Friday, September 11, 2015

Sweedish Imperialism in the 21st century

Sweden is often criticized for their foreign policy, little do people know that there is a method to the apparent madness that is the Swedish immigration policy.

Swedish Imperialism in the 21st century

1. Sweden grants citizenship to all people on earth.
2.  There is a massive influx of people from poor countries into Sweeden.
3. These people become educated and then make some money which translates into a large amount where they are from.
4. They set up entrepreneurial ventures in their home country which are backed by Sweedish socialism.
5. At this point Sweden is 99% immigrants and the tax burden is no longer on the backs of the Swedes, but on the backs of the immigrants.
6. Sweden is now known as Immigrantopia, and Stockholm is Immigrantropolis, and the population density is higher than that of the urban areas in eastern China.
7. The Swedes have instilled their mantras into the immigrants, who then instill them into their employees and those that look up to their wealth and success in their native countries.
8. With these mantras the poor countries now have high tax rates and a global agenda based around cooperation and teamwork.
9. The Swedes have major investments and holdings in all of these immigrants companies, and as the 2nd and 3rd worlds develop, the Swedes become the new illuminati because they have so much influence within these markets because they were the founding members.
10.  The 2nd and 3rd world countries become highly successful due to high tax rates fueling the construction of useful infrastructure via socialist policies.
11. With these countries now able to compete in the global economy, their successes also aid their longtime ally and principal investor, Sweden.
12. With each of these countries now competitive on a 1st world country. The Swedes’ holdings in the markets of each of these countries yields massive amounts of dividends. Each one of these markets yields like a new Wall Street, and all 200 of these markets are dominated by Swedish investors who got in early thanks to their socialism allowing them to spend tax money to invest in these extra-national ventures.
13. The Swedes are now allied with everyone and revered as if they were Prometheus for bringing the fire that is economic profluence to each of these countries, while the countries that didn’t are seen as evil and corrupt for being so greedy.
14. The Swedes are an insurmountable global power with the allegiance of all of these one undeveloped countries that have been raised from the dirt, each of them now a technologically developed and very capable military power.
15. These countries now form a Global Union that is guided by the Swedes and the dark horse that is the Sweedish Empire has won the game of Imperialism. The Swedes dominate the world until the end of it’s existence, relying on the golden rule; and people are always nice to the Swedes because the Swedes were nice to them.

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