Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Defense of Misanthropy as a Reasonable Philosophy

The Defense of Misanthropy as a Reasonable Philosophy

I am a fairly cynical person, but as much as i do enjoy being a human, largely in a sardonically sadistic sort of way, I cannot find myself in any scenario where I would defend their existence. Common sense would tell me anyone with a moral conscience would loathe these creatures infallibly, thankfully i lack that sort of conscience when it comes to interpersonal affairs.

To justify something it must be worthwhile. Most if not all other forms of life have some sort of respectable role they play within their biome. Besides some petty triumphs that amount to little more than vanity or testaments to hedonism; humanity has done nothing but prove that they are quite detrimental to the planet and all forms of life that occupy it (with perhaps seldom exceptions for scavengers such as seagulls, raccoons, crows, and the like; which I am quite fond of, and love like a brother)

1. Humans seem to do more harm than good 95% of the time, if not 100% of the time; simply arguing that being the most benevolent person in the world is doing little more than coddling the blight upon the planet that is the existence of the genus homo.

2. Humans are the only beings on earth burdened by morality solely because they have the contemplate the rewards for acting upon their ability to be immoral, as opposed to other forms of life which simply live natural lives, where morality is never questioned.

3. In effect, Humans are a genus of predatory planetary vampiric parasites that sadly kill their host like any other virus, yet lack the ability to spread to a new host. This makes them a failure in the virus community, and far inferior to any other virus. (In the game of Pandemic across the universe; Unidemic so to speak, you have infected one host (planet), and it is likely that this is where the game ends. Just one, the smallest percentage possible.)

While viruses are respectable because they manage to survive and continuously exist in the wilds, which is a true triumph, a virus that lacks the ability to continuously infect hosts is an utter failure. Compared to the millions of generations that a virus or parasite has continued to thrive; in this parallel, humanity will likely not enter the double digits of infected hosts in the most ideal scenario, and many have argued it is likely that humanity will infect no more than one host.

4. Humans make poor decisions quite frequently. This is glaringly obvious, even right here and right now with me making this list. I am not all to interested in the topic, I am largely indifferent to humans and their existence as my life will easily be but that of an ephemeral mayfly amongst the lifespan of the civilized species, this indifference is easily the testament to my unimpactfulness and triviality, along with all things I may produce, as they inherit these traits.

5. The track record of humanity shows an affinity for pursuing endeavors with reckless abandon; putting more faith in delusion and greed rather than foresight, logic, and reason. This often causes issues those who sympathize with humans may find problematic.

6. Delusion is rife throughout the creatures, and they make masochistic decisions that are detrimental for their society based upon the way their emotions will contort reality.

 Things such as Sparing the lives of criminals, sparing the lives of disabled, failure to segregate, exile, or kill those with communicable diseases, tolerating failure, giving liberty when it is dangerous, giving liberty when it does not produce ideal results, coddling sensitivity, creating and defending artificial pertinence of triviality, defending delusional or baseless statements, putting pertinence of opinions and preferences before the pertinence of reality and actuality; as well many other things that do not provide benefit but are done solely to appease those with their conscience hanging heavily on their hearts.

Every time one supports. defends, accepts, or tolerates a delusional statement, it gains steam so to speak, and this fuels the instillation of similar delusions into the minds of those lacking quality reasoning capacity.

7.  The consistent failure to heed warnings; the consistent failure to learn from the past; the failure to use appropriate reasoning over another less ideal or impractical form.

8. The ability to justify the creation and reiteration of baseless opinions, fallacies, ramblings, babbling, and rants regardless of constant criticism and rebuke by their peers and fellow man. This man writing this list for example is somebody who is fond of the rant and banter. The writings of this man, regardless of quality, are more often than not little more than trivial pieces of electronic litter. Pamphlets that are metaphorically handed out, seldom looked at, and readily tossed out casually. This man is no better than a communist waving his pamphlet and telling you how it could change your life, yet sadly, he is one of the multitudes of plethoras of people who all feel the desire to write pamphlets and attempt to hand them to people in the same manner.

9. Somehow people are able to ignore the glaring faults and unjustifiability of the existence of their own species, regardless of the fact that most people are forced to acknowledge (the irreputable  machinations and blight unleashed by this wretched menace to the planet and each other’s hedonism that is the human race. These exposures of course given many incessantly redundant opportunities to be absorbed for their full factuality as ironically enough humans are quite fond of the media, news, socialization, and books.

All in all, these are just a few delicious grapes off of the vine of misanthropy. When i was young i used to dislike myself, but when i realized that i disliked every other human as well, this was eventually “divided out of the equation” so to speak, and it has left me with a beautiful indifference, while allowing me to retain and enjoy the subtle facets of my bedazzlement, which are no doubt fairly unlikable, as I am a stern, cruel, and honest man.

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