffs are included in its weight for augmenting. One can use 200% of a tree’s effective resource weight, compared to 50% of a building’s.

Culmination - Ability augment- An ability can be cast as an immobile unit in play. This ability will gain up to 300% bonus composition over 3 rounds, gaining 100% bonus composition at the start of the following 3 rounds for a maximum of 400% composition. These burn-ins (a spell cast on a location) can only be triggered if a unit walks directly on top of it. When it is stepped on, then the spell will cast. The burn-in can have camouflage cast on it as if it were a unit with it’s original resource weight, regardless of any strength it has gained.

Defensive Trigger- Ability augment -A spell can be assigned a defensive trigger (I.e. drop below 50% health. The spell will use the unit’s AP/MP of the next turn so long as it is available. The spell is cast following the trigger, and works much like retaliating as it does not require it to actively be the unit’s turn. These spells can only target one’s self.

Random Target Discount - Ability augment - A spell can be cast on any random enemy within range at a cost of 1/X % cost of it’s actual AP/MP cost, where X is the number of enemy targets within range of the spell.

True Random Target Discount - Ability augment - The spell can also be cast at 1 / Y % cost where Y is the number of total units within range of the ability including the caster, but now it will target any unit without disgression, at least 50% of the units in range of the spell cast must be enemy or neutral creatures.

Complimentary Buff Bonus - inherent-  When casting a buff, it will receive X% of the caster’s effective stat where X is the effective base number of resources composing the caster (base and soulblood). [ E.g. Caster with 10 resources and 40 int casts 20 int buff on ally; buff now gives 22 int instead of the cast 20]

Penetration - Ability -This is a buff. For every 3X resources (here, each resource is defined down to all types of stats as if it were a unit) composing this buff, the assaults performed by the buffed target will ignore 2X resources composing the target(specifically ignoring the stats composing the buff) for all combat calculations involving the assault. If the stat of the target is effectively calculated as 0, it will not be reduced any further.

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